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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

MITCHAM · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address
HEYVOLIC LTD 34 Eldertree Way, Mitcham, CR4 1AG, United Kingdom
PAKISTANI ZAIKA LTD 21 Walsingham Road, Mitcham, CR4 4LN, United Kingdom
B & N TRADERS LTD Unit 22 Mitcham Industrial Estate, Streatham Road, Mitcham, CR4 2AP, England
BRAINCHILD MANAGEMENT LTD 59 Lammas Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 2LY, United Kingdom
DANIEL BONCU LTD 11 Oakwood Avenue, 11 Oakwood Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 3DQ, England
VSG LTD 3 Shropshire Close, Mitcham, CR4 1XW, England
WORCESTER ROAD LTD 352-354 London Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3ND, United Kingdom
CASTLEVIEW GLOBAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED 34 Illingworth Close, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3QH, United Kingdom
LOVE BRITISH BUSINESS LTD 34 Caithness Rd, Mitcham, Mitcham, CR4 2EU, United Kingdom
SSR PROPERTY (CROYDON) LTD 6 Roper Way, Mitcham, CR4 2LX, England
LONDON SAFETY GROUP LTD 35 Verona House, Aventine Avenue, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 1GD, England
DKO PROPERTY INVESTMENT LIMITED 8 Brickfield Road, Mitcham, CR4 3GN, England
GRANDEUR PROPERTIES LIMITED 170 Church Road, Mitcham, CR4 3BW, England
VH HORSHAM LIMITED Suite 13, 95 Miles Road, Mitcham, Surrey, Cr4 3fh, Mitcham, CR4 3FH, England
DEL EXCHANGE LTD 46 Albert Road, Mitcham, CR4 RAH, United Kingdom
EZ TRANSIT LIMITED Suite 13, C/o Business Compliance Services (bcs) Ltd, Mitcham, CR4 3FH, England
DUAFE BEAUTY LTD 32 Cheshire Close, Mitcham, CR4 1XF, England
KAKED LONDON HOLDINGS LIMITED 94 Clay Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 2BU, United Kingdom
LIVE FRISKA LIMITED 12 Jonson Close, Mitcham, Mitcham, CR4 1DP, England
CHINUTAY LIMITED Flat 1, 25 Raleigh Gardens, Mitcham, CR4 3NS, England
ERBLOE LTD 8 Robinhood Close, Mitcham, CR4 1JN, England
OTC COMMODITIES INC CIC 5 Hammond Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 1SR, United Kingdom
CONERIA M LIMITED 38 Cheshire Close, Mitcham, CR4 1XF, England
FS TRADING LTD Unit 22 Mitcham Industrial Estate Storage King, Streatham Road, Mitcham, CR4 2AP, England
REHAB ME LTD Mitcham Physio, Station Court 409-411 London Road, Mitcham, CR4 4BG, England
BECKFORD & BECKFORD INVESTMENTS LTD Unit 26, 95 Miles Road, Mitcham, CR4 3FH, England
MINE MONIES LTD 5 Streatham Road, Mitcham, CR4 2AP, England
24SUITE LLP 53 Edgehill Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 2HY, United Kingdom
CHINA GARDEN LONDON LTD 70 London Road, Mitcham Junction, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 4JB, United Kingdom
GRANDEUR ACCOUNTING LTD 20 Dalton Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 3DT, England
LEAN GROUP CONSULTANCY LTD 15 Victoria Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3JB, United Kingdom
PESCON LTD 106 Manor Road, Mitcham, CR4 1JE, United Kingdom
SUTHARSHINI DRY CLEAN LTD 10 Cambridge Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 1DU, England
ACTIVE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD 6 Ashtree Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 3DR, England
EAT & GO (MITCHAM) LTD 18 Upper Green East, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 2PB, United Kingdom
FLAME OF HOPE LTD 128 Chestnut Grove, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 1RB, United Kingdom
G & G PROPERTY MAINTENANCE LTD 34 Morden Road, Mitcham, CR4 4DE, England
G&G DRYWALL CONSTRUCTION LTD 41a Mount Road, Mitcham, CR4 3EZ, England
MITCHAM GRILL HOUSE LTD Flat 4, Haslemere Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 3PR, England
NSS LONDON LTD 53 Brookfields Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 4BQ, United Kingdom
RHYTHM & BEAUTY LTD 8 Moss Lodge, Talbot Close, Mitcham, CR4 1FJ, United Kingdom
GOGU PASHA LTD 9 Birch Walk, Mitcham, CR4 1AS, United Kingdom
CLIRIM LIMITED 27 Mulholland Close, Mitcham, CR4 1SX, England
DAZZLING STARS DAY NURSERY LTD 7 Seaton Road, Mitcham, CR4 3GH, United Kingdom
MOOR TIME LTD 25 Acacia Road, Mitcham, CR4 1SF, England
MOUNTAIN VIEW PROPERTY AGENTS LTD 113-115 London Road, Mitcham, CR4 2JA, United Kingdom
MSAC GLOBAL LOGISTICS LTD 12 Phoenix Close, Mitcham, CR4 3GG, United Kingdom
RYNZ LTD Mr, 59 Heaton Road, Mitcham, CR4 2BW, England
WESTWINGHOMES LIMITED 16 The Close, Mitcham, CR4 4LS, England
WHOLISTIC MONEY TRANSFERS LIMITED Suit 25 95 Miles Road, Generator Business Centre, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3FH, United Kingdom
PANEV LTD Flat 5, 145 Commonside East, Mitcham, CR4 2QB, England
YAW WAY LOGISTICS LIMITED 35 Whitford Gardens, Mitcham, CR4 4AB, England
YELLOW ELEC LTD 14 Mcrae Lane, Mitcham, CR4 4AT, England
GAZA KITCHEN LTD 221 London Road, Mitcham, CR4 2JD, United Kingdom
STREAMLINE DIGITAL SERVICES LTD 39 Longlands Court, 2 Spring Grove, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 2NQ, England
ALTER. LDN LTD 94 London Road, Mitcham, CR4 3LA, United Kingdom
KONSTRUCT WIXE LTD 59 Heaton Road, Mitcham, CR4 2BW, England
MASTIS ACCOUNTING LIMITED Flat 12, Aventine Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 1GF, England
MERMAID CLEANING LIMITED 58 Oakleigh Way, Mitcham, CR4 1AN, England
BELLE OF THE BALL LIMITED 16 Saxonbury Close, Mitcham, CR4 3QL, England
BUFU MEDIA LIMITED 184 Bennetts Close, Mitcham, CR4 1NT, United Kingdom
C.J.M PRODUCTION LIMITED 10 Avenue, Leicester, Mitcham, CR4 1PH, England
E. ANDERSEN FINE JEWELLERY LTD Access Self Storage Office 9118, 141 Morden Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 4DG, United Kingdom
MAHENDRAS ITCH LTD 16 A Mount Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3EY, England
OWMI GROUP LTD 5 Cheshire Close, Recreation Way, Mitcham, CR4 1XF, United Kingdom
PROJECTXCHAIN SERVICES LTD 53 Rawnsley Avenue, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 4BX, United Kingdom
CONNELLY CONTRACTORS LTD 42 St Marks Road, St Marks Road, Mitcham, CR4 2LF, England
KAZI & KAZI LTD 45 Edmund Road, Mitcham, CR4 3AR, United Kingdom
THE XANDER CORPORATION LTD 42 Beecholme Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 2HT, England
1 PRESTIGE CHAUFFEUR LTD C/o Danmirr Consultants 170, Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3BW, England
K.A. SOUTH WEST PROPERTY LIMITED 8 Huntingdon Close, Huntingdon Close, Mitcham, CR4 1XJ, England
WOK AND FIRE CMDN LIMITED 95 Miles Road, Unit 18, Mitcham, CR4 3FH, England
ADOMAKO AGENTS LTD 210 London Road, 210 London Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3TA, United Kingdom
DOUBLE TAP PRESS LIMITED 34 Gorringe Park Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 2DG, United Kingdom
TIERNEYS CATERERS (SUTTON) LTD 39 Caesars Walk, Mitcham, CR4 4LF, United Kingdom
DARE PROPERTY MAINTENANCE LTD 3 Beecholme Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 2HT, United Kingdom
DIGITEK SYSTEMS LTD 98 Tynemouth Road, Mitcham, CR4 2BP, England
MULUNGI LIMITED 77 Flat 1, 77 Miles Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3FF, United Kingdom
MYRIAD MARKET LTD Flat 6, Talbot Close, Mitcham, CR4 1FN, United Kingdom
SOUL HEALING FOODS UK LTD 254 London Road, Mitcham, CR4 3HD, United Kingdom
TUITIONTEACH LTD 16 Caesars Walk, Mitcham, CR4 4LE, England
GLOBAL NEW BEGINNINGS LIMITED 328 London Road, Mitcham, CR4 3ND, United Kingdom
PAUL GIBBS CONSULTING LTD 23 Caithness Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 2EY, United Kingdom
ANS CONTRACTORS LTD 150 Ashbourne Road, Mitcham, CR4 2BB, United Kingdom
AV GLOBAL LIMITED 3 Laings Corner, Mitcham, CR4 2JA, England
BREEKAH LIMITED 154 Sherwood Park Road, Mitcham, CR4 1NF, United Kingdom
MAZUSKA LIMITED Flat 2, 19 Slade Way, Mitcham, CR4 2GA, United Kingdom
HEMALATA'S INVESTMENTS LIMITED 9 Kennedy Close, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 2AR, United Kingdom
NGQUNGQUSHE LTD Flat 3, 18 Mitcham Park, Mitcham, CR4 4EG, United Kingdom
KERA LONDON LTD 4 Borough Road, Mitcham, CR4 3DX, United Kingdom
PETER ROOFING AND BUILDING LIMITED Peter Roofing and Building Ltd Brailsford Close, Braisford Close, Mitcham, CR4 3RP, United Kingdom
HANKOTO BUILDERS LTD 74 Streatham Road, Mitcham, CR4 2AB, United Kingdom
MAULEO LTD 16 Oxford Close, Mitcham, London, CR4 1DY, United Kingdom
EDYSSEY LIMITED 318 Grove Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 1AB, United Kingdom
J & C LOGISTICS LTD 21 Cranmer Farm Close, Mitcham, CR4 4LP, United Kingdom
RUN IT RIGHT RECORDS LTD James Batho Court, Belgrave Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3PS, United Kingdom
VISUAL IDEATION LIMITED 2 Oriel Close, Mitcham, CR4 1PA, England
FASHION UNICA LTD 1a Langdale Parade, Upper Green East, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 2PF, United Kingdom