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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

WOKING · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
BGM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED 29 Eastmead, Woking 2017-12-28 Active
CLAYBANK HEALTHCARE LIMITED 12 Stowe Court 162 Brookwood Farm Drive, Knaphill, Woking 2017-12-27 Active
RECEPTIVE LIMITED Flat 45 Enterprise Place, 175 Church Street East, Woking 2017-12-27 Active
CANDL NETWORK LIMITED New Dawn Dive Centre, 148 Send Road, Woking 2017-12-22 Active
EMROHARA LIMITED 33, Ashfield Accountancy Services, Chertsey Road, Woking 2017-12-22 Active
RANI JOSEPH LIMITED 46 Radstone Court, Hillview Road, Woking 2017-12-22 Active
SKYLINES WORLDWIDE ACCOMMODATIONS LIMITED 1 Stanyards Courtyard, Stanyards Farm Chertsey Road, Chobham, Woking 2017-12-22 Active
FABIAN HAND CAR WASH LTD Guildford Road Guildford Road, Mayford, Woking 2017-12-21 Active
SARAH E LIMITED 5 School Cottages, Mayford Green, Woking 2017-12-21 Active
I LOVE MY GADGET LTD 11 The Broadway, Woking 2017-12-20 Active
JAPP ENTERPRISE LIMITED Fairlawn House, Firbank Lane, Woking 2017-12-20 Active
ALPHA OMEGA CONTRACTS LTD 2 Burr Hill Lane, Chobham, Woking 2017-12-19 Active
WH LAW LTD 129 Brookfield, Woking 2017-12-19 Active
DISTINCT RUGBY LIMITED Suite 201, 1filament Walk, Midsummer Walk, Woking 2017-12-18 Active
FABIJHON WINE LTD 2 Lauriston Close Lauriston Close, Knaphill, Woking 2017-12-18 Active
YANA ALPACAS LTD Hawthorn Farm Tannery Lane, Ripley, Woking 2017-12-18 Active
A J UK INVESTMENTS LTD 61 Albert Drive, Woking 2017-12-15 Active
BEADYEYE.NINJA LIMITED 30 Chertsey Road, Woking 2017-12-15 Active
INSANE MARKETING LTD 10 Cardinal Place, Guildford Road, Woking 2017-12-15 Active
VALUEBLOCK LIMITED Tumblers, Maybourne Rise, Woking 2017-12-15 Active
GREENDAY GARDENS LTD 13 Pollard Road, Woking 2017-12-14 Active
INTEGRA LAW LTD West Hill Cottage Bagshot Road, Brookwood, Woking 2017-12-14 Active
KNIGHTS DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED C/o Virtual Company Secretary Ltd 4a Guildford Road, Brooklands House, Woking 2017-12-14 Active
BROOKWOOD DESIGN & BUILD LIMITED 91 Brookwood Farm Drive, Knaphill, Woking 2017-12-13 Active
WATSON ROSE LIMITED Chancery House, 30 St Johns Road, Woking 2017-12-13 Active
AA'S & BB'S CONSULTING LIMITED 49 Tresillian Way, Woking 2017-12-11 Active
AX DEVELOPMENTS LTD 84 Albert Drive, Woking 2017-12-11 Active
BEST 4 BEAUTY UK LTD 19-21 2nd Floor, Chertsey Road, Woking 2017-12-11 Active
EPLUCA UK CO LTD Export House Cawsey Way, 2nd Floor, Woking 2017-12-11 Active
TILLY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED 322 Railway House, Chertsey Rd, Woking 2017-12-11 Active
CORE POWER LIMITED 4 Jopling Road Jopling Road, Bisley, Woking 2017-12-08 Active
DUGSTONE HOLDINGS LTD Flat 21 The Clock Tower, Kings Road, Woking 2017-12-08 Active
FM & RIPLEY CONTRACTORS LTD Repley Constructions Portsmouth Road, Ripley, Woking 2017-12-08 Active
MICKLEDEN LTD Chancery House, 30 St Johns Road, Woking 2017-12-07 Active
ROSS MCGIBBON LTD 47 Elder Road, Bisley, Woking 2017-12-07 Active
BCJ BUILDERS LIMITED 25 Triggs Close, Woking 2017-12-06 Active
FJM FINANCE LIMITED 45 Frenchs Wells, Woking 2017-12-06 Active
IDRIVE CARS SALE LTD 202b Walton Road, Woking 2017-12-06 Active
IK ARCHITECTURE GROUP LIMITED Flat 9 Hascombe, Brooklyn Road, Woking 2017-12-06 Active
PORTICO GROUP LTD. Unit 2, Rio House High Street, Ripley, Woking 2017-12-06 Active
THINKROOM CONSULTING LIMITED 143 Lovelace Drive, Woking 2017-12-06 Active
FESTA TRADERS LTD 155 Maybury Road, Woking 2017-12-05 Active
JYPARKERUK LIMITED Pinetrees, Maybourne Rise, Woking 2017-12-05 Active
AJKB SOLUTIONS LTD Chancery House, 30 St Johns Road, Woking 2017-12-04 Active
ANDYATARAH LTD 16 Alice Ruston Place, Woking 2017-12-04 Active
AVANTGARDE TRANSPORTATION LIMITED 1 Wilcot Close, Bisley Wilcot Close, Bisley, Woking 2017-12-04 Active
FACILLUSTRATE LTD. 25 Rose Bank Cottages, Woking 2017-12-04 Active
SAPERE AUDE (2018) LIMITED Wedgewood, Court Green Heights, Woking 2017-12-04 Active
DANCEBITES LTD 52 Lambourne Crescent, Woking 2017-12-01 Active
N K T TRAVELS LIMITED 42 Bassett Road, Woking 2017-12-01 Active
SOFL FUNDING IV LIMITED Premier House, 15-19 Church Street West, Woking 2017-12-01 Active
TOTAM IT LTD Chancery House, 30 St Johns Road, Woking 2017-12-01 Active
3 POINT SERVICES LIMITED 30 Chertsey Road, Woking 2017-11-30 Active
GL DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED 48 Nankeville Court, Guildford Road, Woking 2017-11-30 Active
CIPTEX INTERNATIONAL LTD Chancery House, 30 St Johns Road, Woking 2017-11-29 Active
EASIHEALTH LTD 21 Beaufort Road, Woking 2017-11-29 Active
STEEL HORNET LTD 5 Ash Road, Woking 2017-11-29 Active
RGATE LIMITED Station House, Connaught Road, Brookwood, Woking 2017-11-28 Active
RAF CARE SERVICES LIMITED 14 Palace Court, Maybury Road, Woking 2017-11-27 Active
TSN PROPERTY SERVICES LTD 6 Lime Grove, Woking 2017-11-23 Active
ANDREW TOLKACHOV ELECTRICS LTD 8 Semper Close Semper Close, Knaphill, Woking 2017-11-22 Active
AP MARKETING SERVICES LIMITED 32 Pantiles Close, Woking 2017-11-22 Active
CLOUDAYZ TRANSFORMATION LIMITED 2nd Floor Lynton House, Station Approach, Woking 2017-11-22 Active
DANESWOOD LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP Vernham Madiera Road, West Byflett, Woking 2017-11-22 Active
FUUDI LTD 36 Littlemead, Littlemead, Woking 2017-11-22 Active
MICHAEL BROMLEY LIMITED 17 Guinness Court, Guinness Court, Woking 2017-11-22 Active
GLASSHAMMER LTD 32 Paddocks Mead, Woking 2017-11-21 Active
NICHOLAS WOOFF LIMITED 293, Albert Drive, Albert Drive, Woking 2017-11-21 Active
SPOTLESSHOME (SURREY) LTD 30 Malthouse Lane, Woking 2017-11-21 Active
ELLORA LIMITED 38 De Lara Way, De Lara Way, Woking 2017-11-20 Active
GLOBALE ENTERPRISE LTD 2 Omega Road, Woking 2017-11-20 Active
J.C AEROMOTIVE LIMITED 51 Kingcup Drive, Bisley, Woking 2017-11-20 Active
KICK BACK CREATE LTD 73 Connaught Crescent, Brookwood, Woking 2017-11-20 Active
WOODHILL ACCOUNTANCY SERVICES LTD Old Woodhill Cottage Woodhill, Send, Woking 2017-11-20 Active
BAY ALPHA LIMITED 139a Devonshire Avenue, Woking 2017-11-17 Active
SOFL FUNDING III LIMITED Premier House, 15-19 Church Street West, Woking 2017-11-17 Active
VAPE MARKET LTD 74 Victoria Road, Knaphill, Woking 2017-11-16 Active
LET WAY LTD 39 Chertsey Road, Woking 2017-11-15 Active
PEEK FOR HIM LIMITED Bullswater Cottage Bullswater Common, Pirbright, Woking 2017-11-15 Active
QUICK FORKS SK LTD 12 Bassett Road, Woking 2017-11-14 Active
VS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED 17 Westfield Road, Woking 2017-11-14 Active
ROSELAND LANDSCAPES LIMITED 1 Hill Place Chobham Road, Knaphill, Woking 2017-11-13 Active
E & I INTERCONTINENTAL FOODS LTD 74 Victoria Road, Knaphill, Woking 2017-11-10 Active
SILAM LIMITED 53 Abbey Road, Woking 2017-11-10 Active - Proposal to Strike off
SETFORDS TECHNOLOGY LTD 30 Chancery House, St Johns Road, Woking 2017-11-09 Active
A.T FINANCIAL LIMITED The Old Vicarage, Church Hill, Woking 2017-11-08 Active
BELLGROVE PROPERTIES LIMITED First Floor, 33 Chertsey Road, Woking 2017-11-08 Active
BLUE SKY HOME IMPROVEMENTS LTD 23 Jasmine Close, Woking 2017-11-08 Active
CARDAENEA LIMITED Fairlawn, Firbank Lane, Woking 2017-11-08 Active
MAB NEILL LTD 28 Cobbets Walk, Bisley, Woking 2017-11-08 Active
PILOT CARE SERVICES LIMITED 16 Chobham Road, Woking 2017-11-08 Active
BESPOKE RENOVATION SERVICES LIMITED Unit 14a Pankhurst Farm Bagshot Road, West End, Woking 2017-11-07 Active
DANY VALY LTD 13 Walton Terrace, Woking 2017-11-07 Active
J R SUPPLY LTD 60 The Riding, Woking 2017-11-07 Active
VIOFLORY LTD. Chancery House, 30 St Johns Road, Woking 2017-11-07 Active
AA & T LTD Fairview, Grove Heath Court, Gambles Lane, Ripley, Woking 2017-11-06 Active
ABRUJ LIMITED Flat 7, Queens Court, 40, High Street, Woking 2017-11-06 Active
MYLOR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIMITED 3 Mylor Close, Woking 2017-11-06 Active
OBAIR MANAGEMENT LTD Dane Court Cottage, Coldharbour Road, Woking 2017-11-06 Active
ORAMA SOFTWARE LIMITED Flat 5 Beaufort Mews Flat 5 Beaufort Mews, 1-3 Kingsway, Woking 2017-11-06 Active