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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Law Offices of Alan D. Avery, LLC 24334 Paragon Pl, Golden, CO 80401, US Alan D. Avery 2019-11-20 Good Standing
16035 LLC 15180 W. 50th Drive, Golden, CO 80403, US 2019-11-20 Good Standing
J. Luke Andrew, D.D.S. 929 Russell St, Golden, CO 80401, US John Luke Andrew 2019-11-20 Good Standing
Green & Broderick LLC 805 13th Street, Golden, CO 80401, US Christopher C. O'Dell 2019-11-19 Good Standing
EM5 FINANCIAL CORPORATION 123 S DEVINNEY ST, Golden, CO 80401, US MARK E EHRHART 2019-11-19 Good Standing
KAB Services L.L.C. 24025 High Meadow Dr., Golden, CO 80401, US 2019-11-18 Good Standing
Androus LLC 4850 Kilmer St, Golden, CO 80403, US collin Androus 2019-11-18 Good Standing
Compass Healing Project co. 764 Copperdale Ln, Golden, CO 80403, US Ryan Joseph Cooney 2019-11-18 Good Standing
GRATR, LLC 1330 Nile Street, Golden, CO 80401, US Zachary Howell 2019-11-16 Good Standing
ZBsports 19658 W 60th Lane, Golden, CO 80403, US Miguel Zepeda 2019-11-15 Good Standing
Coal Creek Motorsports 11036 Circle Drive, Golden, CO 80403, US Jason R Blumen 2019-11-15 Good Standing
325 Gothic Ave. CB LLC 14700 Garden Rd., Golden, CO 80401, US 2019-11-14 Good Standing
Elsager Eljarah LLC 1300 GOLDEN CIRCLE, No. 309, Golden, CO 80401, US MOHAMED WADA 2019-11-14 Good Standing
Internal Champion LLC 5928 Dunraven Way, Golden, CO 80403, US Trevor Gene Wittman 2019-11-14 Good Standing
3-Point Recruiting 804 Calgary Way, Golden, CO 80401, US Douglass Beeman 2019-11-13 Good Standing
VOIDBUSTERS LLC 517 WASHINGTON AVE, Golden, CO 80403, US 2019-11-13 Good Standing
Maya Intuitives LLC 590 Hwy 72, Unit 1, Golden, CO 80403, US Katherine Clancy 2019-11-13 Good Standing
Agile Partners LLC 15267 W Ellsworth PL, Golden, CO 80401, US Lisa Ann Voncino 2019-11-13 Good Standing
1320 Properties LLC 15594 W.51st Place, Golden, CO 80403, US John Bianco 2019-11-13 Good Standing
Colorado Land Works LLC 15330 W 50th Dr., Golden, CO 80403, US Brandon W Cowhey 2019-11-12 Good Standing
SYL-LAB, LLC 760 Joseph Cir., Golden, CO 80403, US 2019-11-12 Good Standing
R4, LLC 1025 Zang St, Golden, CO 80401, US Rj Smith IV 2019-11-12 Good Standing
Jones Commercial Fence LLC 16562 W48TH Lane, Golden, CO 80403, US William R Jones 2019-11-12 Good Standing
NW3 Partners LLC 5497 Wier St, Golden, CO 80403, US Bruce D Portz 2019-11-12 Good Standing
CHS INVESTMENTS P.O. box 151314, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Hannah Schafer 2019-11-12 Good Standing
School To Career Partners, Inc. 251 Kimball ave., Golden, CO 80401, US David Vance Fulton 2019-11-12 Good Standing
Josiah Film LLC 1090 Secrest Street, Golden, CO 80401, US Josiah David Jones 2019-11-11 Good Standing
Teresa Lybarger CPA LLC 750 Tabor Street 63, Golden, CO 80401, US Teresa Anne Lybarger 2019-11-11 Good Standing
Wendy Dennie Fine Art LLC 11710 SpruceCny Circle, Golden, CO 80403, US Wendy Dennie 2019-11-09 Good Standing
Colorado Polaris LLC 2811 Lookout View Dr, Golden, CO 80401, US Alexis Yeh 2019-11-08 Good Standing
ResSpace, LLC 1901 Sage Circle, Golden, CO 80401, US Joseph A. Solomon 2019-11-08 Good Standing
Altrogge Holdings, LLC 15899 W. Ellsworth Dr., Golden, CO 80401, US Judy A. Harrer 2019-11-08 Good Standing
Fur Friend Society 601 16th Street, C273, Golden, CO 80401, US Yauheniya Sewalk 2019-11-08 Good Standing
Paradox Rocks, LLC 17801 W. Colfax Ave., Sp. 33, Golden, CO 80401, US Annette Marie Dulin 2019-11-08 Good Standing
Hillen Holdings, LLC 2303 Fossil Trace Drive, Golden, CO 80401, US Michael H. Smith 2019-11-07 Good Standing
Mobile Angel, Inc. 200 Lily Lane, Golden, CO 80403, US James Behrens 2019-11-07 Good Standing
Mangone Engineering, LLC 5400 Ward Road V-170, Arvada, CO 80002, US 2019-11-07 Good Standing
M & M Contracting, LLC 242 EAGLE DR, Golden, CO 80403, US CHARLES HILLS 2019-11-07 Good Standing
Symbio LLC 34 South Holman Way, Unit 3H, Golden, CO 80401, US Derek Schulze 2019-11-07 Good Standing
Reyes contracting LLC 205 panderosa circle, Golden, CO 80401, US Marisol Hernandez 2019-11-06 Good Standing
Veterans Elite Expo Services LLC 7015 Julian St #9, Westminster, CO 80030, US Jasen Shorman 2019-11-06 Good Standing
5400 Ward - I, LLC 306 S. Lookout Mtn Road, Golden, CO 80401, US 2019-11-06 Good Standing
GB Superior Home Rentals 30173 SPRUCE CANYON DR, Golden, CO 80403, US brad doctor 2019-11-06 Good Standing
Seagate Lane LLC 14223 W 1st Dr, Golden, CO 80401, US cheri magnuson 2019-11-06 Good Standing
A & K Construction 945 Secrest St, Golden, CO 80401, US 2019-11-05 Good Standing
Women On Site Colorado LLC 14828 W. 6th Ave, Unit 1B, Golden, CO 80401, US Elizabeth Meade 2019-11-05 Good Standing
Privlic Co. 15191 West Archer Drive, Golden, CO 80401, US Peter Karpinski 2019-11-04 Good Standing
Amplitude Counseling LLC 651 Corporate Cir. Suite 120, Golden, CO 80401, US Ken A Thresher 2019-11-04 Good Standing
Allways Bail Bonds 6045 W. Alameda Ave., Ste 201, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Michael L Venables 2019-11-04 Good Standing
Antlers Lake 2 LLC 162 Antlers Lane, Branson, MO 65616, US 2019-11-04 Good Standing
5609 W 6th Ave, LLC 14828 W 6th Ave Frontage Rd, Ste 14B, Golden, CO 80401, US Kassa Lynne Harrison 2019-11-04 Good Standing
ESPUFFIN LLC 17 S Holman way, Golden, CO 80401, US Ana Carolina Trevino Tejeda 2019-11-03 Good Standing
Brock Consulting, LLC 1 Washington Ave, Golden, CO 80403, US Rebecca J Brock 2019-11-02 Good Standing
Diamond Back Services Corporation 1008 6th St, Golden, CO 80403, US Michael L Logsdon 2019-11-02 Good Standing
Modern Leaf Woodworks LLC 1083 Xenon St, Golden, CO 80401, US 2019-11-01 Good Standing
LABERT, LLC 10953 W Mexico Drive, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Lance Alan Vogt 2019-11-01 Good Standing
910 13th Street Suite 101 LLC 910 13th Street, Suite 101, Golden, CO 80401, US Betsy Brooks 2019-10-31 Good Standing
13551 GUADALUPE BUILDING, LLC 17750 W 58TH DRIVE, Golden, CO 80403, US OWEN L OLIVER 2019-10-31 Good Standing
Ruden Enterprises LLC 1155 Orchard St, Golden, CO 80401, US Brian Ruden 2019-10-31 Good Standing
CocoShake & Waffle LLC 316 jackson place apt c, Golden, CO 80403, US elio andres sanchez 2019-10-31 Good Standing
Cain Land & Cattle Company LLC 150 Capital Drive, Suite 370, Golden, CO 80401, US J Cain Stephen 2019-10-31 Good Standing
outlook, inc 122 Outlook, Golden, CO 80403, US Stephen Doty 2019-10-31 Good Standing
Photography by Maria LLC 24728 Foothills Dr. N, Golden, CO 80401, US 2019-10-30 Good Standing
Renegade Birth Arts LLC 301 Zeta St, #2, Golden, CO 80401, US Christina Michelle Sullivan 2019-10-30 Good Standing
2000 Arapahoe LLC 2000 Arapahoe St, Golden, CO 80401, US Troy Peterson 2019-10-30 Good Standing
Palmyra Peak Holdings, LLC 924 Cheyenne St, Golden, CO 80401, US Justin Joseph Maresh 2019-10-30 Good Standing
Antlers Lake LLC 300 Cliff Line Rd., Golden, CO 80403, US Pamela Waltz 2019-10-30 Good Standing
Encore Castle Rock SPE 430 Indiana Street, Suite 200, Golden, CO 80401, US Candace Stange 2019-10-30 Good Standing
Felsan 912 Homestake Dr, Golden, CO 80401, US Kelly N Masuda 2019-10-29 Good Standing
CHARLES WALTERS CPA, LLC 16145 Table Mountain Parkway, Golden, CO 80403, US Charles I walters 2019-10-28 Good Standing
MCR Dynamic Enterprises LLC 13990 Berry Road, Golden, CO 80401, US Molly C Ruskay 2019-10-28 Good Standing
Golden Mill Sub Note, LLC 19423 W. 52nd Drive, Golden, CO 80403, US Ken Desgarennes 2019-10-28 Good Standing
Secret Properties ID, LLC 645 Golden Eagle Circle, Golden, CO 80401, US Robert H. Miller 2019-10-28 Good Standing
Blair Hogan LLC 14701 W 50th Ave, Golden, CO 80403, US Blair Jordan Hogan 2019-10-28 Good Standing
EASY LOW PRICE LLC 2217 TABLE DR, Golden, CO 80401, US DARLA WALKER 2019-10-28 Good Standing
Reven Holdings, Inc. 600 Corporate Circle, Suite #D, Golden, CO 80401, US 2019-10-28 Good Standing
golden opportunity homes LLC 93 S Lookout Mountain Road, Golden, CO 80401, US Francis John Hermanussen 2019-10-28 Good Standing
Car Heart Alert PO 7245, Golden, CO 80403, US Abeer Abu Judeh 2019-10-27 Good Standing
Briarwood Mountainhouse LLC 29 Rogers Ct, Golden, CO 80401, US David John Kilcullen 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Burney Realty Group PO Box 986, Golden, CO 80402, US Alex Burney 2019-10-25 Good Standing
J Dondey INC 1889 Denver West Drive, UNIT 1525, Golden, CO 80401, US Jake D Dondey 2019-10-25 Good Standing
DM RE Holdings, LLC 25528 Genesee Trail Road, Golden, CO 80401, US Ben R. Doud 2019-10-25 Good Standing
9079 Panorama Circle LLC 1525 Meadowrose Drive, Golden, CO 80401, US Andrea R. Brenneise 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Axiom Limited 11 Eagles Nest Lane, Golden, CO 80403, US Daniel Risse 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Golden Rush Hydration 720 14th Street, Golden, CO 80401, US Mary Rebecca Ilges 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Alexis Bryant Photography LLC 2033 Beech Ct., Golden, CO 80401, US Alexis Renee Bryant 2019-10-24 Good Standing
HB 77, LLC 13260 BRAUN RD, Golden, CO 80401, US Brett Spillman 2019-10-24 Good Standing
aib etal llc 24356 Choke Cherry Ln, Golden, CO 80401, US Michael W Farrell 2019-10-24 Good Standing
403 Blue Ridge Drive, LLC 403 Blue Ridge Drive, Golden, CO 80401, US Darcy Tracy 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Constant Accounting LLC 11 S Holman Way, Golden, CO 80401, US Kimberly K Graham 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Erie Real Estate Investors I, LLC 601 Corporate Circle, Golden, CO 80401, US 2019-10-23 Good Standing
NTFF LLC 12980 w 24th pl, Golden, CO 80401, US Nathaniel Francescato 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Deveraux Diamonds Limited 17611 W. 16th St., Apt.#212 Bldg. 3, Golden, CO 80401, US Angela Denise Watson 2019-10-23 Good Standing
It's a Wrap,LLC 11769 Ranch Elsie Rd, Golden, CO 80403, US Jonathan J Sweitzer 2019-10-22 Good Standing
AlpenGlow Aesthetics LLC 1903 Denver West Court, #1512, Golden, CO 80401, US Rebekah Latham 2019-10-22 Good Standing
SGK Connection 16611 West 55th Place, Golden, CO 80403, US Debra Schillie 2019-10-22 Good Standing
Colorado Well and Water Testing, LLC 25918 Genesee Trail Road, Suite 200, Golden, CO 80401, US Michael Johnson 2019-10-22 Good Standing
AGQ Photography LLC 13315 W. 16 Drive, Golden, CO 80401, US 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Evergreen Mountain Menagerie,Inc. 30901 Stagecoach Blvd., Suite 103, Evergreen, CO 80439, US 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Engineers for Enhanced Livability LLC 24 S Holman Way, APT 2F, Golden, CO 80401, US Tyler Patrick Cooney 2019-10-21 Good Standing