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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Grand Junction · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
IronBeard Vapes LLC 2744 parkwood dr, Grand Junction jordan melchizedek miles 2017-09-17 Good Standing
S S services 372 rosevale rd, Grand Junction Shane Alan Stockton 2017-09-16 Good Standing
Foster Alumni Mentors 360 Grand Avenue, Grand Junction Kimberly Ardell Raff 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Burton Crew, LLC 2571 I Rd, Grand Junction Burton Brian 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Power Distributors 2703 Malibu Dr, Grand Junction Justin Samuels 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Ashurwood LLC 616 1/2, glacier dr., Grand Junction Edward l Feinberg 2017-09-15 Good Standing
The Prop Shop LLC 195 Elm Drive, Grand Junction Sara Peterson 2017-09-15 Good Standing
H H & P LLC 2520 Broadway, Grand Junction Jetra A Kong 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Kobrakai LLC 2326 Wren Ct., Grand Junction Aaron Lee Hoffman 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Landmark Christian Preschool 1600 Ute Avenue, Grand Junction Thomas J Barlament 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Landmark Baptist School 1600 Ute Avenue, Grand Junction Thomas J Barlament 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Red Canyon Creations LLC 316 Dakota Drive, Grand Junction Kathleen Marie Cotten 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Christopher M. Beus, DMD, PC 1190 Bookcliff Avenue, Suite 204, Grand Junction Christopher M Beus 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Roper Farms LLC 2251 J Road, Grand Junction David L Roper 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Cold Husky Cobalt, LLC 1231 W. Northern Lights Blvd. #911, Anchorage Steven Bethka 2017-09-12 Good Standing
BYRAM'S II LLC 458 Prairie Fire Street, Grand Junction Dale Thomas Byram 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Frontier Seafoods LLC 2837 Grand Falls Circle, Unit 3, Grand Junction Cole Thomas Schlagel 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Primary Periwinkle, LLC 653 Grand View Dr., Grand Junction Steven Bethka 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Royal Blue Crown, LLC 653 Grand View Dr., Grand Junction Steven Bethka 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Cerulean Crest, LLC 653 Grand View Dr., Grand Junction Steven Bethka 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Arctic Dogsleds, LP 653 Grand View Dr., Grand Junction Steven Bethka 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Dancing Moose Lodge, LLC 1116 22 Road, Grand Junction Karen E. Beshai 2017-09-12 Good Standing
We Go Shop, LLC 2040 Hawthorne Ave., Grand Junction Joshua Lawrence McCarty 2017-09-12 Good Standing
2412 PATTERSON RD LLC 2412 Patterson Rd, LV SPA & NAILS, Grand Junction HONG PHAM 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Sids Marketing LLC 596 W Indain Creek Dr Unit 4, Grand Junction Sandra Dechant 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Aegis Benefits LLC 2498 Zenith Lane #B, Grand Junction Tyler James Harris 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Claims Administration and Service Management, LLC 1000, Pritchard Mesa Court, Grand Junction Stacie N. Shirley 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Kingsmith Cabinetry Hardware Ltd. 240 30 Road, Grand Junction David Curtis Ruehmann Sr. 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Ghost Enterprise LLC 365 31 5/8 Rd, Grand Junction Jeremy Franklin 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Elevated Electrical LLC 2695 Unaweep Ave, Grand Junction Mathew Steven Cunningham 2017-09-10 Good Standing
ANNUAL BACKFLOW TEST LLC 196 ROSALIE DR, Grand Junction 2017-09-10 Good Standing
168 Natural Farm LLC 3745 Piazza Way, Grand Junction Fredrick B. Strothman 2017-09-08 Good Standing
TDL Contracting LLC 268 E Parkview Dr, Grand Junction Taylor A Decker-Luque 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Nine Iron Investments, LLC PO Box 824, Grand Junction 2017-09-08 Good Standing
KnS Properties 623 chaco ct, Grand Junction Suzanne Kupelian 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Jack and Jill Services, Inc. 3005 E. Aspenwood Ct, Grand Junction Benjamin David Kurtzman 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Genesis Construction Supply, LLC 2390 Sayre Drive, Grand Junction Kevin Weaver 2017-09-07 Good Standing
SkutrNet, LLC 656 Deer View Lane, Grand Junction Jeremy J Decker 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Guardian Point, Inc. 389 Granite Falls Way, Grand Junction Alan Siering 2017-09-07 Good Standing
High Point Engineering 623 Chaco Ct, Grand Junction Suzanne Kupelian 2017-09-07 Good Standing
The Greek Streak Cafe 1230 N 12th Street, Grand Junction Erick Simon Trejo 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Colorado Heady Threads Ltd. 830 1/2 S 7th Street, Grand Junction Preston Parker Elliott 2017-09-07 Good Standing
LOKIUSS Enterprises 1805 Aspen Street Unit B, Grand Junction Cole Michael Wilkinson 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Kelley's Appraisals 563 N Sparn Ct. unit A, Grand Junction Brent A. W. Kelley 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Lauro Valente Chavez-Munoz, LLC 1309 Rood Ave., Grand Junction 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Telescope Services, LLC 750 Main Street, Grand Junction 2017-09-06 Good Standing
MKB SERVICES LLC 529 31 1/2 ROAD, Grand Junction 2017-09-06 Good Standing
KMC,LLC 612 Bear Valley Dr, Grand Junction Kevin Chuchuru 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Travis H. Perry, LLC 300 Main Street, Suite 202, Grand Junction Travis H. Perry 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Maria & Alfred Maestas, LLC 118 S 7th Street, Grand Junction Maria Maestas 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Harward Construction LLC 590 N Westgate Drive Unit C, Grand Junction Darren Harward 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Discovery Auto Group, LLC 2490 Highway 6 & 50, Grand Junction Daniel T. Mundy 2017-09-06 Good Standing
TwinVestors, LLC 2989 D Rd, Grand Junction Gina Michelle Selby 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Junction Home Services Ltd 639 1/2 Starlight Drive, Grand Junction John Holden Schmalz 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Wise Financial Group LLC 2857 1/2 Teller Ave, Grand Junction Derek Wise 2017-09-05 Good Standing
ronghui huanqiu LLC 3139 Ute Canyon Ln, Grand Junction jing zhu 2017-09-04 Good Standing
Patriot Well Services, LLC 457 Morning Dove Dr., Grand Junction 2017-09-04 Good Standing
J&C Services 476 gunnison ct, Grand Junction Jonathan Thuma 2017-09-04 Good Standing
4Ever Green Ltd 603 Broken Spoke Rd, Grand Junction Kelcey Wayne Satterfield 2017-09-04 Good Standing
Monument Mesa Properties LLC 1420 E SHERWOOD DR, Grand Junction Daniel House Kelly 2017-09-04 Good Standing
Jacintah Incorporated 505 N. 19th St, Grand Junction 2017-09-02 Good Standing
MountainSky Aerial Photography, LLC 102 Glade Park Rd, Grand Junction Michael Nevins 2017-09-02 Good Standing
AM Real Estate Investments, LLC 2591 Legacy Way, Suite T200-C, Grand Junction 2017-09-02 Good Standing
Carron Counseling Services, LLC 1830 Bittern Ct, Grand Junction Marcelle Marie Carron 2017-09-02 Good Standing
Buzy Beez Boutique, LLC 2109 Yellowstone Rd, Grand Junction 2017-09-01 Good Standing
RNR Strategies, LLC 140 Willowbrook Road, Grand Junction Gary Alan Roahrig 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Aspen Kitchen and Bath Ltd. 660 Grandberry Ct., Grand Junction Michael Lopez 2017-09-01 Good Standing
BC Home Investments LLC 1255 Grand Ave, Grand Junction Corey Bendetti 2017-09-01 Good Standing
International Cargo Containers LLC DBA Robert Klein 119 Independent Ave, Grand Junction Robert Klein 2017-09-01 Good Standing
KELART Management LLC 556 Eastmoor Drive, Grand Junction Michael D Barkoczy 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Easy Glass LLC 556 Eastmoor Drive, Grand Junction 2017-08-31 Good Standing
OML Monday Masters Bowling League 611 Waverly Ln, Grand Junction Benjamin John Shay 2017-08-31 Good Standing
GJD MANAGEMENT, LLC 1985 1/2 S. Broadway, Grand Junction GERALD J DAUB 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Rejuvenate the Valley LLC 1111 Lowell Court, Apt 8, Grand Junction Karin Walker 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Massif M.O.D.E. Inc 2992 Lurvey Lane, Grand Junction Benn Conner 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Natural Prime Health LLC P.O. Box 896, Grand Junction Steven A. King 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Restaurant El Asedero 2931 North Ave, Grand Junction Jose Rojas Sr. 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Grand Mesa Logistics, LLC 609 1/2 Meander Drive, Grand Junction 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Pinnacle Hearing Aid Center, LLC 1226 Signal Rock Rd, Grand Junction Pamela W Kreps 2017-08-30 Good Standing
B & E Performance LLC 2695 Patterson Road, Suite 2-143, Grand Junction Michael Lopez 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Care Cleaning LLC 1306 Walnut Ave, Grand Junction Carissa Dawn Quarles 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Pure Grit Nation, LLC 1302 Chipeta Ave, Grand Junction Bonnie D Davis 2017-08-29 Good Standing
MV Baker Companies, LLC 538 31 Rd., Grand Junction 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Mountain States Design, LLC 392 Ridgeview Drive, Grand Junction Bryce Robert Lee 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Stroak LLC 658 Laredo Court Unit B, Grand Junction Ryan Christopher Hunziker 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Honeybird Basics LLC 927 23 1/2 Road, Grand Junction Ann Harvey 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Kieth Hejl Employee Contracting Services, LLC 2556 Applewood Place, Grand Junction Kieth Hejl 2017-08-29 Good Standing
RPC TRUCKING LLC 636 HORIZON DRIVE. APT # 907, Grand Junction 2017-08-29 Good Standing
C&J Property Inspections LLC 260 W. Parkview Drive, Grand Junction Chelsea Marie Lechleiter 2017-08-29 Good Standing
Prestige Stucco & Plaster, LLC 248 Silverton Court, Grand Junction Juanita Martinez 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Tree House Inc 896 Glenwood ave, Grand Junction Jalin isiah keanu kes Bishop 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Exceptional Living LLC 735 N 6th Street, Grand Junction Riean T Medley 2017-08-28 Good Standing
The Tree House 896 Glenwood ave, Grand Junction Jalin Isiah keanu kes Bishop 2017-08-28 Good Standing
The Tree House LLC 896 Glenwood Ave, Grand Junction Jalin IKK Bishop 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Sierra Marketing Solutions 2850 27 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction Sierra Lynn Segrest 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Lodore Consulting Ltd. 1201 Grand Ave, Grand Junction Scott Braden 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Chugach Holdings, LLC 596 23.5 Road, Grand Junction 2017-08-28 Good Standing
Redd Lotus Photo LLC 264 Coventry Ct, Unit 29, Grand Junction Heather D Redding 2017-08-27 Good Standing