Malerhaugveien 2J, 0661 OSLO, Norge

FREDRIKSEN INVEST AS is a business entity registered at Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, Brønnøysund Register Centre, Norway (Enhetsregisteret, Brønnøysundregistrene, Norge), with entity identifier is 924712465. The registration start date is March 5, 2020.

Business Overview

Organization Number / Organisasjonsnummer 924712465
Organization Form / Organisasjonsform AS - Limited company (Aksjeselskap)
Business Address / Forretningsadresse Malerhaugveien 2J
0661 OSLO
Municipality / Kommune OSLO - 0301
Institutional Sector / Institusjonell Sektor 2100 - Private non-financial incorporated enterprises (Private aksjeselskaper mv.)
Registration Date / Registreringsdato 2020-03-05
Founding Date / Stiftelsesdato 2020-02-24

Entity Status / Enhet Status

Status During / Under
Bankrupt / Konkurs No (Nei)
Voluntary Settlement / Avvikling Frivillig No (Nei)
Compulsory Liquidation or Compulsory Dissolution / Tvangsavvikling eller Tvangsoppløsning No (Nei)

Registration / Registrering

Registeret / Register Registered / Registrert
Business Enterprises Register / Foretaksregisteret Yes (Ja)
Value Added Tax Register / Merverdiavgiftsregisteret No (Nei)
Volunteer Register / Frivillighetsregisteret No (Nei)
NAV Aa-register / NAV Aa-registeret
Aa-register: Employers and Employees Register / Arbeidsgiver- og arbeidstakerregisteret
NAV: Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration / Arbeids- og velferdsforvaltningen (Ny arbeids- og velferdsforvaltning)
No (Nei)

Office Location

Address / Adresse Malerhaugveien 2J
Postal Code / Postnummer 0661
City / Poststed OSLO
Municipality Number / Kommunenummer 0301
Municipality Name / Kommunenavn OSLO
Country / Land Norge

Entities at the same location

Entity Name / Navn Office Address / Forretningsadresse Registration / Registreringsdato
GRETHE HELEN RØMMA Malerhaugveien 2J, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2004-10-04

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Entity Name / Navn Office Address / Forretningsadresse Registration / Registreringsdato
DEPROD PRODUCTION MARIA DE PAULA RODRIGUES Malerhaugveien 8A, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-03-03
ARKITEKT SIGNE AARSET LOE Lensmann Hiorths allé 19, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-03-02
LIBERALISTENE ALNA c/o Peter Hagen Stålverkskroken 17, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-02-24
MARIE RØRI LILLESÆTER Ensjøveien 27B, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-02-18
ANDREAS MALONAS Ensjøsvingen 10C, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-02-17
BERIT LØSETH Fyrstikkalléen 16B, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-02-05
CECILIE BROWS CECILIE MEHLUM c/o Cecilie Mehlum Fyrstikkalléen 13C, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-02-05
LENA NORMANN ANTONSEN C/o Lena Normann Antonsen Bertrand Narvesens vei 7, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-01-31
ABSURD CHARLES FATMIR IMERAJ Stålverksveien 2, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-01-30
KENDRILL AS c/o Work System Norway AS Tvetenveien 6, 0661 OSLO, Norge 2020-01-30
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City / Poststed OSLO
Postal Code / Postnummer 0661

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Register Information

Register Name Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, Brønnøysund Register Centre, Norway (Enhetsregisteret, Brønnøysundregistrene, Norge)
Jurisdiction Norway (Norge)
Entity Count 1140000