Singapore · Corporate Entity

Jurisdiction: Singapore
Register: Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore

This dataset includes over 1.46 million corporate entities (businesses, local companies, foreign companies, limited liability partnerships and public accounting firms) registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Government of Singapore. Each entity registration contains entity name, unique entity number (UEN), location, status and creation date.

SSIC 72101 · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
WELLNESS BY SCIENCE PTE. LTD. Chin Swee Road, 169877 2017-09-20 Live Company
PROLONGA PARMACEUTICALS PTE. LTD. Anson Road, 079903 2017-09-19 Live Company
CELLRESEARCH THERAPEUTICS PTE. LTD. Beach Road, 199591 2017-09-18 Live Company
MDM PROJECTS LLP Ang Mo Kio Street 52, 562596 2017-09-12 Live
REJUVENATION SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD. Phillip Street, 048695 2017-09-11 Live Company
METABOSCREEN SG PTE. LTD. Raffles Quay, 048581 2017-09-07 Live Company
APEX LABORATORIES SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Raffles Place, 048623 2017-08-31 Live Company
DIGENOMIX, PTE. LTD. Robinson Road, 068898 2017-08-28 Live Company
PB KOREA PTE. LTD. Science Park Drive, 118222 2017-08-24 Live Company
RND STAR PTE. LTD. Bukit Teresa Close, 099779 2017-08-18 Live Company
TSG ADVANCED MATERIALS PTE. LTD. Nanyang Drive, 637553 2017-08-17 Live Company
BIOVALENCE TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD. Beach Road, 199591 2017-08-15 Live Company
LIFE3 BIOTECH Coleman Street, 179803 2017-07-27 Live
HADRON MEDICAL PTE. LTD. Tagore Drive, 787623 2017-07-21 Live Company
CASABLANCA PHARMA PTE. LTD. Coleman Street, 179803 2017-07-19 Live Company
BELLA LABS Jurong East Avenue 1, 600339 2017-07-18 Live
PHAENOS THERAPEUTICS PTE. LTD. Rochester Drive, 138637 2017-07-12 Live Company
CELLBAE PTE. LTD. Park Vale, 288575 2017-07-06 Live Company
PROTEONA PTE. LTD. Bayshore Road, 469985 2017-07-06 Live Company
IOTA MEDTECH PTE. LTD. Upper Cross Street, 058357 2017-05-18 Live Company
DUCTOR PTE. LTD. Dunman Road, 439219 2017-05-12 Live Company
HR-ZM TECHGROUP (SINGAPORE) HOLDINGS LTD. Ubi Avenue 3, 408868 2017-05-11 Live Company
NOVA LIFETECH PTE. LTD. Sea Breeze Avenue, 487575 2017-05-09 Live Company
ACHROMAZ PTE. LTD. Cleantech Loop, 637141 2017-05-04 Live Company
CLEARBRIDGE ASSAYS PTE. LTD. Jalan Pemimpin, 577177 2017-04-28 Live Company
BONE SUBSTITUTES PTE. LTD. Short Street, 188216 2017-04-26 Live Company
PENG DA INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. Raffles Place, 048624 2017-04-26 Live Company
BST BIOLOGICS PTE. LTD. Paya Lebar Road, 409032 2017-04-21 Live Company
PARTUS PTE. LTD. Siglap Road, 448912 2017-04-16 Live Company
PARTUM PTE. LTD. Siglap Road, 448912 2017-04-11 Live Company
PARTA PTE. LTD. Siglap Road, 448912 2017-04-10 Live Company
HALLMARK MEDICAL PTE. LTD. East Coast Road, 428766 2017-04-07 Live Company
TRAVECTA THERAPEUTICS PTE. LTD. Rochester Park, 139217 2017-04-07 Live Company
ENLEOFEN BIO PTE. LTD. Robinson Road, 068914 2017-04-04 Live Company
APEC HEALTHCARE ECONOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE PTE. LTD. Orchard Road, 238880 2017-03-30 Live Company
PROBIT PHARMACEUTICALS PTE. LTD. Anson Road, 079903 2017-03-29 Live Company
GO BIOSCIENCE VENTURES PTE. LTD. Little Road, 536982 2017-03-27 Struck Off
W4 ASSOCIATES PTE. LTD. Anson Road, 079903 2017-03-14 Live Company
TURING HEALTH ENGINE LLP Lavender Street, 338713 2017-03-06 Live
SG BIOTECH ASIA PTE. LTD. Commonwealth Avenue West, 120414 2017-03-03 Live Company
AUTOSENS PTE. LTD. Nanyang Drive, 637457 2017-03-01 Live Company
HEALTH4SMART PTE. LTD. Sin Ming Lane, 573969 2017-02-23 Live Company
VITALIA CONSULTING PTE. LTD. Cove Way, 098208 2017-02-22 Live Company
DS BIOPHARMA SINGAPORE PRIVATE LIMITED Middle Road, 188979 2017-02-21 Live Company
ETECH SOLUTIONZ Sin Ming Lane, 573969 2017-02-20 Live
VITALIZING PRIVATE LIMITED Paya Lebar Road, 409051 2017-02-15 Live Company
SHANDA BRAIN RESEARCH ENTERPRISE CO PTE. LTD. Stevens Road, 257819 2017-02-07 Live Company
LAXAI PTE. LTD. Temasek Boulevard, 038988 2017-02-01 Live Company
SKY BIOTECHNOLOGY Anchorvale Road, 544317 2017-01-16 Live
TRIDENT HEALTHCARE PTE. LTD. Yishun Avenue 1, 769134 2017-01-07 Live Company
EVATECH PTE. LTD. Hume Avenue, 598749 2017-01-04 Live Company
ABBOTT OPERATIONS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Fraser Street, 189352 2016-12-15 Live Company
PROTENGA PTE. LTD. Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, 560302 2016-12-08 Live Company
IMMUNOSCAPE PTE. LTD. Scotts Road, 228208 2016-12-07 Live Company
NOVEX SCIENCE PTE. LIMITED Beach Road, 189721 2016-12-07 Live Company
ESCO REGENERATIVE MEDICINE PTE. LTD. Changi South Street 1, 486777 2016-11-16 Live Company
HIGH PERFORMANCE PTE. LTD. River Valley Road, 238307 2016-10-25 Live Company
MEDISIX THERAPEUTICS PTE. LTD. Raffles Place, 048616 2016-10-11 Live Company
NOVOGENEAIT GENOMICS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Pandan Crescent, 128477 2016-10-10 Live Company
DG ASSOCIATES PTE. LTD. Short Street, 188216 2016-10-05 Live Company
MOLECULAR GENETICS (PRIVATE) LTD. Kitchener Road, 208511 2016-09-21 Live Company
CREDEVO PTE. LTD. Upper Cross Street, 051531 2016-09-16 Live Company
CELIXIR (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. North Bridge Road, 179094 2016-09-15 Live Company
HOHOTE TECHNOLOGIES (S) PTE. LTD. Lorong Bakar Batu, 348741 2016-09-09 Live Company
BIOTECH ONE PTE. LTD. Ubi Road 1, 408701 2016-08-31 Live Company
CELLIGENICS PTE. LTD. Raffles Place, 048623 2016-08-29 Live Company
ELVE BIOTECH PTE. LTD. North Bridge Road, 179094 2016-08-26 Live Company
TERNION BIOSCIENCES PTE. LTD. Upper Thomson Road, 574329 2016-08-23 Live Company
BIOMED SPRING PTE. LTD. Petir Road, 678267 2016-08-20 Live Company
BIOME LABS PTE. LTD. West Coast Crescent, 128042 2016-08-19 Live Company
GENOMEASIA100K PTE. LTD. Eu Tong Sen Street, 059818 2016-08-17 Live Company
BIOVASCULAR THERAPEUTICS PTE. LTD. Cantonment Road, 089763 2016-08-12 Live Company
SHANDA BRAIN RESEARCH CENTRE CO (PTE.) LTD. Stevens Road, 257819 2016-08-12 Live Company
STRAITS SCIENCE PTE. LTD. Prinsep Street, 188655 2016-08-08 Live Company
COGNISANCE LABS LLP Ubi Avenue 4, 408830 2016-08-02 Live
3DMED PRIVATE LIMITED Taman Mas Merah, 128162 2016-07-27 Live Company
DENKA LIFE INNOVATION RESEARCH PTE. LTD. Raffles Place, 048624 2016-07-26 Live Company
VELA GENOMICS PTE. LTD. Science Park Road, 117406 2016-07-22 Live Company
SINGAPORE ADONIS FOOD SCIENCE PTE. LTD. Choa Chu Kang Road, 689434 2016-07-21 Live Company
MOLECULAR NUTRITION (SG) PTE. LTD. Kitchener Road, 208511 2016-07-19 Live Company
PICKCELL LAB PTE. LTD. Maxwell Road, 069113 2016-07-13 Live Company
INFUSION MATERIALS LABS PTE. LTD. Serangoon North Avenue 4, 555859 2016-07-07 Live Company
GENESIZBIO PTE. LTD. Ayer Rajah Crescent, 139951 2016-07-07 Live Company
MEMBRISYS PTE. LTD. Cleantech Loop, 637141 2016-07-05 Live Company
POLY LABORATORIES PTE. LTD. Indus Road, 169586 2016-07-03 Live Company
BIOSYNGEN PTE. LTD. Maxwell Road, 069113 2016-07-01 Live Company
GENERIC PARTNERS (R&D) PTE. LTD. Cross Street, 048424 2016-07-01 Live Company
P@BBLES PTE. LTD. Raffles Place, 048616 2016-06-27 Live Company
THERACROSS TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD. Pasir Panjang Road, 117452 2016-06-27 Live Company
TRANSLA MEDICAL Edgefield Plains, 823673 2016-06-23 Cancelled (Non-Renewal)
BLUE SKY LABORATORIES PRIVATE LIMITED Sin Ming Avenue, 570449 2016-06-21 Live Company
ESCENDANCY PTE. LTD. New Industrial Road, 536211 2016-06-18 Live Company
THERACROSS Pasir Panjang Road, 117452 2016-06-17 Live
EUCHLOE BIO PTE. LTD. Temasek Boulevard, 038988 2016-06-15 Live Company
TECH FIT ASIA PTE. LTD. Jalan Besar, 208787 2016-06-14 Live Company
ACE LIFE & BIOTECH PTE. LTD. Kaki Bukit Road 1, 415934 2016-06-10 Live Company
MIRAKEL TECHNOLOGIES (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. Ayer Rajah Crescent, 139947 2016-06-09 Live Company
MERCI BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Hongkong Street, 059675 2016-06-06 Live Company