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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

SHEFFIELD · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address
ANNA WHITELEY LTD 22 Parklands View, Aston, Sheffield, S26 2GW, United Kingdom
DISCOVERY SQUARED LTD 45 Bolehill Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 1SA
DNA ELECTRICAL (YORKSHIRE) LTD 71 Firvale, Harthill, Sheffield, S26 7XP, United Kingdom
HARMONY PROPERTY GROUP LTD 158 Hemper Lane, Sheffield, S8 7FE, United Kingdom
HOTSPOT TITANIUM UK LTD 90 Rockingham Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4EB, United Kingdom
MAMAMIA-GO LIMITED 7 Harlech Mead, Sheffield, S10 4NT, United Kingdom
PURFECT PAWS LIMITED 164-170 Queens Road, Sheffield, S2 4DH, United Kingdom
SOUTH YORKSHIRE MOBILITY LTD 18 Finsbury Close, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 3RZ, United Kingdom
TERESA LOXLEY PROPERTIES LIMITED 49 Grassthorpe Road, Sheffield, S12 2JG, United Kingdom
TIMSON LIFT SAFETY LIMITED 3 Bessemer Terrace, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S361AJ, England
ASBARDY CLEANING SERVICES LIMITED 36 Eldon Court, Sheffield, S1 4GY, United Kingdom
DSO FOOD LTD 18 Spital Hill, Sheffield, S4 7LG, United Kingdom
GEORGEWOODHOUSE LIMITED 34 Oakland Rd, Oakland Road, Sheffield, S6 4LS, United Kingdom
HOULDSWORTH CONSULTANCY LIMITED 6 Broadfield Court, Broadfield Way, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 0XF, United Kingdom
HYSOL GROUP LIMITED Velocity Point Wreakes Lane, Dronfield, Sheffield, Derbyshire, S18 1PN, United Kingdom
JW PESTCONTROL SOLUTIONS LTD 65 Hollybank Drive, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S12 2BS, England
MILESTONE KITCHENS LTD Unit 10, 70 John Street, Sheffield, S2 4QU, United Kingdom
PETRE STREET GARAGE LTD 52 Sedan Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S4 7SP, England
AVT AVIATION LTD 12 Main Street, Sheffield, S26 3YD, United Kingdom
CARYS ARTISTRIES LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2NH, United Kingdom
EMPAGEN LIMITED 51 Guildford Rise, Sheffield, S2 2PP, England
KATE GROSVENOR COACHING LIMITED 40 Suite 25, Sheffield Design Studio, Inside Lion Works, Ball Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 8DB, United Kingdom
LET IT BE EASY LTD Telegraph House, 11-15 High Street, Sheffield, S1 2GA, United Kingdom
LOCKJAW LOGISTICS LIMITED 98 High Street, Killamarsh, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S21 1BP, United Kingdom
PARAMAKE LIMITED 2 Mansel Road, Sheffield, S5 9QQ, United Kingdom
TARGET MARKETING AGENCY LIMITED 88 Westminster Crescent, Sheffield, S10 4EY, England
VIRAL SAMPLES LTD Apt 2, 17 Bluecoat Rise, Sheffield, S11 9DW, United Kingdom
AWHG IT CENTRE 9 Wilfred Close, Darnall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 3WB, England
COMPLETELY WASTED SOLUTIONS LIMITED 66 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FD, United Kingdom
DIINI TRANSPORT LTD 219 Winn Gardens, Sheffield, S6 1UG, United Kingdom
ELIZABETH CARE & CLEANING LTD 43 Jedburgh Drive, Sheffield, S9 1QD, United Kingdom
HATUN LIMITED 61 Emerson, 61 Emerson Crescent, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S5 7SW, United Kingdom
INTELLECTUAL TECHNIK SYSTEM LTD Leecroft House, 59-64 Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EG, United Kingdom
LNO CLADDING SOLUTIONS LIMITED 205 Outgang Lane, Sheffield, S25 3QY, United Kingdom
MAISON FRAIS LIMITED 51 Serlby Lane, Harthill, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S26 7YD, United Kingdom
MATTHEW MARIA LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, S10 2NH, United Kingdom
MITRUT TRANSPORT LIMITED 30 Standon Road, Sheffield, S9 1PD, United Kingdom
PEAK PUB CO LTD Plumbley Cottage Plumbley Lane, Mosborough, Sheffield, S20 5BJ, United Kingdom
SCYLLANAJ LIMITED 29 Selby Road, Sheffield, S4 8GL, United Kingdom
VVLV LTD 283 South Road, Walkley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 3TA, United Kingdom
AP IT SERVICES LTD 26 Carter Hall Road, Sheffield, S12 3HS, England
BOOK A FRIEND LTD 85 Idsworth Road, Sheffield, S5 6UN, United Kingdom
CARSHIFTER LTD Flat 405 Metis, Scotland Street, Sheffield, S3 7AQ, United Kingdom
FLAVOURS TAKEAWAY LTD 196 Whitham Road, Sheffield, S10 2SS, United Kingdom
MR M. JACKSON LIMITED 3 Friar Close, Stannington, Sheffield, S6 6EP, United Kingdom
ONLINE PROPERTY PARTNERS LIMITED Progress House, 206 White Lane, Sheffield, S12 3GL, United Kingdom
QUBE INTERIORS LIMITED Unit 2 Clifton Court, 19 Clifton Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 2DQ, United Kingdom
VILLA HOME LIMITED 395 Petre Street, Sheffield, S4 8LU, United Kingdom
WHIRLOW CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LTD 16 Hodgson Street, Sheffield, S3 7WQ, United Kingdom
BETTER TOPICS LTD 157 Park Spring Drive, Sheffield, S2 3QR, United Kingdom
CHRISTOPHER BROOMHEAD COURIERS LIMITED 52 Castilhill, Eckington, Sheffield, S21 4AY, England
FABB FURNITURE LTD Beighton Business Centre 52a High Street, Beighton, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S20 1ED, United Kingdom
FRANCESCA MARKETING LTD 45 Camping Lane, Sheffield, S8 0GB, England
GARDENSOFT LTD 3 Copper Beech Close, Beighton, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S20 1HD, United Kingdom
HWA BARRIE FASHION LIMITED LTD 174 Firth Park Road, Sheffield, S5 6WQ, United Kingdom
IDRIS RAHMAN PRODUCTIONS LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, S10 2NH, United Kingdom
LWB SPORTS LIMITED 4 Wadsworth Close, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S12 2DH, United Kingdom
MEDITERRANEAN SOUTH ENTERPRISE LTD 9 Bowden Wood Road, Darnall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 4EJ, England
RJR HOLDINGS LTD 133 Dykes Hall Road, Sheffield, S6 4GR, United Kingdom
SCOOP & BREW LIMITED 43 Lundwood Grove, Owlthorpe, Sheffield, S20 6SR, United Kingdom
SOMIT FLUID CONTROL LTD 12 Chester Court, Eckington, Sheffield, S21 4JF, United Kingdom
STONE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, S10 2NH, United Kingdom
TEACHERS OF POP LIMITED 51 Clarkegrove Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2NH, United Kingdom
2KA TECHNOLOGY LTD Flat 15a, Flat 15a 41 Mowbray Street, Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
AL AZIZ ACADEMY LIMITED 78 Alms Hill Road, Sheffield, S11 9RS, United Kingdom
D L MARSHALL HOLDINGS LTD Unit J Bardwell Road, Neepsend, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 8AS, England
DRIVE ME BACK LIMITED 19 River View Road, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, S35 0JG, United Kingdom
HE LIVES N SHEFFIELD - GLORIOUS CHURCH 93 Weakland Crescent, Sheffield, S12 4PF, United Kingdom
IAMP MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED Banner Cross Hall, Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield, S11 9PD, United Kingdom
LJ REBAR LTD 5 Westbrook Court, Sharrowvale Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8YZ, England
NEWD TRADING UK LTD 35 Barnes Court, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 2UB, United Kingdom
SRONG STUDENT LETS LIMITED 5 Westbrook Court, Sharrowvale Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8YZ, England
THE PEOPLES AUCTION LIMITED 76 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LR, United Kingdom
UNCLIPPED The Circle 33, Rockingham Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4FW
VIEW NETWORKS LIMITED 2 Westbrook Court, Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8YZ, United Kingdom
WARM HEARTS CARE UK LTD 28 Woodhouse Avenue Woodhouse Avenue, Beighton, Sheffield, S20 1AS, United Kingdom
FLINTLOCK SEARCH & SELECTION LTD 77 Dryden Road, Sheffield, S5 8HH, England
HK (KITCHEN AND BAR SOLUTIONS) (HOLDINGS) LIMITED Globe Works, Penistone Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 3AE, United Kingdom
JOHNSON PROPERTY RENTALS LTD 6 Laird Avenue, Wadsley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 4BU, United Kingdom
NEW ISLAND INVESTMENTS LTD 146 Lowedges Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 7LF, England
PEAK REHABILITATION LIMITED The Workshop Suite 5 Cherrytree, Union Road, Sheffield, S11 9EF, United Kingdom
TASKER ESTATES LTD 54 Tasker Road, Sheffield, S10 1UZ, United Kingdom
UNICUS AGENCY LTD 130 Penrith Road, Sheffield, S5 8UB, United Kingdom
A NEW SKILLSET LTD 65 Lowedges Drive, Lowedges, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 7LS, United Kingdom
A2Z TRADING YORKSHIRE LTD 46 Longley Farm View, Sheffield, S5 7JX, United Kingdom
AMCL COURIER LIMITED 129a Laughton Road, Sheffield, S25 2PP, England
BENVENUTE LIMITED 294 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8PP, United Kingdom
CATERING COMPLIANCE LTD Bails View 61 A Ryton Road, North Anston, Sheffield, S25 4DL, United Kingdom
KARENJDOWNS LIMITED 1 Batemoor Close, Sheffield, S8 8EA, England
MADEWA HEALTH CARE LIMITED 50 Longley Avenue West, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S5 8WB, England
NY (SY) ENTERPRISES LTD 180 Staniforth Road, Sheffield, S9 3HF, United Kingdom
PMR RIGGING & ACCESS LTD 5 Ogden Place, Sheffield, S8 8GG, United Kingdom
PROUD PUBLISHING AND MEDIA GROUP LIMITED 603 Blast Lane, Sheffield, S2 5TN, United Kingdom
RK FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT LTD 81a Langsett Road, Sheffield, S6 2UH, United Kingdom
STEPJAMES LIMITED 5 Lamb Hill Close, Sheffield, S13 8FT, United Kingdom
STOCKSBRIDGE BARBERS LIMITED 477 Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 1DH, United Kingdom
TWILIGHT DRINKS LTD Flat 105, Bradfield Road, Sheffield, S6 2BP, United Kingdom
VYTAUTAS ENTERPRISE LIMITED 23 Eleanor Street, Sheffield, S9 5AX, United Kingdom
ACGCOM LTD Apartment218, St. Pauls Square, Sheffield, S1 2LL, United Kingdom
AJSK LIMITED 280 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S7 1FL, United Kingdom