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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Aurora · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Badges Across America 338 Oswego St, Aurora, CO 80010, US Tricia Marie Simmons 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Tekton Opportunity I LP, LLC 14211 E 4th Ave, Suite 210, Aurora, CO 80011, US Gabriel Bodhi 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Salvadorenas emprendedoras 1450 S Havana St., Suite 110, Aurora, CO 80012, US Ivania Maricela Rivera 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Rising Sun Counseling and Education Center, LLC 2323 South Troy Street, Suit 4-100, Aurora, CO 80014, US Athanasius Umunnakwe Ohaya 2018-11-15 Good Standing
BRYNA TRANSIT MANAGEMENT, LLC. 17509 E. Temple Dr, Aurora, CO 80015, US Ibrahim A Dalis Sr. 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Muki-My LLC 16572 E 11th Place, Aurora, CO 80011, US Myrna Mendoza 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Daom Transport LLC 20157 E Dartmouth Drive, Aurora, CO 80013, US David Jung 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Sunny & Sam LLC 404 Royalty pl, Fountain, CO 80817, US Ahtasham Waheed 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Tekton Opportunity GP, LLC 14211 E 4th Ave, Suite 210, Aurora, CO 80011, US Gabriel Bodhi 2018-11-15 Good Standing
SMG DRYWALL LLC 1845 CLARK ST, Aurora, CO 80011, US SILVIA MEJIA GUTIERREZ 2018-11-15 Good Standing
AUTO EXPRESS VIP LLC 3004 CARSON ST, Aurora, CO 80011, US EDWIN PORTILLO 2018-11-15 Good Standing
VARK LLC 1700 Lima, Unit A, Aurora, CO 80013, US Gerald E BREESE Jr. 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Kathleen Mary Breast Cancer Foundation 18873 East Baltic Place #334, Aurora, CO 80013, US Linda C Savage 2018-11-15 Good Standing
End Goal Solutions, Inc. 4261 South Biscay Circle, Aurora, CO 80013, US Cynthia R. Richards 2018-11-15 Good Standing
MORA'S CONSTRUCTION LLC 10693 E EXPOSITION AVE E 220, Aurora, CO 80012, US MAURICIO MORA 2018-11-15 Good Standing
H & M Relocation Services 4178 S Crystal Court, 1427, Aurora, CO 80014, US Farangiz Negmat-zade 2018-11-15 Good Standing
LITO'S PAINTING SERVICES LLC 1030 S. VENTURA WAY, Aurora, CO 80017, US LITO A GUERRA 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Emerson Energy and Electric LLC 2843 S Ouray Way, Aurora, CO 80013, US Jason Prawlucki 2018-11-15 Good Standing
Henry Performance, Inc. 3652 South Kirk Street, Aurora, CO 80013, US 2018-11-14 Good Standing
A Pearls Touch, Inc. 5646 South Zante Way, Aurora, CO 80015, US 2018-11-14 Good Standing
BPL LLC 24500 E Applewood Cir #1528, Aurora, CO 80016, US Drew Emch 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Contemporary industrial solutions 19700 e. bails place, Aurora, CO 80017, US Alton Leon Williams Jr. 2018-11-14 Good Standing
MHC Group, Inc. 15271 E Hialeah Pl, Aurora, CO 80015, US Gregg R. Scheirman 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Healing Earth Beauty Inc 18197 E Harvard Place, Aurora, CO 80013, US Kristina Faye Barnum 2018-11-14 Good Standing
AFAB Construction Services LLC P. O. Box 461661, Aurora, CO 80046, US William D Beilke 2018-11-14 Good Standing
GRP Services R, LLC 1194 s. Lewiston way, Aurora, CO 80017, US Ronaldo Ribeiro-filho 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Sushi Ya LLC 20 Green Acres Unit 23, Eagle, CO 81631, US Doug S Choi 2018-11-14 Good Standing
B & H Land, Inc. 12361 E. Cornell Ave., Aurora, CO 80014, US Scott L Shires 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Medina's Enterprises Inc 34 Sable Blvd, Apartment R-208, Aurora, CO 80012, US Javier Medina Huerta 2018-11-14 Good Standing
FORE Business USA LLC 5677 South Ensenada Ct., Aurora, CO 80015, US Josh Henderson 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Grace of the Lord 2929 S Biscay St, Aurora, CO 80013, US Charles Edward Counts Jr. 2018-11-14 Good Standing
FORE Business Colorado LLC 5677 South Ensenada Ct., Aurora, CO 80015, US Josh Henderson 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Sheridan Property LLC 2325 Ironton St, Aurora, CO 80010, US Peter Sheridan 2018-11-14 Good Standing
PB Diesel Power LLC 715 Elkhart St, Aurora, CO 80011, US Hector Alvarez 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Best Care Pediatrics 2013 S ELKHART ST, Aurora, CO 80014, US 2018-11-14 Good Standing
ParaNation Publishing LLC 4480 S Pitkin St, 123, Aurora, CO 80015, US Stephen Jay Wyrick 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Silverwood Properties LLC 10321 E. Evans Ave., Unit 176, Aurora, CO 80247, US Emily Jo Eyre 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Dream Home Construction LLC 7374 South Oak Hill Ct., Aurora, CO 80016, US Marisa Acuna 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Colorado Elderly Adult Care Initiative, LLC 1007 S. Kallispell Street, Aurora, CO 80017, US Davon James Phillips 2018-11-14 Good Standing
Ra City LLC 1755 S Olthe St., Aurora, CO 80017, US 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Abilene Phase 1 LLC 3000 S Jamaica Ct #225, Aurora, CO 80014, US Simon Kim 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Galapagos Straws Limited 15587 E. Ford Circle, C2, Aurora, CO 80017, US Joshua Lennart Soderblom 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Thic Apparel LLC 14141 E Balic Pl, Aurora, CO 80014, US La'Kella G Banks 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Red Tent Counseling LLC 10510 Dransfeldt Rd Ste 104, Parker, CO 80134, US Mary Morgan 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Digital 4Square Holdings, LLC 5979 South Little River Way, Aurora, CO 80016, US Rohit John Dass 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Adventures in Travel LLC 18167 E Iowa Drive, Aurora, CO 80017, US Janet P Anderstrom 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Lilly Custom Designs LLC 3287 S Idalia Street, Aurora, CO 80013, US Richard Anthony Schwartz Jr. 2018-11-13 Good Standing
OI Trucking LLC 10068 E Arizona Dr Apt 1837, Aurora, CO 80247, US Matilde Mateo 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Bluehome LLC 3190 S. VAUGBN WAY, SUITE 550, Aurora, CA 80014, US DAOBIN BAI 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Personal Protective Services of Metro Denver Ltd 1279 Quari St, Aurora, CO 80011, US Michael Loyd Alexander 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Black Men Bordeaux 17672 East Tennessee Place, Aurora, CO 80017, US VERMELL Emerson HILL 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Nexus Consulting, LLC 4033 South Odessa Circle, Aurora, CO 80013, US Jeremy Lloyd Stutzman 2018-11-13 Good Standing
A Drunk Whisperer LLC PO Box 460962, Aurora, CO 80046, US Amy Moore 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Broadmoor Heights C Store LLC 2106 W. Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland, CO 80503, US Samuel Prack 2018-11-13 Good Standing
SSLJ LLC 2260 Newark St, Aurora, CO 80010, US Lily Prack 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Elle Enterprises LLC 9400 E Iliff Ave, 113, Denver, CO 80231, US Dylan Bernstein 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Bynum Group Of Companies LLC 5521 S TELLURIDE CT, None, Centennial, CO 80015-2645, US Thomas Bynum 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Freeman Enterprises Ltd. 3242 Blackhawk Cir, Aurora, CO 80011, US Kaemon Deandre Freeman 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Xenocat LLC 18157 E Mansfield Ave, Aurora, CO 80013, US Shannon Renae Nuyt 2018-11-13 Good Standing
Far From Pavement Ltd. 5367 S Rome Cir, Aurora, CO 80015, US Max E Dibbin 2018-11-13 Good Standing
HIRO Investments llc 3600 Morrison rd, Denver, CO 80219, US Veronica Balderrama-Licea 2018-11-13 Good Standing
On The Path Realty, Inc. 17862 E Purdue Place, Aurora, CO 80013, US Chesley Kelley 2018-11-13 Good Standing
CruisingSmarter, LLC 4933 South Carson St. #208, Aurora, CO 80015, US 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Luxuryfloors LLC 881 Fraser Ct., Aurora, CO 80011, US 2018-11-12 Good Standing
IKON Search LLC 10730 E. Bethany Dr., Ste. 200, Aurora, CO 80014, US 2018-11-12 Good Standing
His & Hers Janitorial 19849 E 59th, Aurora, CO 80019, US Jandir Luis Baez-Castillo 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Wicho's Tacos Llc 9698 W Montview blvd, Aurora, CO 80010, US Jose Luis Torres 2018-11-12 Good Standing
IndieMom 3662 S Cathay Circle, Aurora, CO 80013, US Klein Elizabeth Susan 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Bey's Boutique LLC 3281 S. Salida Way, Aurora, CO 80013, US Erinn Kay Bey 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Tekton Opportunity Fund I, LLC 14211 E 4th Ave, Suite 210, Aurora, CO 80011, US Gabriel Bodhi 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Athens LLC 3645 S Malta Ct, Aurora, CO 80013, US Gavin Edwards 2018-11-12 Good Standing
JAC CONCRETE LLC 14197 E KANSAS PL 9-108, Aurora, CO 80012, US JOSE ARMANDO CHICO ROMERO 2018-11-12 Good Standing
BPTRA LLC 1973 S. Newark Way, Aurora, CO 80014, US Robert Hensley Garibay 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Elevated Cleaning Service LLC 17094 E Tennessee Dr Suite 208, Aurora, CO 80017, US Latrecia Renee Shaw 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Danes Dog Grooming, LLC 2617 S Olathe Way, Aurora, CO 80013, US Dane C Knudtson 2018-11-12 Good Standing
kezhouinsurance 2391 S Jamaica st, Aurora, CO 80014, US Jie Wu 2018-11-12 Good Standing
J JAQUEZ DRYWALL LLC 15342 E 8TH AVE, Aurora, CO 80011, US JESUS JAQUEZ 2018-11-12 Good Standing
CRS Trading Enterprises LLC 14760 E KENTUCKY DR Unit 337, Aurora, CO 80012, US Clair Ray Shiffer 2018-11-12 Good Standing
MI Wellness, LLC 2218 Waco Court, Aurora, CO 80013, US Maria Mcgill 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Heredia LLC 11794 E 2nd ave, Aurora, CO 80010, US Servando Arturo Heredia 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Veritas Co. LLC 373 S Yost Street, Aurora, CO 80012, US David Mendez 2018-11-12 Good Standing
New Dawn Awakening, LLC 20371 E BETHANY PL, Aurora, CO 80013, US Dawn Moses 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Elevation Electronics LLC 14950 E Center Ave, Unit F, Aurora, CO 80012, US Heath Arens 2018-11-12 Good Standing
ROJAS FRAMING, LLC 512 JAMAICA ST, Aurora, CO 80010, US JOSE ROJAS-GONZALEZ 2018-11-12 Good Standing
BEAUTY BY JESSIKA 1330 CHESTER ST, Aurora, CO 80010, US 2018-11-12 Good Standing
GTO FLOORING LLC 2017 IRONTON ST, Aurora, CO 80010, US EDGAR GARCIA BRISENO 2018-11-12 Good Standing
REYES MASONRY LTD 19491 E BUCHANAN PL, Aurora, CO 80011, US GILBERTO REYES 2018-11-12 Good Standing
NORD TRANS LLC 6711 S ADDISON WAY, Aurora, CO 80016, US MARYNA ROZHKO 2018-11-12 Good Standing
ElleSia Enterprises, LLC 17886 E. Tennessee Place, Aurora, CO 80017, US Eleanor O'Bard 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Brandon Bill LLC 19496 East Floyd Avenue, Aurora, CO 80013, US Brandon Tyler Bill 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Yore Resources, LLC 4023 S. Carson St., B, Aurora, CO 80014, US Tiffany karen Yore 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Perfectly Imperfect Coaching, Inc. 3606 S Malta Ct, Aurora, CO 80013, US Monika Lynn Coleman 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Motors Ltd. 2901 S SHOSHONE ST, Englewood, CO 80110, US IHSAN ULLAH SULEHRIA 2018-11-12 Good Standing
The Drop Collection, LLC 101 GRANBY WAY UNIT B, Aurora, CO 80011-9170, US Badi Marcel Mibiuba Tolo 2018-11-12 Good Standing
Commett Enterprises, LLC 24364 East Briarwood Ave., Aurora, CO 80016, US Daniel Timothy Leppert 2018-11-11 Good Standing
KMT the Ra LLC. 2502 S Ouray way, Aurora, CO 80013, US Shannon Laranne Metoyer 2018-11-11 Good Standing