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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

ROCHDALE · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address
ABSOLUTE FLOORING LTD 9 The Windrush, Rochdale, OL12 6DY, England
MICHAEL THOMAS WHITEHEAD ENGINEERING LTD 108 Cowm Parkway, Whitworth, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 8LW, United Kingdom
BRIGHT FUTURES TRAINING LTD 29 Craiglands, Rochdale, OL16 4RA, England
FANTASTICTAVERNS LTD 26 Daneswood Avenue, Whitworth, Rochdale, OL12 8UY, United Kingdom
GERASPHERE CONSULTING LIMITED Suite 3, Lock 50 Business Centre, Oldham Road, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 5RD, England
OFFICE LETTINGS LTD 14d Baillie Street, Rochdale, OL16 1JG, England
SFTO LIMITED 256 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 2DR, United Kingdom
ABBY ROSE LTD 14 Rossmere Avenue, Rochdale, OL11 4BT, England
EMPIRE PROPERTIES AND DEVELOPMENTS LTD 99 Newbold Hall Drive, Rochdale, OL16 3AG, United Kingdom
STUDENTPLANE LTD 754 Manchester Road, Rochdale, OL11 3AW, United Kingdom
THE GRAPES (ROCHDALE) LTD 69 Norden Road, Rochdale, OL11 5PN, England
WILLOWBROOK MARKETING LIMITED 3 Clover Street, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, OL12 6TP, England
ESHAL AND NAHEEM LTD 13 Adrian Terrace, 13, Rochdale, OL16 5BN, United Kingdom
INVERSIFY LIMITED Bank House 71 Dale Street, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 3NJ, United Kingdom
IWONDER CONSULTANCY LTD 187 Broad Lane Broad Lane, Burnedge, Rochdale, OL16 4PU, England
JALIL STAR LTD 172 Edmund Street, Rochdale, OL12 6QG, England
SHHA PROPERTIES LTD 2 Marland Close, Rochdale, OL11 4RG, England
SMART TECH HEATING (NW) LTD 14 Turnpike Close, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 6HG, United Kingdom
AROMA INDIAN DINING LTD 5 The Foothills, Rochdale, OL16 2AY, England
LEX MOTOR LTD Saba House 23 Allen Street, Off Crowford Street, Rochdale, OL16 5RP, United Kingdom
LOGOS CARE LIMITED 28 Grouse Street, Rochdale, OL12 0RP, United Kingdom
R A MENSWEAR LTD 109 Edmund Stret, Rochdale, OL12 6QF, United Kingdom
A.M.U LTD 23 Lonsdale Avenue, Rochdale, OL16 5HP, England
BEAUTIQUE AESTHETICS CLINIC LTD 6 Lytham Street, Lytham Street, Rochdale, OL12 6HD, England
EVERY SITUATION LIMITED 115 Rochdale Road, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 4DU, United Kingdom
SENTIMENTS BY STATSIA LTD 8 Fairway, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 3DU, United Kingdom
VEIL WEDDING BOUTIQUE LIMITED 10 Hardman Street, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 4EE, England
LMG GROUNDWORK’S LTD 1 Yew Dale Gardens, Rochdale, OL11 3LD, United Kingdom
LUQMANN LTD 39 Moss Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 5NG, England
MY SUPPORT WORKER (NW) LTD 226 Oldham Road, Rochdale, OL11 2ER, England
VICOLOS LTD 10a Baillie Street, The Cellar, Rochdale, OL16 1JG, England
FORCE TRACK LTD 21 Midhurst Street, Rochdale, OL11 1PL, United Kingdom
HENCH SUPPS LTD 74 Whitworth Road, Rochdale, OL12 0EZ, United Kingdom
RIVER BEAL LIMITED 43 Dale St, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 3NJ, United Kingdom
BEDSCOMFORT LTD 221 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, OL12 0DS, United Kingdom
FFK NUTRITION LTD 20 Ginnell Farm Avenue, Rochdale, OL16 4GG, United Kingdom
FRIENDS GROUP OF ROCHDALE LTD 19 Selby Street, Rochdale, OL16 2LF, United Kingdom
M.G DRY LINER LTD 71 Haslam Street, Rochdale, OL12 6QQ, United Kingdom
MOROCCAN SHAWARMA NW LTD 11 Jape One Centre, Dell Road, Rochdale, OL12 6BZ, United Kingdom
CLUB 147 ROCHDALE LTD 23 Baron Street, Rochdale, OL16 1SJ, United Kingdom
IY OPTICAL CONSULTANCY LTD 47 Ashley Close, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL11 3EP, United Kingdom
SADIQ TRADING LTD 283 Pershore, Rochdale, OL12 6RG, United Kingdom
SARAH DIXON & CO SOLICITORS LIMITED 65 Dale Street, Milnrow, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 3NJ, United Kingdom
THE WINDOW & DOOR OUTLET LTD 35 Longacres Drive, Whitworth, Rochdale, OL12 8JT, United Kingdom
THIN BLUE LINE SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED 2 Wuerdle Close, Rochdale, OL16 2ST, United Kingdom
DRIVESEB LTD 177 Rooley Moor Road, Rochdale, OL12 7DQ, United Kingdom
NIGHTWEAR-TRADING LTD 67 Rooley Street, Rochdale, OL12 7BW, United Kingdom
WETWERX COMMERCIAL CLEANING LIMITED 1 Knowsley Crescent, Shawforth, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 8HP, United Kingdom
ANTHEM PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LTD 27 Hurst Meadow, Rochdale, OL16 4QP, United Kingdom
ASHTON CAR ALARM CENTRE LIMITED 24 Waingap View, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 8QD, United Kingdom
ASK TRANSPORT SERVICES LTD 12 Welburn Street, Rochdale, OL11 1PR, United Kingdom
BLACKSTONE CONSULTING NORTH LTD 10 Pine Street, Newhey, Rochdale, OL16 4LA, United Kingdom
CREATIVE KIDS CHILDMINDING SERVICE LTD 6 Eafield Road, Rochdale, OL16 2TH, United Kingdom
HEYWOOD MIXER HIRE LIMITED 67 Leander Drive, Rochdale, OL11 2XD, United Kingdom
JJB RENOVATIONS LIMITED 25 Stoneyroyd, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 8JL, United Kingdom
MY NPD LTD 1 Will Hill Close, Rochdale, OL16 4FU, United Kingdom
SILCO ONLINE LIMITED 11 Meadway, Rochdale, OL11 3NP, United Kingdom
A S ELECTRICAL (NORTH WEST) LTD 5 Betula Mews, Norden, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, OL11 5NP, United Kingdom
DIMOND CONFECTIONARY LTD 360 Albert Royds, Rochdale, Lancs, OL16 5AD, United Kingdom
MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENTS LTD 200 Drake Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 1PJ, United Kingdom
THE CODE HUT LTD 6 Seymour Grove, Rochdale, OL16 4RB, United Kingdom
BOWER CAR & COMMERCIAL LTD Prime Accountancy Services, Stott Street, Rochdale, OL12 0JZ, United Kingdom
CHURCH LANE (ROCHDALE) DEVELOPMENTS LTD 164 Drake Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 1QD, United Kingdom
M KORS LTD 22 Heald Drive, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 7HH, United Kingdom
EXPRESS MONEY LTD 187 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, OL12 0DS, United Kingdom
JEKCA (UK) LIMITED Wyatt Golland Morris, 200 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL16 1PJ, United Kingdom
URO TRANSPORT LTD LTD 98 Deeplish Road, Rochdale, OL11 1PQ, United Kingdom
GM FURNITURE LTD 102 Mitchell Street, Rochdale, OL12 6SH, United Kingdom
KEEP PAWS CLEAN LTD 11 Leywood Drive, Newhey, Rochdale, OL16 3FQ, United Kingdom
TABISH LTD 14 Falkland Avenue, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL11 5BH, United Kingdom
EBENEZER SERVICES LTD 16 Ethel Court, Rochdale, OL16 5PF, United Kingdom
LITTLESALAD LTD 11 Edward Street, Whitworth, Rochdale, OL12 8LE, United Kingdom
THE SWEETS SHOP LTD 20 Heaton Street, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 3PP, United Kingdom
WATCH DOCTOR 4 YOU LTD 23 Deepdale Avenue, Rochdale, OL16 4AN, United Kingdom
COMFORT LINEN & COTTON LTD 100 Spotland Road, Rochdale, OL12 6PJ, United Kingdom
HAPPY OFFSHORE LTD 10 Heald Drive, Shawclough, Rochdale, Lancs, OL12 7HH, England
JK TRANSPORT LOGISTICS LTD 20 Gainsborough Drive, Rochdale, OL11 2QT, United Kingdom
KARMA JUJITSU CLUB COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY 224 Stakehill Lane, Middleton, Rochdale, Lancashire, M24 2RZ
NN MARKETING LTD 102 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL16 1PQ, England
SWIFT SERVICES NORTHWEST LTD 361 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, OL16 2DT, United Kingdom
THOMAS JAMES TRAINING LIMITED 32 Marland Fold, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL11 4RF, England
A & S PROPERTIES LIMITED (NW) LIMITED 105 Edmund Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 6QF, United Kingdom
BTK BOXING LTD 2 Loisine Close, Rochdale, OL11 3PF, United Kingdom
ROPE WALK DEVELOPMENTS LTD Grange Mill, Trows Lane, Rochdale, OL11 2UF, United Kingdom
HARMONY CARE AND SUPPORT SERVICES LTD 216 Queensway, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL11 2NB, United Kingdom
JUNCTION CONVENIENCE LTD 64 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL16 1PA, United Kingdom
PLANETBARGINS LTD 35 Vicarage Road North, Rochdale, OL11 2TF, United Kingdom
SPARKLE AND GLEAM CLEANERS LIMITED 26 Honeysuckle Way, Rochdale, OL12 6XL, United Kingdom
UBIQUE EXPRESS LTD Carl Abraham, 7 Wickentree Holt, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 7PQ, United Kingdom
ABACUS X LTD 41 Redfearn Wood, Norden, Rochdale, OL12 7GA, England
BRIDGET LIGHT LTD 2 Woodbine Street, Rochdale, OL16 5JB, United Kingdom
M&H HOLDING CO. LIMITED 10 Eton Close, Rochdale, OL11 4DT, United Kingdom
STONECASE LIMITED 9 Garfield Close, Rochdale, OL11 5RY, United Kingdom
XCLUSIVE TRAVEL LIMITED 9 Lichfield Terrace, Rochdale, OL16 4XL, United Kingdom
AFRICAN WIND TURBINES LIMITED 7 Pallotine Walk, Rochdale, OL11 4LS, United Kingdom
CKC ACCOUNTING LTD 12 Nordale Park, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 7RS, England
MSM MOHAMMED SHOAIB MOTORS LTD 3 Maple Street, Rochdale, OL11 4HE, United Kingdom
NOVA AUTO CARE & RESTORATIONS LTD 107 Belfield Lane, Rochdale, Lancs, OL16 2YB, England
MORE 4 RETAIL LTD 3 Spinners Green, Rochdale, OL12 6EJ, United Kingdom
BELLO BORSE LTD 3 Wickentree Holt, Rochdale, OL12 7PQ, United Kingdom