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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

HAYES · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
BADWAL TRANSPORT LTD 101 Willow Tree Lane, Hayes 2017-12-28 Active
PLATINUM LION LIMITED 66 Beechwood Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-28 Active
SSS & AK CONSTRUCTIONS LIMITED 23 Townfield Road, Hayes 2017-12-28 Active
VIVA COACHES LTD 28a St. Anselms Road, Hayes 2017-12-28 Active
KJI INVESTMENTS LTD Studio 8 Hayes Business Studios, Damson Drive, Hayes 2017-12-27 Active
NAMMOUR HOMES LTD 95 Wentworth Crescent, Hayes 2017-12-27 Active
SAHI BROTHERS LIMITED 85 Marvell Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-27 Active
SUNRISE GLAZING (LONDON) LTD 65 Delamere Road, Hayes 2017-12-27 Active
VINE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS LIMITED 3 Ullswater Close, Hayes 2017-12-27 Active
WESTONE SCHOOL WEAR LIMITED 66 Cranford Drive, Hayes 2017-12-27 Active
AH CAR AUDIO LTD 33 Hayes End Road, Hayes 2017-12-22 Active
FAINT HEART LIMITED 6 Pump Lane, Hayes 2017-12-22 Active
JAP FOOD & WINE LTD Js Gulati & Co. 4 Peter James Business Centre, Pump Lane, Hayes 2017-12-22 Active
N T PLUMBING AND HEATING LTD 773 Uxbridge Road, Hayes 2017-12-22 Active
REDPAD LTD 03 Coldharbour Lane, Hayes 2017-12-22 Active
ZAK PROMOTIONS LIMITED 59 Crowland Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-22 Active
BHARAT CONSRUCTION LIMITED 22 Melrose Close, Hayes 2017-12-21 Active
J.A.P BRICKWORK LTD 773 Uxbridge Road, Hayes 2017-12-21 Active
MATTRAVEL LTD 153a North Hyde Road, Hayes 2017-12-21 Active
DHANJAL EYECARE LTD 35 Spencer Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-20 Active
SOUTHALL BUSINESS UNITS LTD 65 Delamere Road, Hayes 2017-12-20 Active
DATAAR PROPERTIES LTD Unit 3 Springfield Road Ind Este, Springfield Road, Hayes 2017-12-19 Active
ERIC BAAKO (O) LIMITED 912 Uxbridge Road, Uxbridge Road, Hayes 2017-12-19 Active
HAYES AUTOTECH LTD 74-76 East Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-18 Active
HEER AUTOS LIMITED Unit 5 Pump Lane, Peter James Business Centre, Hayes 2017-12-18 Active
HORNPHARM LTD Hornpharm, 53-55, Hayes 2017-12-18 Active
NIP BUILDERS LTD 102 Birchway, Hayes 2017-12-18 Active
SLAM SYSTEMS LTD 55 Adelphi Crescent, Hayes 2017-12-18 Active
TREATS 4 U LIMITED 99 Tollgate Drive, Hayes 2017-12-18 Active
VAPERS VAPEBAY LTD 53 Lime Grove, Hayes 2017-12-18 Active
MR. J.P.SINGH LIMITED 49 Shepiston Lane Hayes, Shepiston Lane, Hayes 2017-12-15 Active
TOMCOENGINEERING LIMITED 303 Lansbury Drive, Hayes 2017-12-15 Active
DILBAAG LIMITED 117 Evergreen Way, Hayes 2017-12-14 Active
FONETECK LTD Room 204, 2nd Floor, Unit 12, Crown Trading Centre, Clayton Road, Hayes 2017-12-14 Active
FORMATPAD LTD 66 Monmouth Road, Hayes 2017-12-14 Active
GULF TRAINERS LTD 32 Marian Close Marian Close, Middlesex, Hayes 2017-12-14 Active
HALO KIDZ LIMITED 1b Rectory Road, Hayes 2017-12-14 Active
YESNOREPLY LTD 66 Monmouth Road, Hayes 2017-12-14 Active
AHUJA SUPERMARKET LTD Studio 8 Hayes Business Studios, Damson Drive, Hayes 2017-12-13 Active
BCL ENTERPRISES LTD 65 Delamere Road, Hayes 2017-12-13 Active
ELEGANT HOME & DECORATION LTD Unit 5 Alpha Estate, Clayton Road Hayes, Hayes 2017-12-13 Active
EXCELLENT IMPORTERS UK LTD 15 Minterne Waye, Hayes 2017-12-13 Active
HAUTE DESIGNS LIMITED Unit D, Charlton House, Springfield, Hayes 2017-12-13 Active
KHALIS LTD Studio 8 Hayes Business Studios, Damson Drive, Hayes 2017-12-13 Active
V&S ENTERPRISE LTD 8 Skipton Drive, Hayes 2017-12-13 Active
BOOKBAG EDUCATION LIMITED 15 Winchester Road, Hayes 2017-12-12 Active
COSMOS TRADING LTD 147a North Hyde Road, Hayes 2017-12-12 Active
DREAM HOUSE INTERIORS LIMITED 7 Bradenham Road, Hayes 2017-12-12 Active
FAM WEARS LIMITED 66 Swanage Waye, Hayes 2017-12-12 Active
GOLDEN CONVERSIONS LTD 8 Leamington Place, Hayes 2017-12-12 Active
TRADE LIKE US LTD 77 Keith Road, Keith Road, Hayes 2017-12-12 Active
AMORE PIZZA LTD 104 Lansbury Drive, Hayes 2017-12-11 Active
ARORA ENTERPRISES LTD Studio 8 Hayes Business Studios, Damson Drive, Hayes 2017-12-11 Active
CAPITAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (UK) LIMITED 107 Station Approach, Hayes 2017-12-11 Active
FINCHCOIN LTD 67 Bishops Road, Hayes 2017-12-11 Active
NI & PAYE LIMITED 27-37, Aquis House, Station Road, Hayes 2017-12-11 Active
OTHMAN SERVICES LIMITED 250 A Yeading Lane, Hayes 2017-12-11 Active
SUKHPREET SANDHU LIMITED 3 Strathearn Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-11 Active
THRIVING SCHOLAR LTD 48 Ramulis Drive, Hayes 2017-12-11 Active
46A JOHN ROUS AVENUE LIMITED Simple Estate Agents, 56, Coldharbour Lane, Coldharbour Lane, Hayes 2017-12-08 Active
BENYAMIN TRADING LTD 40 George Court, 89 Grange Road, Hayes 2017-12-08 Active
J MONTERO SERVICES LIMITED 12 Goshawk Gardens, Hayes 2017-12-08 Active
J P BUILDERS UK LTD 65 Delamere Road, Hayes 2017-12-08 Active
KARIM FOODS LTD 23a Kenilworth Gardens, Hayes 2017-12-08 Active
MAROL LTD 49 Fairey Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-08 Active
NEWGATE DIRECT LIMITED 5 Field Close, Harlington, Hayes 2017-12-08 Active
PARKWORTH PRO LIMITED 65 Delamere Road, Hayes 2017-12-08 Active
ODDBALL STUDIOS LIMITED The Shipping Building, The Old Vinyl Factory, Blyth Road, Hayes 2017-12-07 Active
SIMPLY PHOTOGRAPHY LIMITED 36 Meadow View Road, Hayes 2017-12-07 Active
SOUFI CONSORTIUM PRIVATE LIMITED 5 Haystall Close, Hayes 2017-12-07 Active
ARYANSOFT LIMITED 10 West Quay Drive, Hayes 2017-12-06 Active
BRIGHT WAY HOMES LTD 47 Juniper Way, Hayes 2017-12-06 Active
REABLEMENT CARE (RESPITE & RESIDENTIAL) SERVICES LTD 25 Marshall Drive, Hayes 2017-12-06 Active
BLUE IGNITION GAS SOLUTIONS LTD 6 Harold Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-05 Active
EARN HOURLY LTD 5th Floor, Hyde Park Hayes 3, 11 Millington Road, Hayes 2017-12-05 Active
EVERASIA INVESTMENTS LTD Unit 1 Unit 1, Elystan Business Centre, Springfield Road, Hayes 2017-12-05 Active
KINGSTON PENN LTD Studio 8, Hayes Business Studios, Hayes 2017-12-05 Active
LONDON SHANGHAI METALS LTD 19 Shepiston Lane, Hayes 2017-12-05 Active
PAM'S CONSTRUCTIONS 786 LTD 9 Pinkwell Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-05 Active
SDI AUTOMEC LTD 42 Spencer Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-05 Active
SHIVON TECHNOLOGIES LTD 11 Norwood Gardens, Hayes 2017-12-05 Active
SIDHU COFFEE LOUNGE LTD C/o H S Sidhu, 378 Long Lane, Hayes 2017-12-05 Active
ABAZ TANGU LIMITED 22 Pinkwell Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-04 Active
AN SERVICES LIMITED 4 Sixth Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-04 Active
CAMBERLEY INVESTMENTS LTD Bridgewater House, Top Floor, 866 - 868 Uxbridge Road, Hayes 2017-12-04 Active
HALAL ONLINE LIMITED 11 Princes Park Lane, Hayes 2017-12-04 Active
HAYES STAFF SOCIAL CARE LIMITED The Shipping Building, The Old Vinyl Factory, Blyth Road, Hayes 2017-12-04 Active
JAZZ BEAUTICIAN LTD 5 Pembroke Way, Hayes 2017-12-04 Active
NXGEN SYSTEMS LTD 19 Priory Close, Hayes 2017-12-04 Active
SHAHS IMPEX LTD 18 Moray Ave, Moray Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-04 Active
DEAN BARBER LIMITED 83 Evergreen Way, Hayes 2017-12-01 Active
DKWMW LIMITED 81 Stationroad Station Road, The Old Crown, Hayes 2017-12-01 Active
HANSA FLOWERS LTD 100 Penniwe Way, Hayes 2017-12-01 Active
JOHAL BUILDERS UK LTD 126 Cleave Avenue, Hayes 2017-12-01 Active
ROCKY BARBER SHOP LTD 12 Station Road, Hayes 2017-12-01 Active
ANITA MCKAY LLP 12 Showers Way, Hayes 2017-11-30 Active
CHANDNI'S CHOWK LTD 773 Uxbridge Road, Hayes 2017-11-30 Active
GTM TRANSPORT LTD Flat 10, 168 Clayton Road, Hayes 2017-11-30 Active
HOME TO SCHOOL CARE LTD Unit 5 Alpha Estate, Clayton Road, Hayes 2017-11-30 Active