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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Aurora · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Valefor Elements LLC 15340 East Evans Avenue, Apartment 103, Aurora, CO 80013, US Clement Sidney Hill Jr. 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Ark Transit LLC 18214 E LINVALE DR, Aurora, CO 80013, US JOSEPH OGUNTUASE 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Grubbs Co. 11852 East 16th Avenue, 202, Aurora, CO 80010, US Brian Christopher Grubbs 2020-01-01 Good Standing
VB Auto Detailing, LLC. 2050 Oakland St., Aurora, CO 80010, US Dylan Miguel Vargas 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Birdie Golf Tees Ltd 2573 S Killarney Ct, Aurora, CO 80013, US David Boyle 2020-01-01 Good Standing
SuiteEnterprise LLC PO BOX 441482, Aurora, CO 80044, US Shankar Sharma 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Sapphire Beach, LLC 7939 S Elk Way, Aurora, CO 80016, US Craig T Reynolds 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Five Parks Investors 2211 Elmira St., Aurora, CO 80010, US 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Aspired Holdings, LLC 22127 East Hoover Drive, Aurora, CO 80016, US Paul Matthew Engle 2020-01-01 Good Standing
The Glass House Limited 2821 S Parker Road, Suie 135, Aurora, CO 80014, US Stacey Marie Harris 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Up Early Designs LLC 25562 E Indore Drive, Aurora, CO 80016, US Anthony Pallotta 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Gabrielle A Prato DO, PA 8095 S Kewaunee St, Aurora, CO 80016, US Gabrielle Prato 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Ludega Software LLC 14904 E Arkansas Drive, Aurora, CO 80012, US 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Dawg Father Limited 2990 S Newark Pl., Aurora, CO 80014, US Christopher Ray McGee 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Sims Muleshoe, LLC 12361 E. Cornell Avenue, Aurora, CO 80014, US 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Cumbres Riventures LLC 7390 D County Rd 359, Chromo, CO 81128, US Alicia Catarina Rivera 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Legacy Diesel Repair LLC 916 Elmira St, Aurora, CO 80010, US Christian Miguel Lopez-Lepe 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Light and Refuge Spiritual Care, LLC 26703 E Peakview Pl, Aurora, CO 80016, US Vicki Pond 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Chabad of Aurora 1621 South Lansing St, Aurora, CO 80012, US David Araiev 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Claritymobiledetailing 13631 East Yale Ave B, Unit B, Aurora, CO 80014, US Sebastian Stout 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Nebula Systems, LLC 17672 E. Loyola Drive, Unit 2211R, Aurora, CO 80013, US 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Aurora's Essence LLC 1901 Danube Way, Aurora, CO 80011, US Kay K Reilly 2020-01-01 Good Standing
M & V Painting S Corporation 1261 S Olathe Way, Aurora, CO 80017, US Pedro Baena 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Aurora Trading International, LLC 23427 E Ottawa Drive, Aurora, CO 80016, US Liangde Lu 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Urban Events Colorado 3614 S. Nepal Street, Aurora, CO 80013, US Michele L Venter 2020-01-01 Good Standing
The Raven, LLC 3957 S Fundy Circle, Aurora, CO 80013, US 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Milly J Photography 1945 Peoria St., #201, Aurora, CO 80010, US Emily Wallace 2020-01-01 Good Standing
White Dragon LLC 1024 N JAMAICA CT, Aurora, CO 80010, US Danny Nguyen 2020-01-01 Good Standing
St. Mark Painting 21052 E Greenwood Place, Aurora, CO 80013, US Ibnu Hidayat 2020-01-01 Good Standing
EMPIRE TOWING CORP 14268 E MISSISSIPPI PLACE, APT 05-204, Aurora, CO 80012, US DAILIN ARNOSO DIAZ 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Luxe Agent, LLC 11972 E Harvard Ave, Aurora, CO 80014, US 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Omni Capital investment group Inc. 2620 S. Parker Rd., Suite 210, Aurora, CO 80014, US Farid Bayot 2020-01-01 Good Standing
B & N Supply 11688 East Cedar Ave, Aurora, CO 80012, US Brandy Carey 2020-01-01 Good Standing
JDEvansGroup, LLC 14111 E Chenango Pl, Aurora, CO 80015-1288, US James D Evans 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Han contruction LLC 1543 S. Danube Way, Unit 102, Aurora, CO 80017, US Kyung Yeol han 2020-01-01 Good Standing
The Tekton Group, LLC 14211 E 4th Ave, Suite 210, Aurora, CO 80011, US Gabriel Bodhi 2020-01-01 Good Standing
VCG LLC PO BOX 440727, Aurora, CO 80044-0727, US JOE MICHAEL VANBREEMEN 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Lash Lab 1092 S Addison Way, Aurora, CO 80018, US 2020-01-01 Good Standing
N3Ltraining 25608 E. Glasgow Pl, Aurora, CO 80016, US Patrick Timothy McHenry 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Mac Daddy Colorado LLC 1563 south dearborn st, Aurora, CO 80012, US 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Grantcore Inc 14024 E Hampden Pl, Aurora, CO 80014, US Karim Abuzar 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Elias Diggins & Associates, LLC 5123 S. Gold Bug Way, Aurora, CO 80016, US Elias Alden Diggins 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Madpie LLC 12333 East Cornell #19, Aurora, CO 80014, US Madison Nicole Lenius 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Tha First Organization Inc. 14603 East Atlantic Drive, Aurora, CO 80014, US Brandy Leigh Holmes 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Absolutely Advanced Accounting Inc. 1253 S Troy St, Aurora, CO 80012, US Shanah K Schaffer 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Drift Toad Garage Ltd. 169 S Kellerman Street, Aurora, CO 80018, US Zachary Dorsey 2020-01-01 Good Standing
finap 5219 S Fraser Way, Aurora, CO 80015, US Wasim Noor 2020-01-01 Good Standing
v7 property management llc 21203 E Rowland Dr, Aurora, CO 80016, US Durga Anil Kumar Varre 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Kara Johnson LLC 121 S Madison St, Suite A, Denver, CO 80209, US Johnson Anne Kara 2020-01-01 Good Standing
ORIGINAL UGLY 25026 E 4TH PL, Aurora, CO 80018, US IDRISSA CAMARA 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Transformations by Dana, LLC 5179 S Elk St, Aurora, CO 80016, US Rudiana Williams 2020-01-01 Good Standing
OuttaDaBox Entertainment LLC 18931 E. Baltic PL Apt 1535, Aurora, CO 80013, US Aaron Ramon Johnson 2020-01-01 Good Standing
San Luis Valley Trader LLC 533 Empire St, Aurora, CO 80010, US Gregory David Mertz 2020-01-01 Good Standing
AFRICAN DIASPORA HOPE 1602 S. PARKER RD #300, Aurora, CO 80231, US GIRMAI BERHE GEBREHIWET 2020-01-01 Good Standing
Puffco Repair 16350 E ARAPAHOE RD, #108-106, Aurora, CO 80016, US ANDREW PAUL SELF 2019-12-31 Good Standing
Aspen Commercial Painting LLC 6142 S Yampa St., Aurora, CO 80016, US 2019-12-31 Good Standing
MEXEL LLC 787 dillon way, Apt 301, Aurora, CO 80011, US Brito Angelina 2019-12-31 Good Standing
Prize Treasures LLC 2002 S Paris Way, Aurora, CO 80014, US 2019-12-31 Good Standing
Capstone Technical Services, LLC 1804 S. Ironton St., Aurora, CO 80012, US Mark Douglas Aldrich 2019-12-31 Good Standing
Fermented Ventures, LLC 20118 E. Dartmouth Dr, Aurora, CO 80013, US Gary E Valliere 2019-12-31 Good Standing
ALEXANDER LLOYD INC 6852 S ALGONQUIAN CT, Aurora, CO 80016, US ALEXANDER LLOYD 2019-12-31 Good Standing
ProFi, LLC 3129 S Jebel Way, Aurora, CO 80013, US Brian William Betterman 2019-12-31 Good Standing
Back Road Bloom LLC 27500 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80018, US Jayden Brianna Copeland 2019-12-31 Good Standing
SOMSA Consulting LLC 6092 S. Ventura Ct., Aurora, CO 80016, US Andrea S Witherill 2019-12-31 Good Standing
JLJ LLC 3065 S Pagosa St, Aurora, CO 80013, US Lara Jabr 2019-12-31 Good Standing
The Lepanto Group LLC 13770 E. Rice Place, Attn: Wesley Hardin, Aurora, CO 80015, US Wesley M Hardin 2019-12-31 Good Standing
USMLE PLUS LLC 857 Vaughn St., Aurora, CO 80011, US Emmanuel Bhatti 2019-12-31 Good Standing
J.O.S. Structural LLC 11574 E. 16th Ave, #437, Aurora, CO 80010, US Josue Ivan Zuniga 2019-12-31 Good Standing
K&C Summer Breeze, LLC 3707 S. Truckee Way, Aurora, CO 80013, US KARIUS CROSS 2019-12-31 Good Standing
TICKET 24/7 241 SOUTH JASPER CIRCLE, APT 202, Aurora, CO 80017, US PAUL STEWART 2019-12-31 Good Standing
303DESIGN LLC 2646 S Olathe Way, Aurora, CO 80013-1530, US Arslan Akhmedov 2019-12-31 Good Standing
AZFZ LLC 813 S Havana Street, Aurora, CO 80012, US Adam Malachi 2019-12-31 Good Standing
Lyons Educational Consulting LLC 1610 South Ivory Circle, Unit G, Aurora, CO 80017, US Asia Leona Lyons 2019-12-30 Good Standing
JG Prosper LLC 2062 S Helena St. #E, Aurora, CO 80013, US Jonathan Michael Gering 2019-12-30 Good Standing
THE WANDER LLC 1775 S. Buchanan Cir., Aurora, CO 80018, US 2019-12-30 Good Standing
DocumentRoad LLC 5250 South Rome Street, Aurora, CO 80015, US 2019-12-30 Good Standing
LUX Cleaning LLC 7123 South Shady Grove Ct, Aurora, CO 80016, US Jacob Dalton Berg 2019-12-30 Good Standing
J & M PRO PAINTING 17041 E ARKANSAS DR, Aurora, CO 80017, US JAIME ORTIZ LOZADA 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Sabitra Fashion Shop LLC 16309 E arkansas dr, Aurora, CO 80017, US sabitra niroula poudel 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Shan the Man Car Service 6634 S. PATSBURG ST, Aurora, CO 80016, US SHANON B. WOODS 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Kevin Kelley Studios 4391 South Billings Circle, Aurora, CO 80015, US Kevin Kelley Mino 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Alami International Group Inc 1979 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014, US Salma Ali AlAlami 2019-12-30 Good Standing
5750 Dawson Avenue, LLC 6136 N. Espana Street, Aurora, CO 80019, US William A Morris 2019-12-30 Good Standing
MSC Extracts, LLC 472 Laredo St., Unit K, Aurora, CO 80011, US 2019-12-30 Good Standing
J.C Appraiser LLC 19562 E Buchanan Pl, Aurora, CO 80011, US Juan C Vazquez 2019-12-30 Good Standing
PMY Transportation LLC 6047 S Quatar way, Aurora, CO 80015, US PAULOS TECLEMICHAEL 2019-12-30 Good Standing
APG Enterprises, LLC 23383 E. Bailey Pl., Aurora, CO 80016, US Deborah Theresa Gamboa 2019-12-30 Good Standing
American First Ride 9900 E Florida Ave Unite 8, 9900 E Florida Ave Unite 8, Aurora, CO 80247, US Abdirashid Abdulkadir Hussein 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Environ Staff Inc 600 Telluride St, Unit H, Aurora, CO 80011, US 2019-12-30 Good Standing
MR CONSULTING SERVICES LLC 4045 S KIRK CT, Aurora, CO 80013, US MARY ROGEL AVELAR 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Emmanuel Renovations LLC 14562 East 22nd Place, Aurora, CO 80011, US Rudilio Buezo 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Magic Painting Interiors, LLC 1071 Cimmaron Cir, Apt 201, Aurora, CO 80011, US Wilmer A Cabrera Ventura 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Divinepowerline, LLC 24303 E Kansas Circle, Aurora, CO 80018, US 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Renovated Creations Villanueva, LLC 291 Toledo Street, Aurora, CO 80011, US Aldo Villanueva Miranda 2019-12-30 Good Standing
Sagittarius remodeling LLC 319 Potomac Cir, Aurora, CO 80011, US Carlos G Veliz Fierro 2019-12-30 Good Standing
G-Men Express 4417 Andes way, Denver, CO 80249, US Michael Jamar Garrison 2019-12-30 Good Standing
GIT Logistics 4151 S Memphis Way, Aurora, CO 80013, US Donna Marie Weber 2019-12-29 Good Standing
CMC REMODELING LLC 12191 E Center Dr, Aurora, CO 80012, US Chris M Corbett 2019-12-29 Good Standing
ROLYAT Made Curls 13933 e Arizona ave, Aurora, CO 80012, US Taylor K Lewis 2019-12-29 Good Standing
Integrate LLC 13918 E Mississippi Ave, #68175, Aurora, CO 80012, US Nicholas Levich 2019-12-29 Good Standing