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Register: Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)

This dataset includes over 586 thousands of legal entities registered with Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI), implemented by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). Each entity registration contains entity name, LEI, location, status, registration date, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Start Date
KK Realty DAC Moate Street, N/A, IE 2017-11-25
CH Realty VII/MF Annapolis Gardens, L.L.C. C/O Crow Holdings Capital Partners, L.L.C., Dallas, US 2017-11-23
SBG Realty 2 LLC 2417 Jericho Turnpike, Garden City, US 2017-11-23
LTC Realty VII, LLC 30050 Chagrin Blvd., Pepper Pike, US 2017-11-22
Boundless Realty B.V. Emmastraat 53A, Hilversum, NL 2017-11-22
300 Manida Street Realty LLC Penthouse 1, Bronx, US 2017-11-22
ZEREGA REALTY PARTNERSHIP LLC 1250 Waters Place, Bronx, US 2017-11-22
Bartels Realty LLC PH1, New York, US 2017-11-22
733 Arnow Realty Co., L.L.C. 60 Broad Street, New York, US 2017-11-22
2222 Smithtown Ave. Realty, LLC 9505 Avenue D, New York, US 2017-11-22
Tilt49 Realty LLC 4th Floor, New York, US 2017-11-20
5111 4th Avenue Equity Realty Holdings LLC 11 Ocean Parkway, New York, US 2017-11-20
AB Realty Investments Ltd. Ground Floor, Belize City, BZ 2017-11-18
124 Berkshire Street Realty Tr 1900 Crown Colony Drive, Quincy, US 2017-11-18
Cosim Realty Corp. 343 Stagg Street, New York, US 2017-11-18
Nanyu Realty Pte. Ltd. 2 Owen Road, Singapore, SG 2017-11-16
Pluczenik Realty Maria Henriettalei 6-8, Antwerpen, BE 2017-11-16
32 Annese Road Realty Trust 9 Broadway, Wakefield, US 2017-11-16
Norén Chartering and Realty Aktiebolag Skepparkroken 18, Lidingö, SE 2017-11-16
Pioneers Home Realty, INC. 7501 Farralone Avenue, Canoga Park, US 2017-11-14
350 Manhattan Avenue Realty LLC One Battery Park Plaza, New York, US 2017-11-13
Pell City Premiere Realty, LLC 109 West 4th Street, Big Spring, US 2017-11-13
320 Manhattan Avenue Realty LLC One Battery Park Plaza, Brooklyn, US 2017-11-13
FenGlad Realty, LLC 234 Via Linda, Palm Beach, US 2017-11-10
312 West 114 Realty LLC One battery park Plaza, New York, US 2017-11-10
ALPS ETF Trust - Cohen & Steers Global Realty Majors ETF 1290 Broadway, Denver, US 2017-11-10
Lester's NYC Realty Partners LLC 2411 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, US 2017-11-10
YPS Realty, LLC 4111 Simon Road, Youngstown, US 2017-11-09
Cicra Realty LLC 12 Brook Street, Wellesley, US 2017-11-09
Quentin Park Realty LLC 301 Route 110, Huntington Station, US 2017-11-08
G & M Realty L.P. 1 Executive Drive, Edgewood, US 2017-11-07
WH Realty LLC 435 Winfield Ln, Inverness, US 2017-11-04
Montgomery Realty LLC 5501 14th Ave, Brooklyn, US 2017-10-31
Sports Village Hospitality Realty-Frisco, LLC 6155 Sports Village Rd, Frisco, US 2017-10-31
51-02 21st Realty LLC 203 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn, US 2017-10-31
Twinbrook Realty LLC 54 Granite Street, Saratoga Springs, US 2017-10-27
SPCI Realty, L.L.C. 600 Progress Street, Elizabeth, US 2017-10-27
HCV Realty Investment, LLC 1225 East Weisgarber Road, Knoxville, US 2017-10-27
THG Realty Partners, LP 217 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, US 2017-10-26
KMO-361 Realty Associates, LLC 5500 New Albany Road, New Albany, US 2017-10-26
Dean Witter Realty Inc. C/O The Corporation Trust Company (DE), Wilmington, US 2017-10-26
Equity Commercial Realty, LLC 3411 West Rock Creek Road, Norman, US 2017-10-26
Realty Management Services Inc. C/O The Corporation Trust Company (DE), Wilmington, US 2017-10-26
Baldor Boston Realty LLC 155 Food Center Drive, Bronx, US 2017-10-25
Yunnan Realty Private Limited 5 Sennet Road, Singapore, SG 2017-10-24
MS Realty 2, Inc 13928 Blaboa Boulevard, Sylmar, US 2017-10-24
Newbern Realty, LLC 92 North Avenue, New Rochelle, US 2017-10-24
Queen Elizabeth Realty Corp. 68 - 80 Elizabeth Street, New York, US 2017-10-23
Feng Ying Realty Corp. 8604 104th Street, New York, US 2017-10-23
Falcon Realty Ltd. Corporate House, NAXXAR, MT 2017-10-23
HJSE Realty LLC 11 Corn Road, Dayton, US 2017-10-23
350 Realty Co. L.L.C. 350 West 88th Street, New York, US 2017-10-21
Yuanta Global Realty & Infrastructure Fund Sec.3, Nanjing East Road, Taipei, TW 2017-10-20
Tri Marsh Realty LLC 330 East Las Colinas Boulevard, Irving, US 2017-10-20
Equestrian Realty, LLC 14440 Pierson Road, Wellington, US 2017-10-19
Broadview Realty I, LLC 14440 Pierson Road, Wellington, US 2017-10-19
CCBD Realty Holding Corp. 11411 Bridgeview Drive, Surrey, CA 2017-10-19
Captain Nichols Realty Trust 42 Winter St, Pembroke, US 2017-10-18
449 W. 19th Realty, Ltd. 3217 Montrose Blvd., Houston, US 2017-10-18
1002-1008 Realty, LLC 37-14 Broadway, Fair Lawn, US 2017-10-18
Renfrew Realty Holdings LLC 475 Spring Lane, Philadelphia, US 2017-10-18
CT Property & Realty, LLC 65 Mimosa Drive, Roslyn, US 2017-10-17
2474 Valentine Realty LLC 41 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, US 2017-10-17
1020 Plain Street Realty Trust 1020 Plain Street Suite 170, Marshfield, US 2017-10-17
Winstead Realty, Ltd. 7803 Shadow Bend Drive South East, Huntsville, US 2017-10-17
Ruttenberg Realty Company, L.L.C. 10 North Linden Street, Duquesne, US 2017-10-17
Juli Realty LLC 201 Billingsgate Lane, Foster City, US 2017-10-17
Cambridge H & R Realty, LLC 2711 West Howard Street, Chicago, US 2017-10-17
Matrix H&S Realty, LLC PO Box 11217, Fort Worth, US 2017-10-15
5RG REALTY LLC 296 washington avenue, hackensack, US 2017-10-15
Barnesville H & R Realty, LLC 2711 West Howard Street, Chicago, US 2017-10-15
DDS Positivo Realty LLC 1888 Fulton Street, New York, US 2017-10-14
Fit Form Realty LLC 619 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, US 2017-10-14
Woodlands at Nashua Realty Trust 176 Church Street, Lowell, US 2017-10-14
5171 East Francis Street Realty LLC 1 Patriot Place, Foxborough, US 2017-10-14
M.J. 1865 Realty LLC 150 Veterans Highway, Commack, US 2017-10-13
Blue Door Realty, LLC 130 East 16th Street, New York, US 2017-10-12
KAM Financial & Realty, Inc. 928 Fort Stockton, San Diego, US 2017-10-11
PC Cerritos Realty, LLC 18400 Studebaker Road, Cerritos, US 2017-10-11
Precious Realty & Mortgage, LLC 10333 Harwin Drive, Houston, US 2017-10-11
Throgs Neck Petro Realty LLC 555 South Columbus Avenue, Mount Vernon, US 2017-10-10
PT Modernland Realty Tbk. Gajah Mada Street No. 188, Jakarta, ID 2017-10-09
AIMCo Realty Investors LP 10830 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, CA 2017-10-08
Crown Realty III Limited Partnership 400 University Avenue, Toronto, CA 2017-10-07
Ger Reb Realty LLC 1161 21st Street, Brooklyn, US 2017-10-06
Alpine Realty Income & Growth Fund 2500 Westchester Avenue, Purchase, US 2017-10-06
Boston Buckeye Realty, LLC 2595 Center Road, Hinckley, US 2017-10-04
Branded Realty Company, LLC C/O Kenneth Blum, Hinckley, US 2017-10-04
Ritz Realty Investments, LLC 3110 North Highway 17, Mount Pleasant, US 2017-10-04
Vila Franca Realty, LLC 2595 Center Road, Hinckley, US 2017-10-04
Crown Realty IV Limited Partnership 400 University Avenue, Toronto, CA 2017-10-04
Lenox 186 Realty LLC 325 Kosciuszko Street, New York, US 2017-10-02
750 Motor Parkway Realty LLC 400 Jericho Turnpike, Jericho, US 2017-10-02
870 Central Park Avenue Realty, LLC One Fort Hill Road, Yonkers, US 2017-10-02
Boston Brand Realty Group, LLC 2595 Center Road., Hinckley, US 2017-10-02
Ninth Brand Realty, LLC 2595 Center Rd., Hinckley, US 2017-10-02