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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

WORCESTER · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
RAWTYPE LTD 19 Sawmill Close, Worcester 2017-12-29 Active
CAUTION CLEANER LIMITED 14 14 Field House Gardens, Worcester 2017-12-27 Active
ESPRESSO SEVENTYONE LTD 7 Chepstow Avenue 7 Chepstow Avenue, Berkeley Beverborne, Worcester 2017-12-22 Active
KDY TRANS LIMITED 80 Randwick Drive, Worcester 2017-12-22 Active
BUILTBYGO LTD 6 Fairways Close, Bransford, Worcester 2017-12-21 Active
CROWN & ANCHOR INN LLANIDLOES LIMITED Unit 7 Ball Mill Top Main Road, Hallow, Worcester 2017-12-21 Active
JBD ARCHITECTS LLP Lea House, 3 Lansdowne Crescent, Worcester 2017-12-21 Active
HAYNES PORTFOLIO LIMITED 37 Foregate Street, Worcester 2017-12-20 Active
J & J SECURE HOLDINGS LIMITED Cadbury House, Blackpole East, Worcester 2017-12-20 Active
SME ADVISERS LIMITED 8 Sansome Walk, Worcester 2017-12-20 Active
VSP GROUP LIMITED 41 Back Lane South, Worcester 2017-12-20 Active
SEVERN TELECOMS LTD 7 Tay Avenue, Worcester 2017-12-19 Active
ELKINS CONSULTANCY LIMITED 56 Newport House, Newport Street, Worcester 2017-12-18 Active
THURSFIELDS PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED 9-10 The Tything, Worcester 2017-12-18 Active
AZTEC INNOVATION LIMITED 83 Malvern Road, Worcester 2017-12-15 Active
ADRIAN DAVIES CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED 12 Tyndale, Worcester 2017-12-13 Active
CEDARS VIEW DRIVEWAY LIMITED Oakwood, Broadwas-on-teme, Worcester 2017-12-13 Active
OLD RECTORY FARM ENTERPRISES LIMITED The Old Rectory, Holt Heath, Worcester 2017-12-13 Active
WORCESTER STRIPPING SERVICES LIMITED 29 St George's Square, Worcester 2017-12-13 Active
FOOD OF THE GODS LIMITED 35 Bath Road, Worcester 2017-12-12 Active
BIF INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 32 Sansome Place, Worcester 2017-12-11 Active
M.C.B.C. COMMERCIAL LIMITED Prickley Cottage Hillside, Martley, Worcester 2017-12-11 Active
UK MOTORHOME AND RACE VANS LTD Unit 7 Ball Mill Top Main Road, Hallow, Worcester 2017-12-11 Active
ANGEL MALL (WORCESTER) LTD Kerswell Green Farm House Kerswell Green, Kempsey, Worcester 2017-12-08 Active
M.C.B.C. HOLDINGS LIMITED Prickley Cottage Hillside, Martley, Worcester 2017-12-08 Active
S2C FRANCHISING LIMITED Co Wootton Taylor, 30 Foregate Street, Worcester 2017-12-08 Active
ESSEX CARE MIDLANDS LIMITED Office 19 Hallow Park, Hallow, Worcester 2017-12-07 Active
LTL (001) LIMITED Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester 2017-12-07 Active
TALISMAN TOOLING LIMITED Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester 2017-12-07 Active
ARCHES ESPRESSO LTD. Arch 51, Farrier Street, Worcester 2017-12-06 Active
COMPLY: AMUSEMENT SAFETY LTD 9 Malvern Road, Worcester 2017-12-06 Active
LECUNA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LTD Britannia Court, 5 Moor Street, Worcester 2017-12-06 Active
TALISMAN CAPS AND CLOSURES LIMITED Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester 2017-12-06 Active
TALISMAN MOULDINGS LIMITED Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester 2017-12-06 Active
TALISMAN PLASTICS LIMITED Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester 2017-12-06 Active
TALISMAN SECURITY SEALS LIMITED Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester 2017-12-06 Active
WARD MITCHELL FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD 177 Northwick Road, Worcester 2017-12-06 Active
NATIONAL HERITAGE CLUB LIMITED Suite 213, 79 Friar Street, Worcester 2017-12-05 Active
R.MLADENOV LTD 3 Teeswater Close, Worcester 2017-12-05 Active
DC BASE LTD 15 Sky Court, Worcester 2017-12-04 Active
FIELDS FARM & EQUESTRIAN LTD 35 Buck Street, Worcester 2017-12-04 Active
SONDER BREWING COMPANY LTD. 16 Richmond Road, Worcester 2017-12-01 Active
XRADAR UK LIMITED Tythe Barn Church Lane, Martin Hussingtree, Worcester 2017-12-01 Active
QUNIFI HOLDINGS LIMITED Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester 2017-11-30 Active
THE RIVERBANK PUB COMPANY LTD 11 Jubilee House, 71 Mayfield Road, Worcester 2017-11-30 Active
ARTIC SIGNS AND PRINT LTD Unit G The Railway Yard, Midland Road, Worcester 2017-11-29 Active
ECLECTRIC LIMITED 109 Cranham Drive, Worcester 2017-11-29 Active
FLORIN IMPORTING LTD 3 Timberdine Avenue, Worcester 2017-11-29 Active
PIERRE THE BEAR LIMITED 15 Merchants Court, 30 Diglis Road, Worcester 2017-11-29 Active
J.F. WRIGHT LIMITED Manor House Offices, Malvern Road, Worcester 2017-11-28 Active
NATURAL RELAX SPA LTD 149 London Road, Worcester 2017-11-28 Active
HUDSON HUNG LTD 20 Ombersley Road, Worcester 2017-11-27 Active
BEAR365LTD LTD 41 Winchcombe Drive, Worcester 2017-11-24 Active
PUNDITS FUSION LIMITED 9 Old Street, Upton-upon-severn, Worcester 2017-11-24 Active
BALANCE-MEAL-PREP LIMITED The Old Post Office, Stanford Bridge, Worcester 2017-11-23 Active
BALDWIN-MILLER LTD Unit 2 Norton Business Park, Church Lane, Norton, Worcester 2017-11-23 Active
HYBRID CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Manor House Offices, Malvern Road, Worcester 2017-11-23 Active
BASE TWO LTD 52 Upton Road, Callow End, Worcester 2017-11-22 Active
BIG BOYS FIREWORKS LIMITED 20 Sansome Walk, Worcester 2017-11-22 Active
ILD SERVICES LIMITED 13 Norton Road, Worcester 2017-11-22 Active
MERRELL & BIBBY BUILDING CONTRACTORS LTD 8 Huxtable Rise, Worcester 2017-11-22 Active
WORCESTER MARKET CAFE LTD Market Cafe, 10 Cornmarket, Worcester 2017-11-22 Active
IGE INTERNATIONAL LTD. C/o Latimers, 6 Shaw Street, Worcester 2017-11-21 Active
RICHARD TYLER ROOFING LIMITED 87 Ambleside Drive, Worcester 2017-11-21 Active
SIGNATURE RECRUITMENT CONSULTANCY LTD 6 Sansom Lodge, Office 4, Little Southfield Street, Worcester 2017-11-21 Active
SOUL BRANDED LIMITED The Stables Bransford Court Lane, Bransford, Worcester 2017-11-21 Active
ASHTAR GALACTIC COMMAND LTD 5 Mayfield Road, Worcester 2017-11-20 Active
DEVELOP MY CLOUD LTD 12 Patterdale Drive 12 Patterdale Drive, Warndon, Worcester 2017-11-20 Active
JIJO MATHEW LIMITED 45 Grosmont Avenue, Worcester 2017-11-20 Active
MPLANT HOLDINGS LTD 40 Diglis Road, Worcester 2017-11-20 Active
OMNIA LONDON CLOTHING LTD 23 Himbleton Road, Worcester 2017-11-20 Active
QUANTUM SOUNDS LTD Kantbee Cottage, Upton-upon-severn, Worcester 2017-11-20 Active
STONE VP (NO. 3) LIMITED Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester 2017-11-20 Active
ANTIQUES CASH CONVERTORS LTD 8 Huxtable Rise, Worcester 2017-11-17 Active
ASHCROFT BUILDING LTD 79 Winchester Avenue, Winchester Avenue, Worcester 2017-11-17 Active
DERBY ROAD (DOVERIDGE) RESIDENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester 2017-11-17 Active
FOX AND THE HOUNDS GROOMERS LTD 87 St. Johns, Worcester 2017-11-17 Active
PRACTICAL NATURE LIMITED Yeldon Farm Penn Hall Lane, Menith Wood, Worcester 2017-11-17 Active
A&C TRANSPORT (W) LTD Room 27 8, Shrub Hill Road, Worcester 2017-11-15 Active
CRABTREE HOLDINGS LTD 9 Powick Mills, Old Road, Worcester 2017-11-15 Active
LEEMG LTD 92 Broadway Grove, Worcester 2017-11-15 Active
MCADAM TRANSPORT LTD 12 Perdiswell St, Worcester 2017-11-15 Active
MERRY BROOK PROJECTS LIMITED Unit 3, Hawford Business Centre, Worcester 2017-11-15 Active
NATIONWIDE PROPERTY MAINTENANCE LTD 90 Drake Avenue, Worcester 2017-11-15 Active
STUDENT 4 STUDENT HOUSING LTD Flat 2, 79, Barbourne Road, Worcester 2017-11-15 Active
AUXIL MEDIA LTD 28 Canterbury Road, Worcester 2017-11-14 Active
GAWI-TRANS LTD 20 Lowesmoor, Worcester 2017-11-14 Active
HUGHES INNS LTD 31 St John's, Worcester 2017-11-14 Active
OLD OAK (DRAKES BROUGHTON) LIMITED 47 Foregate Street, Worcester 2017-11-14 Active
MOGGLE LIMITED 10 Pollards Court, Basin Road, Worcester 2017-11-13 Active
ICE CREAM HEAVEN LTD Harkaway House, Whittington, Worcester 2017-11-10 Active
KAM-KAS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED 10 Exbury Place, St Peters, Worcester 2017-11-10 Active
PHRESH FANS UK LIMITED 1 - 3 College Yard, Worcester 2017-11-10 Active
WORCESTER CABS LIMITED 18 Albert Road, Worcester 2017-11-10 Active
ALT - ENERGI SERVICES LTD Unit 7 Ball Mill Top Main Road, Hallow, Worcester 2017-11-09 Active
MARTECH ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED 48 Spetchley Road, Worcester 2017-11-09 Active
ROWE HOMES BUILDING DESIGN LIMITED 43 Fairbairn Avenue, Worcester 2017-11-09 Active
GROSZIK WORCESTER LTD 38 Lowesmoor, Worcester 2017-11-08 Active
INSPIRITEME PRODUCTIONS LTD Crown Chambers, Flat 10, Friary Walk, Worcester 2017-11-08 Active
OPERATIONS PERFORMANCE SUPPORT LTD 8 Hill View Road, Worcester 2017-11-08 Active