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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Grand Junction · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Mione Caliber L.L.C. 595 1/2 redwing lane, Grand Junction Conrad Dane Phillips 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Grand Junction Creative Therapies 2820 Keystone Ct, Grand Junction Miranda Botts 2018-11-03 Good Standing
3013 Management LLC 177 1/2 Edlun Rd, Grand Junction Lynn M Ensley 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Shakin' Tree Contracting LLC 2836 Hall Ave, Grand Junction 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Fox Investments LLC 2189 Canyon Court West, Grand Junction Kirstin M Fox 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Brown Derby Investments II LLC 120 West Park Drive Ste 200, Grand Junction Anna L Rickenbach 2018-11-02 Good Standing
CVG ENTERPRISES LLC 2153 GLENSTONE CT, Grand Junction 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Brookline Custom Gaming LLC PO Box 41137, Grand Junction Evan Meiner 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Holistic Health Spa & Wellness Center 300 Main Street, Suite 106, Grand Junction Tina M Kreifeldt 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Christensen Irrigation. Limited 2207 Lyn st, Grand Junction Eric Scott Christensen 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Mountain Flower Botanicals, LLC 202 North Ave PMB 257, Grand Junction Jeanette VanDenBerg 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Repair Addict LLC 478 Meadow Road, Grand Junction Steven Nicholaus Ewing 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Black Sheep Drilling LLC 2332 K 3/4 Rd, Grand Junction Christopher Eric Ewing 2018-11-01 Good Standing
EllieWell LLC 525 Rado Dr., Grand Junction 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Roland Schwarz Agency, LLC 2500 North Ave., Suite 3, Grand Junction Roland Richard Schwarz 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Rhodes Products LLC 393 Hill View Dr, Grand Junction 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Jean M. Clark Consulting LLC 2051 Sidewinder Court, Grand Junction Jean Marie Clark 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Siegfried Petroleum Holdings, LLC 715 Glen Court, #30, Grand Junction Johnnie A. Siegfried 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Vivid Landscapes LLC PO Box 3852, Grand Junction Aubrey Keith McCaskell IV 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Comfort and Joy Foundation Inc 838 Grand Ave Ste 100, Grand Junction Erin Hale 2018-10-31 Good Standing
NoBull Oilfield Ops, LLC 2838 Margo Ct, Grand Junction Antonio Amedo Schreiner 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Survival Defense Surplus LLC 2933 Joan Way, Grand Junction 2018-10-30 Good Standing
H & W Limited 359 Colorado Ave, Suite 302, Grand Junction Gregory Scott Wakefield 2018-10-30 Good Standing
The Ace Of Trades, General Contractor 3020 N 14th Street, Grand Junction Will S Simpson 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Alpenglow Painting Company LLC 817 B Orchard Avenue, Grand Junction Yilmer Rafael Gonzalez Sr. 2018-10-30 Good Standing
CBD Global Industries LLC 2058 Sidewinder Ct, Grand Junction Rick Paul Sanger 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Coffee Filter Fix LLC 3059 Avalon Dr, Grand Junction Catherine D Kirk 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Dennis Ayala Construction LLC 2175 I Rd, Grand Junction Dennis Raymond Ayala 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Good on Ya LLC 2915 F 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction Joseph L Herd 2018-10-30 Good Standing
CLRS, LLC 2134 Monument Village Ct., Grand Junction 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Colibri Personal Development Systems, LLC 392 Green River Dr, Grand Junction Adrian Lara 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Lobato Properties, LLC 393 W VALLEY CIR, Grand Junction MICHAEL HOUSTON LOBATO 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Rock Granite One, LLC 2536 Rimrock Avenue, suite 400-310, Grand Junction Harold r Heath 2018-10-29 Good Standing
2990 A Bighorn Avenue, LLC 2693 Lookout Lane, Grand Junction Ronald Bladow 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Reliable Cleaning Services llc 3159 cross canyon ln, Grand Junction Elena Teresa Mireles 2018-10-28 Good Standing
Wildflower Wellness Ortho-Bionomy, LLC 300 Main Street, Suite 106, Grand Junction 2018-10-27 Good Standing
Freedom Energy Solutions, LLC 1993 Dewar, Rock Springs 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Proper Legal Services LLC 846 N 7th St, Grand Junction Paulina Gretchen Proper 2018-10-25 Good Standing
GJ Holding LLC 1020 Rood Ave, Grand Junction Eric M Frazer 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Superior Insurance Solutions Inc. 654 Copper Canyon Drive, Grand Junction 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Midwest Housing LLC 2175 Peregrine Ct, Grand Junction Andrew W Smith 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Renovations By James Tunnell 3238 I-70 Business loop, Clifton James Tunnell 2018-10-24 Good Standing
Vans Veterinary Services LLC 2068 Spur Cross Rd, Grand Junction 2018-10-24 Good Standing
Silvernails Crane and Rigging LLC 639 Hunter Creek Dr, Grand Junction 2018-10-24 Good Standing
Genetic Counselors Travel America, LLC 647 Terrace Dr, Grand Junction Katie Lemas 2018-10-24 Good Standing
Carniceria Sonoyta LLC 3225 I-70 Business Loop, Clifton Bianca L Arana 2018-10-23 Good Standing
529 Colorado Ave LLC 2755 North Ave, Grand Junction 2018-10-23 Good Standing
Higley Property Inspections, LLC 416 Ridgeway Dr, Grand Junction Chad Michael Higley 2018-10-23 Good Standing
Chic Junktique and Beads LLP 1460 N 15th St #F, Grand Junction Donna K Wallace 2018-10-23 Good Standing
western collision ltd 2147 h rd, Grand Junction jeffrey scott ritz 2018-10-22 Good Standing
GJ Kratom Bar LLC 1005 N. 12th St. #108, Grand Junction 2018-10-22 Good Standing
Buy The Block Property Solutions LLC 960 pinyon ave, Grand Junction Joshua shorode brown 2018-10-22 Good Standing
technopeasant llc. 3242 Lakeside Dr., Grand Junction Jessica Marie Wolf 2018-10-22 Good Standing
COSMIC COUNTERTOPS, LLC 1103 Main Street,, Apartment 3, Grand Junction Mitchell P. Irwin 2018-10-22 Good Standing
GD3 LLC 300 Main Street, Suite 101, Grand Junction Drew Moore 2018-10-22 Good Standing
Robert Murphy RN,CRNI,VA-BC LLC 662 Cloverglen Drive, Grand Junction Robert Charles Murphy Jr. 2018-10-19 Good Standing
Discover X, LLC 597 Colonial Drive, Grand Junction Peter A Herrera 2018-10-19 Good Standing
Best Slope Designs LLC 1349 Main St, Grand Junction David Allen Mason Jr. 2018-10-19 Good Standing
Street Legal Innovations LLC 235 27 1/4 Road, Unit C, Grand Junction Joseph Robert Nieman 2018-10-19 Good Standing
For the Howl of It Inc. 530 W Hall Ave, Grand Junction Alyssa Adell Mitchell 2018-10-19 Good Standing
J & K Properties, LLC 3648 Bell Court, Grand Junction Kay L. Wilmesher 2018-10-18 Good Standing
Bloodlines, LLC 874 Gambels Road, Grand Junction Sara K. Garriques 2018-10-18 Good Standing
The GJ Group LLC 613 Silverado Dr, Grand Junction Glen Whaley 2018-10-18 Good Standing
BKB Solution LLC 2839A Lexington Ln, Grand Junction 2018-10-18 Good Standing
SEGEL AG & CONSULTING LLC 2536 RIMROCK AVE, STE 400-204, Grand Junction DANIEL SEGEL 2018-10-18 Good Standing
SHEARS N RAZORS, LLC 3198 Patterson Rd #104, Grand Junction 2018-10-17 Good Standing
FOCAL POINT PROPERTIES LLC 1212 Chipeta Avenue, Grand Junction Jonathan D. Harder 2018-10-17 Good Standing
Julie A. Benjamin, DDS, PLLC 2412 Patterson Road, Unit 1, Grand Junction Julie Benjamin 2018-10-16 Good Standing
TiMiKr, Ltd. 300 Main Street, Suite 106, Grand Junction 2018-10-16 Good Standing
Platinum plus marketing LLC 300 main st suite 201, Grand Junction 2018-10-15 Good Standing
Iron Warrior Gym GJ, LLC 1162 Ute Ave, Grand Junction Rachelle Jami Edwards Hallett 2018-10-15 Good Standing
Shin-Bar LLC 936 North Ave, Grand Junction Joshua Steven Levy 2018-10-15 Good Standing
Buffalo Drive, LLC 2154 Buffalo Drive, Grand Junction Ann L Duckett 2018-10-14 Good Standing
Hummingbird Photography Inc. 390 E Valley Circle, Suite A, Grand Junction Jack William Prinsen 2018-10-14 Good Standing
Happy Hippie House and Tie Dye Studio, LLC 2245 Perona Court, Grand Junction Christopher M Heinemann 2018-10-13 Good Standing
Keep Your Job in Grand Junction, Inc. 728 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction Robert M. Feeley 2018-10-12 Good Standing
Peaches and Plums Studio LLC 1104 Colorado Ave, Grand Junction Kati Y Willard 2018-10-12 Good Standing
KSWP ENTERPRISES LLC 2284 K RD, Grand Junction KRISTY S JOUFLAS 2018-10-11 Good Standing
JOUFLAS FARM LLC 2284 K RD, Grand Junction PETER C JOUFLAS 2018-10-11 Good Standing
One-Mac Industries, LLC 640 Round Hill Dr., Grand Junction James R McConnell 2018-10-11 Good Standing
H&S Flooring LLC 488 Arabian Way, Grand Junction Trevor Paul Harrison 2018-10-11 Good Standing
RelaxMe, LLC 1556 Wellington Avenue, Grand Junction Richard Eustis Fulton III 2018-10-10 Good Standing
River Walk Subdivision Home Owners Association, Inc. 2129 N 22nd St., Grand Junction Dustin Gehrett 2018-10-10 Good Standing
Grand Homeplace, LLC 609 Grand Avenue, #7, Grand Junction Kenneth C Puhler 2018-10-10 Good Standing
Vincent Riverwood 2, LLC 306 Glenwood Avenue, Grand Junction Scott Vincent 2018-10-10 Good Standing
CDM PAINTING & DECORATING LLC 1406 Cedar Avenue, Grand Junction Chalmer Mangnall 2018-10-10 Good Standing
Mint Health Clinics LLC 235 North 7th St., Grand Junction 2018-10-10 Good Standing
GJ Ace, LLC 2474 Patterson Road, Suite 200, Grand Junction Stacey C. Hayward 2018-10-10 Good Standing
KS Boise Real Estate, LLC 681 Railroad Boulevard, Grand Junction Steven C. Elliott 2018-10-10 Good Standing
UNFUG FINANCIAL LLC 656 ELIZABETH CT, Grand Junction DEAN C UNFUG 2018-10-09 Good Standing
The Spot LLC 548 Main St, Grand Junction Stephen Bryan Piper 2018-10-09 Good Standing
Westfall Investments LLC 359 W Ridges Blvd, Grand Junction 2018-10-09 Good Standing
GoTie LLC 1000 N 9th St., Ste #3, Grand Junction Adam Lawrence Lucero 2018-10-08 Good Standing
Home Again Builders LLC 1023 24 Rd, Grand Junction Kory Watson 2018-10-08 Good Standing
Cedaredge Dental Clinic, P.C. 130 S Grand Mesa Drive, Cedaredge Stein A. Laurie 2018-10-08 Good Standing
Coastal Scale LLC 2043 F 3/4 RD, Grand Junction Kacey Kiara Amelang 2018-10-08 Good Standing
Ruff Stuff in Life 569 Eastmoor Dr, Grand Junction Kellyn Madaris 2018-10-07 Good Standing
Marquez Consulting, LLC 2908 Cinder Drive, Grand Junction Jose A Marquez 2018-10-05 Good Standing
Magically Made Meals LLC 444 N. 24th St., Grand Junction Alesha Michelle Nadeau 2018-10-05 Good Standing
Consulting Civil Engineering Services, LLC 2135 North 7th Street, Grand Junction Mark Young 2018-10-05 Good Standing