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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

NORTHWOOD · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address
WORLD ZERO LIMITED 1 Heathside Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2EE, United Kingdom
ASPECT BOND LIMITED 20 Bourne End Road, Northwood, HA6 3BS, United Kingdom
A HANLON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 97 Myrtleside Close, Northwood, HA6 2GB, England
FAMCHAT LTD Argyle House 3rd Floor, Northside, Joel Street, Northwood Hills, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1NW, United Kingdom
POLESTAR VENTURES LIMITED 166 Northwood Way, Northwood, HA6 1RB, England
SEYA LABS LIMITED 33 Nicholas Way, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2TR, United Kingdom
CLOISTER PROPERTIES LIMITED 27a Green Lane, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2PX, England
LIQUIDMAI LTD 16 Copse Wood Way, Northwood, HA6 2UE, England
OLD CHURCH STREET LIMITED Half Oak House, 28 Watford Road, Northwood, HA6 3NT, England
DAVID ALEXANDER DAO LTD 103 Potter Street, Northwood, HA6 1QH, United Kingdom
NOBI CUTS LTD Cuts, 74 Joel Street, Northwood, HA6 1LL, United Kingdom
OPULENCE NAVADA LIMITED Argyle House, Joel Street, Northwood, HA6 1NW, United Kingdom
SUL ENTERPRISE LTD Enville, Hills Lane, Northwood, HA6 2QL, England
JJ CREWMAN LTD 66 Acre Way, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1SX, England
KARTAR FOOD & WINE LTD 62 The Broadway, Joel Street, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1PA, United Kingdom
WIJE GROUP LIMITED 20 Rickmansworth Road, Northwood, HA6 1HA, England
AJUK LTD 21 Punam Appartments, 40a Windsor Close, Northwood, HA6 1PE, United Kingdom
CSR CERTIFICATION LTD 8 Park Mansions, North Approach, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2JH, United Kingdom
GTMX LIMITED 124c Green Lane, Northwood, HA6 1AW, England
ZAPICO PROPERTIES LIMITED 28 Watford Road, Northwood, HA6 3NT, England
CLEARVIEW HOLDINGS LTD Clearview House, 201 Pinner Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1BX, England
EXCELTYPE LIMITED 46 Ravenswood Park, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 3PS, England
CASTLEVIEW APARTMENTS (BERKSHIRE) LTD 2 Linksway, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2XB, United Kingdom
LONDON COLLECTORS CARS LIMITED 36 South Approach, Northwood, HA6 2ET, United Kingdom
CBD PRODUCTS 420 LTD 29 Wolsey Road, Northwood, HA6 2ER, United Kingdom
DIVINE LEARNING LTD 15 Chestnut Avenue, Northwood, HA6 1HR, United Kingdom
SMART MEADOWS FARM LTD Alton House, 66/68 High Street, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1BL, United Kingdom
JANUARY PROPERTIES LIMITED Lynx House, Ferndown, Northwood, HA6 1PQ, England
ASHIANA PROPERTIES LIMITED 10 Hillside Rise, Northwood, HA6 1RR, United Kingdom
CASTANEA CONSULTING LTD 8 Wolsey Mansions, Main Avenue, Moor Park, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2HL, United Kingdom
CITRIX PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIMITED 42 Hillside Gardens, Northwood, HA6 1RL, United Kingdom
SOUL'S LIGHT LIMITED 67 Knoll Crescent, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1HH, United Kingdom
COACHABLE U LTD 17 Morgan Close, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 3NE, United Kingdom
DAABON UK LIMITED 27a Maxwell Road, Northwood, HA6 2XY, United Kingdom
DR INVESTMENTS LTD 57 York Road, Northwood, HA6 1JJ, United Kingdom
LYNESTONE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 6 The Roughs, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 3DF, United Kingdom
A2Z STUDIO LTD 19 St Mary’s Avenue, Northwood, HA6 3AY, United Kingdom
ALEXANDER COURT 91 DUCKS HILL ROAD LIMITED Flat 6 Alexander Court, 91 Ducks Hill Road, Northwood, HA6 2SQ, United Kingdom
NORTH GREEN TRANS LTD 7 Hilliard Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1SQ, United Kingdom
ATV(UK) LIMITED 83 Pinner Road, Northwood, HA6 1QN, United Kingdom
FINGURU WEALTH LIMITED 51 Hillside Road, Northwood, HA6 1PZ, United Kingdom
REGICO INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS LTD 15 Foxfield Close, Northwood, HA6 3NU, United Kingdom
LIFE KITCHEN LIMITED 29 Green Lane, Northwood, HA6 2PX, United Kingdom
WILHEMS CONSULTING LTD 38 York Road, Northwood, HA6 1JL, United Kingdom
FORMIDABILITY The Annexe 2 Park House, Watford Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 3PF
PARKWAY RESTAURANT LTD 98a Highland Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1JU, United Kingdom
SRSS PROPERTY LIMITED 32 High Street, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1BN, United Kingdom
WILDFLOWER COMMERCIAL ESTATES LTD The Maples, 17 Pembroke Road, Northwood, HA6 2HP, England
S CHADHA LIMITED 15 Gatehill Road, Northwood, HA6 3QF, United Kingdom
RAHEEL AFTAB SERVICES LIMITED 24 Green Lane, Rowland Place, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1AD, United Kingdom
GREAT MOTORS LTD 44 Hawes Close, Northwood, HA6 1EW, United Kingdom
ACCOUNTSDIRECT 24-7 LTD 15 Ross Way, Northwood, Herts, HA6 3HU, United Kingdom
AW ADVISORS LIMITED 19 Briarwood Drive, Northwood, HA6 1PJ, United Kingdom
JMC PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED 70 Westbury Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 3BY, United Kingdom
PIVIT CONSULTANT SPECIALISTS LTD 12 Station Approach, Northwood, HA6 2XN, United Kingdom
SIMPLY PENASH LIMITED C/o Gibbors Chartered Accountants, 19 Ardross Avenue, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 3DS, United Kingdom
TEACH SOLUTIONS LIMITED 5 Hilliard Road, Northwood, HA6 1SQ, United Kingdom
EJCS LIMITED 49 Sandy Lodge Way, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2AR, England
WARRANT ROAD DEVELOPMENT LIMITED 41 Morgan Close, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 3NE, England
CUBED CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 9 The Fairway, Northwood, HA6 3DZ, United Kingdom
SYLCO LTD Flat 7, Emberton Court, Northwood, HA6 3FJ, England
KF SURVEY 2020 LTD 48 Potter Street, Northwood, HA6 1QD, United Kingdom
THE PICKLEBALL COMPANY LTD Palo Alto, 6 College Way, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2BL, England
IZZY'S CONSULTING SERVICES LTD Flat 3, 58, Hallowell Road, Northwood, HA6 1DS, United Kingdom
MENARIA & WILMA LTD 48 High Street, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1BL, United Kingdom
21 VICTORIA AVENUE HARROGATE LIMITED Half Oak House, 28, Watford Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 3NT
ARYANYA LIMITED 31 Crofters Road, Northwood, HA6 3EB, United Kingdom
RA BRICKWORK LTD 17 Waller Drive, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1DG, United Kingdom
LUXTRADE LONDON LIMITED 25 Astons Road, Northwood, HA6 2LB, United Kingdom
MNA HOTLINE LTD 43a Green Lane, Northwood, HA6 3AE, United Kingdom
WHITEHALL TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES LTD 11 Pines Close, Northwood, HA6 3SJ, United Kingdom
ADRIZAL DRIVING SERVICES LTD 33 Lichfield Road, Northwood, HA6 1LY, United Kingdom
DOUBLE TIME CONSULTING LTD 50 Eastbury Road, Northwood, HA6 3AW, United Kingdom
LBGC LTD 28 Astons Road, Northwood, HA6 2LD, United Kingdom
COMPTABILITE LONDON LIMITED 44 Russell Road, Russell Road, Northwood, HA6 2LR, United Kingdom
GA MULTIFIX LIMITED 50 Addison Way, Addison Way, Northwood, HA6 1SZ, United Kingdom
KIMBERWOOD NURSERY LIMITED 10 Wieland Road, Northwood, HA6 3QU, United Kingdom
NUTONIX LTD Hartfield Place, 40-44 High Street, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1BN, United Kingdom
PAUL CAPITAL LTD 5 Punam Apartments, 40a Windsor Close, Northwood, HA6 1FD, United Kingdom
BAKHTER LTD 15 Joel Street, Northwood, HA6 1NU, United Kingdom
OUR WILD AWAKENING LTD Dene Corner, Hill Road, Northwood, HA6 2DQ, United Kingdom
CM ACTUARIAL LTD 34 Kewferry Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2PB, United Kingdom
LEE OPTICS LTD 1 Canterbury Close, Northwood, HA6 3NB, United Kingdom
ZURUHEALTH LIMITED 38a High Street, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1BN, United Kingdom
DARAN GP LTD. 22 Halland Way, Northwood, HA6 2BY, United Kingdom
M.P.D. DECORATIONS LIMITED 89 Iveagh Close, Northwood, HA6 2TF, England
SANNI HOMES LIMITED 6 Watford Road, Northwood, HA6 3NR, United Kingdom
ECKOS PROPERTIES LIMITED 67 Westbury Road, Northwood, HA6 3DA, United Kingdom
ASMK CONSULTING LIMITED 20 Ardross Avenue, Northwood, Hertfordshire, HA6 3DS, England
CAFE SOMBRA LIMITED 113 Potter Street, Northwood, HA6 1QF, United Kingdom
THE CHAI HOUSE LIMITED 33b Brookdene Drive, Northwood, HA6 3NS, United Kingdom
BENSINGAM LIMITED 27 Lincoln Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1LB, United Kingdom
SC TECH CONSULTING LTD 41 Bishops Avenue, Northwood, HA6 3DD, United Kingdom
JULIE PAPPACODA LTD 87 Hilliard Road, Northwood, HA6 1SL, United Kingdom
WECELEBRATE LTD 34 Ashurst Close, Northwood, HA6 1EL, United Kingdom
ONZE LIMITED 16 Hillside Gardens, Northwood, HA6 1RL, United Kingdom
PONT ESTATES LLP 4 Townsend Way, Northwood, HA6 1TF, United Kingdom
RYPT LIMITED Argyle House Office 2c, Joel Street, Northwood, HA6 1NW, United Kingdom
THAI HAVEN LIMITED 47 Oakdale Avenue, 47 Oakdale Avenue, Northwood, HA6 1PG, United Kingdom
KSA DEVELOPERS LTD 2 Thornhill, Moor Park, Northwood, HA6 2LN, United Kingdom