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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

MAGHERA · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
GLENSHANE FARM SUPPLIES LIMITED Unit 1a Sperrin View Business Park, 101b Glen Road, Maghera 2017-12-14 Active
MGWARD LIMITED 14 Glendale Manor, Maghera 2017-12-04 Active
GORMLEY CAR SALES LIMITED 34 Station Road, Maghera 2017-11-27 Active
MONEYMORE PROPERTIES LTD Unit 1a Sperrin View Business Park, Glen Road, Maghera 2017-11-10 Active
RTD CONTRACTS (N.I.) LIMITED 4 Cloneen Crescent, Maghera 2017-10-25 Active
GLEBE S.A.P. SERVICES LTD 23 Gortinure Road, Maghera 2017-10-12 Active
ARBUTUS HOSPITALITY LTD 278 Craigavole Terrace, Maghera 2017-10-09 Active
GRANAGHAN MOTOR GROUP LTD 48 Drumbane Road, Maghera 2017-09-21 Active
P & S FRESH LTD 10 Carrowmenagh Lane, Maghera 2017-09-11 Active
SCULLION CONSTRUCTION LTD 9 Main Street, Culnady, Upperlands, Maghera 2017-09-06 Active
REWIND ELECTRICAL GROUP LTD. 118 Lismoyle Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2017-09-05 Active
REWIND ELECTRICAL SERVICES LTD 118 Lismoyle Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2017-09-05 Active
GMD PLANT HIRE LTD 2b Main Street, Maghera 2017-07-21 Active
MAC CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD. 61d Main Street, Maghera 2017-07-14 Active
CRANNAGH GATE MANAGEMENT LTD 6 Dunglady Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2017-06-23 Active
DRUMAGARNER MANAGEMENT LTD 6 Dunglady Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2017-06-23 Active
STREAMLINE JOINERY AND CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 2 Martins Terrace, Maghera 2017-06-21 Active
TIRKANE HILLS LIMITED 2 Halfgayne Road, Maghera 2017-06-13 Active
SPECIALIST INSTALLATIONS LIMITED 100 Coleraine Road, Maghera 2017-06-01 Active
THE NATURALISTIC GARDENER LTD 9 Gortinure Road, Maghera 2017-05-26 Active
3C CONTRACTS LIMITED 58a Drumbane Road, Maghera 2017-05-17 Active
FIELD TECH AGRI LTD 86 Drumbolg Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2017-05-11 Active
FIDESTO LIMITED 99 Lismoyle Road, Maghera 2017-04-04 Active
FORT DEVELOPMENTS LTD 21 Hillside Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2017-04-04 Active
JS SITE SERVICES IRE LTD 90 Moneysharvan Road, Maghera 2017-03-23 Active
SENAKO ELECTRICAL LTD 54 Gorteade Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2017-03-16 Active
BURGER REPUBLIC (N.I.) BOTANIC LIMITED 139a Kilrea Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2017-03-10 Active
BRADLEY CONTRACTS LTD 50 Grillagh Road, Maghera 2017-03-08 Active
WIENER C&S LTD 4 Slaghtneill Road, Maghera 2017-02-24 Active
PMC RESOURCING SERVICES LTD 101a Main Street, Maghera 2017-02-14 Active
MG&S CONSTRUCTION LTD 22 Ranaghan Road, Tullyheran, Maghera 2017-02-08 Active
EMA CONTRACTS LTD. 116 Carhill Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2017-02-03 Active
CONNECT NORTHERN IRELAND ELECTRICITY LTD 16 Beagh Road, Maghera 2017-01-27 Active
SUPPLY N IRELAND LTD 16 Beagh Road, Maghera 2017-01-27 Active
MC KENNA BUSINESSES LIMITED 4 4 Glencree, Glen Road, Maghera 2017-01-20 Active
B YOUNG PROPERTIES LIMITED 19 Mullagh Road, Maghera 2017-01-18 Active
CDC SALES LTD 121 Lismoyle Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2017-01-17 Active
MCGAHON CONTRACTS LTD 50a Ranaghan Road, Maghera 2017-01-11 Active
FRAMELINE SYSTEMS LTD 106a Moneysharvin Road, Maghera 2017-01-05 Active
DAMIEN MCATAMNEY LTD 61 Killygullib Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2017-01-03 Active
ST. JOHN'S BRIGHT START St. John's Primary School 30 Moneysharvin Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2016-12-29 Active
JMK COMMERCIALS LTD 101 Grove Road, Maghera 2016-12-06 Active
KLCR 35 Halfgayne Road, Maghera 2016-12-01 Active
GERARD SCULLION ARCHITECTS LIMITED 23 Hawthorne Road, Maghera 2016-11-11 Active
NUHU LTD 102 Glen Road, Maghera 2016-11-10 Active
DMD HAULAGE LTD 113 Tirkane Road, Maghera 2016-10-27 Active
FOOD WASTE NI LIMITED 48 Drumbane Road, Maghera 2016-10-26 Active
CONNELL INSIGHT LIMITED 2 Crewe Manor, Maghera 2016-10-20 Active
SHOPLESS NI LTD 48 Drumbane Rd, Drumbane Road, Maghera 2016-09-30 Active - Proposal to Strike off
CAPPELL CONSULTING LIMITED 18 Gorse Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2016-09-28 Active
FOYLE SHIPPING SERVICES LTD 104 Glen Road, Maghera 2016-09-26 Active
ORTESA PROPERTY SOLUTIONS LIMITED 19 Ballinahone Road, Maghera 2016-09-26 Active
CCDM SERVICES LTD 124 Carhill Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2016-09-23 Active
FUTURE BRAND TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED 48 Drumbane Rd, Drumbane Road, Maghera 2016-09-21 Active - Proposal to Strike off
PD LARAGH ENGINEERING LTD 19 Laragh Road, Maghera 2016-09-07 Active
GLENSHANE HOLDINGS LTD 90 Main Street, Maghera 2016-09-02 Active
STATLEYHOMEIMPROVEMENTS LIMITED 91 Five Mile Straight, Maghera 2016-08-30 Active - Proposal to Strike off
ALTKEERAN LIMITED 41 Ranaghan Road, Maghera 2016-07-21 Active
MAXIMILLIAN CORPORATION LTD 70 70 Hawthorne Crescent, Maghera 2016-06-29 Active
PRECISION WOODCRAFT LIMITED 65 Gorteade Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2016-06-23 Active
MKM PLASTERING CONTRACTING LTD 94 Killygullib Road, Maghera 2016-06-20 Active
G-HILL PIPE & CIVIL LTD 10 Grillagh Hill, Maghera 2016-06-16 Active
ARDMORE STONE COMPANY LTD 18 Hawthorne Crescent, Maghera 2016-06-13 Active
B YOUNG BUILDERS LIMITED 19 Mullagh Road, Maghera 2016-06-02 Active
NELSON CONSTRUCTION (N.I.) LTD 46 Brackghreilly Road, Maghera 2016-05-09 Active
GLEN UTILITIES SERVICES LIMITED 8 St. Lurachs Terrace, Maghera 2016-04-26 Active
JNL CONSTRUCTION LTD 25 Crawfordsburn, Maghera 2016-03-31 Active
MAGHERA HERITAGE & CULTURAL CENTRE LTD 17 Coleraine Road, Maghera 2016-03-30 Active
SPECIALIST GLASS LIMITED 100 Coleraine Road, Maghera 2016-03-30 Active
LIFE WELL NI LTD 116 Five Mile Straight, Maghera 2016-03-08 Active
MFL PLANT MACHINERY LTD Unit 7 Sperrinview Business Park, Glen Road, Maghera 2016-03-04 Active
CAPTAINS HILL FARM LTD 20 Grillagh Hill, Maghera 2016-02-19 Active
LNS CONSULTANCY LIMITED 52 Drumbane Road, Maghera 2016-01-25 Active
BRACKEN WINDOWS & DOORS LTD 3 Craigadick Road, Maghera 2015-12-01 Active
REGANS BAR HALL STREET LIMITED 15 Hall Street, Maghera 2015-11-09 Active
CMB CONTRACTS LTD 4 Hawthorne Drive, Maghera 2015-10-28 Active
GLENHILL CONSULTING LIMITED 19c Hillside Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2015-10-27 Active
L Ó F CONSULTANCY LIMITED 49 Ranaghan Road, Maghera 2015-10-08 Active
THE BEST BARBER SHOP LTD 2 Hall Street, Maghera 2015-09-22 Active
CLAREMOUNT (MAGHERA) LIMITED 2 Martins Terrace, Maghera 2015-09-10 Active
HORTUS VITAE LTD 60b Station Road, Maghera 2015-09-07 Active
MID ULSTER SPRAY COMPANY LIMITED 6 Urbalshinny Road, Tirkane, Maghera 2015-08-18 Active
CARHILL CONTRACTS LTD 117 Carhill Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2015-08-06 Active
POWERTECH (N.I.) LIMITED 63 Killygullib Road, Maghera 2015-08-03 Active
PMC HEALTH & SAFETY SERVICES LTD 101 Main Street, Maghera 2015-07-03 Active
PMC TRAINING SERVICES LTD 101 Main Street, Maghera 2015-06-15 Active
TURLAND GROUP LTD 6 Dunglady Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2015-05-28 Active
DUFFY SURVEYING LIMITED 62 Hawthorne Crescent, Maghera 2015-05-01 Active
PAT CASSIDY GROUNDWORK SERVICES LTD 19 Slaghtneill Road, Maghera 2015-04-09 Active
PROJECT TILE (N.I.) LIMITED 5 Keady Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2015-03-19 Active
CL CATERING @ DRENAGH LTD 1 Tobermore Road, Maghera 2015-03-16 Active
AMG CONTRACTS LTD 29 Garvagh Road, Swatragh, Maghera 2015-02-12 Active
MILLRIVER INVESTMENTS LTD 6 Dunglady Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2015-01-07 Active
ST. LURACH PROPERTIES LIMITED 18 Kirley Road, Maghera 2014-12-16 Active - Proposal to Strike off
CARHILL INTERIORS LTD 3 Gortinure Road, Maghera 2014-12-08 Active
SOLID SCREEDS NI LTD 5 Crewe Drive, Maghera 2014-12-05 Active
FIVE MILE PRODUCTIONS LTD 157 Five Mile Straight, Maghera 2014-12-01 Active
T HOUSTON ELECTRICAL LTD 39 Drumbolg Road, Upperlands, Maghera 2014-11-28 Active
KELLYS SUPERMARKETS LTD 107-111 Main Street, Maghera 2014-10-28 Active
CRUSHING SCREENING PARTS LIMITED 97a Five Mile Straight, Maghera 2014-08-18 Active