address_type Paid_up_capital9_currency, #paid_up_capital8-paid_up_capital6, Paid_up_capital6_ordinary, Singapore level_
primary_user_described_activity (UEN primary_ssic_des) is a business entity registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore. The UEN is issued in January 1, 1970. The entity status is issued in paid_up_capital10_preference.

Business Overview

Unique Entity Number (UEN) primary_ssic_des
Entity Name primary_user_described_activity
Entity Status paid_up_capital10_preference
Street Address address_type Paid_up_capital9_currency
Singapore level_
UEN Issue Date paid_up_ca
Issuance Agency business_constit
Entity Type street_name
Business Constitution Description entity_status_description
Company Type Description annual_return_date
Incorporation Date entity_nam
Account Due Date paid_up_ca
Annual Return Date paid_up_ca
Primary SSIC Code secondary_ssic_c
Primary SSIC Description paid_up_capital7_preference
Primary User Described Activity paid_up_capital1_preference
Secondary SSIC Code paid_up_capital2
Secondary SSIC Description uen
Secondary User Described Activity uen_issue_date
Former Entity Name 1 former_entity_name3
Former Entity Name 2 building_name
Former Entity Name 3 no_of_charges
Former Entity Name 4 paid_up_capital8_currency
Former Entity Name 5 paid_up_capital2_ordinary
Former Entity Name 6 paid_up_capital3_others
Former Entity Name 7 paid_up_capital4_others
Former Entity Name 8 secondary_ssic_description
Former Entity Name 9 paid_up_capital10_currency
Former Entity Name 10 paid_up_capital8_others
Former Entity Name 11 paid_up_capital1_others
Former Entity Name 12 paid_up_capital3_currency
Former Entity Name 13 block
Former Entity Name 14 other_address_line2
Former Entity Name 15 other_address_line1
UEN Audit Firm 1 paid_up_capital10_ordinary
Name Audit Firm 1 paid_up_capital10_others
UEN Audit Firm 2 uen_of_audit_firm4
Name Audit Firm 2 paid_up_capital7_others
UEN Audit Firm 3 uen_of_audit_firm5
Name Audit Firm 3 entity_type_description
UEN Audit Firm 4 paid_up_capital3_ordinary
Name Audit Firm 4 paid_up_capital5_ordinary
UEN Audit Firm 5 paid_up_capital9_preference
Name Audit Firm 5 paid_up_capital1_ordinary
Information Source Details on primary_user_described_activity

Office Location

Block address_type
Level Number paid_up_capital8
Unit Number paid_up_capital6
Building Name paid_up_capital6_ordinary
Street Name paid_up_capital9_currency
City Singapore
Postal Code level_


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Register Information

Register Name Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore
Jurisdiction Singapore
Entity Count 1460000

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