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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
US NEW BALANCE URBAN SPORTS GOODS INC. 1942 Broadway St., #314c, Boulder, CO 80302, US Moniquka Cole 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Ezen De Agora LLC 3485 Hayden Place #3, Boulder, CO 80301, US Daniel Pruitt 2019-01-03 Good Standing
SPM Music Group LLC 1618 Violet Ave., Boulder, CO 80304, US 2019-01-03 Good Standing
KIRA Aviation Solutions, LLC 225 S. Academy Blvd., Suite 208A, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, US Rhianna Combs 2019-01-03 Good Standing
SimpleBoss, LLC 4800 Baseline Rd, STE E-104, Boulder, CO 80303, US David Koons 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Mama Prima, LLC 4845 Pearl E Cir, Suite 101, Boulder, CO 80301, US Gadi Friedman 2019-01-03 Good Standing
EZNC LLC 6357 Red Hill Rd., Boulder, CO 80302, US Liam Matthew Gallagher 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Vibrant Skin Care LLC 2600 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, CO 80302, US Kelsey Rose Martin 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Zillion Films Group LLC 1633 Gold Run Rd., Boulder, CO 80302, US Dean A. Schiller 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Canyon Farms Boulder, LLC 1715 View Point Road, Boulder, CO 80305, US Jeff Russell 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Moore & Manchester Enterprises LLC 5152 Buckingham road, Boulder, CO 80301, US grant patrick moore 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Ashli Creations LLC 1352 Balsam Ave, Boulder, CO 80304, US 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Volchan Productions, LLC 3770 Spring Valley Rd., Boulder, CO 80304, US Erika Volchan O'Conor 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Wayne & Lewis, LLC 2827 14th St, Boulder, CO 80304, US Tyler Wayne Eversaul 2019-01-03 Good Standing
118 SHST LLC 2635 Mapleton Ave #68, Boulder, CO 80304, US Josh Holleb 2019-01-03 Good Standing
DeLeo LLC 3315 Chisolm Trail 204E, Boulder, CO 80301, US Timothy Francis DeLeo 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Cook & Co. LLC 5598 Pennsylvania Ave., Boulder, CO 80303, US Mary Katherine Cook 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Hvy LLC 1630 A 30th St, Suite 529, Boulder, CO 80301, US 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Talus BioConsulting, LLC 1340 Cherryvale Road, Boulder, CO 80303, US Gregory K Tucker 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Glass and Sparrow LLC 3550 Frontier Ave, Suite A2, Boulder, CO 80301, US 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Sede Solutions LLC 555 30th street, Boulder, CO 80303, US Denelle Rademacher 2019-01-03 Good Standing
MI CASA LATIN CUISINE LLC 2219 SPRUCE ST, APT 1, Boulder, CO 80302, US OSCAR ERNESTO MELGAR 2019-01-03 Good Standing
jannu & me. LLC 457 Maxwell Ave, Apt A, Boulder, CO 80304, US Stephanie Veronique Decker 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Remote Tutors LLC 1942 Broadway St. STE 314C, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2019-01-03 Good Standing
ARBOLA, INC. 1942 Broadway St, Ste 314C, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2019-01-03 Good Standing
USA MINOS TECHNOLOGY INC. 1121 13th St. #187, Boulder, CO 80302, US XIAOHUA TANG 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Choosie Ltd. 2865 Sundown Lane, #307, Boulder, CO 80303, US Andrew Michael Keeton 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Love Well Planned 1435 Yarmouth Avenue #101, Boulder, CO 80304, US Heather Dwight 2019-01-03 Good Standing
MKuo LLC PO Box 738, Boulder, CO 80306-0738, US Mei Hsin Kuo 2019-01-03 Good Standing
JJL Enterprise, Inc. 6270 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO 80303, US Sean Teeuwe 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Hemp Ventures, LLC 1280 Linden Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304, US Bryant Fulfer 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Ski and Wake LLC 15600 W Morrison Rd, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Shawn D Rodine 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Mari Fitness LLC 1667 Zamia Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304, US Gregory J LaVecchia 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Gruner Consulting, LLC 3822 Northbrook Drive, Boulder, CO 80304, US Adam Weiss 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Jacques Ellul, Inc. 363 62ND ST, Oakland, CO 94618, US Kenneth Morris 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Beyond Ltd. 4828 Twin Lakes Rd, Apt 4, Boulder, CO 80301, US Elizabeth Maria Leach 2019-01-02 Good Standing
1380 Toedtli LLC PO Box 4824, Boulder, CO 80306, US 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Boulder Heating and AC, LLC 4239 Sumac Ct., Boulder, CO 80301, US Christopher McCaleb 2019-01-02 Good Standing
She Brings, LLC 4806 Brandon Creek Drive, Boulder, CO 80301, US Sheela Bringi 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Coached By Locals, LLC 744 Silver Lake Ave, Boulder, CO 80304, US Andrijan Smaic 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Porvenir Publications Ltd. 5587 Glendale Gulch Cir., Boulder, CO 80301, US Jean Marie Zambrano 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Woodsvan Co 733 Hog Back Dr, Unit 1A, Golden, CO 80403, US Vladimir Naumovic 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Parkin Financial LLC 2861 Ellison Place, Boulder, CO 80304, US Nathan James Parkin 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Wild Kangaroo Technology Inc 6035 Longbow Dr, Ste 105, Boulder, CO 80301, US Jim Sherman 2019-01-02 Good Standing
RPM Development LLC 625 Manhattan Pl, #203, Boulder, CO 80303, US Richard Paul McCullough Jr. 2019-01-02 Good Standing
El greco painting 3335 berkley ct, Boulder, CO 80305, US Noe Gonzalez 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Intentional Media LLC 925 Grape Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304, US 2019-01-02 Good Standing
White City Solutions, LLC 3240 Iris Ave., 203, Boulder, CO 80301, US Robert L Dunn 2019-01-02 Good Standing
ZHUANBEI FOUNDATION 1942 BROADWAY STREET, STE 314C, Boulder, CO 80302, US HUATONG CHEN 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Better Get Baking, LLC 4399 Butler Circle, Boulder, CO 80305, US Tess Fisher Collector 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Ideal Opera, LLC 6152 Willow Ln, Boulder, CO 80301, US Mathieu Wayne D'Ordine 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Christian Health LLC 1560 Lehigh St, Boulder, CO 80305, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
NED LLC 7681 32ND STREET, Boulder, CO 80302, US JEFFREY SEAN NEDROW 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Mongo Spruce LLC 1042 8th Street, Boulder, CO 80302, US Gordon Stavert Byrn 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Art of Modeling 4650 White Rock Cir Apt 5, Boulder, CO 80301, US Ellen Allen 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Ecotegrity LLC 510 Northstar Ct, Boulder, CO 80304, US christopher Love 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Mother Tongue, LLC 2075 Oak Ave, Boulder, CO 80304, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Boulder SBDC Foundation 1001 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
East West Functional Medicine 2955 Valmont Rd, Suite 100, Boulder, CO 80301, US aQui Mizrahi 2019-01-01 Good Standing
King Ding Enterprises LLC 2830 E College Ave, Unit 01, Boulder, CO 80303, US Christopher John Allison Jr. 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Barton S Balis, P.C. 3350 Hemlock Pl, Boulder, CO 80304, US Barton S Balis 2019-01-01 Good Standing
BOOCH LLC 1270 26th Street, Boulder, CO 80302, US Raymond Michael Byrket 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Petals By Pedal llc 1029 Berea Dr, Boulder, CO 80305, US Jennifer Beltzer Nicolo 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Kanna Sutra LLC 423 Lakeshore Park Road, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Kody Kohlman LLC 1825 Marine St, Unit 4, Boulder, CO 80302, US Kody Douglas Kohlman 2019-01-01 Good Standing
KruseBWO, Inc. 3434 47th Street, Suite 220, Boulder, CO 80301, US Jason P. Kruse 2019-01-01 Good Standing
WJT Construction, Inc. 422 Pleasant St., Boulder, CO 80302, US William TeSelle 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Happy Elk, LLC 6646 Bean Mountain Lane, Boulder, CO 80301, US Kate Wilmhoff 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Chandler & Hale General Contracting 2525 Arapahoe rd. #E4-503, Boulder, CO 80302, US Isaac Hale 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Uniss Consulting LLC 3000 COLORADO AVENUE, C210, Boulder, CO 80303, US Spencer W Uniss 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Colorado Construction Robotics, LLC 3109 28th St., Boulder, CO 80301, US Paul arnold 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Northfield Business Partners, LLC 7855 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO 80301, US Mikael van Loon 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Nick Vann Media 840 Willowbrook Rd., Boulder, CO 80302, US Nicholas Austin Vann 2019-01-01 Good Standing
CO Software Co LLC 1023 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302, US Spencer Dusebout 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Simply Serendipity LLC 473 Main St., Longmont, CO 80501, US Tabetha Neathery 2019-01-01 Good Standing
B & V Marshall Inc 7035 S Boulder Rd, Boulder, CO 80303-4323, US Vivian A Marshall 2019-01-01 Good Standing
BoulderTech, LLC 1526 Spruce St, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Eldorado Canyon LLC 2245 Mapleton Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304, US Richard Joseph Marshall 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Modern Mediterranean LLC 40 South Boulder Circle, #4036, Boulder, CO 80303, US Stewart Walker 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Slickanix LLC 3790 Colorado Ave., Unit B, Boulder, CO 80303, US Michael Vincent Keilman 2019-01-01 Good Standing
5280 IT PARTNERS, LLC 3192 11TH STREET, Boulder, CO 80304, US CHANCE ANGELL 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Lindsey Hall LLC 2940 Lafayette Dr., Boulder, CO 80305, US Lindsey Elise Hall 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Boulder Veterinary Specialists, Inc. 1200 Wildwood Road, Boulder, CO 80305, US Arjan Lalchandani 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Hemp Designs, LLC 1280 Lnden Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304, US Bryant Fulfer 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Relic Fine Jewelry "LLC 760 S 45th St, Boulder, CO 80305, US William McIntyre Adams 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Allieo Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. 1942 Broadway Street Suite 314C, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
NoLuJo Advance 3165 Martinique Avenue, Boulder, CA 80301, US ROBERT WILLIAM KUPSH 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Four Rivers Books, LLC 7228 Four Rivers Rd., Boulder, CO 80301, US Carol Porter Grossman 2018-12-31 Good Standing
BALEBIND INTERNATIONAL, INC. 2131 Bluebell Ave., Boulder, CO 80302, US Stephen J. Dodds 2018-12-31 Good Standing
2530 Pine Street, LLC 541 Spruce St., Boulder, CO 80302, US Chris C. Maurer 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Crosstown CBD, LLC 5575 Arapahoe Ave, Unit 2, Boulder, CO 80301, US Spencer Graff 2018-12-31 Good Standing
T-Rx Consulting, LLC 2026 Alpine Drive, Boulder, CO 80304, US Kyle Troksa 2018-12-31 Good Standing
dfuzr Holdings, Inc. 740 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2018-12-31 Good Standing
AP Consulting Inc. 695 Manhattan Dr., Unit 219, Boulder, CO 80303, US Agatha Piecha 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Team BioHack, LLC 1942 Broadway St STE 314C, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Well & Good LLC 2301 Pearl Street, Apt. 3, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2018-12-31 Good Standing
HANDY BEARZ LLC 885 34th st, Boulder, CO 80303, US Kodiak Bryton Winesett 2018-12-31 Good Standing
J&J Real Estate, Inc. 740 Hutchinson St, Boulder, CO 80027, US Jonathan Simisky 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Aesthetic and Medical Specialists, Inc. 4909 Pearl East Circle, Ste 202, Boulder, CO 80301, US 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Go New 999 Aurora Ave., Boulder, CO 80302, US Sasha Raskin 2018-12-31 Good Standing