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Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Colorado Springs · cleaning · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Holloway Cleaning Team 2473 Sierra Springs Dr, Colorado Springs Michael Lance Holloway 2017-09-17 Good Standing
JC Springs Cleaning LLC 1980 diplomat view, apt 1815, Colorado Springs 2017-09-15 Good Standing
W & J CLEANING LLC 5709 Pepperdine Point, Colorado Springs Wendy Bencomo 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Genesis Cleaning 7817 Briarthorn Ln, Colorado Springs Yolanda Nohemi Monroy 2017-09-15 Good Standing
A & M Magic Cleaning Services LLC 2705 Triple Crown Way, #47, Colorado Springs 2017-09-12 Good Standing
MARICELA'S CLEANING SERVICES LLC 4925 DOVER DR, Colorado Springs MARICELA LOPEZ 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Clearly Better Gutter Cleaning 4250 sanders vw, apt304, Colorado Springs Kyle Samples 2017-09-08 Good Standing
DC CLEANING CO LLC 215 MEDFORD DR, Colorado Springs 2017-09-02 Good Standing
J & T Cleaning, LLC 5923 Corinth Dr, Colorado Springs Jenny Hughes 2017-09-01 Good Standing
JC Springs Cleaning 1980 Diplomat View, 1815, Colorado Springs Jenna Songer 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Maids 4 you cleaning LLC 7360 Little Timber GR, APT 101, Colorado Springs Jennifer Dizon 2017-08-23 Good Standing
All Phases Cleaning 3602 .5 west Colorado avenue, Colorado Springs Katherine Eileen Murphy 2017-08-21 Good Standing
J'S Cleaning Services LLC 3310 Pennsylvania Ave, Colorado Springs Juan Francisco Paramo Guerra 2017-08-17 Good Standing
JR LANSCAPING & CLEANING LLC 6327 PASSING SKY DR, Colorado Springs FIDELA AVILA 2017-08-16 Good Standing
J & S Fairy Magic Cleaning, LLC 2910 Sage St, Apt 31, Colorado Springs Shannon Marie Elliott 2017-08-12 Good Standing
3D Restoration and Cleaning LLC 2860 S. Circle Suite 250B, Colorado Springs 2017-08-11 Good Standing
All Seasons Cleaning LLC 3614 Airport Rd., Colorado Springs Jennifer Alexis Castellon Rodriguez 2017-08-08 Good Standing
Prestige Cleaning Solutions Ltd. 320 Vehr Dr., Apt. 3, Colorado Springs Brittani Bailey 2017-08-07 Good Standing
Reliant Window Cleaning Services 5230 WHIP TRAIL, Colorado Springs Ethan D Graalum 2017-07-26 Good Standing
CS Cleaning Company, LLC 1729 Keswick Road, Colorado Springs Emily Hall 2017-07-25 Good Standing
Cleaning of Exellence LLC 8084 Parsonage Lane, Colorado Springs Reinier Pupo Blanco 2017-07-18 Good Standing
Colorado Springs Mobile Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services 4168 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs Kyung Lee 2017-07-17 Good Standing
JNK Cleaning LLC 1917 Copper Creek Drive, Colorado Springs Jason Raudel Medina 2017-07-11 Good Standing
VERONICA'S CLEANING LLC 3718 E LASALLE ST, APT 2309, Colorado Springs VERONICA HERNANDEZ 2017-07-10 Good Standing
Highest Standard Cleaning Company, LLC. 46 N Belmont St, Colorado Springs 2017-07-05 Good Standing
Ales painting and cleaning CO. 2414 Camelot Court, Colorado Springs Ales Burda 2017-07-03 Good Standing
Busy Bees Cleaning Service LLC 1215 Whistler Hollow Dr, Colorado Springs VANESSA IVONNE POGGIO-BONILLA 2017-07-01 Good Standing
TLC Cleaning, LLC 119 Grinnell St, Colorado Springs Tess Edmundson 2017-06-21 Good Standing
Heavenly Fresh Cleaning Services LLC 6244 Wood Bison TRL, Colorado Springs Jeffrey Dussan 2017-06-19 Good Standing
united cleaning services LLc limited 212 prior ln, Colorado Springs 2017-06-13 Good Standing
MARQUEZ CLEANING SERVICES LLC 6230 Vickie Lane, Colorado Springs Antonia Thomas 2017-06-06 Good Standing
Humble Sisters Cleaning LLC 568 Marquette Drive, 301A, Colorado Springs 2017-05-23 Good Standing
Inzane Cleaning 804 Hallam Ave, Colorado Springs Leary Hunter Ryan 2017-05-14 Good Standing
Kustom House Cleaning LLC 2604 N Meade Ave, Colorado Springs Elaine M Campbell 2017-05-10 Good Standing
KAYLEE HOUSE CLEANING 2854 W SERENDIPITI CR, APT C, Colorado Springs MAURICIO PEREZ 2017-05-10 Good Standing
Ryan's On Cue Carpet Cleaning Inc. 6338 Dancing Moon Way, Colorado Springs 2017-05-09 Good Standing
Hi-Caliber Cleaning 6945 Native Circle, Colorado Springs Shayla Dawn McCullough 2017-05-04 Good Standing
Rocan Cleaning 2428 Clarkson Dr, Colorado Springs Roy Michael Bonin Jr. 2017-04-30 Good Standing
C.O.S CLEANING & RESTORATION L.L.C. 2476 GARDEN WAY, Colorado Springs 2017-04-19 Good Standing
On The Way Cleaning & Services LLC 4205 EPikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs Aristeo Roacho Jr. 2017-04-19 Good Standing
Colorado Cleaning for a Cause LLC 2670 Villa Loma Drive, Colorado Springs Amanda B Koehler 2017-04-18 Good Standing
Front Range Cleaning Services LLC 4670 Iron Horse Trail, Colorado Springs Jose R Gallegos 2017-04-18 Good Standing
C & J Window Cleaning,LLC 639 n wahsatch, Colorado Springs Julio Lee Delossantos II 2017-04-13 Good Standing
Budget Carpet Cleaning 1670 E CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN BLVD, APT F 198, Colorado Springs SANTIAGO MARROQUIN 2017-04-12 Good Standing
Clean Break Home Cleaning LLC 4960 Wineskin Cir, Colorado Springs Maria Monserrat Chacon Jaquez 2017-04-07 Good Standing
HCMS Cleaning, LLC 519 Observatory Drive, Colorado Springs Donna June Mitchell 2017-04-06 Good Standing
Sandoval Cleaning Services LLC 4052 Colony Hills Circle, Colorado Springs Yudith Sandoval Guevara 2017-03-30 Good Standing
Warrior Carpet Cleaning, LLC 1814 N Circle Dr, Colorado Springs Barbara A Carper 2017-03-27 Good Standing
Less DUSTress Cleaning Services LLC P.O Box 75341, Colorado Springs Priscilla J Green 2017-03-27 Good Standing
GSN Hood Cleaning Services, LLC 62 Mount View Ln Unit 1, Colorado Springs Michael J Montague 2017-03-18 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Heavenly Cleaning Services, LLC 6631 Glowing Valley Dr, Colorado Springs Christa Lynn Savacool 2017-03-10 Good Standing
ALLSTARS PROFESSIONAL CLEANING INC 3578 HARTSEL DRIVE, STE 319 E, Colorado Springs 2017-03-10 Good Standing
Moonlight Cleaning LLC 4540 Ramblewood Drive, Colorado Springs Daily Gene Cole 2017-03-09 Good Standing
Morans Cleaning Service LLC 4340 Ericson Dr Apt 4, Colorado Springs Isidra Moran 2017-03-08 Good Standing
Cano Cleaning LLC 4165 Poplar Brook Dr., Colorado Springs Isaac Cano 2017-03-07 Good Standing
CLEANING WITH MAGIC LLC 2805 KING ST APT A, Colorado Springs VERONICA MUNOZ 2017-03-03 Good Standing
Davis Construction Cleaning Co. 8671 Dry Needle Place, Colorado Springs Timothy J Davis 2017-03-02 Good Standing
Donna's Girls Cleaning Company, LLC 4206 Valli Vista Rd., Colorado Springs Brandi LeAnne Castillo Chavez 2017-02-20 Good Standing
ANCHOR Painting & Cleaning LLC 4025 london ln, Colorado Springs Omar Gerardo Aguilar 2017-02-20 Good Standing
D.K.G CLEANING LLC 4825 ASTROZON BLVD, LOT E293, Colorado Springs DIANA K GALLARZA 2017-02-18 Good Standing
Martinez Cleaning LLC 2217 Farnsworth Dr., Colorado Springs Rocio G Garcia 2017-02-17 Good Standing
Office Space Commercial Cleaning,LLC 2418 Payne Circle W, Colorado Springs Danielle Crystal Dietz 2017-02-01 Good Standing
Yannas Cleaning Service 1940 s Chelton Rd. # F321, Colorado Springs Talia Tamara Miller 2017-01-28 Good Standing
Majesty Quality Cleaning, LLC 6464 Honey Grove, Apt 107, Colorado Springs 2017-01-27 Good Standing
OPTIMAL CLEANING SYSTEMS LLC 2902 GREENWOOD CIRCLE, Colorado Springs 2017-01-23 Good Standing
A Sublime Cleaning Company 2815 clarendon dr, Colorado Springs Amber Sickles 2017-01-19 Good Standing
BBJ Quality Cleaning Services 2512 E Buena Ventura St, Colorado Springs Abigail Barrera 2017-01-14 Good Standing
sotos cleaning LLC 1095 Western dr., Colorado Springs maria dolores soto 2017-01-14 Good Standing
Pyramid Cleaning & Maintenance LLC 4585 Templeton Park Circle, #170, Colorado Springs Raymond V Barber 2017-01-14 Good Standing
GARCIAS CLEANING SERVICES LLC 1775 ZEBULON DR APT # C, Colorado Springs DAISY J GARCIA 2017-01-14 Good Standing
Patty's Best Cleaning, LLC 4372 Neal Court, Colorado Springs Martha Patricia Rodriguez-Enriquez 2017-01-10 Good Standing
Cleaning Bees 1927 S Sheridan Ave, Colorado Springs Susanne Ursula Ellis 2017-01-06 Good Standing
Grahams Janitorial & Cleaning Services LLC 340 Vehr Dr., #2, Colorado Springs 2017-01-01 Good Standing
Restoration Cleaning Group 1628 Gatehouse circle south apt 103, Colorado Springs Draye Jamal Ersery 2016-12-30 Good Standing
New Vision Window Cleaning 3940 Timber Lane, Colorado Springs Mark Christopher Brady 2016-12-30 Good Standing
"Maid in America, Inc." Commercial Cleaning 1850 Bavaria, Apt 1203, Colorado Springs Martha Gonzalez 2016-12-20 Good Standing
Western Sky Cleaning LLC 9675 Morgon Rd, Colorado Springs Tina Wright 2016-12-17 Good Standing
SUPERB CLEANING LLC 3030 N HANCOCK AVE APT B, Colorado Springs GRETCHEN M HOFF 2016-12-14 Good Standing
Majestic Lion Cleaning & Maintenance 6254 Village Ln, Colorado Springs Matthew Vargas 2016-12-13 Good Standing
5 Star Residential Cleaning, LLC 2560 Mason Way, Colorado Springs Joselin Vargas-Molina 2016-12-10 Good Standing
Payen"s cleaning, llc 1110 nolte drive west, Colorado Springs sofia lopes 2016-12-05 Good Standing
Bridges Cleaning, LLC 7430 Campstool Drive, Colorado Springs Latonia Bridges 2016-11-22 Good Standing
Gloria Cleaning Services, LLC. 109 Kokomo St, Apt 109 D, Colorado Springs Chad Daniel Gloria 2016-11-07 Good Standing
RAMOS CLEANING SERVICES LLC 126 COLERIDGE AVE, APT A, Colorado Springs 2016-11-02 Good Standing
king's cleaning llc 230 fairmont st, Colorado Springs oscar h castellanos-lopez Sr. 2016-10-27 Good Standing
Peak Office Cleaning, LLC 2909 Sage Street, Apt. 2, Colorado Springs Brandon Wade Runkel 2016-10-18 Good Standing
It's In The Bucket Cleaning Company LLC 8259 Steadman Dr., Colorado Springs Gina Buhl 2016-10-01 Good Standing
Coheart Cleaning Services LLC 53 Easy Street, Colorado Springs Renee L Goodell 2016-09-29 Good Standing
J & O CLEANING SERVICES LLC 3850 VALLEY VIEW ST, Colorado Springs ORLANDO GONZALEZ 2016-09-28 Good Standing
JBK CLEANING SERVICES LLC 3850 VALLEY VIEW ST., Colorado Springs ORLANDO GONZALEZ 2016-09-28 Good Standing
J & O CLEANING SERVICE LLC 150 KIRKSTONE LN, Colorado Springs JOSE JIMENEZ ALFONSO 2016-09-26 Good Standing
R&E IMPERIAL CLEANING LLC 1110 S. Chelton Road, Apt. 218, Colorado Springs Maria del Rosario Villa Flores 2016-09-23 Good Standing
Good Samaritan Cleaning LLC 163 ELLERS GROVE, Colorado Springs Cynthia Ann Camble 2016-09-15 Good Standing
Sweet Haven Cleaning LLC 6430 Black Ridge View #308, Colorado Springs Germaine Asong Satia 2016-09-08 Good Standing
Front Range Carpet Cleaning and Floor Restoration LLC 2608 Weir Avenue, Colorado Springs Nicholas Adrian Larson 2016-08-31 Good Standing
Marius Carpet Cleaning, Inc. 1228 Wynkoop Dr., Colorado Springs Hayden S. Gregory 2016-08-25 Good Standing
Clarity Cleaning Service 2917 Illinois Ave, Colorado Springs Shawn C Sartori 2016-08-08 Good Standing