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This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom. Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc.

BOLTON · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Incorporation Date Status
Wylde Studio Limited 28 Southview, Bolton, BL7 8AS 2021-03-31 Active
Asteer Planning LLP C/O Cowgills, Regency House, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 4QR 2021-03-31 Active
Halal Meat & Grocers Ltd 108/110 St Helens Road, Bolton, BL3 3PJ 2021-03-31 Active
Uob Bolton Borough Fc Limited Little Dakins, Walker Fold Road, Bolton, BL1 7PU 2021-03-31 Active
Under Pressure Power Washing Ltd 32 Little Stones Road, Egerton, Bolton, BL7 9UN 2021-03-31 Active
Nostek Ltd 2 Cromford Close, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 3ST 2021-03-31 Active
The Slimming Academy Ltd 59 Mallard Drive, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 5RN 2021-03-31 Active
A.turners Catering Ltd 21 Ellesmere Walk, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL4 9EX 2021-03-30 Active
Bushee Limited 169 Crescent Road, Bolton, BL3 2JS 2021-03-30 Active
Prep2glow Limited 104 Seymour Road, Bolton, BL1 8PU 2021-03-30 Active
Brighter Choice Bathrooms Ltd 39 Paisley Park, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 7ET 2021-03-30 Active
Swift & Co Accountants Ltd Commercial Union House, 42 Mawdsley Street, Bolton, BL1 1LF 2021-03-29 Active
Elite Animal Therapy Ltd 2 Timsbury Close, Bolton, BL2 6TH 2021-03-29 Active
Pvs Support Services Limited 2 Merryfield Grange, Bolton, BL1 5GS 2021-03-29 Active
Search Digital Media Ltd 4 Waldeck Street, Bolton, BL1 3AZ 2021-03-29 Active
Lookout Gifty Ltd Rear of 20, Wood Street, Bolton, BL1 1DY 2021-03-29 Active
Wewaddle Ltd 52 Glen Avenue, Bolton, BL3 5QY 2021-03-29 Active
Ruby's Deli Ltd 314 Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 4JU 2021-03-29 Active
Infinite Merchandise Limited Nortex Mill, 3rd Floor, Unit 1 & 2, 105 Old Chorley Road, Bolton, BL1 3AS 2021-03-29 Active
Alseban Ltd 38 Rumworth Street, Bolton, BL3 6LW 2021-03-29 Active
Vara Investment Properties & Developments Ltd 139-141 Market Street, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 8EX 2021-03-29 Active
A.media Search Ltd 3 Shackleton, Grove, Bolton, BL15TA 2021-03-29 Active
Janford Limited Z58 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-28 Active
Sudel Developments Ltd 102 Worsley Road, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 9LX 2021-03-28 Active
Cargo Cottage Ltd 1 Mancroft Avenue, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL3 3AA 2021-03-26 Active
Stacks Mcr Ltd 23 Nook Fields, Bolton, BL2 4LN 2021-03-26 Active
Delair Limited Z64 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Jaylopow Limited Z63 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Serhrm Limited Z67 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Man's Palace Ltd 74-76 Wigan Road, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3RJ 2021-03-25 Active
Lafeer Limited Z68 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Flowseny Limited Z62 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Oleuwe Limited Z65 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Moberham Limited Z57 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Leweyar Limited Z61 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Seek Me Uk Ltd 25 Clyde Street, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 3NL 2021-03-25 Active
Sanpley Limited Z59 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Doural Limited Z60 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-25 Active
Ideal Knock Ltd 10 Hall Lane, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 7QE 2021-03-24 Active
Clarke and Phillips Properties Ltd 13 Lowstern Close, Egerton, Bolton, BL7 9XW 2021-03-24 Active
Traditional Tastes Ltd 118 Kentfield Drive, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 8FU 2021-03-24 Active
Forme Apparel Limited 270 Manchester Road, Blackrod, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL6 5AZ 2021-03-24 Active
Palm Motors Ltd 49-61 Albert Road, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 7BA 2021-03-24 Active
Burgers To Love Limited 30 Greenhill Avenue, Bolton, BL3 4HB 2021-03-23 Active
Spot & Splash Ltd 13 Markland Hill Lane, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 5PS 2021-03-23 Active
Unique Sharp Knives Ltd Flat No. 01, 111 Deane Church Lane, Bolton, Lancashire, BL3 4EQ 2021-03-23 Active
Sha's Store Ltd 7 Wheatfield Street, Bolton, BL2 1LH 2021-03-23 Active
Liberty Hair and Glam (westhoughton) Ltd 81 High Street, Little Lever, Bolton, BL3 1NA 2021-03-23 Active
N&l Associates Limited Michael Sohor & Co, 74 St. Georges Road, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 2DD 2021-03-23 Active
Mobile Doctors1 Limited 26 Sonning Drive, Bolton, BL3 3RA 2021-03-23 Active
Bolton Hearing Solutions Ltd 77 Church Street, Blackrod, Bolton, BL6 5EE 2021-03-22 Active
Logistics Systems Ltd 101 Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AS 2021-03-22 Active
Daniel Paul Joinery Limited Unit 2a Bolton Textile Mill Cawdor Street, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 7EA 2021-03-22 Active
Integrity Courier Company Ltd 89 Starcliffe Street, Bolton, BL3 2PT 2021-03-22 Active
Js Medical Engineering Limited 157 Church Road, Bolton, BL1 6HH 2021-03-22 Active
Aaaz Investments Ltd Easingwold 498, Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 5DR 2021-03-22 Active
Easy Reach Scaffolding Ltd 217 Longfield Road, Bolton, BL3 3SY 2021-03-22 Active
Northern Equity Limited Apartment 15 Provincial House, 6 Nelson Square, Bolton, BL1 1AT 2021-03-22 Active
Sakuk Ltd 179 Settle Street, Bolton, BL3 3DN 2021-03-22 Active
Sun Venkeral Limited Z56 19a, Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 3AD 2021-03-22 Active
Sanguis Screening Services Limited 42 Bradshaw, Bolton, BL2 4AN 2021-03-22 Active
Mund Limited 10 Hall Lane,Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, BL4 7QE 2021-03-21 Active
Frt Group Ltd Appt 5, 2 Mawdsley Street, Bolton, BL1 1LF 2021-03-21 Active
Vicarage Property Limited 66 Old Vicarage, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 2EL 2021-03-21 Active
Belmont Corporate Services Limited 42 South View, Belmont, Bolton, BL7 8AS 2021-03-21 Active
Santo's Health and Fitness Ltd Apartment 34 Holden Mill, Blackburn Road, Bolton, BL1 7LS 2021-03-19 Active
Wb Recruitment Ltd 98 Jethro Street, Bolton, BL2 2PL 2021-03-19 Active
Clear Compare Ltd Dalveen, Sweetloves Lane, Bolton, BL1 7EU 2021-03-19 Active
Little Bats Learning C.i.c. 23 Ashley Avenue, Bolton, BL2 5AR 2021-03-19 Active
The Ice-Cream Laboratory Ltd 21 Carter Street, Bolton, BL3 2HG 2021-03-18 Active
Agatha Ltd 115 Newbrook Road, Bolton, BL5 1EU 2021-03-18 Active
Made By Tree Ltd Unit 8 Atlas Mill, Mornington Road, Bolton, BL1 4EZ 2021-03-18 Active
Tyre Man Nw Ltd Tyreman, Walker Street, Bolton, OL16 2AB 2021-03-18 Active
Jw Glass Ltd 91 Thornham Drive, Bolton, BL1 7RF 2021-03-18 Active
Aw Electrical Contracting Ltd 5 Newlands Drive, Blackrod, Bolton, BL6 5SD 2021-03-18 Active
Chalk and Cheese Ltd 13 Park View, Bolton, BL1 7LE 2021-03-17 Active
Suresh Nathan Ltd 37 Knightswood, Bolton, Lancashire, BL3 4UU 2021-03-17 Active
Mp Optical Group Limited 7 Saltwood Grove, Bolton, Lancashire, BL1 2JB 2021-03-17 Active
Naznav Ltd 31 Eustace Street, Bolton, Lancashire, BL3 2HH 2021-03-17 Active
Diamond Galore Ltd 101 A Tonge Moor Road, Bolton, BL2 2DL 2021-03-17 Active
Flight786 Ltd 258 St. Helens Road, Bolton, Lancashire, BL3 3PZ 2021-03-16 Active
Pineapple Property Finance Limited Hillcrest House, Old Hall Clough, Bolton, BL6 4LB 2021-03-16 Active
Geo Payroll LLP 28 Mary Street East, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 7JS 2021-03-16 Active
D2dwinebeer Ltd 40 Walker Avenue, Bolton, BL3 2DY 2021-03-16 Active
Saphire Properties Ltd 11 Braeside Grove, Bolton, BL3 4TY 2021-03-16 Active
Amina Property Ltd 10 Woodford Grove, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL3 4DJ 2021-03-16 Active
Man Cave Barbers Bolton Limited 430 Chorley Old Road, Bolton, BL1 6AG 2021-03-16 Active
Cali Fried Chicken Ltd 8 Division Street, Bolton, BL3 2DQ 2021-03-16 Active
Ebr Group Ltd 2 Green Way, Bolton, BL1 8UD 2021-03-16 Active
Adil Electronics Ltd 409b Derby Street, Bolton, Lancashire, BL3 6LT 2021-03-16 Active
Baucutt Property Ltd 3 Somersby Drive, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9PX 2021-03-16 Active
Uplift Unite C.i.c. 21 Higher Shady Lane, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9AQ 2021-03-16 Active
Jcd Furniture Ltd 28 Harley Avenue, Ainsworth, Bolton, BL2 5RR 2021-03-16 Active
Glow Trip Limited 84 Cawdor Street, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 7NJ 2021-03-15 Active
Lrac Lomax Refrigeration &air Conditioning Ltd 32 Colchester Avenue, Bolton, BL2 5AQ 2021-03-15 Active
Solutions Aa Ltd 122 Astley Brook Close, Bolton, BL1 8SP 2021-03-15 Active
Ridor Ltd 39 Vermont Street, Bolton, Lancashire, BL1 3AR 2021-03-15 Active
Community Quality Care Services Ltd 205 Deane Church Lane, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL3 4EW 2021-03-15 Active
Tyre Bay Bolton Ltd 65 Central Avenue, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 0BA 2021-03-15 Active
Deriax Realty Ltd 6 Littlebrooke Close, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL2 2GX 2021-03-15 Active