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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

CARDIFF · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
MAE MARIA LIMITED Canton House, 435-451 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff 2017-12-29 Active
ECA HOLDINGS LIMITED 13a Temple Court Gordon Down Accountants, Cathedral Road, Cardiff 2017-12-28 Active
EMPATHIC RECRUITMENT LIMITED 13a Temple Court G Down Accountants, Cathedral Road, Cardiff 2017-12-28 Active
EMPATHY RECRUITMENT LIMITED 13a Temple Court G Down Accountants, Cathedral Road, Cardiff 2017-12-28 Active
LESI LTD 46 St. Michaels Road, Cardiff 2017-12-28 Active
LUX FAMILY LAW LTD 47 Pontcanna Street, Cardiff 2017-12-28 Active
WATSON'S WALKIES LIMITED 33 Ilton Road, Cardiff 2017-12-28 Active
BPVP LTD 1 Gwynant Crescent, Gwynant Crescent, Cardiff 2017-12-27 Active
CONSTRUCTION SPARKLE CLEAN LIMITED 60 Trowbridge Green, Rumney, Cardiff 2017-12-27 Active
GEM RACING LIMITED 44 Keyston Road, Cardiff 2017-12-27 Active
JONES FOOD & BEVERAGE LTD Unit 2b, Trident Industrial Park, Ocean Way, Cardiff 2017-12-27 Active
JTS2 LIMITED 97 Penarth Road, Cardiff 2017-12-27 Active
LUBIE’S LOFT LIMITED 135 Ty Glas Road, Llanishen, Cardiff 2017-12-27 Active
MOTORS 4 U CARDIFF LTD Cardiff Storage Wentloog Road, Rumney, Cardiff 2017-12-27 Active
SHERE PUNJAB ENTERTAINMENT LTD. 109 Ninian Road, Cardiff 2017-12-27 Active
CHAMPIONS WHITE COLLAR BOXING LTD Ufcc Ultimate Fitness Centre Penlline Street, First Floor, Above Bedford Mot Station, Cardiff 2017-12-22 Active
COREO CYMRU LTD 117 Fairwater Grove West, Cardiff 2017-12-22 Active
DUBAI SUPERSTORE LTD 143 City Road, Cardiff 2017-12-22 Active
LOGIQ3 INC UK LTD Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Road, Cardiff 2017-12-22 Active
NPC BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD 6 Grangemoor Court 6 Grangemoor Court, Dunleavy Drive, Cardiff 2017-12-22 Active
OCD DETAILED VALETING LTD 98 Cathedral Road, Cardiff 2017-12-22 Active
THE BOATHOUSE (SULLY) LIMITED Celtic House, 6 Ocean Way, Cardiff 2017-12-22 Active
TRELIEVER LIMITED Penllyn Lisvane Road, Lisvane, Cardiff 2017-12-22 Active
TVF GROUP LIMITED Albion House, Oxford Street, Nantgarw, Cardiff 2017-12-22 Active
ALFA SALES LP Suite 10342 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-21 Active
EYE 9 SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED Capital Tower Business Center, 3rd Floor Greyfriars Road, Cardiff 2017-12-21 Active
GOLDLIGHT INVEST LP Suite 10341 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-21 Active
OPBR LTD 98 Cathedral Road, Cardiff 2017-12-21 Active
OPEN ARCH GROUP LTD Suite 10343 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-21 Active
PEARL ENTERPRISE LTD 5 Scholars Drive, Penylan, Cardiff 2017-12-21 Active
TY CWTCH LIMITED 33 Heol Cefn Onn, Lisvane, Cardiff 2017-12-21 Active
99TECH LP Suite 10338 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
AXIAL TRADE PC 14-16 Churchill Way, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
DARTSUN LTD Suite 10342 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
DELARES ANTUM LTD Suite 10342 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
DS SYS LTD 123 Lascelles Drive, Pontprennau, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
GLOBALSWISS LLP Suite 10344 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
HOMEINVESTMENTSALES LTD 30 Bardsey Crescent, Llanishen, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
LOVE CURRY CARDIFF LTD 452 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
PICL ANIMATION LTD 6 Wyndham Street, Tongwynlais, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
REGENT COMMERCIAL WINDOW CLEANING LIMITED 12 Cwrt Y Parc, Earlswood Road, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
VERDE CORPORATE FINANCE LIMITED The Loft At The Maltings, East Tyndall Street, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
WE WILL FIX IT LIMITED 22 College Road, Llandaff North, Cardiff 2017-12-20 Active
ADDSECURE UK HOLDINGS LIMITED C/o Legalinx Limited, 14-18 City Road, Cardiff 2017-12-19 Active
CORPORATE FINANCE SOLUTIONS GROUP LIMITED Mwr Accountants, 292 North Road, Cardiff 2017-12-19 Active
MOVEMENT OF ADAVANCED THINKERS LTD. 69 -71 Richmond Road, Roath, Cardiff 2017-12-19 Active
NKF FOODS LIMITED 71 Mackintosh Place, Cardiff 2017-12-19 Active
WHITE WOLF EVENTS LTD 260 Picton Victoria Wharf, Watkiss Way, Cardiff 2017-12-19 Active
X-STREAM PEN-Y-FAL LTD The Counting House, Dunleavy Drive, Cardiff 2017-12-19 Active
ENSLEY AND ENSLEY LIMITED 41 Newborough Avenue, Llanishen, Cardiff 2017-12-18 Active
GURKIRAT LIMITED 211 Chapelwood Chapel Wood, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff 2017-12-18 Active
MK & A LTD Flat 4, 176 Cathedral Road, Cardiff 2017-12-18 Active
SCC COMMERCIALS LTD The Old Granary Gwaun Gledyr Farm, Nantgarw, Cardiff 2017-12-18 Active
SULTAN HAIR & BEAUTY LTD 201 Fishguard Road, Llanishen, Cardiff 2017-12-18 Active
SWANSEA PSYCHOTHERAPY AND COUNSELLING FOR EVERYONE CIC Ty Derw Lime Tree Court, Cardiff Gate Business Park, Cardiff 2017-12-18 Active
TOTAL HORSEPOWER LTD Hillside The Tumble, St. Nicholas, Cardiff 2017-12-18 Active
XERXES CAPITAL LIMITED 61 Colchester Avenue Colchester Avenue, Penylan, Cardiff 2017-12-18 Active
RADIO SILENCE ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED 6 Heol Syr Lewis, Morganstown, Cardiff 2017-12-15 Active
SMITH CO PROPERTIES LTD 4 Llewellyn Avenue, Cardiff 2017-12-15 Active
SOFAPP LIMITED 4 Salvia Close Salvia Close, St. Mellons, Cardiff 2017-12-15 Active
BITEX1 LTD Suite 10340 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
BLUEJACKET FIREARMS LTD. 109 Ty-mawr Road, Llandaff North, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
CF10 SECURITY RESOURCES LTD The Flora, 136 Cathays Terrace, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
COPART IMPEX LTD Suite 10339 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
CORPSALES LP Suite 10329 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
I KARE HEALTHCARE LTD 44 Louisa Place, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
K&N INVESTMENTS LIMITED 476a Cowbridge Road, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
KAUSIK MADHU PROPERTY SERVICES LIMITED 12 Alltmawr Road, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
TIDY LADIES LTD 38 Heritage Park, St. Mellons 38 Heritage Park, St. Mellons, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
VENDRITE LIMITED Temple Court, 13a Cathedral Road, Cardiff 2017-12-14 Active
BEDLINOG RFC LIMITED Hodge House, 114-116 St Mary Street, Cardiff 2017-12-13 Active
BRIGHT CLAIMS LTD 59 Bro Athro, Cardiff 2017-12-13 Active
CARDIFF KEBABS LIMITED 64 Tudor Street, Cardiff 2017-12-13 Active
HOLYFAMILY 5 COMPANY LIMITED 51 Rogerstone Close Rogerstone Close, St. Mellons, Cardiff 2017-12-13 Active
KJ & J LAIDLAW LIMITED Full Stop Accounts, 25 Pen-y-lan Road, Cardiff 2017-12-13 Active
LINCAI LIMITED 7-8 Raleigh Walk Waterfront 2000, Brigantine Place, Cardiff 2017-12-13 Active
SAS&CO LIMITED 345 Newport Road, Newport Road, Cardiff 2017-12-13 Active
WHIPSTAR LTD Flat 1 5 East Grove, Roath, Cardiff 2017-12-13 Active
A&K MEDIA LTD 21 St. Andrews Crescent, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
DG LEAN CONSULTING LTD 9 Oakfields, Marshfield, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
ETCS-UK LTD 6 South Loudoun Place, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
LIMEKILNS (LIVERPOOL) LIMITED 20 Station Road, Radyr, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
M&E DESIGN STUDIO LTD 28 Cathedral Road, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
NEW NAWROZ LTD 135, Nawroz, City Road, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
RJF ENTERPRISES LIMITED Mwr Accountants, 292 North Road, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
S K FABS LIMITED 92 Manorbier Crescent, Rumney, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
SMWQS LIMITED 1 Peppermint Drive, Pontprennau, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
TEAZALMALIKA LTD 23 Huron Crescent, Cardiff 2017-12-12 Active
AYDEN HOLDINGS LIMITED 2 Mackintosh Place, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
BEEO LTD Flat 4, Dray Court, Caroline Street, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
CHAIR SALONS LIMITED 184 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
ERA4DRIVE LTD 1 Deemuir Square, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
GATE SYSTEMS LIMITED 35 Heritage Drive, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
HONEY AND IVY LTD 20a Pantbach Road, Birchgrove, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
ROWAN AND IMAN LTD 138 Witchurch Road, Witchurch Road, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
SOUTH EAST LAND & PLANNING LTD 1 Windsor Grove, Radyr, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
TOUCH OF CLASS BEAUTY LIMITED 24 Lyncroft Close, St. Mellons, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
TS MILLER CONSULTING LTD Flat 3, 78 Pen-y-lan Road, Cardiff 2017-12-11 Active
ACTIVE IO LIMITED 8 Magretian Place, Cardiff 2017-12-08 Active
BOUCHARD FT GROUP LP Suite 10331 45 Salisbury Road, Cardiff 2017-12-08 Active