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Jurisdiction: Canada
Register: Corporations Canada

This dataset contains listing of 0.85m corporations incorporated with Corporations Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with the following information: corporation number, corporate name, office address (street address, city, postal code), current status, governing legislation, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

Calgary · Search Result

Corporation Name Office Address Start Date
Hollow Bone Healing Lodge 2023 26 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2T 1E5 2019-12-10
Wafahub Holdings Ltd. 264 Citadel Hills Place Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 3V6 2019-12-06
Bless Natural Therapy Inc. 226-60 Royal Oak Plaza Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 0C6 2019-12-05
Empower Brand Inc. #1506 605 13 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2R 0Y6 2019-12-04
Trolif Consulting Inc. 140 10 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2R 0A3 2019-12-04
BOOK MOUNTAIN 176 Aspenshire Drive Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 0P5 2019-12-04
JCN Interiors Inc. 2316-8561 8a Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T3H 0V5 2019-12-03
Chattorey Ltd. 115 Saddlemont Manor Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 4Z4 2019-12-03
Sicamous Tourism Inc. 1900, 520 3rd Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 0R3 2019-12-02
Z-Terra North Inc. 715 5 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 2X6 2019-12-01
9ine to 5ive Inc. 3917 1st Nw, Calgary, AB T2K 0X2 2019-12-01
Zalhtz Inc. Basement Suite, Calgary, AB T1Y 4E1 2019-12-01
Guidance Transport Ltd. 214 Rundleview Close Northeast, Calgary, AB T1Y 1J1 2019-12-01
OneCallOnly Inc. 151 Bridlewood Common Sw, Calgary, AB T2Y 3R7 2019-12-01
GJB TRADING COMPANY LIMITED 141 Coral Reef Manor Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 3Y8 2019-12-01
Audio Replica Inc. 206 Aspen Glen Place Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 0E9 2019-12-01
Sensure Inc. 4307 72 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB T3B 2L1 2019-11-28
Jdb gem stone Ltd. 4-203 Village Terr Sw, Calgary, AB T3H 2L4 2019-11-28
FIBERRA CORP. 2606 - 15a Street Sw, Calgary, AB T2T 4B9 2019-11-28
Design Molecule Inc. 240, 830 - 6th Avenue Sw, Calgary, AB T2P 3E5 2019-11-27
Pine Tree Design Lab Ltd. 240 Point Mckay Terrace Nw, Calgary, AB T3B 4V6 2019-11-27
First Peoples Pipeline Inc. 900, 222 - 3rd Avenue Sw, Calgary, AB T2P 0B4 2019-11-27
11762648 Canada Inc. 8136 47 Ave Nw, Calgary, AB T3B 1Z5 2019-11-27
Ooran Holdings Inc. 53 Harvest Park Court Ne, Calgary, AB T3K 4H9 2019-11-25
Mini Me Academy Ltd. 2422 22 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2T 0S9 2019-11-25
11756877 Canada Corp. 152 Taradale Close Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 3E6 2019-11-25
11757741 CANADA INC. 1304 19 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB T2N 2J9 2019-11-25
11757768 CANADA INC. 296 Nolancrest Circle Nw, Calgary, AB T3R 0T5 2019-11-25
11757792 CANADA INC. 16 Mckenna Pl Se, Calgary, AB T2Z 1Y7 2019-11-25
11757857 CANADA INC. 296 Nolancrest Circle Northwest, Calgary, AB T3R 0T5 2019-11-25
CSTech Software Inc. 2024 45 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2T 2P5 2019-11-25
11755234 Canada Ltd. 378 Legacy Village Way Se, Calgary, AB T2X 0Y9 2019-11-24
No Parachute Inc. 3 Canso Green Southwest, Calgary, AB T2W 3B1 2019-11-23
Organic Assets Ltd. Hangar 2 624 Dehavilland Way, Calgary, AB T3Z 3S8 2019-11-21
11750810 CANADA INC. 2128 21 Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2T 0N9 2019-11-21
PIJP DESIGNS CORP. Suite 103-126 24 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2S 0J9 2019-11-21
Fleet Hawks Inc. 1295 New Brighton Drive Southeast, Calgary, AB T2Z 0W3 2019-11-21
Extra Garbage Day Inc. T101, 4046 96 Ave Se, Calgary, AB T2C 4R5 2019-11-21
Victus Suits Inc. 52 Baycrest Place Southwest, Calgary, AB T2V 0K6 2019-11-21
Pipski Ecommerce Ltd. 2512 17st S.e., Calgary, AB T2G 3V9 2019-11-20
Hirrak AI Inc. 7 Whiteram Way Northeast, Calgary, AB T1Y 5W6 2019-11-20
MARKED UP ENTERTAINMENT INC. C/o Sblc 539 23 Ave Nw, Calgary, AB T2M 1S7 2019-11-20
11750291 Canada Inc. 5759 Madigan Drive Northeast, Calgary, AB T2A 4P4 2019-11-20
11745581 Canada Inc. 144 Citadel Meadow Bay Nw, Calgary, AB T3G 4Z5 2019-11-19
SCELLOO CANADA INC. 25 Sherwood Close Northwest, Calgary, AB T3R 0B3 2019-11-19
11746405 Canada Inc. 57 Redstone Villas Northeast, Calgary, AB T3N 0M4 2019-11-19
11747665 CANADA INCORPORATED 378, Magnolia Square, Calgary, AB T3M 2W4 2019-11-19
H2O Backflow & Cross Connection Services Inc. 2007 - 55 Spruce Place Sw, Calgary, AB T3C 3X5 2019-11-19
Kilobit Labs Inc. 323 Ranch Glen Place Nw, Calgary, AB T3G 1G2 2019-11-18
11745107 CANADA CORP. 59 Bermondsey Rise Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 1V2 2019-11-18
Tatt-Tieu Inc. 333 Garry Crescent Northeast, Calgary, AB T2K 5W9 2019-11-17
Cubic Lightyear Ltd. 163 Cannell Pl Sw, Calgary, AB T2W 1T7 2019-11-17
11742060 Canada Institute 99 Spruce Place Southwest, Calgary, AB T3C 3X7 2019-11-16
11739913 Canada Inc. 127 Evanswood Circle Northwest, Calgary, AB T3P 0K2 2019-11-15
Blockchain Chamber of Canada 11 Pineland Close Northeast, Calgary, AB T1Y 3H2 2019-11-15
Westx Delivers Inc. 9416 40 Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2C 2P3 2019-11-15
SIFICAL INC. 3029 Rundleson Road Northeast, Calgary, AB T1Y 3Z5 2019-11-15
Petrolinx HR Consultancy Inc. 27 Walden Crescent, Calgary, AB T2X 1Z7 2019-11-14
11738801 CANADA INC. 59 Bermondsey Rise Nw, Calgary, AB T3K 1V2 2019-11-14
Lightheart Consulting Inc. 91 Hidden Ridge Close Nw, Calgary, AB T3A 5L6 2019-11-14
APEX HOLDINGS GROUP LTD. Bay E - 2020 32 Avenue Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 6T4 2019-11-14
CHOICE MART CANADA INC. Bay E - 2020 32 Ave Ne, Calgary, AB T2E 6T4 2019-11-14
Neon Engine Interactive Inc. 5 Evansridge Pl Nw, Calgary, AB T3P 0L3 2019-11-13
New Mind Learning Inc. 521 Killarney Glen Court Southwest, Calgary, AB T3E 7H4 2019-11-13
Occam's Technologies Inc. 4763 Nelson Rd Nw, Calgary, AB T2K 2L8 2019-11-13
T.R. Insulations Inc. 7804 Olympia Bay Se, Calgary, AB T2C 1N7 2019-11-12
Growthfinity Canada Ltd. 20 Shawnessy Terrace Southwest, Calgary, AB T2Y 1H4 2019-11-11
Bloom Injectables Inc. 1412 Prospect Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2T 0X6 2019-11-11
Nilak Immigration Services Inc. 52 Sherwood Way Northwest, Calgary, AB T3R 1M7 2019-11-11
YYC NEXTGEN INC. 2704 Laurel Cres Sw, Calgary, AB T3E 6B3 2019-11-11
Supreme Lifts and Equipment Inc. Box 11, Site 6 Rr7, Calgary, AB T2P 2G7 2019-11-10
A ALIKO CONSTRUCTION LTD. 9903 Wilde Road Southeast, Calgary, AB T2J 1G3 2019-11-09
Saddles in Motion Inc. 1- 314 25th Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2S 0L4 2019-11-09
Barakah Foods International Inc. 106 Redstone View Northeast, Calgary, AB T3N 0M9 2019-11-08
The Lam Children's Foundation 58 Brightonwoods Gardens Southeast, Calgary, AB T2Z 0R1 2019-11-08
Shisso Tea Company Inc. 3400, 350 - 7th Avenue S.w., Calgary, AB T2P 3N9 2019-11-07
Commarin Petroleum Inc. 511 13a Street Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 4S4 2019-11-06
Home Hosting Canada Association 1315 15 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB T3C 1G3 2019-11-06
WEMINDING LTD. 36 Panatella Gate, Calgary, AB T3K 6C7 2019-11-06
MY EVERYTHING STORE INC. 2614 - 32 Street Sw, Calgary, AB T3E 2R9 2019-11-05
Silver Bean Communications Incorporated 3123 48 Street Sw, Calgary, AB T3E 3X6 2019-11-05
11720627 Canada Inc. 31 Mahogany Way Se, Calgary, AB T3M 1N4 2019-11-04
AVATAR BOND CORP. 4037 42 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB T3A 2W2 2019-11-04
Alberta Halal Industries Corporation 1321 Kensington Close Northwest, Calgary, AB T2N 3J6 2019-11-03
NEW OLIVE SERVICES 148 Evansridge Close Nw, Calgary, AB T3P 0H2 2019-11-03
11717103 Canada Inc. 31 Shawcliffe Circle Southwest, Calgary, AB T2Y 1E6 2019-11-02
Selecta De Playa Inc. 401 - 4739 Dalton Dr. N W, Calgary, AB T3A 2L5 2019-11-02
XimCon Inc. 820 5 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 0N4 2019-11-01
Syntac Institute 510 33 Arbour Grove Close Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 4K2 2019-11-01
Forest Holiday Biotech Canada Ltd. 222 Panorama Hills Close Nw, Calgary, AB T3K 5J3 2019-11-01
RISING SPIRIT TRUCKING INC. 55 Walden Place Se, Calgary, AB T2X 1Y5 2019-11-01
Three Sisters Young Artists Society 46 Cranridge Terrace Se, Calgary, AB T3M 0H9 2019-11-01
R & L Deviation Inc. 32 Pantego Heights Nw, Calgary, AB T3K 0C3 2019-10-31
Sunpenny Home & Garden Corp. 1182 Berkley Drive Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 1S7 2019-10-31
Kenon Agro Inc. 171, 4999 43 Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2B 3N4 2019-10-31
Geogenomics Inc. 2500 University Drive Northwest, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 2019-10-31
OMG EXPLORER INC. 47 Castlegrove Rd Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 1S7 2019-10-31
Many Chief Consulting Ltd. 115 41 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T2K 0G7 2019-10-31
COUNTRY WIDE AUTO RECYCLING INC. 4007 Bonnybrook Road Southeast, Calgary, AB T2G 0W4 2019-10-31
Optimum Wellness Financial Corp. 69 Country Village Manor Ne, Calgary, AB T3K 0P1 2019-10-30