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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Highlands Ranch · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
KT Therapy 1011 Conifer Ct, Highlands Ranch Kelsey Ann Thistlethwaite 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Streck Woodworking, LLC 11065 Valleybrook Circle, Highlands Ranch Warren Streck 2018-11-03 Good Standing
SpeakerShopped, LLC 4909 Waldenwood Dr, Highlands Ranch Ben Winter 2018-11-02 Good Standing
C Wilson Properties, LLC 10712 Skydance Dr, Highlands Ranch Candace Schoeff 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Beaumont Wendy's Advertising Co-op Inc. 640 Plaza Drive, Suite 100, Highlands Ranch 2018-11-02 Good Standing
OnTrack Consulting LLC 9789 Westbury Cir, Highlands Ranch 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Alohably, LLC 5460 Jaguar Way, Highlands Ranch Barry Rupisan 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Five Levels Consulting LLC 9438 Cherryvale Lane, Highlands Ranch 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Our Third Waltz LLC 1851 Mountain Daisy Ct, Highlands Ranch SHELDON SPIEGELMAN 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Four Winds Investments LLC 9249 South Broadway #200-353, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Homes by Wads, LLC 502 Sage Circle, Highlands Ranch Michael Joseph Wadsley 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Red Shield Management, LLC 9355 Pepperwood Lane, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Red Shield Investments, LLC 9355 Pepperwood Lane, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Gracie Barra Aurora, LLC 9355 Pepperwood Lane, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Starway LLC 546 Fox Hunt Cir., Highlands Ranch Steve Murray 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Rogue Payments Ltd. 9457 S University Blvd #530, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-31 Good Standing
BlueStarz Landscaping 3845 canyon ranch rd, Unit 101, Highlands Ranch Taylor Marshall 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Vital Motion Physical Therapy LLC 10543 Applebrook Circle, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Drakula Enterprises, LLC 2852 Baneberry Ct, Highlands Ranch Todd Drakulic 2018-10-30 Good Standing
HBMC 8925 Edgewood Ln, Highlands Ranch Heather Brackett 2018-10-30 Good Standing
New Healthy You LLC 10807 GLENGATE CIR, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Atlanta Holdings LLC 1160 Southbury place, Highlands Ranch Paul D Enright 2018-10-29 Good Standing
AF Flyfishing LLC 9038 Mountain Laurel, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Pyxis Consulting LLC 3579 Boardwalk Circle, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-29 Good Standing
5280 Vision Care LLC 9220 Kimmer Dr., Ste 140, Lone Tree Trisha C Rogers 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Europa Management LLC 3579 Boardwalk Circle, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Accessibility Freedom 10018 Clyde Circle, Highlands Ranch Carl Jennings Palmer 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Connection 2 Power LLC 9876 Thornbury Way, Highlands Ranch Amanda Gayle Smith 2018-10-28 Good Standing
CMK Construction 10624 Cherrybrook Circle, Highlands Ranch Christian Macalley Kilthau 2018-10-28 Good Standing
Bellefontaine Avenue Partners 10107 Nickolas Avenue, Highlands Ranch Amy Koldyke 2018-10-28 Good Standing
Garfield Avenue Partners, LLC 10107 Nickolas Avenue, Highlands Ranch Amy Koldyke 2018-10-28 Good Standing
Doug Flin Consulting, LLC 520 Winterthur Way, Highlands Ranch Douglas Lee Flin 2018-10-27 Good Standing
Anchor and Glow LLC 10228 Silver Maple Cir, Highlands Ranch Alysia Joan Muldrow 2018-10-26 Good Standing
W.L. Irwin Consulting, Inc. 2600 Greensborough Dr., Highlands Ranch William Irwin 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Lyndsey Gibbons Interpreting LLC 9765 Dunning Circle, Highlands Ranch Lyndsey Ann Gibbons 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Carrie Petrin Photography LLC 3850 White Bay Dr, Highlands Ranch Carrie Kindred Petrin 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Epic Laundry Inc 5115 Federal Blvd, #12, Denver Lisa F Roth 2018-10-26 Good Standing
8000 W 14th LLC 2581 Cactus Bluff Place, Highlands Ranch Michael Bright 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Dream House Concepts LLC 4747 Rock Pipit Court, Highlands Ranch Brown D. Maya 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Beauty Way Soul Care, LLC 2578 Pine Bluff Lane, Highlands Ranch Alison McBean Kitchen 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Cousins RV, LLC 10806 Rainribbon Road, Highlands Ranch D Humble James 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Charmed Life Aesthetics 9198 IRONWOOD STREET, Highlands Ranch Alexa Haley Antony 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Strategic Site Designs, LLC 9624 Parramatta Place, Highlands Ranch Christopher Lee Perdue 2018-10-24 Good Standing
Zak Humphrey Photography 9384 S. Cobblecrest Dr., Highlands Ranch Zak Humphrey 2018-10-24 Good Standing
Kara Porter Therapy LLC 2461 Cove Creek Ct, Highlands Ranch Kara Porter 2018-10-23 Good Standing
MACHDOWN LLC 10527 Ashfield Street, 7A, Highlands Ranch April Jensen Kuehl 2018-10-23 Good Standing
Vision For Success LLC 10100 Foxridge Court, Highlands Ranch Kathleen Meyer 2018-10-23 Good Standing
ARK Consulting, Inc. 617 Huntington Pl., Highlands Ranch Andrea Folkes 2018-10-22 Good Standing
KACY DESIGNS, LLC 10559 Ridgecrest Circle, Highlands Ranch Kathryn E Hansen 2018-10-22 Good Standing
Denver Artisan Decks LLC 9890 Concord Ct, Highlands Ranch Joshua Huggins 2018-10-22 Good Standing
Mountain Sky Doodles LLC 337 Saddlewood Circle, Highlands Ranch Dianna Christine Miller 2018-10-22 Good Standing
CytoScript Editing, LLC 5570 Abbeywood Cir, Highlands Ranch ZILI ZHAI 2018-10-22 Good Standing
BORGES LLC 9425 Morning Glory Ln, Highlands Ranch Maria Borges 2018-10-20 Good Standing
Parkside Capital Corp. 9839 Spring Hill Drive, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-19 Good Standing
Backcountry Weightlifting Club 8990 Barrons Blvd., Highlands Ranch 2018-10-19 Good Standing
Whiskey Wolf Pack, Inc. 1217 Ascot Ave., Highlands Ranch Joshua Toney 2018-10-18 Good Standing
legacy professional homes 173 Sylvestor Place, Highlands Ranch Thomas John Karaffa 2018-10-18 Good Standing
10083 Amston Street LLC 10648 CHADSWORTH LANE, Highlands Ranch Todd Stockford 2018-10-18 Good Standing
Canyon Clean, LLC 9837 Mulberry Way, Highlands Ranch Evan John Blumberg 2018-10-18 Good Standing
The Denver Product Studio Ltd 5504 Fullerton Circle, Highlands Ranch Jeremy Wilt 2018-10-18 Good Standing
THE EVERGREEN LLC 2034 E STRATFORD CT, Highlands Ranch CHONG HUN PAE 2018-10-18 Good Standing
Searchlight Acquisition, LLC 9951 Blackbird Cir, Highlands Ranch Ram Balakumar 2018-10-18 Good Standing
Artair Photography LLC 10564 Wildhurst Circle, Highlands Ranch William E. Masure 2018-10-18 Good Standing
Peaches N Fluff, LLC 9258 Rockhurst Street, Unit 102, Highlands Ranch Melody Anne Bentfield 2018-10-18 Good Standing
Mulberry Moon Collectibles, Ltd. 9430 S Burgundy Circle, Highlands Ranch Lisa Roos Stewart 2018-10-17 Good Standing
Soar Out Loud, LLC 3360 Cranston Circle, Highlands Ranch Kristine Castagnaro 2018-10-16 Good Standing
Liniewicz Photography LLC 9318 Rosewood Court, Highlands Ranch Elizabeth Liniewicz 2018-10-15 Good Standing
Kids Tooth Doc - Parker, LLC 9358 Dorchester St, Suite 106, Highlands Ranch Brian Fox 2018-10-15 Good Standing
HJK Enterprise Group Inc. 6539 Shannon Trail, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-14 Good Standing
Michimi Designs, LLC 9331 Wilmington Ct, Highlands Ranch MICHELE MILLER 2018-10-14 Good Standing
Great Picture Frames LLC 5269 Fox Meadow Dr, Highlands Ranch Pandurangan Elango 2018-10-14 Good Standing
TriGlobal Ltd 9822 Thornbury Way, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-12 Good Standing
QPP Accounting LLC 3311 Ashworth Ave, Highlands Ranch Rowena Zarate 2018-10-12 Good Standing
BodGenius LLC 978 Ramblestone Lane, Highlands Ranch John Colton Menzel 2018-10-12 Good Standing
Simply Fabulous Skin, LLC. 9306 Sulton Court, Highlands Ranch Jacqueline C Sharrock 2018-10-12 Good Standing
Sunshine RE LLC 1094 Lily Ct, Highlands Ranch Martha C Slomiany 2018-10-12 Good Standing
XYZ-32 Enterprises LLC 9249 S Broadway, STE 200, Highlands Ranch Mayan Corioso 2018-10-11 Good Standing
Jeffrey Yelle DDS, PLLC 10862 Glengate Circle, Highlands Ranch Jeffrey Yelle 2018-10-11 Good Standing, LLC 9249 South Broadway, 200319, Highlands Ranch 2018-10-11 Good Standing
VIBE Culture Co. LLC 9580 Parramatta Place, Highlands Ranch Sammriddha Shrestha 2018-10-11 Good Standing
Humble Health Foods, LLC 684 Tiger Lily Way, Highlands Ranch Todd McGuire 2018-10-11 Good Standing
CLB holdings, llc 16 Red Tail Drive, Highlands Ranch Cynthia Anne Burge 2018-10-11 Good Standing
LBL, Inc. 9355 Princeton Circle, Highlands Ranch Michael A. Tarin 2018-10-11 Good Standing
Pyramidion Business Solutions LLC 9889 Aftonwood St., Highlands Ranch Cody Charles Comer 2018-10-11 Good Standing
Insatiable Beauty 3230 E County Line Rd, #214, Highlands Ranch Amy Dawn Schnakenburg 2018-10-11 Good Standing
R&S Tax and Accounting Services LLC 3939 Morrison Rd, Denver Rosalba Rivera 2018-10-11 Good Standing
FACE to FACE Restorative Justice 9011 Bear Mountain Drive, Highlands Ranch Peggy Evans 2018-10-10 Good Standing
Incendio Designs, Inc. 3089 Blazing Lane, Highlands Ranch Miguel A Gallardo 2018-10-10 Good Standing
ClubMoFu Global, LLC 8551 Gold Peak Drive, Highlands Ranch Aiden Durham 2018-10-10 Good Standing
DFD Off Road, LLC 9848 Fireweed Rd., Highlands Ranch Victora Freeman Kunter 2018-10-10 Good Standing
Airport Journals Lab llc 8373 pebble creek way, #201, Highlands Ranch Linsey LeeAnn Lips 2018-10-10 Good Standing
TP Sellers, LLC 9310 Lark Sparrow Trail, Highlands Ranch Tyra Paige Sellers 2018-10-10 Good Standing
DF & Fachini LLC 9441 Morning Glory Ln., Highlands Ranch 2018-10-09 Good Standing
Bretson LLC 3195 White Oak Lane, Highlands Ranch bret robert bartelson 2018-10-09 Good Standing
The Lightroom LLC 9567 S University Blvd Unit E-1, Highlands Ranch Allen Welch 2018-10-09 Good Standing
DMX Landscape & Maintenance LLC. 8440 S Little Rock Way 102, Highlands Ranch Rigo Berto Ruiz 2018-10-09 Good Standing
My Maine Escape LLC 9931 Clyde Pl, Highlands Ranch Harvey Shepard 2018-10-09 Good Standing
OnPoint Mobile Veterinary Acupuncture, LLC 2375 Gold Dust Trail, Highlands Ranch Kelli Ator 2018-10-09 Good Standing
Woolly Socks LLC 10570 Atwood Cir, Highlands Ranch kfir gabay 2018-10-09 Good Standing
Caliradoo LLC 215 Sylvestor Place, Highlands Ranch Mackenzie Gross 2018-10-08 Good Standing