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Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
ALFA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London 2017-12-29 Active
BENCHMARK CARPENTRY & CONSTRUCTION LTD 23 Dallaway Drive, Stone Cross, Pevensey 2017-12-29 Active
CHAISEBECK CONSTRUCTION LTD 61 Ollier Ave, Manchester 2017-12-29 Active
CHK CONSTRUCTIONS LIMITED 14 Mitcham Road, London 2017-12-29 Active
CHRIS CHAPMAN CONSTRUCTION LTD 52 North Street, Roxby, Scunthorpe 2017-12-29 Active
CONSTRUCTION DESIGN GROUNDWORKS LIMITED 23 Longfellow Road, Gillingham 2017-12-29 Active
CONSTRUCTION PRIME LTD 5 Perth Avenue, London 2017-12-29 Active
DC MAINTENANCE & CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 23-27 King Street, Luton 2017-12-29 Active
E LECAJ CONSTRUCTION LTD 19 Newbury Road, Romford 2017-12-29 Active
EBRO CONSTRUCTION GROUP LIMITED 5 Glenbower, Hatfield Road, St. Albans 2017-12-29 Active
J. A. KEIGHLEY CONSTRUCTION LTD 337 Garstang Road, 337 Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston 2017-12-29 Active
LIMES CONSTRUCTION LTD 199 Drayton Bridge Road, W13 0jh 2017-12-29 Active
LONDON CONSTRUCTION TRAINING ACADEMY LTD 47-49 Park Royal Road, Premier Business Centre, London 2017-12-29 Active
MWC CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANTS LTD 112-114 Witton Street, Northwich 2017-12-29 Active
N H CONSTRUCTION PERSONNEL LIMITED H5 Ash Tree Court, Nottingham Business Park, Nottingham 2017-12-29 Active
R AND D CONSTRUCTION LONDON LTD Regus Building Victory Way, Admirals Park, Crossways 2017-12-29 Active
SDDCONSTRUCTION LIMITED Kemp House, 160 City Road, London 2017-12-29 Active
TRYBEK CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 4 Wilton Road, Southampton 2017-12-29 Active
ARTPRO CONSTRUCTION LTD 72 Stoke Abbott Road, Worthing 2017-12-28 Active
BOWDEN CONSTRUCTION LIMITED East View Cottage, Shebbear, Beaworthy 2017-12-28 Active
CLH CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD 14 Hawthorn Way, Alphington, Exeter 2017-12-28 Active
DMC CARPENTRY & CONSTRUCTION CAMBS LIMITED 12 Churchill Close, Ely 2017-12-28 Active
KBF CONSTRUCTION LIMITED The Cabin @ Kings, 5 Holt Lane, Liverpool 2017-12-28 Active
KHUBBER CONSTRUCTION LTD 41c Osterley Park Road, Southall 2017-12-28 Active
LGR CONSTRUCTION LTD 20 Mortimer Gate Thomas Rochford Way, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross 2017-12-28 Active
LOSCO DEVELOPMENT & CONSTRUCTION LTD 2nd Floor College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip 2017-12-28 Active
PASCU CONSTRUCTION LTD 10 Warham Road, South Croydon 2017-12-28 Active
RUSU CONSTRUCTION LTD 55 Hulse Avenue, Barking, London 2017-12-28 Active
SILVERLOCK CONSTRUCTION DESIGN LIMITED Millholme, High Street, Mayfield 2017-12-28 Active
SSS & AK CONSTRUCTIONS LIMITED 23 Townfield Road, Hayes 2017-12-28 Active
CIVENCO CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 152-160 City Road, London 2017-12-27 Active
CONSTRUCTION SPARKLE CLEAN LIMITED 60 Trowbridge Green, Rumney, Cardiff 2017-12-27 Active
HILLSTEAD CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 8 Broomy Hill, Hereford 2017-12-27 Active
OWN CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 2 Derby Drive, Leybourne, West Malling 2017-12-27 Active
SKY BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION LTD 66 Ager Avenue, Dagenham 2017-12-27 Active
SRF CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 295 Birchanger Lane, Bishop's Stortford 2017-12-27 Active
UK CONSTRUCTIONS GROUP LIMITED 41 Lothbury, Ths Global Inc., London 2017-12-27 Active
UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT LTD 25 Elm Way, London 2017-12-27 Active
UNT CONSTRUCTION LTD 20 Greendale Square, Northampton 2017-12-27 Active
YALI CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 227 Preston Road, Wembley 2017-12-27 Active
AIRBOURNE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 3 Victoria Street, Greetland, Halifax 2017-12-22 Active
AM JOINERY AND CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield 2017-12-22 Active
BNE CONSTRUCTION LTD Flat 2, 1a Sutton Court Road, Sutton 2017-12-22 Active
BRD CONSTRUCTION LTD 90 Kings Road, Kingston Upon Thames 2017-12-22 Active
CJ CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT LTD 20-22 Wenlock Road, London 2017-12-22 Active
CONSTRUCTION APTITUDE LIMITED 74 College Road, Maidstone 2017-12-22 Active
E-VOLVE CONSTRUCTION GROUP LTD 12 Broadmeadows Lane, Waterlooville 2017-12-22 Active
GRANT SMELLIE CONSTRUCTION LTD 16 Haddow Street, Hamilton 2017-12-22 Active
J GREAVES CONSTRUCTION LTD 44 Clarendon Road, Watford 2017-12-22 Active
JPR MAINTENANCE & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD Idc Solutions - Newhaven Enterprise Centre, Denton Island, Newhaven 2017-12-22 Active
KCA CONSTRUCTION LTD 24 Guildford Street, Luton 2017-12-22 Active
KK CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LIMITED Flat 1, 3 Cedar Road, Croydon 2017-12-22 Active
MELROSS CONSTRUCTION LTD 4 Cyrus Way Cygnet Park, Hampton, Peterborough 2017-12-22 Active
MICHAEL JARRETT CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANTS LTD Office 1 Station House Station Yard, Bellingham, Hexham 2017-12-22 Active
MONIVA CONSTRUCTIONS LIMITED 1276/1278 Greenford Road, Greenford 2017-12-22 Active
ROMA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LIMITED Compton House, 104 Scotland Road, Penrith 2017-12-22 Active
STARLING CONSTRUCTION (LONDON) LTD 9 Carrington Road, Bristol 2017-12-22 Active
STARS CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 27 Wilton Street, Birmingham 2017-12-22 Active
BD CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD Flat 53 Kirkfield House, 118-120 Station Road, Harrow 2017-12-21 Active
CJ THEOBALD CONSTRUCTION LIMITED The Old Pump House, Oborne Road, Sherborne 2017-12-21 Active
CONSTRUCTION CREW 24/7 LIMITED 121 Luton Road, Chatham 2017-12-21 Active
DNO CONSTRUCTION LTD 24 Pavement Mews, Romford 2017-12-21 Active
DOBREA CONSTRUCTION LTD 11 Clarence Road, London 2017-12-21 Active
ESAL CONSTRUCTIONS LTD 4 Harewood Avenue, Northolt, London 2017-12-21 Active
INDERJEET PADA CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 40 Fernwood Crescent, Nottingham 2017-12-21 Active
K&M ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION LTD 203-205 The Vale, London 2017-12-21 Active
KNG CONSTRUCTION LTD 6 Bibury Corner, Bourton-on-the-water, Cheltenham 2017-12-21 Active
LAMB CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 31 Carminow Way, Newquay 2017-12-21 Active
LEONE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Hainault House, Billet Road, Romford 2017-12-21 Active
ROAD SAFETY AND CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 512 Broadway Residences, 105 Broad Street, Birmingham 2017-12-21 Active
S & S CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LIMITED The Courtyard, 33 Duke Street, Trowbridge 2017-12-21 Active
TORRENT CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD 20-22 Wenlock Road, London 2017-12-21 Active
WIGGUM CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Unit 6 Cavendish Business Park Whitting Valley Road, Old Whittington, Chesterfield 2017-12-21 Active
WRIGHT AND WYTHE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED The Old Astra Cinema The Street, Great Bricett, Ipswich 2017-12-21 Active
ALFA CONSTRUCTION BIRMINGHAM LIMITED 33 Kingsdown Road, Birmingham 2017-12-20 Active
BEST CCA CONSTRUCTION LTD 46 Gillman Drive, London 2017-12-20 Active
BIG TEAM CONSTRUCTION 17 LIMITED 31 Maud Road, London 2017-12-20 Active
CONSTRUCTION MAINTENANCE & RENOVATION LTD 131 Besley Street, Besley Street, London 2017-12-20 Active
CROXFORD CONSTRUCTION LTD 71 Cedar Road, Northampton 2017-12-20 Active
DY ANDY CONSTRUCTION LTD 73 Blundell Road, Floor 1, Blundell Road, Edgware 2017-12-20 Active
ELITE REFURBISHMENT & CONSTRUCTION LONDON LTD 466 Cranbrook Road, Ilford 2017-12-20 Active
GRANTLY CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Kemp House, 160 City Road, London 2017-12-20 Active
HAINES HOMES CONSTRUCTION LTD 344 Barkham Road, Wokingham, Reading 2017-12-20 Active
HOLBROOK CONSTRUCTION SOUTHERN LIMITED 2 Lakeview Stables, St. Clere, Kemsing, Sevenoaks 2017-12-20 Active
K RAY CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Brunel House 340 Firecrest Court, Centre Park, Warrington 2017-12-20 Active
KIRKMAN AND JOURDAIN CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 150 Brooker Road, Waltham Abbey 2017-12-20 Active
OVI CONSTRUCTION LTD 65 Farnborough Road, Nottingham 2017-12-20 Active
QUBA CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Unit 6 Hembrow Station Road, Smeeth, Ashford 2017-12-20 Active
RADMORE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Meadowside Radmore Green, Spurstow, Tarporley 2017-12-20 Active
REECRU CONSTRUCTION LIMITED College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip 2017-12-20 Active
RELIANT CONSTRUCTION LTD Flat 2 Harold Gibbons Court, Victoria Way, London 2017-12-20 Active
SABDAT CONSTRUCTION LTD 2nd Floor, Blair House 13 High Street, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes 2017-12-20 Active
SZABO CONSTRUCTION LTD All Tax House, 9 Devonshire Mews, London 2017-12-20 Active
VADIM CONSTRUCTION LTD International House, 12 Constance Street, London 2017-12-20 Active
VALON CONSTRUCTION LTD 53b Dallas Road, London 2017-12-20 Active
C AND A PROPERTY CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Unit 1, St Michaels Business Centre, Lyme Regis 2017-12-19 Active
D. BOYD CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LIMITED 2/1 11 Alexandra Court, Glasgow 2017-12-19 Active
GI CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 82 St. Andrews Road, Bebington, Wirral 2017-12-19 Active
GZIM CONSTRUCTION LTD Flat 10, Park Court, 89, Oakleigh Park North, London 2017-12-19 Active