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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

SOUTHAMPTON · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address
CALLOWAY DIABLO LIMITED Ingleford, Leigh Road, Southampton, SO17 1EF, United Kingdom
ELACE ELECTRICAL LTD 32 Fernside Close, Southampton, SO16 4AW, United Kingdom
HORIZON TRENDS LIMITED 21 Coriander Drive, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 8FS, England
JPR ASHTON SOLUTIONS LIMITED 42 Bassett Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 7DQ, England
LPD N10 LETTINGS LTD Driver Belcher The Square, Bishops Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1GJ, United Kingdom
ONSITE SPRAY FOAM LTD 19 Sartoris Close, Warsash, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 9EW, England
PASCOE GLOBAL LTD 6 Yachtsman Close, Bursledon, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 8JJ, England
SKILLSGAP CONSULTING LTD 55 Outer Circle, Southampton, SO16 5GS, United Kingdom
SOLENT WINDOWS LTD 4 Barnfield Way, Southampton, SO19 9GU, United Kingdom
TIGER DOYLE LTD 8c High Street, Southampton, SO14 2DH, England
ANDY CLAUGHTON NAVAL ARCHITECTS LTD 19 Spindlewood Close, Southampton, SO16 3QD, United Kingdom
BERNIER TECH LTD 124 Wallace Court, The Dell, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2PX, United Kingdom
BORA HOMES AND CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 43 Bodding Avenue, Nursling, Southampton, SO16 0BJ, United Kingdom
CONYCARE LTD 19 Sartoris Close, Warsash, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 9EW, England
FREIGHT DELIVERY NETWORK LTD 68 Derby Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0DL, United Kingdom
LAXTON STEVENS SERVICES LIMITED 5 Flat 5 Turners Oak Court, St. James Close, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 5LN, United Kingdom
LEMMOUCHI LTD 18 The Grove, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 9LX, England
MITCHELL & STONES LIMITED Unit 1 Freemantle Business Centre, Millbrook Road East, Southampton, SO15 1JR, United Kingdom
RIMAS PLANT LTD 12 Denny Close, Fawley, Southampton, SO45 1BZ, England
RJB ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY LIMITED 12 Firecracker Drive, Locks Heath, Southampton, SO31 6BU, England
THE BARLEYCORN (BISHOPS WALTHAM) LIMITED Unit 104 Solent Business Centre, Millbrook Road West, Southampton, Hants, SO15 0HW, United Kingdom
VGN FOODS LTD 23 Newcombe Road, Southampton, SO15 2FJ, United Kingdom
25 OXFORD STREET LTD 78 Pacific Close, Southampton, SO14 3TY, England
CURIERU LTD 9 Cornel Road, Southampton, SO19 7JW, United Kingdom
EVERYDAY FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD 16 Edward Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 3GZ, United Kingdom
GJM MATERIAL HANDLING LIMITED Unit 104 Solent Business Centre, Millbrook Road West, Southampton, Hants, SO15 0HW, United Kingdom
GYMTRIBE LTD 11 St. Johns Road, Locks Heath, Southampton, SO31 6NE, United Kingdom
MCORE METAL FABRICATION SERVICES LIMITED 10 Carpathia Drive, 10 Carpathia Drive, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3GU, United Kingdom
PREMIER ELECTRICS APPLIANCE REPAIRS LTD Cumberland House, Grosvenor Square, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2BG, England
REASSET LTD 22 Munro Crescent, Southampton, SO15 4PB, England
ROCKSTONE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED 8a Carlton Crescent, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2EZ, United Kingdom
TERTIUS LOCUMS LTD 40 Teme Crescent, Southampton, SO16 9DH, United Kingdom
THE DOUBLE GLAZING SPECIALIST LIMITED 140 Heather Road, Fawley, Southampton, SO45 1DZ, England
TROPHY ASSET INVESTMENTS LTD 4 Brunswick Place, Southampton, SO15 2AN, United Kingdom
WOOLSTON PETSHOP LTD 27 Victoria Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 9DY, England
AJH ELECTRICIANS LIMITED 4 Gunners Park, Bishops Waltham, Southampton, SO32 1PD, United Kingdom
ALL CONTINENT CONSULTANTS LTD 203 Bassett Avenue, Southampton, SO16 7HD, United Kingdom
AMBROSE BACCHUS LIMITED C/o Hjs Charttered Accountants, 12-14 Charlton Place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2EA, England
ANDY LAYUG LIMITED 58e Botley Road, Park Gate, Southampton, SO31 1BB, United Kingdom
BUMBLE BEE PHYSIO LTD Gannaway Cottage Winchester Road, Botley, Southampton, SO32 2DH, United Kingdom
CEZARIONUT LTD 32 Northumberland Road, Southampton, SO14 0FB, United Kingdom
DANIEL FLOWERDEW WEALTH MANAGEMENT LIMITED 59 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XS, United Kingdom
K&N PROJECTS LTD Retreat House 4 Water Lane, Totton, Southampton, SO40 3DP, United Kingdom
MRTHEATRESERVICES LTD 18 Matheson Road, Lordshill, Lordshill, Southampton, SO16 8GT, United Kingdom
NATURESTRONG LIMITED 21 Elmfield North Block, Millbrook Road East, Southampton, SO15 1HZ, United Kingdom
ORM CONSULTANTS LTD Taxassist Direct, 191, Shirley Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 3FG, United Kingdom
PG COURT LIMITED Flat 2 Pinegrove Court 77 Pinegrove Road, Sholing, Southampton, SO19 2PP, United Kingdom
POPAEUGEN LTD 32 Northumberland Road, Southampton, SO14 0FB, United Kingdom
SME ACCOUNTANCY LTD 75 Ashurst Close, Southampton, SO19 9RX, United Kingdom
THE SWEET LIFE LIMITED 48 Woodlands Road, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7AF, United Kingdom
DAMIAN FREESTON WEALTH MANAGEMENT LIMITED 59 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XS, United Kingdom
ELLIS HARPER LIMITED Augustine Romsey Road, Cadnam, Southampton, SO40 2NN, United Kingdom
JJ'S GRUB HUB LTD 46 Knighton Road, Southampton, SO19 2FL, United Kingdom
MISSION BEARD GROOMING CO. LTD 118 118 Hindmarch Crescent, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 0AP, United Kingdom
PRO CURIER LTD 24 Lydgate Green, Southampton, SO19 6LP, United Kingdom
RESTAURANT4U LIMITED 60 Bassett Green Village, Southampton, SO16 3NB, United Kingdom
RS SOFTWARE LTD Clock Offices High Street, Bishops Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1AA, United Kingdom
SHINE GUARD LTD 10c Paynes Road, Southampton, SO15 3DJ, United Kingdom
STYLO MATLO LTD 32 Winn Road, Flat 4, Southampton, SO17 1EP, United Kingdom
SWHR SERVICES LTD 69 Clifton Road, Regents Park, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 4GY, United Kingdom
WYLDFIRE SIGNAGE LIMITED Fleming Court Leigh Road, Eastleigh, Southampton, Hampshire, SO50 9PD, United Kingdom
AAVENTOS LTD 52 Holbury Drove, Holbury, Southampton, SO45 2NH, United Kingdom
BV TRANSPORT LTD 53 Larch Road, Southampton, SO16 5EX, United Kingdom
CHADWELL CARE LIMITED 68 Shaftesbury Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1SD, United Kingdom
COLD FLEET LOGISTICS LTD Myrtle Cottage Curdridge Lane, Curdridge, Southampton, SO32 2BJ, United Kingdom
DONALD PLANE LIMITED 23a Crows Nest Lane, Botley, Southampton, SO32 2DD, United Kingdom
GK INTERNATIONAL MARINE LTD 33 Mitchell Close, Spitfire Court, Southampton, Hampshire, SO19 7TN, United Kingdom
JAT GARRISON HOLDINGS LIMITED Solent House, 107a Alma Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 6UY, England
L.A.C CONSULTING LTD 47 Beattie Rise, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 2RF, United Kingdom
MULTILIFT SALES LIMITED 24 Clifton Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 4GX, England
MX EVENTS LIMITED Mx House Brickyard Road, Swanmore, Southampton, SO32 2SA, United Kingdom
PK AIR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY LIMITED 10 Agincourt Drive, Sarisbury Green, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 7PG, United Kingdom
PLANT AND TRUCK FINANCE LIMITED Manor Farm, Chilworth Old Village, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 7JP, United Kingdom
SHITHA PHARMA LIMITED 25 Lewry Road, Southampton, SO32 2GJ, England
TERTIUS GROUP LTD 40 Teme Crescent, Southampton, SO16 9DH, United Kingdom
TUMA WORLD LTD 40 Teme Crescent, Southampton, SO16 9DH, United Kingdom
UNE MAISON LTD 24 Westbury Road, Southampton, SO15 4JS, United Kingdom
CONNECTING SUPPLY & DEMAND LIMITED 90 Thirlmere Road, Southampton, SO16 9FN, United Kingdom
CTC MARKETING LIMITED C/o Hjs, 12-14 Carlton Place, Southampton, Hampshrie, SO15 2EA, England
CTC PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED C/o Hjs, 12-14 Carlton Place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2EA, England
ECOM ACADEMY LIMITED C/o Hjs Chartered Accountants, 12-14 Carlton Place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2EA, England
FLEXIBLE HEATING SERVICES LTD 1 Huntingdon Close, Totton, Southampton, SO40 3NX, United Kingdom
NEWFOREST LAUNDRY & LINEN HIRE LTD Unit 4 50 Shore Road, Hythe, Southampton, Hants, SO45 6GJ, United Kingdom
OLIV WALSH LTD 1 Verulam Road, Southampton, SO14 6RY, United Kingdom
SHOP DESIGN AND REFIT LIMITED 17 East Street, Southampton, SO14 3HG, United Kingdom
SYNTHESIS MARKETING LTD 50 Reeves Way, Bursledon, Southampton, SO31 8FW, United Kingdom
DG TRANS COURIER LIMITED Alfred, 52 Alfred Street, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0NA, United Kingdom
DR IHEANYI NWACHUKU LTD 54 Spring Road, Southampton, SO19 2BG, United Kingdom
ENNAIRAM LTD Flat 3, 2b Dyer Road, Southampton, SO15 3EJ, United Kingdom
HOME DISCOUNT WINDOWS & BIFOLDS LTD. 47 William Street, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 5QH, United Kingdom
J D CATERING MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED C/o Hjs Chartered Accountants, 12-14 Carlton Place, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2EA, England
JJL. PROPERTY MAINTENANCE LTD 55 Fritham Road, Southampton, SO18 5FZ, United Kingdom
JNSB LTD 54 Oxford Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0BP, United Kingdom
KELLISUM CARS LTD 36 Eynham Avenue, Southampton, SO19 5LB, United Kingdom
L.M.D. DESIGNS LIMITED Seven Oaks Clewers Hill, Waltham Chase, Southampton, SO32 2LN, United Kingdom
NOONN LTD 39 41 Queensway, Southampton, SO14 3BL, United Kingdom
P.M.R.M. ELECTRICAL LTD 3 Yaverland, Netley Abbey, Southampton, SO31 5PW, United Kingdom
PENDRAGON CONSULTANTS LTD 6 Atheling Road, Hythe, Southampton, SO45 6BR, United Kingdom
RAFE-TRANS LTD 89a Grove Road, Southampton, SO15 3GH, United Kingdom
SOUTHERN COLLECT LIMITED 10 Pine Drive, Thornhill Patrk, Southampton, SO18 5RP, United Kingdom