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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

THIRSK · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
BINZRUZ AQUATEK LTD 19 Barbeck, Thirsk 2017-12-27 Active
DRIVING INSTRUCTOR TRAINING LIMITED 57 Norby Estate, Norby, Thirsk 2017-12-27 Active
WEDOTHEINTEL LIMITED 15 Gallows Lane, Thirsk 2017-12-27 Active
HYPERSEED LIMITED C/o Thirsk Fabrications Ltd York Road, Thirsk Industrial Park, Thirsk 2017-12-21 Active
CLOCK WORKS (YORKSHIRE) LTD Church Hall, St James Green, Thirsk 2017-12-20 Active
YCCD LIMITED Mount St John, Felixkirk, Thirsk 2017-12-20 Active
ANDAM CONSTRUCTION LTD 4 Robb Close, Thirsk 2017-12-13 Active
GREGNANO CONSULTING LIMITED 1b Kirkgate, Thirsk 2017-12-11 Active
AJ ADVENTURES LIMITED 18 Beech Close, Baldersby, Thirsk 2017-12-05 Active
STAND OUT PROPERTY LTD 5 St Mary's Court, Bagby, Thirsk 2017-12-04 Active
HAZEL'S HOUNDS LIMITED 17 Central Buildings, Market Place, Thirsk 2017-11-24 Active
BRACAL DEVELOPMENTS LTD Kirstall House, 19 Westgate, Thirsk 2017-11-21 Active
GREASE MONKEY MOTOR SERVICES LIMITED C/o 39 Westgate, Thirsk 2017-11-20 Active
KC CONVENIENCES LIMITED The Office, Rose Cottage, Islebeck, Thirsk 2017-11-13 Active
KC EVENT HIRE LTD The Office, Rose Cottage, Islebeck, Thirsk 2017-11-13 Active
KC HIRE SOLUTIONS LTD The Office, Rose Cottage, Islebeck, Thirsk 2017-11-13 Active
KC WELFARE HIRE LTD The Office, Rose Cottage, Islebeck, Thirsk 2017-11-13 Active
WL-ARB LTD Highbury House Craddock Row, Sandhutton, Thirsk 2017-11-13 Active
HUSH HOME CARE LTD Burr Cottage, Sutton, Thirsk 2017-11-09 Active
ATIA UK LIMITED Laurel Cottage, Bagby, Thirsk 2017-11-06 Active
EASIER CONSULTING LTD 3 The Crescent, Thirsk 2017-10-30 Active
YORKSHIRE BAR SOLUTIONS LIMITED The Grove Deans Square, Topcliffe, Thirsk 2017-10-25 Active
EVESRAIL LTD 7 Finkle Street, Thirsk 2017-10-24 Active
BLUNDELL ESTATES LIMITED Mount St John, Felixkirk, Thirsk 2017-10-23 Active
ARAM U.K. LTD 78 Norby Estate, Thirsk 2017-10-18 Active
MAD FERR-IT LEISURE LIMITED 41 Pit Ings Lane, Dalton, Thirsk 2017-10-17 Active
OK CHANGE LIMITED Spring Farm, Hambleton, Thirsk 2017-10-09 Active
ALL STEELS TRADING HOLDINGS LIMITED Hambleton Steelworks, York Road, Thirsk 2017-10-04 Active
THOMPSON STEEL LIMITED Hambleton Steelworks, York Road, Thirsk 2017-10-04 Active
PLAN EVENT LIMITED Unit 1, York Road Depot, Thirsk 2017-09-29 Active
PRAESUM PARTNERS LIMITED Beck House, Thirlby, Thirsk 2017-09-21 Active
FOUR LTTD LIMITED 39 Westgate, Thirsk 2017-09-20 Active
ISLEBECK HOLDINGS LTD The Office Rose Cottage, Islebeck, Thirsk 2017-09-20 Active
THE GIN CHING LTD Stay House, Kepwick, Thirsk 2017-09-19 Active
FIVE ONE TWO (WAKEFIELD) LTD Deer Park Annex, Long Causeway, Thirsk 2017-09-13 Active
TR24 COURIERS LIMITED Beck House, Thirlby, Thirsk 2017-09-13 Active
KING AND CAPTAIN LTD King and Captain Barbershop, 11 Finkle Street, Thirsk 2017-09-11 Active
K DAWSON ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS LIMITED 25 White Rose Way, Thirsk 2017-09-01 Active
AULTER LTD. The Haven Back Lane, Dishforth, Thirsk 2017-08-24 Active
CLEAR AND SIMPLE TAX AND BUSINESS SERVICES LTD 21 Melltowns Green, Pickhill, Thirsk 2017-08-22 Active
PSYCHO HOUND LIMITED 63 Hambleton View, Thirsk 2017-08-21 Active
E.G GROUNDWORK SOLUTIONS LTD 32 Percy Drive Percy Drive, Norby, Thirsk 2017-07-21 Active
HAMBLETON SPORTSGROUND IMPROVEMENTS LTD Thirsk & Northallerton Golf Club Northallerton Road, Thornton Le Street, Thirsk 2017-07-19 Active
EXTREME ENTERPRISE LTD 9 Westbourne Terrace, Thirsk 2017-07-17 Active
BISHOP FINANCIAL ADVICE LIMITED New Gables, Knayton, Thirsk 2017-07-12 Active
RIPPLEMARK CONSULTING LIMITED Borrowby Banks Farm, Borrowby, Thirsk 2017-07-05 Active
FONTUS ENVIRONMENTAL LIMITED High Garth, Rainton, Thirsk 2017-07-03 Active
PACING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Innovation House, Allendale Road, Allendale Road, Thirsk 2017-06-29 Active
WE INSURE TECH LIMITED Beck House, Thirlby, Thirsk 2017-06-27 Active
FREEDOM SNOWSPORTS LTD High Anson, Felixkirk, Felixkirk, Thirsk 2017-06-23 Active
HAMBLETON ANAESTHETIC LIMITED Rye House, Borrowby, Thirsk 2017-06-13 Active
THRUSSELL PROPERTY LTD Harland House, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk 2017-06-13 Active
MORE SALES AND PROFIT LTD Mile House Offices, York Road, Thirsk 2017-06-09 Active
JAIPUR SPICE LOUNGE LIMITED Busby Stoop Inn, Busby Stoop Road, Thirsk 2017-06-05 Active
BAIKE LTD 19 Craythorns Crescent, Dishforth, Thirsk 2017-06-01 Active
WALTON CHILDCARE LIMITED Monkey Puzzle, The Old Library, Finkle Street, Thirsk 2017-05-26 Active
USAFOODTHIRSK LTD Woodland Lakes, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk 2017-05-25 Active
R.E.B.B LIMITED The Bungalow Church Hill, Pickhill, Thirsk 2017-05-24 Active
SARUYAMA BONSAI LIMITED 79 Saxty Way, Thirsk 2017-05-23 Active
HILLSIDE MEADOW LODGES LIMITED Canvas Farm, Knayton, Thirsk 2017-05-22 Active
FASHIONKSHOPPING LTD. Beachdene, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk 2017-05-18 Active
KENNEDY SPENCER CONSULTING LIMITED 8 Westgate, Thirsk 2017-05-16 Active
AMPLEFORTH VILLAGE STORES LIMITED 17 Central Buildings, Market Place, Thirsk 2017-05-10 Active
THE SPORTING BOX COMPANY LTD Eldmire House Topcliffe, Long Street, Thirsk 2017-04-26 Active
ROUTOPIA LIMITED Plum Tree Cottage, Sessay, Thirsk 2017-04-18 Active
SALTBOX 17 LTD Borrowby Farm, Borrowby, Thirsk 2017-04-10 Active
CYBERSTACK LIMITED 39 Westgate, Thirsk 2017-04-05 Active
BINZRUZ LIMITED 19 Barbeck, Thirsk 2017-04-04 Active
BEATTITUDE LIMITED Thornville, Bagby, Thirsk 2017-04-03 Active
SW DESIGN GROUP LTD Smithy Cottage Farriers Court, Rainton, Thirsk 2017-03-27 Active
MAC (YORKSHIRE) LTD Baldersby Gardens Ripon Road, Baldersby, Thirsk 2017-03-23 Active
GT FACILITATING CHANGE LTD The Flat, Upsall Castle, Upsall, Thirsk 2017-03-22 Active
ROBLOTT LTD 8 Dondeen Avenue, Thirsk 2017-03-22 Active
DAVID FOGGIN CONSULTING LIMITED 11 Oak Drive, Sowerby, Thirsk 2017-03-21 Active
EVOLVING PERSPECTIVES LIMITED Beck House, Thirlby, Thirsk 2017-03-17 Active
RYDENOR LIMITED Iles Accountancy Services Ltd Office 1, Old Bank Chambers, 37 Market Place, Thirsk 2017-03-17 Active
AGRINOMICS LIMITED Deer Park Annex, Long Causeway, Thirsk 2017-03-16 Active
COLLECTIVE GREEN ENERGY (YORKSHIRE ) LIMITED The Old Sorting Office, Newsham Road, Thirsk 2017-03-16 Active
GLOBEPOTTER LLP Village Farm, Catton, Thirsk 2017-03-15 Active
RFHS GROUP LTD Brook House, Thirkleby, Thirsk 2017-03-15 Active
SEDGEWELL BARN LIMITED 17 Central Buildings, Market Place, Thirsk 2017-03-13 Active
NAOMI C ATKINSON LIMITED The Laurels, Bagby, Thirsk 2017-03-06 Active
VOLLEYSTATS.CO.UK LTD Cleveland Steel, Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate, Thirsk 2017-02-28 Active
NORTH YORKSHIRE EQUINE VET LIMITED Hawthorne Cottage, Thornton Le Street, Thirsk 2017-02-24 Active
RADGAS MEDICAL LTD Knayton Hall Farmhouse, Knayton, Thirsk 2017-02-17 Active
ACCESS TECHNOLOGY NORTH LTD Harland House, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk 2017-02-16 Active
CONCEPT WINDOWS AND DOORS (HARROGATE) LIMITED Ravensgarth Back Lane, Dishforth, Thirsk 2017-02-15 Active
SECTOR ASSOCIATES LTD Gf1 Teleware House, Thirsk Industrial Estate, Thirsk 2017-02-14 Active
HOPE STREET LETTINGS LIMITED Beck House, Thirlby, Thirsk 2017-02-13 Active
THE CYCLE SHED LIMITED Stoneleigh, Asenby, Thirsk 2017-02-13 Active
ALAN EVANS THIRSK LIMITED 6 Ingramgate, Thirsk 2017-02-10 Active
NORTH YORKSHIRE HEATING LTD 39 Westgate, Thirsk 2017-02-02 Active
IVY HOUSE LIMITED Ivy House, Borrowby, Thirsk 2017-02-01 Active
LYDAN LTD. 8 Melltowns Green, Pickhill, Thirsk 2017-01-31 Active
ABSOLUTELY FLOCKED LIMITED Beck House, Thirlby, Thirsk 2017-01-30 Active
SANDHUTTON FARM PRODUCE LIMITED Unit 9 Skipton Old Airfield, Sandhutton, Thirsk 2017-01-24 Active
MAYS TRADING LIMITED 10 Market Place, Thirsk 2017-01-17 Active
COTTERILL CODING SOLUTIONS LIMITED The Chesters, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk 2017-01-05 Active
FALLOW PROPERTY LIMITED The Workshop Grizzlefield House, Felixkirk Rd, Thirsk 2016-12-23 Active
ZAZZI & BOO LTD Ivy Cottage Ivy Cottage, Boltby, Thirsk 2016-12-22 Active