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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address
IDIVERSITY CONSULTING LIMITED Fen House, Fen Road, Cambridge, CB4 1UN, England
ID GLOBAL CONSULTING LTD 30 Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge, CB4 2PA, United Kingdom
FOSCA CONSULTING LTD 18 Covent Garden, Cambridge, CB1 2HR, England
SINCLAIR CREAMER CONSULTING LTD 205-207 205-207 High Street, Cottenham, Cambridge, CB24 8RX, England
W & J CONSULTING LIMITED 17 West Field, Little Abington, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB21 6BE, England
ATABANI CONSULTING LIMITED Unit 1, Cambridge House Camboro Business Park, Oakington Road, Girton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB3 0QH, United Kingdom
IDM PROPERTY CONSULTING LTD 5 Vicarage Avenue 5 Vicarage Avenue, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3JT, United Kingdom
PEVENSIE CONSULTING LIMITED 16 Stratfield Close, Cambridge, CB4 3NA, United Kingdom
FORDE MCGREGOR CONSULTING LTD 61 Lone Tree Avenue, Impington, Cambridge, Cambs, CB24 9PG, United Kingdom
LKBD CONSULTING LTD 5 Malting Cottages, Bartlow, Cambridge, CB21 4PW, United Kingdom
22ND CENTURY CONSULTING LTD 2 Botolph Lane, Apt 4, Cambridge, CB2 3RD, United Kingdom
EMMA PRICE CONSULTING LIMITED 47 Catharine Street, Cambridge, CB1 3AW, United Kingdom
REBUS CONSULTING LIMITED 33 Petersfield, Cambridge, CB1 1BB, United Kingdom
DURAS CONSULTING LTD 4 Milner Road, Comberton, Cambridge, CB23 7DE, United Kingdom
ENERGY CONSULTING LIMITED 46 St Bartholomews Court, Riverside, Cambridge, CB5 8HG, United Kingdom
EVE TOOMEY CONSULTING LTD 318 Histon Road, Cambridge, CB4 3HS, United Kingdom
NS-MC CONSULTING LTD 37 Woodpecker Way, Great Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6GZ, United Kingdom
BVT CONSULTING LIMITED 14 Fellows House, Lilywhite Drive, Cambridge, CB4 1GP, United Kingdom
CAROLUS CONSULTING LTD Suite 3 Winship House Winship Road, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6AP, England
STEPHEN UNGER CONSULTING LTD 32 Barton Road, Haslingfield, Cambridge, CB23 1LL, United Kingdom
CHERRY EDUCATION CONSULTING LIMITED 48 Doggett Road, Cambridge, CB1 9LF, United Kingdom
LESLEY TAO CONSULTING LIMITED Albert House, Young Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LZ, United Kingdom
A B CONSULTING ENGINEERS LIMITED Websters Cambridge Limited, 8, Sumpter House Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB24 9LQ, United Kingdom
LONGSON CONSULTING LIMITED 11 Wether Road, Great Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 5DT, United Kingdom
EXCELU CONSULTING LTD 124 Perse Way, Cambridge, CB4 3SA, United Kingdom
CAMBRIDGE CONSULTING SOLUTIONS LIMITED 28 Steel Building, Kingfisher Way, Cambridge, CB2 8BT, United Kingdom
COWARD EDUCATION CONSULTING LTD 38 Beche Road, Cambridge, CB5 8HU, United Kingdom
EMIYA CONSULTING LTD Elfleda House Elfleda House, 581 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom
HIPEQ CONSULTING LTD P.O.Box 1368, 1368 Po Box 1368, Cambridge, CB1 0FU, England
CAMPHORWOOD CONSULTING LTD 254 Glenalmond Avenue, Cambridge, CB2 8DS, United Kingdom
REGULAR PEOPLE - CONSULTING LTD 8 Manor Walk 8 Manor Walk, Fulbourn, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB21 5BN, United Kingdom
EMPOWER & ACCELERATE CONSULTING LTD Cart House 2, Copley Hill Business Park Cambridge Road, Babraham, Cambridge, CB22 3GN, United Kingdom
ARES MANAGEMENT CONSULTING LTD. 98 Barton Road, Comberton, Cambridge, CB23 7BS, United Kingdom
CEF LAW CONSULTING LTD 65 New Road, Haslingfield, Cambridge, CB23 1LP, United Kingdom
DPWR CONSULTING LTD 5 Hackett House Glebe Farm Drive, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9PF, United Kingdom
CARDINGTON CONSULTING LTD 56, Chestnut House Longstanton Road, Over, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB24 5PP, United Kingdom
GRAFTON GOVERNANCE CONSULTING LIMITED Cklg Limited, 9 Quy Court, Stow-cum-quy, Cambridge, CB25 9AU, England
ZEYMAN CONSULTING LTD 20 Verulam Way, Cambridge, CB4 2HL, United Kingdom
DUXFORD CONSULTING LTD 11 St. Peters Street, Duxford, Cambridge, CB22 4RP, England
KIN CONSULTING LTD 36 Emery Street, Cambridge, CB1 2AX, United Kingdom
ICENI DIGITAL CONSULTING LTD 8 Offa Lea, Newton, Cambridge, CB22 7PW, United Kingdom
ORYCTEROPUS CONSULTING LTD 3 Barley Way, Linton, Cambridge, CB21 4YN, United Kingdom
SADIE WISE CONSULTING LTD 11 Heron Road, Northstowe, Cambridge, CB24 1AS, United Kingdom
BENEDICTUS CONSULTING LIMITED 8 Earl Street, Earl Street, Cambridge, CB1 1JR, United Kingdom
FOZOZA CONSULTING LTD 97 Ellison Lane, Hardwick, Cambridge, CB23 7XH, United Kingdom
CAMBRIDGE X EDUCATION CONSULTING LTD 10 Brook End Close, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9DB, United Kingdom
A&L MANAGEMENT CONSULTING LIMITED 37 Greystoke Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 8DT, England
HAMMOND CONSULTING LIMITED 62 High Street, Bourn, Cambridge, CB23 2TR, United Kingdom
AKRISH CONSULTING LTD 286 Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1LH, United Kingdom
LEVEL 3 CONSULTING LTD 118 Spitfire Road, Upper Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6FN, United Kingdom
FAIRBURN WHITE CONSULTING LTD 2 Willingham Road, Over, Cambridge, CB24 5PD, United Kingdom
BLUE NUGGET CONSULTING LIMITED 39 Duddle Drive, Longstanton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB24 3US, United Kingdom
TYPHUN CONSULTING LTD Flat 4 111 Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5JJ, United Kingdom
ML BIO CONSULTING LIMITED 54 Fanshawe Road, Cambridge, CB1 3QY, United Kingdom
TREVOR THOMAS IT CONSULTING LIMITED 6a Cambridge Road, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6AW, United Kingdom
CAMBRIDGE CONSULTING AND CONSTRUCTION LTD Ccac 98 Brookfield Way, Lower Cambourne, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 5ED, England
TEMPEST HEALTHCARE CONSULTING LTD 15 London Road, Harston, Cambridge, CB22 7QQ, United Kingdom
SEREENE BROWN CONSULTING LTD 38 Greystoke Road, Cambridge, CB1 8DS, United Kingdom
HALKYON CONSULTING LTD 25 Arbury Road, Cambridge, CB4 2JB, United Kingdom
TREY CONSULTING LTD Alberta Cottage, 118 Catharine Street, Cambridge, CB1 3AR, United Kingdom
JC REWARD CONSULTING LIMITED 74 Barton Road, Comberton, Cambridge, Cambs, CB23 7BS, United Kingdom
KATE LOWER CONSULTING LTD 83 Rampton Road, Cottenham, Cambridge, CB24 8TJ, England
GREY LACE CONSULTING LTD 17 Moorfield Road, Duxford, Cambridge, CB22 4PP, United Kingdom
TK MEDICAL CONSULTING LTD 18 The Copper Building, Kingfisher Way, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 8BL, United Kingdom
JMWATSON CONSULTING LTD 43 Saxon Way, Willingham, Cambridge, CB24 5UR, England
SCRUMSEEKER CONSULTING LTD 6 Barns Close, Over, Cambridge, CB24 5TX, United Kingdom
VOLMOED CONSULTING LTD 36 Mitchcroft Road, Longstanton, Cambridge, CB24 3BF, United Kingdom
CLIMB CONSULTING LIMITED 53 Lovell Road, Cambridge, CB4 2QN, United Kingdom
CUPOLA CONSULTING LIMITED 37 St. Barnabas Road, Cambridge, CB1 2BX, United Kingdom
AWESOME CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED 2 Knight's Orchard, Whittlesford, Cambridge, CB22 4AG, United Kingdom
SARA RL CONSULTING LIMITED 11 Porson Court, Cambridge, CB2 8ER, England
FIFE ONCOLOGY CONSULTING LIMITED 22 Gilbert Road, Cambridge, CB4 3PE, United Kingdom
WDRS CONSULTING LIMITED 3 Hardwick Road, Toft, Cambridge, CB23 2RQ
CCV CONSULTING LTD 10 Moore Close, Cambridge, CB4 1ZP, United Kingdom
RJA PHILLIPS CONSULTING LIMITED Cambridge Paperhouse, 6 Thornton Road, Cambridge, CB3 0NW, United Kingdom
DAVID TAYLOR GRAPHIC DESIGN & CONSULTING LIMITED 54 Bishops Road, Trumpington, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 9NH, United Kingdom
NAOMI LOCKWOOD CONSULTING LIMITED 14 Saxon Way, Willingham, Cambridge, Cambs, CB24 5UT, England
INDUVENTIONAL CONSULTING & SERVICES CO LTD 68 Hampden Gardens, Cambridge, CB1 3EL, United Kingdom
MCCULLEN CONSULTING LTD 17 Whitmore Way, Cambridge, CB25 9HS, United Kingdom
ANNIE O'KEEFE MARTIN CONSULTING LIMITED 81 Coles Road, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6BL, United Kingdom
RAO VIGNAULT CONSULTING LIMITED 29 Cockcroft Place, Cambridge, CB3 0HF, England
NINEWELLS CONSULTING LIMITED 173 Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5JN, England
PLUM TREES CONSULTING LIMITED 30 Bateman Street, Cambridge, CB2 1NB, United Kingdom
CARMEL CONSULTING LIMITED 24 Pepperslade, Duxford, Cambridge, CB22 4XT, United Kingdom
IBIS CONSULTING LIMITED 6 Rock Road, Cambridge, CB1 7UF, United Kingdom
NNM CONSULTING LIMITED 4 Millfield, Cottenham, Cambridge, CB24 8RA, United Kingdom
JR MCLAREN CONSULTING ENGINEERING LIMITED 27 Saxon Way, Willingham, Cambridge, CB24 5UR, England
MANSE DIGITAL CONSULTING LTD Old Manse 1 Love's Lane, Willingham, Cambridge, CB24 5LW, United Kingdom
BRONZE PHOENIX CONSULTING LIMITED 107 New Street, Cambridge, CB1 2QT, England
HIPPOTIGRIS CONSULTING LTD 26 Carlton Way, Cambridge, Cambs, CB4 2DE, England
GRANTA HILL CONSULTING LTD 1 Richard Foster Road, Cambridge, CB2 8DW, United Kingdom
JDE CONSULTING LTD 127 Ditton Fields, Cambridge, CB5 8QH, United Kingdom
AMARANTHUS CONSULTING LIMITED 116 Middle Watch, Swavesey, Cambridge, CB24 4RP, England
THIRD LINK CONSULTING LTD 170 Cromwell Road, Cambridge, CB1 3EQ, United Kingdom
MOUNCE CONSULTING LTD 19 Bermuda Road, Cambridge, CB4 3JX, England
T J P RISK CONSULTING LIMITED Sumpter House, 8, Anderson & Co, Station Road, Cambridge, CB24 9LQ, United Kingdom
VERTEX STRATEGIC CONSULTING LTD C/o Dragonfly Ltd 52 High Street, Cottenham, Cambridge, CB24 8SA, England
JO MILLS CONSULTING LIMITED 45 Longstanton Road, Oakington, Cambridge, CB24 3AB, United Kingdom
HELICON CONSULTING LIMITED 20 Stonehill Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5JL, United Kingdom