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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Arvada · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
K&D Auto Inc. 6040 W 59th Ave, Suite D, Arvada 2018-08-29 Good Standing
K&D Investment Company 6040 W 59th Ave, Suite D, Arvada 2018-08-29 Good Standing
ACME Sales Solutions, Ltd. 8440 W 59TH AVE, Arvada Kevin Hanley 2018-08-29 Good Standing
A Class Above Limousine 7628 w 54th ave $106, Arvada BARRY A GOMES 2018-08-29 Good Standing
AKSAN IA FC, LLC 6850 W. 52nd Ave., Suite 200, Arvada David L. See 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Interstate Survey Group, LLC 6248 W. 80th Pl, Arvada Bradley Lance Laman 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Elevation Wellness 6573 Benton Circle, Arvada Patricia Jean Stott 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Copeacetic VVC, LLC 8426 W. 68th Place, Arvada Kenneth Cope 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Nor-Est 8163 3ave, Arvada Tanel Saar 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Chong Han Enterprises, LLC 15400 w 64 ave, Arvada robert l pitler 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Graziani Optometry, LLC 9467 Iron Mountain Way, Arvada Stephanie Claire Graziani 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Zyla Consulting LLC 15995 W. 71st Place, Arvada Daniel J Zyla 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Jennifer Jordon Un-Limited 8726 Independence Way, Arvada Jennifer Lynn Jordon 2018-08-28 Good Standing
ARS Auto Glass 17102 w 94th Pl, Arvada, Colo William Villegas 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Native Designs LLC 10986 W. 62nd Ave, Arvada Jamie Lee Summers 2018-08-28 Good Standing
EHFAR Investments LLC 8425 Kendall Court, Arvada Carin M Cook 2018-08-27 Good Standing
S.E.A.L. Security, LLC 10725 West 85 Place, Arvada 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Swift Field Services Inc. 5203B Marshall Street, Arvada Karl Bartholomaei 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Carini's Collections 9808 W 70TH PL, Arvada Heidi Monica Lacey 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Novella Bookkeeping LLC 5614 Kipling Pkwy 401, Arvada Dylan W Watts 2018-08-27 Good Standing
VintageVentures 8474 west 74th place, Arvada catherine lynn Bertolin 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Preconstruction Services, LLC 6927 Newcombe Street, Arvada Aaron Matthew Townsend 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Woolf Geophysical LLC 17371 W 83rd Pl, Arvada Jeremy Woolf 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Prolifically Profound 6027 Zinnia Court, Arvada JESSE C XIAO 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Mama Sauna's LLC 7012 Ingalls St., Arvada Edward Traganos 2018-08-26 Good Standing
MR AND MRS GREEN CLEAN 6474 Gray Street, Arvada Dexter Dixon 2018-08-25 Good Standing
Succulents by Elliot LLC 2343 Ranch Dr, Westminster 2018-08-24 Good Standing
The Best Me LLC 19279 W 88th Dr, Arvada Katherine Lapins Trujillo 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Stoneco, LLC 18543 W. 92ND LN., Arvada Giovanni Stone 2018-08-24 Good Standing
MHEsolution LLC 18543 W. 92ND LN., Arvada 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Cash Box LLC 6070 Gray St, Arvada Kyle Allen Von Kaenel 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Modern MarTech 7808 Grandview Avenue, Arvada Jordan Rae Smith 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Why Knott, LLC 8346 Fenton Way, Arvada Thomas R Clark II 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Gestione Illimitata Ltd 5772 W 61st Dr, Arvada Louis Colaiannia 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Janus Data Solutions Ltd. 5772 W 61st Dr, Arvada Louis Adam Colaiannia III 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Summit Nine Media 17396 W 77th Pl, Arvada Davis Yates 2018-08-24 Good Standing
RB Properties 7380 Jellison Street, Arvada Rebecca Behunin 2018-08-23 Good Standing
1472301, LLC 6870 w 52nd Ave, Ste 203, Arvada Rodney C Atherton 2018-08-23 Good Standing
1482311, LLC 6870 w 52nd Ave, Ste 203, Arvada Rodney C Atherton 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Juaquin Camarena Boxer, LLC 4805 W 63rd Pl, Arvada Juaquin Trinidad Camarena 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Friends of South Adams County Firefighters 9310 W 81st Place, Arvada Derek Ross 2018-08-22 Good Standing
A & W Services LLC 8575 W 65th Way, Arvada Shannon Paul Atencio 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Wyld Investments, LLC 5772 Cole Court, Arvada Lia Dahler 2018-08-22 Good Standing
The Kattle Ranch LLC 9505 ALKIRE ST, Arvada JARED JANSEN 2018-08-22 Good Standing
True Morehead, LLC 8725 Wadsworth Blvd., Suite D, Arvada Wendolyn L Dauenbaugh 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Focus 15845 W. 63 rd, Arvada Anthony Russell Smith 2018-08-22 Good Standing
RivTech, LLC 9426 JUNIPER WAY, Arvada 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Go Go Home Inspections 8650 W 78th Pl, Arvada Mathew James Hohnstein 2018-08-22 Good Standing
5280 Abode LLC 9548 w 56th pl, Arvada Viatcheslav Nosov 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain DocuScan, LLC 5797 W. 81st PL, Arvada Karrie Laine Austin 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Half Moon Leather Works 10945 Allendale Dr, Arvada Christopher Robert Coe 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Jellison Way Properties, LLC 7501 Terry Court, Arvada Julie Bagley 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Phoenix Custom Finishes 7310 W 52nd Ave, Ste. A #426, Arvada Vanessa Marie Gregory 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Smile LLC 6034 Urban Court, Arvada Ana Lia Davila de Santos 2018-08-21 Good Standing
BRIGHT STERLING, LLC 12001 W. 63rd Place, Suite 5, Arvada William Bronchick 2018-08-20 Good Standing
integrated mechanical solutions, l.l.c. 14453 w 70th place, Arvada DAVID OSTROM 2018-08-20 Good Standing
CT Processing 6979 Coors Ct, Arvada Chandra Thomas 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Kaborow LLC 6735 W. 84th Cir. #72, Arvada 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Toys N Tiques LLC 12650 W 64th Ave, Unit E #140, Arvada Brandon Wade Kuhlmann 2018-08-20 Good Standing
DH Window Solutions 6860 Oak Street, Unit 308, Arvada Anita-Marie Nicole Pinelli 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Pennington Acres Road Association 5405 Eldridge Street, Arvada Richard Todd 2018-08-20 Good Standing
8640 W 55th Drive, LLC 7501 Terry Court, Arvada Michael A. Bushell 2018-08-20 Good Standing
GAE Network Consulting, LLC 15354 W 64TH LANE, APT 307, Arvada Gary A Esposito 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Evie Jade Co. LLC 10088 W. 55th Drive Unit 205, Arvada Jon-Daniel Gilbert Rotzoll 2018-08-19 Good Standing
Technical Universal Group LLC 8929 Devinney Ct., Arvada Cameron Gene Dotts 2018-08-19 Good Standing
6137 Jellison Way, LLC 6348 Jellison Way, Arvada James A. Sanborn 2018-08-19 Good Standing
Chameleon's Image LLC 6006 Ingalls Cir, Arvada Debra Ann Medina 2018-08-18 Good Standing
MTP Consulting Group LLC 20121 W 95th Pl, Arvada Boulas Kevin 2018-08-17 Good Standing
GL Development, LLC PO Box 746625, Arvada Donna Maas 2018-08-17 Good Standing
Sofull Kitchen 5604 Kendall Ct, Arvada Byron Borel 2018-08-17 Good Standing
7903 Sherman Way, LLC 12853 W 80th Place, Arvada John Dilday 2018-08-17 Good Standing
Body Forge Training LLC 16148 W 70TH PL, Arvada Olivia Moschetti 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Rhino Brothers LLC 5885 Pierce St, Suite 203, Arvada Carlos Armando Proano Jr. 2018-08-16 Good Standing
TDUFDRIVES LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY 5515 Pierce Ct, Arvada 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Restored Balance Massage and Wellness, LLC 15451 W 76th Drive, Arvada Jamie Lynn Dalpes 2018-08-16 Good Standing
WXPERT LLC 10966 West 77th Ave, Arvada Martin E Coniglio 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Arreola Landscaping & Concrete 5400 Sheridan Boulevard #339, Arvada ALBERTO ARREOLA 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Pura Vida Publishers LLC 13985 W 58th Pl, Arvada Michael Jacob Weber 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Kona Kim LLC 5985 Independence St., Arvada 2018-08-15 Good Standing
NOVA Vapors LLC 13936 W 74th Pl., Arvada 2018-08-15 Good Standing
PRESTIGE CONSTRUCTION INC 5400 sheridan blvd, Lot 247, Arvada Jonathan Cerda-Zarate 2018-08-15 Good Standing
1461546, LLC 6870 w 52nd Ave, Ste 203, Arvada Rodney C Atherton 2018-08-15 Good Standing
The Lucrative Choice LLC 7310 W 52nd Ave, #A313, Arvada Jon Mark Ahmadi 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Align Marketing & Events LLC 6370 Depew Ct, Arvada Cynthia Harter 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Little Foot Training & Rescue, LLC 7870 W 87th Dr #F, Arvada Alexa Atencio 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Purposefully Designed Calligraphy Ltd. 9336 W. 66th Pl, Arvada Bethany Joy Kraft 2018-08-15 Good Standing
The RE Generation Shop LLC 5272 Arbutus St, Arvada 2018-08-14 Voluntarily Dissolved
Clowdee, LLC 8199 Estes Ct, Arvada Bart Mowrey 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Menny Joe's Carpet Cleaning, LLC 5400Sheridan, Lot 197, Arvada Carlos Fernando Borruel 2018-08-14 Good Standing
AAA Painters LLC 6510 West 80th Drive, Arvada LeBaron Rawlene 2018-08-14 Good Standing
BlockChain Data Management Inc 7295 W 62ND AVE, Arvada James R Clark 2018-08-14 Good Standing
MLKC Investments LLC 9616 West 71st Place, Arvada Michael W Lundgren 2018-08-14 Good Standing
185 South Santa Fe, LLC 7309 Carr Street, Arvada Ellen Runyan 2018-08-13 Good Standing
West Bayaud Avenue, LLC 7309 Carr Street, Arvada Ellen Runyan 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Gray Street Building, LLC 7309 Carr Street, Arvada Ellen Runyan 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Harlan Street Building, LLC 7309 Carr Street, Arvada Ellen Runyan 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Van Eden Cabin, LLC 7309 Carr Street, Arvada Ellen Runyan 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Norby Property Services LLC 11058 W. 62nd Place, Arvada John Gregory Norby 2018-08-13 Good Standing