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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Centennial · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
KCH Inc. 7108 S. Alton Way, Suite F-2, Centennial, CO 80112, US Laura Andrus 2019-01-03 Voluntarily Dissolved
TBDCO LLC 7070 S. Tucson Way, Centennial, CO 80112, US Travis Hall 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Diamond Valet Services LLC 17658 E Prentice Cir, Centennial, CO 80015, US Garth Greenamyer 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Home School Civil War Ball 8016 S. Vine Way, Centennial, CO 80122, US Robert Gaff 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Erickson Investment Properties, LLC 7030 S. Forest Ct., Centennial, CO 80122, US 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Toley's On The Creek LLC 16728 E Smokey Hill Rd Unit 11B, Centennial, CO 80015, US Ashley M Cronk 2019-01-03 Good Standing
David and Donna Dean LLC 5195 S Riviera Ct, Centennial, CO 80015, US David Dean 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Finders Keepers 20396 E 20396 E Berry Pl, Centennial, CO 80015, US John Anthony Cantu 2019-01-03 Good Standing
QP Services, LLC 5680 Emerson Street, Denver, CO 80216, US Clare White 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Rachel Wertz, LLC 3639 E EASTER AVE, Centennial, CO 80122, US Rachel Sanford Wertz 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Cooley Real Estate 9615 E County Line Rd STE B, Centennial, CO 80112, US Ameca Cooley 2019-01-02 Good Standing
RMS, Inc. 2221 E. Arapahoe Road, #3041, Centennial, CO 80122, US Ryan Matthew Sisson 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Technology Ventures, LLC 3056 E. Hinsdale Ave, Centennial, CO 80122, US Wayne Lambert 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Sailor Bailey Marketing LLC 3380 E Briarwood Ave, Centennial, CO 80122, US Bailey Rhatigan 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Humble Hippie 641 E. Orchard Rd., Centennial, CO 80121, US Jennifer A Mahaney 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Buildz LLC 6600 S.Washington St, Centennial, CO 80121, US Susan Joy Ruhm 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Conference Connect, LLC 3173 East Hinsdale Place, Centennial, CO 80122, US Paige Ashley Watkins 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Sedlacek Properties, LLC 6314 S. Pontiac Ct., Centennial, CO 80111, US Suzanne Evans 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Willowstone 1994, LLC 6830 S Jordan Rd, Suite 101, Centennial, CO 80112, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Quality Kitchen Installations LLC 22204 E. Alamo Lane, Centennial, CO 80015, US Robert D Reagle 2019-01-01 Good Standing
7128 East Dry Creek Circle, LLC 8200 S. Quebec, A3245, Centennial, CO 80112, US Margie G Adams 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Abbramsc, LLC 12201 E Arapahoe Rd STE. A1, Centennial, CO 80112, US Eric Abbott 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Our Blended Fam, LLC 19956 E Williamette Ln, Centennial, CO 80015, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
CIDN Shah, LLC 15526 E Powers Dr, Centennial, CO 80015, US Nirav Shah 2019-01-01 Good Standing
We Can Fix That LLC 5523 S. Richfield Way, Centennial, CO 80015, US April Mucker 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Cambria Capital, LLC 7000 South Yosemite Street, Suite 202, Centennial, CO 80112, US Steve Biley 2019-01-01 Good Standing
MTM Energy Land Services LLC 6165 S. Harrison Dr., Centennial, CO 80121, US Myrtis Thomas Mills 2019-01-01 Good Standing
The Nations LLC 6950 S. Tucson Way, Suite A, Centennial, CO 80112, US Andrew Lee Clough 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Kramerica Industries, LLC 7231 S Washington Way, Centennial, CO 80122, US Nicholas Herrick 2019-01-01 Good Standing
N&B Heating and Cooling LLC 14853 E.Crestridge Dr, Centennial, CO 80015, US Isaac Corona Telles 2019-01-01 Good Standing
BTB Home Care LLC 3456 E. County Line Rd Apt 24, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126, US Timothy Alan Bowdish 2019-01-01 Good Standing
JB's...On The Creek 7603 S HARRISON WAY, Centennial, CO 80122, US John E Bobzien 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Kempf Properties LLC 6912 E. Costilla Place, Centennial, CO 80112, US Benjamin M Kempf 2019-01-01 Good Standing
the good goods company 5213 E Briarwood Cir, Centennial, CO 80122, US Zachary Anderson Atwood 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Blue Sky Writing, LLC 7957 S Clayton Cir, Centennial, CO 80122, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Sounding Board LLC 18710 E Progress Ave, Centennial, CO 80015, US Joselle Blanche Lawrence 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Humble Digital Partners LLC 6017 E Mineral Pl, Centennial, CO 80112, US Scott Eric Feldman 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Drive Faster Colorado, LLC 7500 S. Willow Circle, Centennial, CO 80112, US Barney S. Strobel 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Forrest Solutions, LLC 6734 south ash way, Centennial, CO 80122, US 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Upper Terrace Consulting LLC 7700 E Arapahoe Rd - Suite 220, Centennial, CO 80112-1268, US 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Paul Jobe LLC 8721 E Kettle Circle, Centennial, CO 80112, US Paul M Jobe 2018-12-31 Good Standing
The Traveling Sunflowers LLC 33885 County Road KK, La Junta, CO 81050, US Sarah Anne Kausalik 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Seven Wonders Publishing LLC 7624 South Madison Circle, Centennial, CO 80122, US Jay Finesilver 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Recovery Event Planners LLC 7624 S MADISON CIR, Centennial, CO 80122, US JAY FINESILVER 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Jewel Financial Corp 9615 E County Line Rd, STE B, Centennial, CO 80112, US Abdullah Muhammad 2018-12-30 Good Standing
MD Tree & Shrub 16697 e berry pl, Centennial, CO 80015, US Mallorie Marie Welch 2018-12-29 Good Standing
SJ Performance Horses 6493 South Andes Pl, Centennial, CO 80016, US Sadie Marie Jackson 2018-12-29 Good Standing
Spa Cove JFAM, LLC 5155 E. Nichols Drive, Centennial, CO 80122, US Heidi Elliott 2018-12-28 Good Standing
ER Golf Business LLC 6460 S. Quebec St., Centennial, CO 80111, US 2018-12-28 Good Standing
Echelon Logistics, Inc. 17257 E. Berry Place, Centennial, CO 80015, US 2018-12-28 Good Standing
BCubed, LLC 1497 E Euclid Ave, Centennial, CO 80121, US William DeVoe 2018-12-28 Good Standing
Blum Flower Manager LLC 6300 S. Syracuse Way, Suite 430, Centennial, CO 80111, US 2018-12-28 Good Standing
Sue Foster LLC 8027 S. Newport Ct., Centennial, CO 80112, US Susan Anne Foster 2018-12-28 Good Standing
Tropic Teas LLC 7337 S Xenia Cir., Apt. C, Centennial, CO 80112, US Dhruwa B. Ambani 2018-12-27 Good Standing
HYLER, C.A.R.E., LLC 7005 S Spruce Drive E., Centennial, CO 80112, US 2018-12-27 Good Standing
CSA CO RE LLC 8005 South Chester Street #175, Centennial, CO 80112, US Caroline Anderson 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Healthy Home Enterprise, LLC 17876 E Berry Dr, Centennial, CO 80015, US Jeffrey R Peck 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Aurora Youth Rugby 6538 S. Kearney Circle, Centennial, CO 80111, US S. Scott Bredehoeft 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Luckinbill Soft Plastics LLC 7046 South Knolls Way, Centennial, CO 80122, US 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Penduleeno Ltd. 5485 S Kirk Cir, Centennial, CO 80015, US Sreten Vuletic 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Uncle Joe's Asian Bistro Havana, LLC 5161 East Arapahoe Road, Suite 300, Centennial, CO 80122, US Marie ONeill 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Maxco LLC 7326 S Yosemite St., Unit #214, Centennial, CO 80112, US Max Stephen Collins 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Kronos Group LLC 5532 S Nucla St, Centennial, CO 80015, US Theodoros K Vasilas 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Whole Health Discoveries, LLC 7002 S. Eudora St., Centennial, CO 80122, US Rebecca Marie Dickerson 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Paralegal Liaison LLC 5631 S Himalaya Way, Centennial, CO 80015, US Kimberly K Rutherford 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Boomerang Management Consulting 3430 E Geddes Dr, Centennial, CO 80122, US Jeff Wolf 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Method Fitness LLC 9809 E Easter Ave, Suite B, Centennial, CO 80112, US Nathan Ray Morris 2018-12-26 Good Standing
2945 Riverwalk, LLC 5837 E. Long Pl., CO, Centennial, CO 80112, US Janet M. O'Brien 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Gold Leaf Strategies, LLC 5790 S. Olathe Ct., Centennial, CO 80015, US Rachel J. Lee 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Province Holding, LLC 5260 S Yampa Crt, Centennial, CO 80015-2348, US Kenneth W Shaw 2018-12-25 Good Standing
Barking Bows LLC 3238 E Phillips Dr, Centennial, CO 80122, US Suzanne Elizabeth Amack 2018-12-25 Good Standing
KruDu, LLC 4807 E. Davies Pl., Centennial, CO 80122, US Gregory Krupa 2018-12-25 Good Standing
My Mind Is Mine 7012 South Revere Parkway, suite 90, Centennial, CO 80112, US Jennifer Glowacki 2018-12-23 Good Standing
Presidio & Pratt, LLC 7351 S WELLINGTON ST, Centennial, CO 80122, US 2018-12-23 Good Standing
Family Therapy DTC, PLLC 7430 E. Caley Ave Suite 130E, Centennial, CO 80111, US Ethan Rietema 2018-12-22 Good Standing
Lightness of Being 7824 S. Magnolia Way, Centennial, CO 80112, US Suzanne Elizabeth Rainey 2018-12-21 Good Standing
MetaData Engineering LLC 6623 E Phillips Avenue, Centennial, CO 80112, US Scott Webster Bergin 2018-12-21 Good Standing
Mack Ventures LLC 6935 S. Garfield Way, Centennial, CO 80122, US Ronald Kenneth Mack 2018-12-21 Good Standing
LIN & COMPANY INC 4510 S RESERVOIR RD, SUITE D, Centennial, CO 80015, US IRIS LIN 2018-12-21 Good Standing
QUOI HAPPENS LLC 6247 S LOCUST ST, Centennial, CO 80111, US 2018-12-21 Good Standing
Alpha Training Systems LLC 7586 S. Franklin Way, Centennial, CO 80122, US Fernando Pessoa Pelet 2018-12-20 Good Standing
Blue Troll, LLC 5500 E. Peakview Ave., #2223, Centennial, CO 80121, US 2018-12-20 Good Standing
Books to Life LLC 3396 S. Sherman Street, Englewood, CO 80113, US Carrie Lee Warren-Gully 2018-12-20 Good Standing
Pierre Transportation 4489 S, Haliefax St, Centennial, CO 80016, US Pierre Estime 2018-12-20 Good Standing
Admin Magic LLC 8643 East Dry Creek Road, Unit 1221, Centennial, CO 80112, US Linda Scheurer 2018-12-20 Good Standing
Frontier Enterprises LLC 6984 S. Garfield Way, Centennial, CO 80122, US Konnor Jacob Dehmlow 2018-12-20 Good Standing
Native Post LLC 6984 S Garfield Way, Centennial, CO 80122, US 2018-12-20 Good Standing
Cardel Denver Homes, LLC 9110 E. Nichols Avenue, Suite 120, Centennial, CO 80112, US 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Kimberley Hoxie, LCSW, PLLC 7955 E. Arapahoe Ct. #1400, Centennial, CO 80112, US Kimberley Hoxie 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Congress Park Apartments LLC 6190 S Potomac Way, Centennial, CO 80111, US Norris R Scott 2018-12-19 Good Standing
ES Land LLC 9200 E Mineral Ave. Ste 365, Centennial, CO 80112, US Donald O Summers 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Equinox Seltzer LLC 9200 E Mineral Ave., Ste 365, Centennial, CO 80112, US Donald O Summers 2018-12-19 Good Standing
H&H Freight, LLC 5410 S Nepal Ct, Centennial, CO 80015, US Shi-ai Chang 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Householder Group of Denver, LLC 7700 E Arapahoe Rd, Suite 110, Centennial, CO 80112, US Stephanie Cichon 2018-12-19 Good Standing
RJM Talent, Inc. 18981 E. Belleview Pl., Centennial, CO 80015, US Michelle Ina Marie Ewing 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Lin & Company LLC 4510 S Reservoir Road, Suite D, Centennial, CO 80122, US Iris Lin 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Eastern Farmers LLC 8200 S. Quebec St., Suite A3242, Centennial, CO 80112, US christopher majeed Sallah 2018-12-19 Good Standing
SOLID GROUND SOLUTIONS, LLC 9615 E COUNTY LINE RD, STE B-516, Centennial, CO 80112, US JACINTA DANIEL 2018-12-18 Good Standing
Snow Peak Orthodontics of Colorado, P.C. 20981 E. Smoky Hill Road, Centennial, CO 80015, US Steven Schlagel 2018-12-18 Good Standing
BE OVERLY BRAVE LLC 15400 E CALEY AVE, Centennial, CO 80016, US ROBERT LANSFORD 2018-12-18 Good Standing