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Register: Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)

This dataset includes over 586 thousands of legal entities registered with Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI), implemented by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). Each entity registration contains entity name, LEI, location, status, registration date, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Start Date
TransForma Realty LLC 166 Coggeshall Avenue, Newport, US 2018-05-25
Dollar Realty IL, LLC 1025 Old Country Road, Westbury, US 2018-05-23
Brondes Arrowhead Realty Ltd 1511 Reynolds Road, Maumee, US 2018-05-23
4321 Hempstead Turnpike Realty LLC C/O Mcrory And Mcrory, P.L.L.C., Garden City, US 2018-05-23
MOP Realty LLC 24 Madison Road, Fairfield, US 2018-05-22
Dna Realty, Inc. 2095 North Rand Road, Palatine, US 2018-05-21
CH Realty VI-SR O Denver Inverness, L.L.C. C/O Crow Holdings Capital Partners, L.L.C., Dallas, US 2018-05-18
E.J. Breneman Realty, LLC 1101 Yerger Boulevard, West Lawn, US 2018-05-18
Memco Realty Company 1500 Highway 315, Wilkes-Barre, US 2018-05-18
bcIMC Realty Corporation c/o QuadReal Property Group Limited Partnership, Vancouver, CA 2018-05-17
CSC Goose Nest Realty, LLC 2350 Taylor Street, San Francisco, US 2018-05-17
Metcalfe Realty, LLC 5 Thistledown Way, Farmington, US 2018-05-17
Maximus Realty Corp. OMC Chambers, Road Town, VG 2018-05-17
5353 Merrick Road Realty LLC 5353 Merrick Road, Massapequa, US 2018-05-17
RJ Meridian Care Realty Group of Alice LLC 25009 Oakhurst Dr, Spring, US 2018-05-15
E&R Realty, LLC 705 Meadow Street, Chicopee, US 2018-05-15
BRL Realty Limited 1128 Yonge St Suite 200, Toronto, CA 2018-05-14
ZDI Realty, L.P. 27 Lebanon Valley Parkway, Lebanon, US 2018-05-11
UOC Realty Partnership 101 Regent Court, State College, US 2018-05-08
Foxrock Railroad Realty, LLC 150 Newport Avenue Extension., Quincy, US 2018-05-08
Stadium Realty, LLC 3800 Southwest Freeway, Houston, US 2018-05-08
RK Hudson Realty Associates, LLC C/O RK Centers, Needham, US 2018-05-07
V & G Realty Company 1201 N. Shepherd, Houston, US 2018-05-04
Karvy Realty (India) Limited Karvy Millennium, Hyderabad, IN 2018-05-03
Denver Realty Associates LLC 335 Center Ave, Mamaroneck, US 2018-05-03
35 Parkwood Realty LLC 1881 Worcester Road, Framingham, US 2018-05-03
Europe Realty Holdings Pte Ltd 168 Robinson Road #37-01, Singapore, SG 2018-05-03
A and D Realty Associates LLC 15 Brentwood Drive, Livingston, US 2018-05-02
RK Auburn Realty Associates, LLC C/O RK Centers, Needham, US 2018-05-02
RK Worcester Realty Associates, LLC C/O RK Centers, Needham, US 2018-05-02
MS Realty Of New York, LLC PO Box 373, Monsey, US 2018-05-02
21 East 62nd Street Realty LLC 546 5th Avenue, New York, US 2018-04-27
Messing Irving Realty, LLC 74-02 Forest Ave, Ridgewood, US 2018-04-26
846 East 175 Realty LLC 320 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, US 2018-04-25
BSC Realty Services, LLC 80 South West 8 Street, Miami, US 2018-04-23
Wells Realty Limited Partnership 12 Brook Street, Wellesley, US 2018-04-20
Pipeline Realty Holdings, LLC 2330 Holmes Road, Houston, US 2018-04-20
Southeast 70th & Madison Realty Corp. 546 5th Avenue, New York, US 2018-04-19
Boright Realty LLC Apartment 22G, New York, US 2018-04-19
EV REALTY ADVISORS, SL FERROL 16, Coruña, A, ES 2018-04-18
Manor Mexia Realty, LLC 111 Clifton Avenue, Lakewood, US 2018-04-17
Copperas Caldwell Realty, LLC 111 Clifton Avenue, Lakewood, US 2018-04-17
LONGSTREET REALTY LIMITED 2.04 Qwest International House, Brentford, GB 2018-04-16
Christina Anthony Realty Associates Corp 19 Northern Boulevard, Bayside, US 2018-04-16
Hammersmith Realty Limited 37 The Esplanade, St. Helier, JE 2018-04-16
TC Waterside Realty, LLC 3850 Bird Rd, Miami, US 2018-04-13
APT Realty Private Limited 115, New India Industrial Estate,, Mumbai, IN 2018-04-11
Strazzanti Realty, Inc. 7601 Bittern Avenue, Cleveland, US 2018-04-11
Fado Realty, L.L.C. 2964 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, US 2018-04-11
Indy Tire Realty, LLC 116 W Jackson St, Monroe, US 2018-04-10
Allegheny Realty & Development Group, LLC P.O.Box 425, Bridgeville, US 2018-04-09
Meganet Realty LLC 506 Middlesex Avenue, Colonia, US 2018-04-09
LTD Realty Investments VII L.P. 375 Route 72 West, Manahawkin, US 2018-04-09
AJDJP Realty LLC C/O Raymond J. McRory, Esq., Garden City, US 2018-04-06
Batson Nolan Realty Partnership 121 South Third Street, Clarksville, US 2018-04-04
PK Realty, L.L.C. 4850 Catamount Trail, Ada, US 2018-04-04
45 Rason Road Realty LLC 45 Rason Road, Inwood, US 2018-04-03
Panchshil Realty and Developers Private Limited Tech Park One, Tower "E",, Pune, IN 2018-03-30
2 Omni Realty LLC C/O Parsons Commercial Group Inc., Framingham, US 2018-03-29
Elkin Realty LLC 12 Brook Street, Wellesley, US 2018-03-29
137 SH Realty LLC 8634 18 Avenue, New York, US 2018-03-29
North-West Realty Ltd. Sea Meadow House / Blackburne Highway / P.O. Box 116, Road Twon / Tortola, VG 2018-03-28
REGENT REALTY LIMITED Dattani Business Centre Scottish Provident House, 76-80 College, Road Harrow, Middlesex, GB 2018-03-28
Kanakia Spaces Realty Private Limited 215 Atrium, 10th Floor, Opp. Divine School,, Mumbai, IN 2018-03-26
Foxrock Albion Cross Realty, LLC 150 Newport Avenue Extension, Quincy, US 2018-03-26
Corn Patch Realty LLC 792 Route 17 North, Paramus, US 2018-03-26
APL Realty Holdings Pte Ltd APL Tower, 43-46 Floor, DKI Jakarta, ID 2018-03-23
Selma AL SNF Realty LLC 11 Bell Road, Birmingham, US 2018-03-23
Montrose Bay AL SNF Realty LLC 22670 Main Street, Fairhope, US 2018-03-23
Orthus Realty LLC 200 Sheffield Street, Mountainside, US 2018-03-23
Butler AL SNF Realty LLC 3312 Woodley Manor, Montgomery, US 2018-03-23
Birmingham AL SNF Realty LLC 1028 Bessemer Road, Birmingham, US 2018-03-23
Montgomery AL SNF Realty LLC 4490 Virginia Loop Road, Montgomery, US 2018-03-23
Vinart Realty Associates 333 State Avenue, Emmaus, US 2018-03-21
MOM Realty II LLC 150 Crossways Park West, Woodbury, US 2018-03-21
Aerial Realty LLC 60 Walnut Avenue, Clark, US 2018-03-21
June & Youn Realty Corp. 65 Hickman Street, New York, US 2018-03-21
365 West Passaic Realty Investment LLC 60 Walnut Avenue, Clark, US 2018-03-21
Archer Realty Advisors LLC 4935 Enterprise Parkway, Seville, US 2018-03-19
17 West 8th Realty LLC 100 Fire Island Avenue, Babylon, US 2018-03-19
OM Realty Associates LLC 45 Hemlock Drive, Congers, US 2018-03-15
F. K. Realty, LP 396 Pottsville Saint Clair Highway, Pottsville, US 2018-03-14
Martin Family Realty Partnership, L.P. 18 Kurr Road, Lebanon, US 2018-03-14
Schoeneman Realty Company 396 Pottsville Saint Clair Highway, Pottsville, US 2018-03-13
Madisonville Realty KY, LLC 1025 Old Country Rd, Westbury, US 2018-03-09
14-62 Realty Corp. 546 5th Avenue, New York, US 2018-03-09
CGM Trust - CGM Realty Fund 45th Floor, Boston, US 2018-03-09
Northwest 5th & 45th Realty Corp. 546 Fifth Avenue, New York, US 2018-03-09
Nottingham Realty Group, LLC 39W639 Mallard Lake Road, St. Charles, US 2018-03-07
KLUpton Realty, LLC 210 South Michigan Street, South Bend, US 2018-03-07
AAC Fan Hall Realty LLC 39th Floor, New York, US 2018-03-06
Seattle Realty One LLC 1981 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, US 2018-03-06
MC GA Collins Realty LLC 751 Broad Street, Newark, US 2018-03-01
Skyfame Realty (Holdings) Limited HNA Tower, Guangzhou, CN 2018-03-01
Northwest Radiology Realty LLC 5901 Technology Center Drive, Indianapolis, US 2018-02-27
First Realty Gardens LLC 4501-4507 New Utrecht Avenue, New York, US 2018-02-27
Exton Realty Associates, L.P. 4500 Perkiomen Avenue, Reading, US 2018-02-27