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Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Hippo Sports, LLC 4904 Clubhouse Court, Boulder, CO 80301, US Gregory Oberg 2018-12-14 Good Standing
Boulder Sports LLC 629 S. Broadway, Suite K, Boulder, CO 80305, US 2018-09-14 Good Standing
Bullwinkle Sports LLC 1111 Cedar Ave, Boulder, CO 80304, US Stephen F Seligson 2018-07-24 Good Standing
RENEGADE SPORTS THERAPY, LLC 735 Arapahoe Ave 201, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2018-07-13 Good Standing
Amundsen Sports 2113 Walnut Street Apt 6, Boulder, CO 80302, US Jens Christian Loevenskiold 2018-03-19 Good Standing
Bear Peak Motorsports, LLC 1765 View Point Rd., Boulder, CO 80305, US D. Bruce McPherson 2018-02-05 Good Standing
Shooting Sports at the University Colorado 2210 Walnut Street, Unit 3, Boulder, CO 80302, US Tyler Murphy 2018-01-14 Delinquent
VPS Sports LLC 8354 Larkspur Rd., Boulder, CO 80302, US Virgil Peter Stone 2018-01-01 Good Standing
Colorado Sports Chiropractic 1440 28th Street, Suite 2, Boulder, CO 80303, US john Michael minen 2017-08-23 Good Standing
Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine of Boulder, CO PLLC 350 Broadway Street, Suite 202, Boulder, CO 80305, US 2017-07-21 Good Standing
BLACK LAB SPORTS FUND I, LLC 3550 Frontier Ave., Unit D, Boulder, CO 80301, US 2017-07-08 Good Standing
Little Big Sports Club LLC 1776 Boxelder Street, Louisville, CO 80027, US Kyle Rhatigan 2017-05-05 Good Standing
Sports Capture Ventures LLC 1633 18th St., #3, Boulder, CO 80302, US John Borum 2017-04-02 Good Standing
Jenntropy Sports 619 Tantra Drive, Boulder, CO 80305, US Jennifer Leigh Shelton 2016-08-24 Delinquent
Evolve Sportswear LLC 2305 13th st #4, `, Boulder, CO 80304, US Joshua Benjamin Hykan 2016-06-15 Delinquent
Research Institute of Sports Engineering 4676 MacArthur Lane, Boulder, CO 80303, US Jana Renee Montgomery 2016-05-09 Good Standing
XON sports Inc 3550 Frontier ave unit D, Boulder, CO 80301, US 2016-01-12 Good Standing
Alatium Sports Branding Agency, LLC 2147 75th, Boulder, CO 80301, US Jeffrey Allen Frykholm 2015-12-02 Good Standing
Harmon Sports Group, LLC 600 Manhattan Dr Unit C6, Boulder, CO 80303, US Don Taylor Harmon 2015-08-06 Good Standing
Viking Sports Performance 775 Mohawk Drive, Boulder, CO 80303, US James H Hardy 2015-06-26 Delinquent
Boulder Sports Academy LLC 295 Seminole Drive, Boulder, CO 80303, US Conor John Vidulich 2015-06-10 Delinquent
Boulder Community Health Sports Medicine Imaging, LLC 2150 Stadium Drive, 2nd Floor, Boulder, CO 80309, US Sarah E. Meshak 2015-06-09 Good Standing
Qloom Sports, Inc. 3121 Longhorn Road, Suite A, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2015-04-14 Voluntarily Dissolved
303 Sports Massage LLC 3020 Carbon Pl unit 330, Boulder, CO 80301, US 2015-04-13 Delinquent
Alpine Edge Sports LLC 3871 Paseo del Prado, Boulder, CO 80301, US Charles Coyle 2015-03-23 Delinquent
Mayhem Motorsports Ltd 4708 Jameston St, Boulder, CO 80301, US Mahlon Neil Schanzenbach 2014-12-23 Good Standing
SPORTSY, INC. 1050 Walnut St, Suite 202, Boulder, CO 80302, US Justin Kifer 2014-12-02 Delinquent
Colorado Custom Sports, LLC 3000 25th Street, Boulder, CO 80304, US 2014-11-18 Voluntarily Dissolved
4580 Sports Group, LLC 3795 Wild Plum CT, Boulder, CO 80304, US John Timothy Stone 2014-08-12 Delinquent
Omni Sports Holding, LLC 3325 Folsom St., Boulder, CO 80304, US 2014-07-30 Voluntarily Dissolved
F4 Sports LLC 1318 Yellow Pine Ave. Apt. A, Boulder, CO 80304, US Timothy Richard O'Brien 2014-04-12 Voluntarily Dissolved
Old School Sports, Inc. 637B South Broadway #344, Boulder, CO 80305, US Rick Harig 2014-04-10 Good Standing
Premier Sports Consulting LLC 1715 15th St. #2, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2014-01-11 Delinquent
Front Range Sports Marketing LLC 1245 Norwood Ave. #42, Boulder, CO 80304, US Fader Marie Sarah 2013-12-26 Delinquent
Complete Athlete Sports LLC P.O. Box 3288, Boulder, CO 80307, US Elizabeth Rozalia Kritza 2013-11-19 Delinquent
SK Sports Group 295 Laramie Blvd, Boulder, CO 80304, US Stephen Edward Kropf 2013-09-12 Good Standing
Boulder Sports Retail Consultants 3235 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304, US Aaron J Bouplon 2013-07-18 Delinquent
NightFlight Sports LLC 7301 Petursdale Ct., Boulder, CO 80301, US 2013-05-27 Good Standing
On The Spot Sports, LLC 3265 Foundry PL, 103, Boulder, CO 80301, US Sears Merritt 2013-03-04 Delinquent
Rebay Motorsports 4455 Broadway St, Boulder, CO 80304, US Anthony Joseph Simmers 2013-01-16 Delinquent
Boulder Sports Management, LLC 2255 18th St, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2012-09-26 Good Standing
Pet Transports LLC PO Box 19452, Boulder, CO 80308, US Adir Sharon 2012-08-22 Delinquent
All 4 One Sports, LLC 3109 Gatling Lane, Boulder, CO 80301, US Anne Nicholson 2012-07-16 Delinquent
Soliton Sports Solutions, LLC 965 11th St., Apt 4, Boulder, CO 80302, US Meredith Jennings Wills 2012-06-13 Voluntarily Dissolved
International Center for Snowsports History and Art 5003 Coventry Court, Boulder, CO 80301, US David Scott 2012-05-22 Delinquent
SPORTS FOOD INC. 2515 N. 49th Street, Boulder, CO 80301, US 2012-05-11 Delinquent
Sports Showdowns LLC 1394 Kalmia Ave, Boulder, CO 80304, US Ashlie Elizabeth Beckham 2012-02-21 Delinquent
High Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, PLLC 2995 Baseline Rd., Suite 101, Boulder, CO 80303, US 2012-02-14 Delinquent
RINNY RUNS ENDURANCE SPORTS, INC. 5148 2nd St, Boulder, CO 80304, US Mirinda Carfrae 2011-12-30 Good Standing
AllSports Recovery Club, LLC 2000 30th St, Suite G, Boulder, CO 80301, US Josh Shadle 2011-10-09 Delinquent
Sportsmetricians LLC 5136 Ralston Street, Boulder, CO 80304, US Charles A. R. Weil 2011-08-30 Voluntarily Dissolved
Longmont Sports Academy LLC 1405 Alpine Avenue, suite b,c,d, Boulder, CO 80304, US James Ernest Kreitman 2011-08-10 Voluntarily Dissolved
Sterling Circle Sports, LLC 1050 Walnut, #401, Boulder, CO 80302, US 2011-06-06 Withdrawn
Coursa Sports 3878 Broadway, #6, Boulder, CO 80304, US Keith Yvon Harper 2010-12-17 Delinquent
Chris Sports North America, Inc. 2885 Wilderness Pl, Unit B, Boulder, CO 80301, US Mark Cantor 2010-09-28 Voluntarily Dissolved
American Servicemembers Amateur Sports Inc 115 Isleworth Place, Aberdeen, NC 28315, US 2010-07-19 Good Standing
Diamond Star Sports Cards, LLC 7318 Windsor Drive, Boulder, CO 80301, US Michael Joseph Biele 2010-07-06 Voluntarily Dissolved
Stepping Stone Sports 5257 5th Street, Boulder, CO 80304, US Michael Stone 2010-03-19 Good Standing
Mountain Sports Exchanger, LLC 3380 Arapahoe Ave., 4490 Aaron Pl., Boulder, CO 80303, US Andrzej Biskup 2010-03-05 Delinquent
Boulder Sports Performance LLC 2950 Bixby Lane Apt A 114, Boulder, CO 80303, US Tony Stafford II 2009-12-08 Delinquent
MP Motorsports LLC 1526 Spruce St Ste 202, Boulder, CO 80302, US William D Pyle 2009-10-22 Voluntarily Dissolved
Moondoggie Sports, Inc. 653 S. Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305, US Susan Aileen Stapleton 2009-09-04 Good Standing
Massif Sports Inc. 1933 28th St., Ste. 101, Boulder, CO 80301, US Justin Michael Burger 2009-08-29 Good Standing
Red Hill Sports LLC 6050 OLDE STAGE RD, Boulder, CO 80302, US HENRIK VLADIMIR NEJEZCHLEB 2009-05-30 Delinquent
Bajadali Sports Inc. 270 31st Street, Boulder, CO 80305, US Andrew Joseph Bajadali 2009-03-16 Voluntarily Dissolved
Bombshelter Sports, LLC 1833 22nd Street #C, Boulder, CO 80302, US Thomas Blake Harlan 2009-01-29 Delinquent
Black cloud sports 1707 22nd st Apt 105, Boulder, CO 80302, US reed r mccalvin 2009-01-06 Delinquent
Peak to River Sports 2510 47th St Unit A1, Boulder, CO 80303, US Ryan G Raymond 2008-09-14 Voluntarily Dissolved
Boulder Sports Acupuncture 3020 Carbon PL, Suite 201, Boulder, CO 80301, US Steven Michael Rizzolo 2008-09-10 Good Standing
Endurance Sports Therapy, LLC. 2660 Canyon Blvd, Suite A4, Boulder, CO 80302, US Jennifer Diane Ban-Riel 2008-07-15 Delinquent
Ascent Sports Management, LLC 1200 28th St, Suite 303, Boulder, CO 80303, US Thomas Mills 2008-06-03 Good Standing
Adventure Balloon Sports LLC 4560 Martin Dr, Boulder, CO 80305, US Kevin Joseph Kohler 2008-04-03 Delinquent
Spare Tire Sports LLC 3300 Arapahoe, ste 201, Boulder, CO 80303, US ming-jay jeffrey wu 2008-03-10 Good Standing
K&M Motorsports LLC 2810 Stanford Avenue, Boulder, CO 80305, US Jeff McKinny 2007-07-30 Delinquent
ATTACHE SPORTS, LLC 5796 N. ORCHARD CREEK CIRCLE, Boulder, CO 80301, US LUIS F. GOMEZ-DO IBARRA 2007-04-26 Voluntarily Dissolved
EOS Motor Sports, LLC 2500 North 47th, No. 9, Boulder, CO 80301, US Richard G. Ratliff II 2007-04-09 Good Standing
Martini Sports Marketing LLC 1001 Lee Hill Drive Unit 15B, Boulder, CO 80302, US Nick Patrick Martin 2007-01-29 Voluntarily Dissolved
Yeux Sports, LLC 3190 8th Street, Boulder, CO 80304, US Carl S Patrick 2006-09-22 Voluntarily Dissolved
Explore Adventure Sports LLC 2711 Mapleton Ave Unit 27, Boulder, CO 80304, US John Oliva 2006-09-06 Delinquent
Black Star Motor Sports, LLC 1085 Broadway, Unit 10, Boulder, CO 80302, US Thomas Todd 2006-09-05 Good Standing
NNR Sports, LLC 915 35th St., Boulder, CO 80303, US Joseph John Rudman 2006-04-27 Delinquent
Ric Rojas Sports Foundation 1180 Lilac Street, Broomfield, CO 80020, US Michael D Conroy 2006-04-24 Delinquent
Sports Crossfire, LLC 6931 Roaring Fork Trail, Boulder, CO 80301, US Malcolm Nesmith 2006-02-11 Good Standing
Leading Edge Sports LLC 1West Flatiron Circle, Suite#352, Broomfield, CO 80021, US Gary Andrew Pinkerton 2006-01-18 Voluntarily Dissolved
Boulder Sports Research, LLC 2300 Central Ave., Unit L, Boulder, CO 80301, US Thomas A Prehn 2006-01-04 Delinquent
HIGH ALTITUDE SPORTS MASSAGE INC 1303 sumac street, Boulder, CO 80304, US ROBERT DONALD HILLS 2005-07-08 Delinquent
Transports Across Colorado, Inc. Boulder County Sheriff's Office, 3200 Airport Road, Boulder, CO 80301, US David M Jones 2005-07-02 Good Standing
Colorado Shooting Sports 3916 Orchard Ct, Boulder, CO 80304, US Bryan Stear 2005-04-04 Delinquent
Johnson Sports Company, LLC 460 S. 39th Street, Boulder, CO 80305, US 2004-11-12 Good Standing
boulder sports management inc 910 Portland Place, Apt. 10, Boulder, CO 80304, US Kim Andrew Gillard Mr. 2004-10-11 Delinquent
Boulder Sportscar Dealer, LLC 1227 Spruce St. #202, Boulder, CO 80302, US Philip Luke Richards 2004-09-23 Voluntarily Dissolved
Sports and Recreation Technologies, LLC 3090 Sterling Circle, Studio A, Boulder, CO 80301-2338, US Robert Radocy 2004-08-10 Voluntarily Dissolved
JPS SPORTS HOLDINGS, LLC 303 E. 17th Ave, Suite 1080, Denver, CO 80203, US 2004-04-05 Voluntarily Dissolved
5280 SPORTS LLC 4735 Walnut Street #B-1, Boulder, CO 80301, US ANDREW ROSEN 2004-03-18 Delinquent
ONE BRAIN SPORTS, LLC 290 SPRUCE CT UNIT D, Boulder, CO 80302, US DONALD CEPPI 2004-03-05 Delinquent
SPORTSWARE INCORPORATED 848 VALLEY LANE, Boulder, CO 80302, US KARIN ANNE KUSHDILIAN 2004-01-22 Voluntarily Dissolved
VITA MOTORSPORTS, LLC 145 S 35TH ST, Boulder, CO 80305, US EDWARD A. VITA 2003-11-03 Administratively Dissolved
JAM SPORTS, INC. 653 S BROADWAY, Boulder, CO 80305, US JOY C. ROCHESTER 2003-06-11 Delinquent
AXCENT SPORTS LLC 3180 STERLING CIRCLE #200, Boulder, CO 80301, US ANDREW ROSEN 2003-01-09 Voluntarily Dissolved
XTC MOTORSPORTS, LLC 2776 MOORHEAD AVE STE 205, Boulder, CO 80305, US CHRISTOPHER J. BROWNE 2002-12-13 Administratively Dissolved