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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Get'R'Done Inc Suite 3, 6624 Dublin Loop W, Colorado Springs Mario John Martinez 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Ata Boyz Construction, LLC 1455 Owl Ridge Dr, Colorado Springs Andrew Barker 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Stewardship Holdings, LLC 4910 Nightshade Circle, Colorado Springs Jane Bridges 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Comprehensive Asset Planning, LLC 7831 Barraport Dr, Colorado Springs Cyrus Andrew Perry 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Sunbeam Logistics LLC 15090 Demmler Rd, Colorado Springs Jillian Marie Palmer 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Found Pieces Counseling, LLC 4570 Hilton Parkway, Suite 104, Colorado Springs 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Morgerson Services LLC 826 S. Tejon St., Suite B, Colorado Springs Benjamin Kyle Morgerson 2018-11-02 Good Standing
AJW Productions LLC 1932 Montebello Dr. West, Colorado Springs Drew Wilbur 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Michael's Outlook Publishing, LLC 4282 Dooley Way, Colorado Springs Michael L Kirk 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Hive Life LLC 4665 SPACEWALK WY, Colorado Springs John David Reynolds 2018-11-02 Good Standing
springs doodle poodle breeds 325 robbins mill pl, Colorado Springs 2018-11-02 Good Standing
A Circle of Care Colorado, Inc. 1365 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 100, Colorado Springs 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Thompson Training Systems LLC 3615 Hazelwood Ct., Colorado Springs Kevin Patrick Thompson 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Champion Management LLC 6050 Stetson HIlls Blvd, Colorado Springs 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Cleckson Enterprises LLC 3219 S. Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs 2018-11-02 Good Standing
RED ROCKS CONCRETE, LLC 256 S MURRAY BLVD, Colorado Springs JOSE LUIS LOPEZ GALVAN 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Johnny Gray LLC 815 E Boulder St., Colorado Springs John Roy Gray 2018-11-02 Good Standing
JM CO LLC 1480 S CHELTON RD, APT 105, Colorado Springs MARIA ISABEL ALCALA RAMIREZ 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Robertas House of Care And Healing LLC 10135 Declaration Dr, Colorado Springs Roberta Kirk Chambers 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Kansus Corporation 3808 E La Salle St, Colorado Springs Kanchan K Panta 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Pegasus Executive Group LLC 102 S. Tejon Street, Suite 1100, Colorado Springs Christopher Wade Mills 2018-11-02 Good Standing
MACH 2 CUSTODIAL P.O. Box 16753, Colorado Springs Richard L Pona 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Reliant Financial Services LLC 2150 Lelaray St, Colorado Springs Tracey Cannella 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Mulisha Baseball 5990 Vista Ridge Point, Apt 302, Colorado Springs Jake Ruggeri O'Connell 2018-11-02 Good Standing
H&C LLC 9145 Bellcove Circle, Colorado Springs Howard Anthony Gentry 2018-11-02 Good Standing
LLC 1842 zebulon 1842 Zebulon dr, Colorado Springs alvo s nettles 2018-11-02 Good Standing
urban world events (u.w.e.) 1562 Meadow Peak Vw Apt 109, Colorado Springs Floyd Brown III 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Intermill Enterprises LLC 4465 Northpark Drive, Suite 308, Colorado Springs Wayne Intermill 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Certus Financial Consulting, LLP 6725 Monterey Pine Loop, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Rosebrook Tracers LLC 1266 Vondelpark Dr, Colorado Springs David Steven Greeson 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Nth Degree Bookkeeping & Tax LLC 76 Raven Hills Ct, Colorado Springs Michael Robert Weber 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Abigail LaVoo LLC 7660 Goddard St., Suite 234, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
EL KAMELOT EVENT CENTER LLC 296 S. Academy Bvdl., Unit H, Colorado Springs Christian Garcia Tercero 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Mama Pigeon Soap 4345 E San Miguel St, Colorado Springs Leah Marie Pigeon 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Mechanical Solutions Construction Inc 1475 Selix Grove, Colorado Springs Alexandr Johnson 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Black Box Entertainment LLC 3715 Riviera Grove, Unit 104, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
L.Pigeon Home 4345 E San Miguel St, Colorado Springs Leah Pigeon 2018-11-01 Good Standing
COSpace LLC 421 S Tejon Street, Ste 330, Colorado Springs Cheryl Flynn 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Heuser Healthcare 1127 Quivira Dr, Colorado Springs Roger Schroeder 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Roofle enterprises LLC 7195 templeton gap rd, Colorado Springs Kristofer Patrick Rupple 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Lee Charles 6925 Grand Valley Drive, Colorado Springs Brenda Lee White 2018-11-01 Good Standing
APPLEFACE BABY PRODUCTS GROUP INC 5030 Boardwalk Drive, SUITE 818, Colorado Springs YONG XIA 2018-11-01 Good Standing
STRATMOOR LIQUOR, LLC 1807 B Street, Colorado Springs Rhonda Rockwell 2018-11-01 Good Standing
OLCOW, LLC 5415 Sapphire Dr., Colorado Springs Spencer A Gresham 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Eastmeadow, LLC 5415 Sapphire Dr., Colorado Springs Spencer A Gresham 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Headen LLC 6547 N Academy Blvd #2164, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Kevin Carr Real Estate, LLC 302 Mission Hill Way, Colorado Springs Kevin Carr 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Hardy Investments LLC 4780 Farthing Drive, Colorado Springs Kellee Patricia Elizab Hardy 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Knights Inc 801 S Union Blvd, Apt 5, Colorado Springs Melynie Keedra Holmes 2018-11-01 Good Standing
MycoSprings 3103 N Prospect St, Colorado Springs Mercedes Whitman 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Creighton & Associates, LLC Creighton & Associates, LLC, 15355 Holbein Drive, Colorado Springs Misty Dawn Creighton 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Mohrfeld Consulting Services, LLC 6552 Forest Thorn Ct, Colorado Springs Jeffrey Thomas Mohrfeld 2018-11-01 Good Standing
GAD ENTERPRISES, LLC 4715 Clinebell Ln, Colorado Springs Dennis Bailey 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Enoch Road OMH LLC 102 S. Tejon Street, Suite 750, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Gold&Mars Management LLC. 1419 Tappan cir. Apt. 102, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
JordanMathewsLLC 1016 Venus Dr., Colorado Springs Jordan William Mathews 2018-11-01 Good Standing
CHOCO BACHLER PEDS DENTAL CONSULTANTS, INC 3050 COMMODORE DR, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Stark's Construction and Development 3968, Aspen Leaf point, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
karens home 6325 moccasin pass ct, Colorado Springs Karen L Teja 2018-11-01 Good Standing
4 Mile Service, LLC 675 Blackhawk Drive, Colorado Springs Bert Bedford 2018-11-01 Good Standing
444 Properties, LLC 5205 Saddle Dr, Colorado Springs Mark D Hirleman 2018-11-01 Good Standing
1408 Mount View, LLC 5205 Saddle Dr, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
1400 Acacia, LLC 5205 Saddle Dr, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
1515 Mount View, LLC 5205 Saddle Dr, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
3837 Linda Vista, LLC 5205 Saddle Dr, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
SpringsRanchMotel LLC 3900 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs David Chinh Tran 2018-11-01 Good Standing
KICK-ASS NEWS PUBLICATION LTD 1514 North Hancock Ave, Colorado Springs 2018-11-01 Good Standing
First Page Enterprises LLC 2235 Westmoreland Rd, Colorado Springs Robert J Page 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Bringlight, LLC 6547 North Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs Christal Vison 2018-10-31 Good Standing
King Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. 2914 Austin Bluffs Pkwy. Ste. 201, Colorado Springs Jennifer King 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Turn Key Ops, LLC 455 Rock Creek Canyon Rd, Colorado Springs Donna Philips 2018-10-31 Good Standing
DC Anderson, LLC 884 Deschutes Dr, Colorado Springs David Anderson 2018-10-31 Good Standing
COMPASS DIRECT MARKETING INC 3472 RESEARCH PARKWAY, SUITE 104, Colorado Springs 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Romero Family Investments LLC 3865 Valkyrie Way, Colorado Springs Michael Romero 2018-10-31 Good Standing
JS Resources LLC 19670 Twisted Pine Dr, Colorado Springs Jay Burgan 2018-10-31 Good Standing
MEYER, LLC 8450 Terrapin Trail, Colorado Springs Peggy L Meyer 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Rg Construction, LLP 4330 Centerville Dr., Colorado Springs Ricardo Gonzalez Luquin 2018-10-31 Good Standing
AVANTA COLLECTION LLC 1710 Briargate Blvd, Suite #428, Colorado Springs Evans Gerard Timothy 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Less Than Zero 7485 Woody Creek Dr, Colorado Springs Patrick Anthony Lavigne 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Arlington Consulting, LLC 2232 Red Edge Heights, Colorado Springs Jon A. Hamel 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Anahata Massage Therapy and Wellness 5180 N Union Blvd, Ste. 208, Colorado Springs Laura Gehant 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Plum Crazy Enterprises LLC 2004 W. Platte Ave., Colorado Springs Richard E Clouse 2018-10-31 Good Standing
APM Corp 333 E Colorado Ave Apt 402, Colorado Springs 2018-10-31 Good Standing
CLT Consulting Group LLC 3043 Electra Drive South, Colorado Springs Carol Toren-Edmiston 2018-10-31 Good Standing
TRIC Tools, Inc. 6208 Tin Star Drive, Colorado Springs 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Ascent Real Estate Team LLC 16104 Pole Pine Point, Colorado Springs Nicholas Jason Arends 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Technology Hop LLC 6650 Dream Weaver Dr., Colorado Springs Joshua Levi Warren 2018-10-31 Good Standing
KAIRO'S CLEANING SERVICES LLC 2122 FERNWOOD DR, Colorado Springs DAVID CACHO 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Az We R Weddings LLC 18 2nd Street, Colorado Springs Eli Windsor Yellen 2018-10-31 Good Standing
My Black Directory LLC 5925 Galley Rd, #75311, Colorado Springs Ryan Moore 2018-10-31 Good Standing
JLB DIRT WORK, LLC 2620 Oro Blanco Dr, Colorado Springs 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Poseidon Marketing LLC 1875 Winnebago Rd, Colorado Springs Thomas Benjamin Gary 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Amy Short Photo LLC PO Box 5813, Colorado Springs Amy E Short 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Church of the Most High 2402 E Boulder St, Colorado Springs Tristan James Bingham 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Green Beret Old School Solutions LLC 948 Fire Rock Place, Colorado Springs 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Precision Tactics Inc. 2715 N Arcadia St, Colorado Springs James Joseph LaRusso 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Uplifted Cleaning Company LLC 12 Terrace Dr., Colorado Springs Julie Lanning 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Smokey Quartz Photography LLC 912 E Columbia Street, Colorado Springs 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Bottom of the Bottle LLC 169 Anchoria Way, Colorado Springs Deborah Walker 2018-10-30 Good Standing