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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Grand Junction · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Obsidian Industries LLC 2453 Industrial Blvd., Grand Junction 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Bluestone Services, LLC 617 Ronlin Ave., Grand Junction Kent Schaneman 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Kula Inclusive LLC 2226 Texas Avenue, Grand Junction Rebecca Ann Clapsaddle 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Absolute West L.L.P. 491 28 1/4 Rd, Grand Junction Joshua Brown 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Evoke Colorado 2017 E 1/4 Rd, Grand Junction Ashley Dawn Palone 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Triple Rockstar LLC 2166 Glenstone Ct, Grand Junction Amy Clark 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Steadfast Home Services LLC 804 Mazatlan Dr, Grand Junction Charles Dean Clarkson 2018-08-29 Good Standing
730 Scarlet, LLC 730 Scarlet St., Grand Junction Kenneth B. Milyard Jr. 2018-08-28 Good Standing
J&B INV. GROUP, LLC 2695 Patterson Rd #2, Grand Junction 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Western Colorado Rifle and Silhouette Club, Inc. 3520 Reeder Mesa Road, Whitewater William R. Jarvis Jr. 2018-08-28 Good Standing
The Whole Enchilada LLC 2445 Hall Ave, Grand Junction Andrea Stanton 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Double Eagle Golf Pro Review LLC 1915 Broadway, Grand Junction Richard Tracy Graves 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Harmony Hands Massage 266 1/2 Lauralee Ave, Grand Junction Micah Parker 2018-08-28 Good Standing
NOVEMBER 12 YANKEE LLC 534 FOY DR, Grand Junction BRADLEY J SULLIVAN 2018-08-27 Good Standing
STS WELDING LLC 656 Chalisa ave, Grand Junction Saul Holguin 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Englbrecht Real Estate LLC 1911 Monument Canyon Dr, Grand Junction Theresa Englbrecht 2018-08-27 Good Standing
MKJ&S Pioneer Family LLC 2171 Canyon View Drive, Grand Junction Marilyn Kroeger Johnson 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Hocken Homes LLC 561 Sparn Court, Unit 1, Grand Junction David A Long 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Larsen Custom Fabrication & Services LLC 117 Alcove Dr., Grand Junction Angela Dawn Larsen 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Tetocky Mountain Gear LLC 818 24 Rd, Grand Junction James Anthony Allemang 2018-08-26 Good Standing
Perry Productions LLC 532 Milena Way, Grand Junction Ricky James Perry 2018-08-25 Good Standing
BUCKET-BEARY FLYNN LIMITED 458 PRAIRIE FIRE ST, Grand Junction DALE T BYRAM 2018-08-25 Good Standing
Leech Towing & Roadside Services LLC 2926 North Ave, Grand Junction 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Castle Integrated Security Solutions LLC 2499A Park Vista St., Grand Junction 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Lotus Business Consulting, LLC 20650 Rim View Drive, Glade Park Erin Rebecca Allard 2018-08-24 Good Standing
GJ Home Care, LLC 2196 Canyon Court East, Grand Junction Martin T Boyce 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Mario's Welding, LLC 1800 MAIN ST APT 427, Grand Junction MARIO EDILZAR PORTILLO ALBANEZ 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Colorado Spittfire Hauling LLC 2010 North 6th Street, Grand Junction Bobi Gilbert 2018-08-24 Good Standing
High point customs LLC 2473 commerce blvd unit 1, Grand Junction nicholas james purvis 2018-08-24 Good Standing
ACFH Properties LLC 441 Colorado Avenue, Grand Junction Angela C Fleming Hildebrand 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Sports Unified, LLC 599 Northgate Dr., Grand Junction William Lampshire 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Roehm Consulting LLC 3164 Pelton Dr, Grand Junction Darie Roehm 2018-08-23 Good Standing
AIW Facility Services, LLC 336 Main St, Ste 202, Grand Junction Ryan Lee 2018-08-23 Good Standing
The Kind Mind, LLC 2422 Sandridge Ct., Grand Junction Taylor Ryan Emerson 2018-08-23 Good Standing
MARLER CONSTRUCTION, INC. 195 Indiana St, Grand Junction 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Grand Valley Youth Football Inc. 141 N. 1st Street, #122, Grand Junction Willie D Jones 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Best Slope Real Estate, LLC 585 25 1/2 RD # 17, Grand Junction Dustin Anzures 2018-08-23 Good Standing
N.Halladay, LLC 598 31 Road, Grand Junction Nicolette Rashae Halladay 2018-08-23 Good Standing
545 Main St, LLC 585 25 1/2 Rd #17, Grand Junction Veronica Sanchez 2018-08-23 Good Standing
GJ Union Station, LLC 585 25 1/2 RD # 17, Grand Junction Veronica Sanchez 2018-08-23 Good Standing
K&L Accessories L.L.P 1160 Main Street #4, Grand Junction Kaleb Miles Fennell 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Lifted Academy 1975 BARCELONA WAY, B102, Grand Junction Kaley Camare Flukey 2018-08-22 Good Standing
LITTLE BLACK BOXES 245 SOUTH AVE, Grand Junction GINA L BISHOP 2018-08-22 Good Standing
BIRDFLY INC 1621 Clymer Way, Grand Junction Zhuomei Huang 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Red Fork Farm LLC 3011 B. 1/2 Rd., Grand Junction Sharon Geherin 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Monument Renovators LLC 2943 B Road, Grand Junction John Lee Thomas 2018-08-21 Good Standing
NDDigs, LLC 3070 I-70 Business Loop, Grand Junction Clayton T. Marshall 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Junction Eco Mart, LLC 2650 N Ave Unit 120, Grand Junction 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Watergirl Dive Adventures, LLC 2670 Amber Spring Way, Grand Junction Donna L Sloan-Adams 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Gelu Food Group Inc. 300 Main St #201, Grand Junction Karin Gookin 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Junktown Properties LLC 325 Ridgewood Lane, Grand Junction Steven Kirk 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Women First Holistic Wellness LLC 505 W Main St, Grand Junction Abigail L Miller 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Mesa Custom Cuts LLC 2424 Old US Hwy 6 & 50, Grand Junction Francis Xavier Jimenez 2018-08-20 Good Standing
The Grand Valley Yoga Fest LLC 379 Hill View Dr, Grand Junction Elizabeth Whitt 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Melody Investment LLC 636 Shadowood Ct., Grand Junction Cody Roy Abshear 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Liberty Cap Homes 423 E. Mayfield Dr, Grand Junction Frederick Lynn States 2018-08-18 Good Standing
Grill Busters LLC 496 Sheldon rd, Grand Junction Martin Louis Kirk 2018-08-17 Good Standing
25 Gunny LLC 585 N 25th Street, Grand Junction Robert E Jacobs 2018-08-17 Good Standing
MESA HEMP CO 132 32 Road, Grand Junction Sylvia D Diaz 2018-08-17 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Gutter 227 teller ave., Grand Junction jared lea napier 2018-08-17 Good Standing
Yanowich Electronics LLC 2652 G 3/8 Rd., Grand Junction Albert Yanowich Jr. 2018-08-16 Good Standing
TOP DOG CONCESSIONS LLC 2826 MARGO CT, Grand Junction KIRK FISHER 2018-08-16 Good Standing
4 Stars LLC 2964 1/2 Texas Ave, Grand Junction Ana C Figueroa 2018-08-16 Good Standing
K-5 Consulting LLC 3165 Saddlegate Ct, Grand Junction Chad Hunter Kelly 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Workplace Resolutions LLC 590 Creekside Court, Grand Junction John William Brazelton 2018-08-16 Good Standing
BW Trucking LLC 604 Starlight Dr, Grand Junction Brian Waites 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Carr Creek Cattle LLC 596 E Valley Ct, Grand Junction 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Cactus Bloom Therapeutics, LLC 109 Glade Park Rd, Grand Junction Andrea Marchese 2018-08-14 Good Standing
The Family Duffel Inc 2536 Rimrock Avenue, Grand Junction Jonathan Frandsen 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Hydraulic Solutions LLC 3030 Choctaw Pl, Grand Junction Brenda Stevenson 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Gorishek Investments, LLC 649 Kayenta Court, Grand Junction 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Amperage Team 706 Jasmine Lane, Grand Junction Gregory R Berlin 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Ekahi Grill To Go Grand Junction 1230 N. 12th Street, Unit B, Grand Junction Dionne PT Woolsey 2018-08-14 Good Standing
1930 N 10th Street, LLC 535 Grand Ave., Grand Junction Matthew Motz 2018-08-13 Good Standing
House of 42, LLC 1255 Mesa Avenue, Grand Junction Garrett Glen Gross 2018-08-13 Good Standing
1115 Ute Ave LLC 1111 Ute Avenue, Grand Junction Christopher Dennis 2018-08-12 Good Standing
Perrin Airborne, LLC 3445 Woodgate Dr., Grand Junction Dan Perrin 2018-08-12 Good Standing
Corin Consulting 888 24 RD, Grand Junction Corin Drew Chepko 2018-08-11 Good Standing
DNA LLC 2346 Rattlesnake Ct., Grand Junction David Kenneth LaGreca 2018-08-11 Good Standing
Lived & Learned Entertainment, LLC 528 Melina Way, Grand Junction 2018-08-10 Good Standing
Vanguard Remodeling, LLC 1303 White Ave., Grand Junction Matt Hildebrandt 2018-08-09 Good Standing
Patio Watcher Resources INC 620 23 1/4 Rd, Grand Junction booker cole Jr. 2018-08-09 Good Standing
Panzerfabrik Inc. 821 27-1/4 Road, Grand Junction Randy Beard 2018-08-09 Good Standing
TLC Grooming by Danielle 1141 N 25th street unit A suite 2, Grand Junction Danielle Renae Sanders 2018-08-09 Good Standing
stevenodaymdllc 2338 Sundial Road, Grand Junction Steven Timothy O'Day 2018-08-09 Good Standing
DC Auto Repair and Care LLC 2471 Theresea Ln, Grand Junction Derek Douglas Harrison 2018-08-09 Good Standing
Talking Rhythms Ltd. 2513 BELFORD AVE, Grand Junction Robert Nathan Labig 2018-08-08 Good Standing
Carliot Hotels, LLC PO Box 40891, Grand Junction Samuel Elliot Ciaramitaro 2018-08-08 Good Standing
Chick's Custom Carbide, LLC 2200 Idella Court, Grand Junction Blane J Chick 2018-08-08 Good Standing
Western Colorado Investments, LLC 2605 F 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Amy Lentz 2018-08-08 Good Standing
E&S HARRISON, LLC 2809 Bunting Avenue, Grand Junction Deborah A. Harrison 2018-08-08 Good Standing
Fierce Embodyment 454 Meadows Way, Grand Junction 2018-08-08 Good Standing
Grayson Homeworks LLC 2582 Fox Run, Grand Junction Mary Friedrichs 2018-08-08 Good Standing
MYSTIQUE NAILS LLC 200 W Grand Ave, Unit 6, Grand Junction Hoang Minh T Le 2018-08-07 Good Standing
NHA2 LLC 2768 COMPASS DR, SUITE 103, Grand Junction JAMES L PEDERSEN 2018-08-07 Good Standing
Fenix Fit 1975 BARCELONA WAY, UNITB102, Grand Junction Kaley Camare Flukey 2018-08-07 Good Standing
Live Well Counseling Center, LLC 300 Main Street, Ste. 302B, Grand Junction Joshua David Downs 2018-08-07 Good Standing
Steam Clean Pressure Wash LLC 3094 Lawson Ave., Grand Junction Colton James Miller 2018-08-06 Good Standing
CLM TRANSPORT 3134 OPEN MEADOWS COURT, Grand Junction CRYSTAL MANNISON 2018-08-06 Good Standing