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Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

WOOLWICH · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
BAO HALAL MEATS LTD 32 Thomas Street, Woolwich 2017-12-19 Active
SIMON VAN PARIJS LIMITED 14 Compton House, 7 Victory Parade, Woolwich 2017-12-15 Active
DESIGN CLEANING LTD Basement Flat, 151 Eglinton Road, Woolwich 2017-11-30 Active
DIO CONCEPT LIMITED 63 Acworth House, Barnfield Road, Woolwich 2017-11-13 Active
AJIT CONSTRUCTION LTD First Floor Flat, 110 Crescent Road, Woolwich 2017-11-08 Active
NICE CARIBBEAN LTD 15 Anglesea Rd, Woolwich 2017-10-25 Active
CINERG LIMITED 8f Elizabeth Court, Francis Street, Woolwich 2017-09-04 Active
MAYA CROWNZ 34 Elmdene Road, Woolwich 2017-09-01 Active
CREATE FOR YOU (DEVELOPMENTS) LIMITED Thames House 2nd Floor, 3 Wellington Street, Woolwich 2017-08-21 Active
EURO CAR TYERS LTD 725 Woolwich Road, Charlton, Woolwich 2017-08-14 Active
AUTISTIC INCLUSIVE MEETS 17 De Havilland Drive, Cambridge Row, Woolwich 2017-07-25 Active
SMARTCHUMA LTD 5 Biddulph House, Ride Out Street, Woolwich 2017-07-17 Active
TRENDS MA LTD 18 Chapman Court, 25 Burrage Road, Woolwich 2017-07-03 Active
SUCCOUR HEALTHCARE LTD 1 Woolwich New Road, Woolwich, Woolwich 2017-06-08 Active
AP LONDINIUM LTD 29 Bentham House, 2-4 Station Way, Woolwich 2017-05-05 Active
UK SINCERELY LTD Flat 53 Rixon House Barnfield Road, Barnfield Road, Woolwich 2017-04-27 Active
NAOCUSTANADA LIMITED 46 Willow Lane, Woolwich 2017-04-13 Active
MARMI EUROPA LTD 243 Woolwich Road, Woolwich 2017-03-30 Active
OPTIMAX SAP SOLUTION LTD 18 Red Barracks Road, Woolwich 2017-03-21 Active
BG FUFU LTD 58 Drumond House, 11 Victory Parade, Woolwich 2017-03-09 Active
GREENCO TYRE LIMITED 29 Hare Street, Woolwich 2017-03-02 Active
MCDERMOTT FIRST AID TRAINING LTD Flat 238 Building 22, Cadogan Road, Woolwich 2017-02-22 Active
THOMAS BLAKE HEALTH CARE LTD Flat 4 Bofors House, Berber Parade, Woolwich 2017-02-21 Active
E & EO SOLUTIONS LIMITED 1 Badminton Mews, Woolwich, Woolwich 2017-02-17 Active
88FOUR8 DIGITAL STUDIOS (UK) LTD Conduit Business Centre 2 The Mews, Conduit Road, Woolwich 2017-02-13 Active
BESPOKE KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS LTD 39 Bingham Point, Willmount Street, Woolwich 2017-01-30 Active
URBAN GELATO LTD 67 Woolwich New Road, Woolwich 2017-01-20 Active
SIMPLY NATUREL LTD 111 East Carriage House, Royal Carriage Mews, Woolwich 2016-12-23 Active
BOROUGH MODELS LIMITED 2,unit 4, Woolwich Church Street, Woolwich 2016-12-14 Active
CREPERIE CHEZ YVES LTD 27 Crescent Road, Woolwich 2016-12-08 Active
VENTURIAN TRADING LTD 5 Plantagenet House, 1 Leda Road, Woolwich 2016-12-07 Active
GEN&MAT CONSTRUCTION LTD 218 Cadogan Road, Woolwich 2016-12-06 Active
SPYRIDON CONSTRUCTION LTD 185 Kingsman Street, Woolwich 2016-12-01 Active
PERFECT TRAINING & RECRUITMENT LIMITED Unit 2, Conduit Business Centre, 2 Conduit Mews, Woolwich 2016-11-29 Active
AIR-BILAL LTD 71 Spearman Street, Woolwich 2016-11-21 Active
SAMMIECK LEGAL ASSOCIATES LIMITED 117 Kirkham Street, Woolwich 2016-11-16 Active
VICTORY CARE INTERNATIONAL LTD 33-35 Spray Street, Woolwich 2016-11-09 Active
AA ANIS LIMITED 28 Claydown Mews, Woolwich 2016-11-03 Active
ANTONY MCMORRAN LTD 272 Plumstead Common Road, Woolwich 2016-11-02 Active
GIVE KINDLY LTD 3 Sir Martin Bower House, 1 Calderwood Street, Woolwich 2016-10-27 Active
THE OSIDA'S COMPANY LIMITED 27 Tivoli Gardens, Woolwich 2016-10-11 Active
W S MENSWEAR LTD T/A NOIR LTD 13 Hare Street, Woolwich 2016-10-07 Active
158 EGLINTON ROAD FREEHOLD LIMITED 158 Eglinton Road, Woolwich 2016-09-01 Active
THAMES HEDGING LTD 39 Hillreach, Flat 1, Woolwich 2016-08-30 Active
ELITE HANDYMAN SERVICES LTD 9 Caldwell Close, Woolwich 2016-08-12 Active - Proposal to Strike off
MAKOM PROPERTIES LTD 4 Ashmore Road, Woolwich 2016-08-09 Active
PATRICKCARE LTD 14 Sandbach Pl, Woolwich 2016-08-08 Active - Proposal to Strike off
FAVOURP LTD 103 East Carriage House Royal Carriage Mews, Royal Carriage Mews, Woolwich 2016-08-04 Active
KHADIJA DEVELOPMENTS LTD 11 Hardinge Crescent, Woolwich 2016-07-12 Active
SAA SECURITY COMPANY UK LIMITED 1 Rockmount Road, Plumstead, Woolwich 2016-07-08 Active
CITY TRAINING CENTRE AND CONSULTANCY LTD 16 Parry Place, Woolwich 2016-06-30 Active
TSO BUILDING SERVICES LTD 39 Bingham Point, Willmount Street, Woolwich 2016-06-20 Active
THE LEARNING HUB WOOLWICH CIC The Learning Hun Woolwich C/o Woolwich Central Baptist Church, Smmons Road, Off Sandy Hill Road, Woolwich 2016-06-12 Active
ECO STEAM CLEANING AND AUTO DETAILING LTD 25 Brentwood House, Portway Gardens, Woolwich 2016-06-07 Active
GUERCYA LTD 37 The Oaks, Burrage Road, Woolwich 2016-05-23 Active
LEGACY HISTORICAL SERVICES LTD Room 9 145 Nathan Way, Thamesmead, Woolwich 2016-05-05 Active
W&H ASSOCIATES LIMITED 8 Howerd Court, 20 Love Lane, Woolwich 2016-04-27 Active
SHABARZ & SONS INVESTMENT LTD 58 Riverdale Road, Woolwich 2016-04-22 Active
DESIRES FASHION LIMITED Flat 2, Rectory Place, Woolwich 2016-04-14 Active
NEPALI CULTURE LTD Suite 2 Ground Floor Block 2 Island Business Centre, 18-36 Wellington Street, Woolwich 2016-04-07 Active
AXY SECURITY LIMITED 250a Burrage Road, Woolwich 2016-03-22 Active
HOMESFORJONES LIMITED 19 Ripon Road, Woolwich 2016-03-04 Active - Proposal to Strike off
C D REDFORD FM SERVICES LIMITED 113 Woolwich High Street, Woolwich 2016-02-15 Active
CICLOPI LTD First Floor, 14-16 Powis Street, Woolwich 2016-02-03 Active
PRAGMATHINK CONSULTING LTD. Ibc C/o Forward Accountnacy Services Ltd, 18-36 Wellington Street, Woolwich 2016-01-05 Active - Proposal to Strike off
BASILICA INVEST LIMITED 54 Llanover Road, 54 Llanover Road, Woolwich 2015-12-15 Active
COOL HAND LUKE LTD The Sycamores, Occupation Lane, Woolwich 2015-12-07 Active
CGP M&E LTD Unit 2, Room N Commonwealth Buildings, Woolwich Church Street, Woolwich 2015-11-26 Active
ARDELEANU MIHAIL 1170 LIMITED 29, Brent Road, Woolwich 2015-11-13 Active
BIGHOUSE FURNITURE LTD 110 Powis Street, Woolwich 2015-11-13 Active
CLEMENTON LTD Flat 15, Building 22, Cadogan Road, Woolwich 2015-10-26 Active
NATS HEALTHCARE LIMITED Flat 5, 29 Prospect Vale, Woolwich 2015-10-26 Active
WINCHESTER IT CONSULTANCY LTD Island Business Centre Office 121, 18-36 Wellington Street, Woolwich 2015-10-09 Active
LALA CONTRACTORS LTD 18 Ruddstreet Close, Woolwich 2015-10-04 Active
SXP7 CONSULTING LIMITED Wellesley House Duke of Wellington Avenue, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich 2015-07-27 Active
JAS (RESIDENTIAL) LTD Building 46 Flat 13, Marlborough Road, Woolwich 2015-07-24 Active
THE GREEN DOOR CONSULTANCY COMPANY LIMITED Wellesley House Duke of Wellington Avenue, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich 2015-07-22 Active
PAUL MEHAN INTERIORS LTD 111 Herbert Road, Woolwich 2015-07-20 Active
EQUILIBRIA UK LTD 142c Herbert Road, Plumstead, Woolwich 2015-07-09 Active
EBENEZERY LIMITED Flat 9 Churchill Court, Rushgrove Street, Woolwich 2015-06-29 Active
PYMA LIMITED 14-16 Powis Street, First Floor, Woolwich 2015-06-23 Active
GOODNEWS&HAPPINESS LTD 50 Hardinge Crescent, Woolwich, Woolwich 2015-06-10 Active
TRUE MEDICARE LTD 29 The Oaks, Woolwich 2015-06-10 Active
LUCIEN AND MARCEL HOME CARE LTD 18/36 Wellington Street, Woolwich Arsenal, Woolwich 2015-05-28 Active
JENS TURLEY LIMITED 18 Glenalvon Way, Woolwich 2015-05-19 Active
TOMAS KINGDOM LTD 105 Glyndon Road, Woolwich 2015-05-08 Active
A U J CONSULTING LIMITED 56 Antelope Road, Woolwich 2015-04-24 Active
MONTAGUE GATE LTD 68 Samuel Street, Woolwich 2015-04-13 Active
GRACELAND SOLICITORS LIMITED 15 Beresford Square, Woolwich 2015-03-28 Active
RITA SOLVEI'S HEALTH CARE LTD 101 Warehouse Court, No 1 Street, Woolwich 2015-03-26 Active
JUMMY STORE LTD 13c Spray Street, Woolwich 2015-03-12 Active
JMK ARTISTRY LIMITED 39 Canada Court, 109 Brookhill Rd, Woolwich 2015-02-26 Active
PREMIER DOVE LIMITED 133b Eglinton Road, Woolwich, Woolwich 2015-02-24 Active
ST DEODATUS LIMITED Unit Ff4, Common Wealth Buildings, Woolwich Church Street, Woolwich 2015-02-18 Active
CINESENSE (LONDON) LIMITED Wellesley House Duke of Wellington Avenue, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich 2015-02-13 Active
INVOKE-COMMAND LIMITED Wellesley House Duke of Wellington Avenue, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich 2015-02-12 Active
LOUIEQUA VOLUME LTD 20 Garibaldi Street, Woolwich 2015-02-11 Active
JACK DARLINGTON LIMITED 16 Burrage Road, Woolwich 2015-02-09 Active
ABIKES COMPANY (UK) LIMITED 27 Biddulph House, Rideout Street, Woolwich 2015-01-13 Active