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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

SHEFFIELD · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address
3FLOOR MUSIC LIMITED 41 Forres Avenue, Sheffield, S10 1WG, England
A2B TAXIS YORKSHIRE LTD 11 Quarryfield Road, Sheffield, S9 5AG, United Kingdom
ALIBARBERS PINEWOOD STUDIOS LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, S10 2NH, United Kingdom
C N C TYRES LIMITED 205 205 Outgang Lane, Sheffield, S25 3QY, United Kingdom
DMC RAIL LABOUR SOLUTION LTD 23 Croft Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S12 2GD, United Kingdom
JMC RAIL LABOUR SOLUTION LTD 12 Sharrard Drive, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S12 2FB, United Kingdom
JUNIPER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LTD 427-431 London Road, Heeley, Sheffield, S Yorks, S2 4HJ, England
NUBIFICUS LTD 501 West One Peak, 15 Cavendish Street, Sheffield, S3 7SR, United Kingdom
RMC MEDIA 2018 LIMITED First Floor, Unit 6, Broadfield Way, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 0XF, United Kingdom
ROHAN PVT LIMITED 45 Cortworth Road, Sheffield, S11 9LN, United Kingdom
ANGLO COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES LTD Grangewood Chapel Lane, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6AQ, United Kingdom
ARTHUR GANE LIMITED 6 Boyce Street, Sheffield, S6 3JS, United Kingdom
C WELLINGTON LTD Apartment 24 Queens View, 88 Park Grange Road, Sheffield, S2 3RY, United Kingdom
DELIVER MEDIA OSM LIMITED Unit L, 1st Floor Main Street, Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, S12 4LB, United Kingdom
DIGITAL EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIERS UNION LTD Floor 5, Wards Exchange, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8HW, United Kingdom
MGS PRODUCTS LTD The Masters House, 92a Arundel Street, Sheffield, S1 4RE, England
WILL STREET PRODUCTIONS LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, S10 2NH, United Kingdom
ALH MAINTENANCE SERVICES LIMITED 23 Collin Avenue, Sheffield, S6 4ES, England
ASCAP LIMITED Armadillo Mumb#23005, 8 Parkway Avenue Sheffield, Sheffield, S9 4WA, England
COURIER G AND K LIMITED 115 Park Avenue, Sheffield, S25 4GL, United Kingdom
FRANKLYN STEWART LTD The Old Library, 10 Leeds Road, Sheffield, S9 3TY, United Kingdom
HA HA PROMOTIONS LIMITED 4 Huntley Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 7PA, United Kingdom
MAGIC MOPPERS UK CLEANING LIMITED 4 Birchwood Way, Westfield, Sheffield, S20 8LJ, England
MTH RETAIL LTD 40 Endfield Road, Sheffield, S5 9BD, United Kingdom
NEW ERA STEF LTD 15 Crabtree Place, Sheffield, S5 7BN, United Kingdom
NORMITE LTD 45 Rosamond Avenue, Sheffield, S17 4LS, United Kingdom
OWLSONG LIMITED 221 D The Portergate, 257 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8NX, United Kingdom
R FLETCHER LIMITED 15 Mapplebeck Road, High Green, Sheffield, S35 3HP, United Kingdom
UPPERTHORPE CONTINENTAL FOOD STORE LIMITED 68 Upperthorpe Road, Sheffield, S6 3EB, United Kingdom
VPH TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LTD 31 Farmoor Gardens, Sothall, Sheffield, S20 2PF, United Kingdom
WHARNCLIFFE TRAILWORKS LTD 61 Blacksmith Lane Blacksmith Lane, Grenoside, Sheffield, S35 8NB, United Kingdom
YF TOURING LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2NH, United Kingdom
ACTUS RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD C/o Uhy Hacker Young, 6 Broadfield Court, Broadfield Way, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 0XF, United Kingdom
ADAMS DRIVING LIMITED 29 Moor View Road, Sheffield, S8 0HH, England
AUTOILLUME LTD 30 Smalldale Road, Sheffield, S12 4YB, England
BAZAAR STORE LTD Unit 7a-7b, Parkway Drive, Sheffield, S9 4WN, United Kingdom
BEATSON LTD 17 Hawthorne Mews, Sheffield, S10 5AD, United Kingdom
BJP PUFI LTD 18 Canterbury Road, Sheffield, S8 9QS, United Kingdom
BLUESQUAREUK LIMITED 44 Carfield Avenue, Sheffield, S8 9HZ, United Kingdom
COSMEPOD LTD 122 Union Road, Union Road, Sheffield, S11 9EN, United Kingdom
DIANA'S COLLECTIONS LTD 21 Burngreave Road, Burngreave Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 9DA, United Kingdom
DPB RAIL LTD 6 Hilary Way, Swallownest, Sheffield, S26 4ND, United Kingdom
EYEWEAR-51 LIMITED 70 Clarkehouse Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2LJ, United Kingdom
HEALING DAN’S LTD 24 St. Davids Drive, South Anston, Sheffield, S25 5DQ, United Kingdom
HK INTERIOR SOLOUTIONS LTD 24 Stoneycroft Road, Sheffield, S13 9DQ, United Kingdom
HOUSES BIG OR SMALL LTD 79 Broomwood Gardens, Beighton, Sheffield, S20 1GQ, United Kingdom
MERAKI POP-UP RESTAURANTS LIMITED 133 Whitham Road, Sheffield, S10 2SN, England
MNB KITCHEN LIMITED Unit 4a, Rutland Way, Sheffield, S3 8DG, United Kingdom
MONEY HAVEN LIMITED 1 Concourse Way, Sheffield, S1 2BJ, United Kingdom
NEW LIVING FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTRE LTD 40 Hazlebarrow Grove, Sheffield, S8 8AT, United Kingdom
NEW STYLE BARBERS STOCKSBRIDGE LTD 484 Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 2DU, England
THE NUT AND BOLT MAN COMPANY LTD 2a Chantry Place, Sheffield, S26 5PQ, United Kingdom
ALEX CESARSKY ARCHITECTS LTD 131 Station Road, Chapeltown, Sheffield, S35 2XG, United Kingdom
BLACK OAK SECURITY LIMITED 99 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield, S9 4WG, United Kingdom
DON'T FEED THE BEARS LIMITED Horizon House, 2 Whiting Sreet, Sheffield, S8 9QR, United Kingdom
GREYSTONES ACCOUNTING LIMITED 70 70 Blake Street, Sheffield, S Yorkshire, S6 3JR, United Kingdom
INCLUSIVE ARTS Fifth Floor 3 St Paul's Place, 129 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2JE
KAPPRI UK LTD. 19 London Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 4LA, United Kingdom
LSA ONE PROPERTY SERVICES LTD 4 Twentywell Drive, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S17 4PY, England
MARLOW AGENCIES LIMITED 5 Westbrook Court, Sharrowvale Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8YZ, England
MY VOICE MY SOUND LTD 346 Ferrars Road, Tinsley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 1WR
RADFORD HAULAGE LIMITED 101 Batemoor Road, Sheffield, S8 8EE, United Kingdom
SAXTON ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED 7 Mcintyre Road, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 1DG, United Kingdom
SELL ON SALE LIMITED 49 Newmarch Street, Sheffield, S9 1ST, United Kingdom
SEN MONITORING GROUP CIC Aizlewoods Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG
STAR BLACK LTD 191 The Wheel, Sheffield, S35 9ZA, United Kingdom
1ST CALL PROPERTY RENTALS LIMITED 1st Call Gas Services, 164 Crookes, Sheffield, S10 1UH, United Kingdom
FULCRUM ENERGY METERING LTD 2 Europa View, Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield, S91 1XH, United Kingdom
HARRISON & HARVEY LTD 53 New School Road, Mosborough, Sheffield, S20 5ES, United Kingdom
KC TASK MANAGEMENT LIMITED 10 Sycamore Road, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 1FS, United Kingdom
KINSELLA COMMERCIAL SERVICES LIMITED 158 Hemper Lane, Sheffield, S8 7FE, United Kingdom
PRATHAMA LIMITED Apartment 49, Ag1, 1 Furnival Street, Sheffield, S1 4QS, United Kingdom
RESONATE DRUM LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, S10 2NH, United Kingdom
UTB HAULAGE LIMITED 81 Nursery Crescent, North Anston, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 4BR, England
W.COURT JOINT ENTERPRISE DWELLING INITIATIVE COMPANY LTD Northchurch Business Centre, 84 Queen Street, Sheffield, S1 2DW, United Kingdom
APOLLO MEDICAL INFORMATICS LTD 3 Kensington Chase, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 4NN, United Kingdom
AUBE LIGHTING DESIGN LTD 20 Pen Nook Close, Deepcar, Sheffield, S36 2TY, United Kingdom
FULCRUM SMART METERING LTD 2 Europa View, Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield, S91 1XH, England
JEDSET PRODUCTS LTD 20 Foxcroft Drive, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 1JN, United Kingdom
LANGQINXUAN LIMITED 24 Hawthorne Mews, Sheffield, S10 5AD, United Kingdom
PROTECTION HUB LTD 63 Herschell Road, Sheffield, S7 1BT, United Kingdom
SKI STOP UK LIMITED 20 Paradise Square, Sheffield, S1 2DE, United Kingdom
TOGETHER WE MAKE LTD 35 High Storrs Road, High Storrs, Sheffield, S11 7LD, England
TOTAL WASTE SOLUTIONS LTD 13-17 Paradise Square, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2DE, United Kingdom
118A HANDSWORTH ROAD RTM COMPANY LTD Flat 2, 118a, Handsworth Road, Sheffield, S9 4AE, England
CLEAR PLUMBING SOLUTIONS LIMITED Apartment 11 Woodland Lodge, 4 Crossland Drive, Sheffield, S12 2HE, United Kingdom
FIVE STAR TRADE LTD 100 Park Grange Rise, Sheffield, S2 3SZ, United Kingdom
FUTURES LEISURE (LINCOLN) LIMITED Commercial House, 14 Commercial Street, Sheffield, S1 2AT, United Kingdom
INSIDE FOOD LIMITED 204 Meersbrook Works, Valley Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 9FT, United Kingdom
JOSEPH EXECUTIVE SEARCH (EXPORT) LIMITED Westthorpe Business Centre Westthorpe Fields Road, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 1TZ, United Kingdom
LITTLE GEMS DAY NURSERY LIMITED 229 Cricket Inn Road, Sheffield, S2 5AT, United Kingdom
RIVELIN CONSULTING LIMITED 183 Fraser Road, Sheffield, S8 0JP, England
RJH TECHNOLOGY LIMITED 8 Hoober Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 9SF, United Kingdom
Y.L.A RECORDINGS LTD 22 Midhill Road, Sheffield, S2 3GU, United Kingdom
ALFA IMPEX LTD 26 Greenwood Crescent, Sheffield, S9 4HF, United Kingdom
BIANKA SOLUTIONS LIMITED 6 Nethergreen Avenue, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 1FF, United Kingdom
CGTG LIMITED 198 Sicey Avenue, Sheffield, S5 0RP, United Kingdom
COSMETIC BEACH LTD 57b Laughton Rd, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2PN, United Kingdom
EXEMPLAR BUSINESS SUPPORT SOLUTIONS LIMITED Step Business Centre Wortley Road, Deepcar, Sheffield, S36 2UH, United Kingdom