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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom (UK)
Register: Companies House, UK

This dataset contains listing of 2.4m companies incorporated with the Companies House, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom. Each entity is registered with the following information: company number, company name, address (street, post town, county, post code), category, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, etc.

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Entity Name Office Address Start Date Status
ALPHAPLATE LIMITED 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London 2017-12-29 Active
BRIDGING FINANCE CAPITAL GROUP LIMITED 20-22 Wenlock Road, London 2017-12-29 Active
HART RETIREMENT LIMITED Ground Floor, 19 New Road, Brighton 2017-12-29 Active
ALMALIA LIMITED 11 Fitzroy Road, Bradford 2017-12-28 Active
GEFARA LTD 27 Old Gloucester Street, London 2017-12-28 Active
STANDARD CROWN LIMITED 10 Craven Hill, London 2017-12-28 Active
WINTER FININST VIENNA LTD 20-22 Wenlock Road, London 2017-12-28 Active
ABM CONSULTANCY LIMITED 18 Rider Road, Woodhouse, Leeds 2017-12-27 Active
AZBIT LIMITED Kemp House, 160 City Road, London 2017-12-27 Active
BITCOIN COMMODITIES LIMITED 55 Ellerdine Road, Hounslow 2017-12-27 Active
BITWIRE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Kemp House, 160 City Road, London 2017-12-27 Active
CRYPTO INVEST POLSKA LIMITED 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London 2017-12-27 Active
FOREX CENTRAL LIMITED 18 Howard Street, Tipton 2017-12-27 Active
LUK CAPITAL LIMITED 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London 2017-12-27 Active
MAB EXETER LTD 19 Lynwood Avenue, Exeter 2017-12-27 Active
SHA GLOBAL FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED Kube Business Centre, 58 Plumstead High Street, London 2017-12-27 Active
BAT & ROB LTD C/o Preiskel & Co LLP 4 King's Bench Walk, Temple, London 2017-12-22 Active
BERGERAC FINANCE LTD C/o Preiskel & Co LLP 4 King's Bench Walk, Temple, London 2017-12-22 Active
BROM-MO-CO. LTD Suite 14c, Link 665 Business Centre Todd Hall Road, Haslingden, Rossendale 2017-12-22 Active
BUSINESS FINANCE 365 LTD 1 Highfield Grove, Highfield Grove, Omagh 2017-12-22 Active
CORPORATE DEFENSE INVESTMENTS LTD 9 Staple Inn, London 2017-12-22 Active
CRYPTO LIBERTY LIMITED 130 Old Street, London 2017-12-22 Active
DUMAR INVEST LIMITED 11 Rosemont Road, Hampstead, London 2017-12-22 Active
EDWARD CAPITAL LTD Ingles Manor, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone 2017-12-22 Active
GANDER FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED 93 Gloucester Court, Kew Road, Richmond 2017-12-22 Active
GLOBAL DESIGN PROCESSING LTD 101 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh 2017-12-22 Active
GLOBAL TRADE FACILITATE LIMITED Omega, Lower Street Lower Street, Tilmanstone, Deal 2017-12-22 Active
H A RAJA CONSULTANTS LIMITED 14 Southbrook Terrace, Bradford 2017-12-22 Active
HOWARTH FINANCIAL LIMITED 12 Highview Avenue South, Brighton 2017-12-22 Active
HPFX LIMITED Mutual House, 70 Conduit Street, London 2017-12-22 Active
HUMAN CRESCENT LTD 55 Channel Close, Hounslow 2017-12-22 Active
JAMES IOELE LIMITED Avc House, 21 Northampton Lane, Swansea 2017-12-22 Active
LYB EXPORT HOLDINGS LIMITED 1 Vine Street, London 2017-12-22 Active
MIRADA CORPORATE PARTNERS LIMITED 3 Fullers Lane, Woolton Hill, Newbury 2017-12-22 Active
NEW WAVE FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP LIMITED C/o Nokes & Co. Squire House, 81-87 High Street, Billericay 2017-12-22 Active
SP DOLPHIN SERVICES LTD 9 Staple Inn, 2nd Floor, London 2017-12-22 Active
SWEETBRIDGE GUARANTEE LTD 12 Constance Street, London 2017-12-22 Active
SYLARI LTD 3 Wiltshire House, Somerset Avenue, Leicester 2017-12-22 Active
VICUÑITA MINERALS UK LTD 27/28 Eastcastle Street, London 2017-12-22 Active
ADAPT FINANCE INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED Wharf3 Holly Bank Street, Radcliffe, Manchester 2017-12-21 Active
ARP1 LTD 19 Goldington Road, Bedford 2017-12-21 Active
CAVILL FINANCIAL AND MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS LTD 17 Hilliard Close, Bedworth 2017-12-21 Active
ENIGMA GLOBAL COMPANY LTD Kemp House, 160 City Road, London 2017-12-21 Active
FASMK TRADING LIMITED Rm101, Maple House, 118 High Street, Purley, London 2017-12-21 Active
LAXFIELD CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED 22 Chancery Lane, London 2017-12-21 Active
LEADENHALL SERVICING LIMITED Rectory Cottage Main Road, Bentley, Farnham 2017-12-21 Active
PHOENIX ER4 LIMITED 1 Wythall Green Way, Wythall, Birmingham 2017-12-21 Active
S GREEN CONTRACTING LIMITED 82 Weston Street, London 2017-12-21 Active
S W INTRODUCERS LIMITED 18 Millburn Avenue, St. Combs, Fraserburgh 2017-12-21 Active
SMART PENSION ADMINISTRATION (UK) LIMITED 20 Eastbourne Terrace, London 2017-12-21 Active
SWITCH FINANCIAL LIMITED First Floor Thavies Inn House / 3-4, Holborn Circus, London 2017-12-21 Active
VOLANT EXECUTION UK LIMITED 43-45 Dorset Street, London 2017-12-21 Active
AMO KM LIMITED 2 Adlington Road, Oadby, Leicester 2017-12-20 Active
HONEY ASSET FINANCE LTD. 22 Deverel Road, Charlton Down, Dorchester 2017-12-20 Active
KOYV TRADE LIMITED Rm101, Maple House, 118 High Street, Purley, London 2017-12-20 Active
LONDON MORTGAGE CONSULTING LTD Flat 16, Poplar High Street, London 2017-12-20 Active
MARKET ACCESS LIMITED 39 St. James's Street, London 2017-12-20 Active
PENSION TRANSFER CLAIMS LTD Ilkley Hall, Ilkley Hall Park, Ilkley 2017-12-20 Active
SARAH SOLUTIONS LIMITED 2 Rutland Road, Tyldesley, Manchester 2017-12-20 Active
SILVERMOON GROUP LIMITED Montague Place Quayside, Chatham Maritime, Chatham 2017-12-20 Active
AMATOLA CAPITAL LIMITED Unit 14580 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole 2017-12-19 Active
ARCH HALL SOUTH LIMITED 2 Park Avenue, Sale 2017-12-19 Active
CARDIFF AUTO RECEIVABLES SECURITISATION 2018-1 PLC 35 Great St. Helen's, London 2017-12-19 Active
CORNBRASH FINANCIAL PLANNING LTD 129 Cornbrash Rise, Hilperton, Trowbridge 2017-12-19 Active
CORPORATE FINANCE SOLUTIONS GROUP LIMITED Mwr Accountants, 292 North Road, Cardiff 2017-12-19 Active
DIAGONAL NOMINEES LIMITED 2 Gresham Street, London 2017-12-19 Active
FINANCE IT ANGELS LTD 3 Cayley Court, Clifton Moor, York 2017-12-19 Active
KEY MARKETING SOLUTIONS LIMITED 9th Floor, Regent House, Stockport 2017-12-19 Active
NW FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED 11 Hudson Way, Radcliffe-on-trent, Nottingham 2017-12-19 Active
PAYMENT BOX LTD 20-22 Wenlock Road, London 2017-12-19 Active
PECUNIAM SOLUTIONS NORTH EAST LIMITED 22 Bromarsh Court, Sunderland 2017-12-19 Active
PERSONAL INSOLVENCY SOLUTIONS LTD 71-75 Shelton Street, Covernt Garden, London 2017-12-19 Active
STENHOUSE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED 1 Marshall Street, Stanley, Wakefield 2017-12-19 Active
ARCHETYPE FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD 62 Field Lane, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby 2017-12-18 Active
CAMPBELLS BUSINESS PRACTICE LIMITED 20-22 Wenlock Road, London 2017-12-18 Active
CAPRI-CO FINANCE LTD 37 37 Norwood Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire 2017-12-18 Active
COSMOS TRAVEL LTD. 5 Broadmeadow Avenue, Manchester 2017-12-18 Active
DRAGONFLY PROJECT MANAGEMENT UK LTD 169 Welbeck Road, Carshalton 2017-12-18 Active
GRYPHON DISTRIBUTION LIMITED 11 Strand, London 2017-12-18 Active
HOPEWELL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED Tottenham Town Hall Town Hall Approach Road, Tottenham, London 2017-12-18 Active
MANGOPOPO LIMITED Flat 25, Wessex House, 2 Methuen Close, Bournemouth 2017-12-18 Active
PUTNEY ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED Sterling House, Fulbourne Road, Walthamstow 2017-12-18 Active
SHAMILA RAMZAN LIMITED 101 Oak Lane, Bradford 2017-12-18 Active
SOVEREIGN INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED Kemp House, 160 City Road, London 2017-12-18 Active
SYNERGY & IMPACT LTD 10/11 Charterhouse Square, London 2017-12-18 Active
A J UK INVESTMENTS LTD 61 Albert Drive, Woking 2017-12-15 Active
ETERNA PRIVATE CLIENTS LIMITED 27 Old Gloucester Street, London 2017-12-15 Active
K SHAH LIMITED 14 Southbrook Terrace, Bradford 2017-12-15 Active
LONDON BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LTD 20-22 Wenlock Road, London 2017-12-15 Active
POLOM LTD Unit 303, John Carter House, 54-58 Kingsland Road, London 2017-12-15 Active
PRIDE MONEY EXCHANGE LIMITED 15 Mowbray Street, Ashton-under-lyne 2017-12-15 Active
RIVE GAUCHE LIMITED 44 Wiltshire Avenue, Yate, Bristol 2017-12-15 Active
TCTN CONSULTING LTD 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London 2017-12-15 Active
THE MONEY ADVICE LINE LIMITED Canal Wharf, Canal Street, Littleborough 2017-12-15 Active
YOUR HOME FINANCE LTD 2 Hollingtons Grove, Birch, Colchester 2017-12-15 Active
ASSET RETURN PREDICTOR LIMITED 19 Goldington Road, Bedford 2017-12-14 Active
BEGLEY WEALTH MANAGEMENT LTD Trewan House Wheal Rose, Scorrier, Redruth 2017-12-14 Active
BROKERS OF BRIGHTON LTD Basement Flat 1, 41 Brunswick Place, Hove 2017-12-14 Active
EU FLIGHT RECLAIMS LTD 19 Adamson House Towers Business Park, Didsbury, Manchester 2017-12-14 Active