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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Fort Collins · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
RAM-Z AMPLIFIERS LLC 1519 CENTENNIAL RD., Fort Collins 2017-09-17 Good Standing
Clean FoCo Services, LLC 2300 W County Rd 38 E, Lot 106, Fort Collins Gabe J Betzner 2017-09-17 Good Standing
Byrddawg LLC 632 De Norte Place, Fort Collins Jody Robb 2017-09-17 Good Standing
EALorange, LLC 5131 Snead Court, Fort Collins James Eric L'Orange 2017-09-17 Good Standing
Amanda Haygood Counseling LLC 417 S Howes St, Fort Collins Amanda Lynn Haygood 2017-09-17 Good Standing
Estrella Home Healthcare LLC 3733 Precision Dr. #D225, Fort Collins Doug Benzel 2017-09-17 Good Standing
Grenier Rentals, LLC 1813 Antero Ct, Fort Collins Joe Grenier 2017-09-16 Good Standing
YOUR IMPRINT LLC 2718 RED CLOUD COURT, Fort Collins RACHAEL HERMAN 2017-09-16 Good Standing
DOUG RINGER CONSULTING, LLC PO Box 271663, Fort Collins Douglas Lamar Ringer 2017-09-16 Good Standing
Premium Mullet Ltd. 1309 Hepplewhite Ct, Fort Collins Steven Hitz 2017-09-16 Good Standing
Sport Adventures, LLC 5887 SW FRONTAGE RD, Fort Collins John B Jensen Sr. 2017-09-16 Good Standing
technomancyit 3201 Lochwood Dr, Fort Collins Chad Anthony Koslovsky 2017-09-16 Good Standing
SciEdSolutions LLC PO Box 271501, Fort Collins Scott A Newkirk 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Meghan Swella Norton LLC 318 Scott Ave, Fort Collins Meghan Swella Norton 2017-09-15 Good Standing
NoCo Notary LLC 3012 Southmoor Court, Southmoor Court, Fort Collins Blair Mirabito 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Elevated Quality Clean LLC 222 North Whitcomb, Fort Collins Callie Apodaca 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Pronghorn Services, LLC 2813 Rio Grande St., Austin Brandon Gross 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Topeka Lane 2602 Topeka Lane, Fort Collins Kevin Daniel Mark 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Escobrew Coffee 910 West Oak Street, Fort Collins Gage Hardenbrook Clifton Sr. 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Massage Conscious LLC 1619 w vine dr, Fort Collins Tyler R Barfield 2017-09-15 Good Standing
White Fire Web Group, LLC 3450 Riva Ridge Place, #307, Fort Collins Kenneth William Corley III 2017-09-15 Good Standing
JMD 220 Cashin Drive, LLC 1509 Beamreach Place, Fort Collins Julie M. Deters 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Bergmann Transport Inc 3100 Appaloosa Ct, Fort Collins Dave Alan Bergmann Jr. 2017-09-15 Good Standing
BZNTELCORP 3009 Stonehaven Dr., Fort Collins Patrick Winston Barrett 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Zachary Glick LLC 932 Thornhill Place, Fort Collins Zachary Rand Glick 2017-09-15 Good Standing
ABS Enterprises, LLC P.O. Box 272897, Fort Collins 2017-09-15 Good Standing
District Management and Developement 1927 Wilmington Drive, Unit 101, Fort Collins Jackie Sue Johnson 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Heather Fontenot Photography LLC 5255 Augusta Trail, Fort Collins Heather Spedden Fontenot 2017-09-15 Good Standing
RCCO MARKETING LLC 1521 RIVEROAK DRIVE, Fort Collins ROBERT R CLARK 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Upslope Aviation, L.L.C. 4269 Frying Pan Rd, Basalt Alec Toney 2017-09-14 Good Standing
JMD 5109 Southern Cross, LLC 1509 Beamreach Place, Fort Collins Julie M Deters 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Investment Management LLC 2518 Coventry Ct., Fort Collins Jacob Joseph Wolff 2017-09-14 Good Standing
STAK CAPITAL, LLC 125 South Howes Street, 2nd Floor, Fort Collins Devin Ferrey 2017-09-14 Good Standing
HN17, LLC 125 South Howes Street, 2nd Floor, Fort Collins 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Boedecker Lake Partners LLC 1021 Nightingale Drive, Fort Collins Kenneth Mitchell 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Urban Overalls, LLC 709 E. Elizabeth St., Fort Collins Connie Jo Meyer 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Beeman's Custom Painting, LLC. 2115 W. Plum St., Apt. 1, Fort Collins Stephen R Beeman 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Freedom Home Mobility, LLC 1225 W. Prospect Road #C103, Fort Collins Brian Wauters 2017-09-13 Good Standing
AEM Real Estate Inc 4658 Shetland Ln, Fort Collins Annah Moore 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Kings Road Franchising LLC 4014 S.Lemay Ave., #26, Fort Collins Marc Geman 2017-09-13 Good Standing
BGLS, LLC 322 E. Oak St., Fort Collins 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Fiscal Fitness Resources 4807 Westridge Dr, Fort Collins Ferri Fathi Erickson 2017-09-13 Good Standing
DAK NoCO, LLC 1001 E Harmony Road, Suite A375, Fort Collins Drew Nelson 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Ansel & Adam's Holdings, LLC 624 Powderhorn Drive, Fort Collins Ansel James Foxley 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Briarwood 228 LLC 1130 W Oak St, Fort Collins Nancy B Devine 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Riddle 423 LLC 1130 W Oak St, Fort Collins Nancy B Devine 2017-09-13 Good Standing
J Street 1106B LLC 1130 W Oak St, Fort Collins Nancy B Devine 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Hoffmann Investments, LLC 5212 Coralberry Court, Fort Collins Mark Hoffmann 2017-09-13 Good Standing
A Mother's Touch Cleaning Service LLC 617 Brown Ave, Fort Collins Hilda Mena 2017-09-13 Good Standing
The RTH Group, Ltd. 4119 Lost Creek Court, Fort Collins Alexander Genial Sorenson 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Allen and Associates LLC 525 Maple St, Fort Collins Joseph J Allen 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Power Massage Products Inc 1909 S Lemay Ave, Fort Collins Mark Rise 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Private Reserve 2, LLC 4925 Chippendale Drive, Fort Collins John A. Musa 2017-09-12 Good Standing
OmChalet LLC 2300 Manchester Court, Fort Collins 2017-09-12 Good Standing
All Auto Repair LLC 1712 Willox Ct, Fort Collins Nena Lara 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Emporium Sports Bar, L.L.P. 925 S Taft Hill Rd, Fort Collins Roger D Martin 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Beck's Bodywork LLC 1405 Luke Street, Fort Collins 2017-09-12 Good Standing
ProfitPro Leads LLC 3115 Sumac St, Fort Collins Mark Russell Caudle 2017-09-12 Good Standing
TuLaLu,LLC 2450 Windrow Dr., E303, Fort Collins Alison Margaret Harper 2017-09-12 Good Standing
HTGS LLC 4120 3rd Ave., Timnath Guylene Gayle Allenbrand 2017-09-12 Good Standing
T-Check Construction LLC 39244 Hilltop Circle, Severance Ryan Anthony Thomeczek 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Lakeside Farm LLC 7018 Daryn Lane, Fort Collins William Fredrick Heiss Sr. 2017-09-11 Good Standing
2854 Seccomb Properties, LLC 2907 SKIMMERHORN ST, Fort Collins STEPHANIE R PRYOR 2017-09-11 Good Standing
1716 14th Properties, LLC 2907 SKIMMERHORN ST, Fort Collins KEITH ARMIN PRYOR 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Padilla All Season Services LLC 2702, Pleasant Valley Road, Fort Collins Lupe Victor Padilla 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Tilted Halo Services, Inc. 1725 Yucca Ct., Fort Collins Peter Tippett 2017-09-11 Good Standing
SCADA Matters, LLC 416 Deerfield Circle, Fort Collins Elizabeth Spencer 2017-09-11 Good Standing
MMJ Exams of Colorado, LLC 8475 Shamrock Ranch Rd., Fort Collins Ron Frenkel 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Fort Collins Rentals, LLC PO Box 271753, Fort Collins 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Dunn IV Enterprises LLC 2950 South County Road 5, Fort Collins William Arthur Dunn IV 2017-09-11 Good Standing
rudys painting and drywall service llc 451 e boardwalk dr, Fort Collins 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Lonon Photography LLC 3002 W. Elizabeth St 16E, Fort Collins Stephanie Kristina Lonon 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Marigold Rising LLC 3002 W. Elizabeth St 16E, Fort Collins Stephanie Kristina Lonon 2017-09-11 Good Standing
ColorPockit LLC 2503 Iowa Drive, Fort Collins Dalaine Lin Bartelme 2017-09-10 Good Standing
Skybear LLC 305 W Magnolia St #144, Fort Collins Christopher Newby 2017-09-10 Good Standing
MTNside Builders and Home Services LLC 5517 W CR 38E, Fort Collins Matthew Ryan Constantino 2017-09-10 Good Standing
Nayar Orthopedic Logistics LLC 1408 Leahy Dr, Fort Collins Jessica Joy Fuentes 2017-09-10 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Racks, LLC 1300 Fairview Drive, Fort Collins Alexander H. Fleming 2017-09-08 Good Standing
MentalFitness LLC 2740 Headwater Dr, Fort Collins Jennifer L Musgrave 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Catherine Albert, Inc 1507 Redberry Ct, Fort Collins Catherine Maria Albert 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Jennifer Glick LLC 932 Thornhill Place, Fort Collins Jennifer Kay Lee Glick 2017-09-08 Good Standing
The Flats at Centerra Association 2601 S. Lemay Ave, Ste. 7-424, Fort Collins 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Burge Family Steamboat Townhome LLC 418 Spinnaker Lane, Fort Collins Gary Burge 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Lux Townhomes at Rigden Farm Association 100 N. Mason, Fort Collins 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Himal Trade And Services Inc 140 W Oak ST, Suite 210, Fort Collins Urmila Ghimire 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Holiday Travelers V, LLC 5412 Vardon Way, Fort Collins Trudy B. Sargent 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Apex Air Sealing Ltd 2000 S. College Ave, Suite 308, Fort Collins Paul Higman 2017-09-07 Good Standing
R&R Roadside Tire Service LLC 4532 E County Rd 40, Fort Collins 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Beckett Insurance, LLC 220 Smith Street, Fort Collins Donald Mark Silber 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Mark Hoffmann, MD, LLC 5212 Coralberry Court, Fort Collins Mark Hoffmann 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Heather Makes Deals LLC 4901 Catalina Dr, Fort Collins Heather D Wolhart 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Slaughter Invest, LLC 2202 andrews st, Fort Collins jennifer slaughter 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Fidelity Equity Partners LLC 1001-A E Harmony Road #252, Fort Collins Chad Davidson 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Holle Property Management 1511 Lakeside Ave, Fort Collins Dusten Tornow 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Reaper Roustabout LLC 4015 Torriddon Ln, Fort Collins Charles D Phillips 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Taft Junior, LLC 160 Palmer Drive, Fort Collins Suzanne Steinbicker 2017-09-06 Good Standing
A1 H PLUMBING SERVICES LLC 2640 W Prospect Rd, Fort Collins 2017-09-06 Good Standing
OVB, LLC 4339 Gemstone Ln, Fort Collins Adam Diel 2017-09-06 Good Standing
W Properties, LLC 1420 W Mountain Ave, Fort Collins Bruce Arlen Wasserman 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Rene Wischow 2809 Stonehaven Drive, Fort Collins Rene Estes Wischow 2017-09-06 Good Standing