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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Lakewood · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Swell Marketing Group LLC 7854 W. Mansfield Pkwy, 06107, Lakewood Alissa A Tambone 2017-09-17 Good Standing
Go Low Stores, LLC 6480 W. 3rd Avenue, Lakewood William Rock Calloway 2017-09-17 Good Standing
TFST LLC 1506 S kline ct, Lakewood Tyrel Diekmann 2017-09-17 Good Standing
Horizon Munitions, LLC 8725 WEST 14TH AVE., SUITE 215, Lakewood JACOB BIBEE 2017-09-17 Good Standing
Distinctivus llc 390 Union Blvd, Lakewood Emilio Morales 2017-09-17 Good Standing
Healing Heartists, LLC 12185 W 8th Ave., Lakewood James L Hollemans 2017-09-16 Good Standing
TKO Liquors LLC 7007 W Colfax Ave, Suite A, Lakewood Jeffrey Sun 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Tiger Punch, LLC 465 S. Nelson St., Lakewood 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Joey San Inc 3650 S WADSWORTH BLVD, Lakewood MINGHAI ZHENG 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Evrys LLC 2429 S Holland Ct, Lakewood Daniel Dorazio 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Kay Newman Design 9140 W Francis Pl, Lakewood Newman Magnie Kay 2017-09-15 Good Standing
The Drayer LLC 7325 W. 21st Ave, Lakewood Eric William Button 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Mile High Commercial Worx LLC 2055 Allison St, Lakewood 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Greenscape Ventures, LLC 12600 West Colfax Avenue, Suite A-130, Lakewood Kenneth P. Neumann 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Dumb Ideas, LLC 7810 W Oxford Cir, Lakewood Robert Koren 2017-09-15 Good Standing
AYC L.P. 8533 WEST COLFAX, 104, Lakewood 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Oh Baby Fund LLC 7070 W Virginia Avenue, #C-104, Lakewood Nina S Whiddon 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Health Goodies LLC 200 Union Blvd., Suite 200, Lakewood 2017-09-14 Good Standing
The Wedding Marketplace LLC 9629 w Colfax Ave, Lakewood Maureen Mika 2017-09-14 Good Standing
All Rooftop Services 880 Benton St., Lakewood Bob Kenneth Fisher 2017-09-14 Good Standing
BluCore Global Response I, LLC 9600 WEST JEWELL AVE., SUITE 1, Lakewood JIM ANTHONE 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Denver and Suburban Management, LLC 225 Union Blvd., Suite 150, Lakewood Ray Hiatt 2017-09-14 Good Standing
One Thingy, LLC 98 Wadsworth Blvd 127-155, Lakewood Kimberly Powers 2017-09-14 Good Standing
G3 Genuine Guide Gear USA, LLC 13013 W. Alameda Pkwy, Lakewood James H. Moss 2017-09-13 Good Standing
1776 Jay, LLC 1776 Jay Street, Lakewood Sara E Hankenson 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Cj's Specialized Handling 10555 W. Jewell Ave, Lakewood Christian Marquez 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Victor Kennels LLC 6578 Alkire St, Littleton Camilo Ortega 2017-09-13 Good Standing
1060 balsam llc 9260 w Utah, Lakewood Ej Thompson 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Cernunnos' Reverie LLC 1753 S Dover Way, Lakewood William Terry 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Olga Emanuel LLC 10555 West Jewell, Ave # 17-101, Lakewood Olga Emanuel 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Station WP, LLC 747 Sheridan Blvd. #7D, Lakewood Mark Hanna 2017-09-12 Good Standing
SM-Tech 2163 South Parfet Court, Lakewood Kadri Dagdelen 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Dearly Beloved Colorado Event Rentals LLC 1635 Pierson St, Apt# 103, Lakewood Abigail Solis 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Borello Design 2964 South Field Court, Lakewood Patrick Borello 2017-09-12 Good Standing
McKune Excavating 2467 s eldridge ct, Lakewood Daniel McKune 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Earth Movers LLC 6653 W Hamilton Dr, Lakewood Lino Perez 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Yard Tactics Fitness LLC 2373 S LUPINE WAY, Lakewood Brian Eugene Anglin 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Y GO Solar LLC 7475 W 5th Ave, Suite 208, Lakewood 2017-09-12 Good Standing
High Estate Properties LLC 2184 S. Estes St, Lakewood Warren Robert Wilke Sr. 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Silk Dojo 381 S Ames, Lakewood Nathan Yuri Turner 2017-09-12 Good Standing
1091533, LLC 13701 W. Jewell Ave., #200-23, None, Lakewood 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Maggie Pond Exploratory Feasibility Committee, LLC 555 Zang St, Suite 100, Lakewood 2017-09-11 Good Standing
R and N International 35 Quay Street, Lakewood Raymond Wells Gregory III 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Lifestyle Entertainment Solutions 910 Field Street, Lakewood Scott Edward McDowell 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Craitie Properties, LLC 11184 w 27th ave, Lakewood 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Deadication Fabrication 875 Kline Dr, Lakewood Lindsay Amanda Grindstaff 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Splat Ball 1885 Denver west Ct apt 1323, Lakewood Jenna Greenfield 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Breckenridge Ambassadors, LLC 715 Braun St, Lakewood Bridget Nissly 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Multiverse VR Travel Company, LLC 17 North Main Street, Suite A, Brighton John Stephen Gray 2017-09-11 Good Standing
ideal roofing llc 10689 w 13th ave, Lakewood jesus solis 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Mile High District LLC 10555 W jewell ave, 10-108, Lakewood Joshua christen McQueary 2017-09-11 Good Standing
ABCD CORPORATION 200 Union Blvd., Suite 200, Unit P 20016, Lakewood 2017-09-11 Good Standing
CO Trucking LLC 1374 s Benton, Lakewood Jesus Ortiz Rodriguez 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Dream Big Properties LLC 338 S. Balsam St, Lakewood Bernadette Ann Archuletta 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Soteria Cyber Security Consulting 13004 West Florida Place, Lakewood Jeffrey Robinson 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Rauen Financial LLC 825 Simms St., Lakewood Evan Thomas Christop Rauen 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Thirteen15 LLC 7390 W Eastman Place #243, Lakewood Jacqualin Ann Brown 2017-09-10 Good Standing
Hanneken Design Scapes LLC 14322 W Virginia Dr, Lakewood Eric Arthur Hanneken 2017-09-09 Good Standing
Cannabis Compliance Consulting, LLC 8499 W Duquesne Drive, Lakewood Elizabeth Rey Stovall 2017-09-09 Good Standing
No More Headaches Cleaning and Handyman Services 972 S. Simms St, Lakewood Justin Mark Duncan 2017-09-09 Good Standing
UNQUADLY, LLC 1549 Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood 2017-09-08 Good Standing
MINKK, LLC 11243 W Ford Dr, Lakewood Matt Gross 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Elite Customer Service LLC 20 Field Street, Lakewood Patricia Evelyn Miller 2017-09-08 Good Standing
ANAYA'S FLOORING LLC 7334 W OHIO AVE, APT 107, Lakewood KELLY YVETTE ISAIS 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Pescado Enterprises LLC 1010 S. Garrison Street, Unit A, Lakewood Jason John Fish 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Mountain's Wax Limited Mountain's Wax Limited, 14405 W Colfax Ave., Lakewood Erik Ezra Haslem 2017-09-07 Good Standing
My Denver Decorator LLC 3443 S PARFET CT, Lakewood Katherine Ann WATREN 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Fair Market Real Estate, LLC P.O. Box 260804, Lakewood 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Chez Elle Salon Angel Network Inc. 1395 Kipling Street, Lakewood 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Greenback Insurance Inc 9756 W Cornell Place, Lakewood 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Racks & Roses Kinetic Training Systems, LLC 1169 S Alkire St., Lakewood 2017-09-06 Good Standing
JRael Enterprises, LLC 1675 Lee Street, Lakewood Deuter Rael 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Dahlkemper for Jeffco 12854 West Harvard Avenue, Lakewood Michael Francis Feeley 2017-09-06 Exists
Cutting Edge Outfitters, LLC 3900 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Suite 650, Lakewood Carl deRozario 2017-09-06 Good Standing
NDY Shirts, LLC 95 Garland St, Lakewood Douglas Kent Hubka 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Ener-Chi Flow, LLC 1677 S. Kline Ct., Lakewood David Stamler 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Ener-Chi Glow, LLC 1677 S. Kline Ct., Lakewood David Stamler 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Emily Schleich, LLC 759 S Reed Ct, apt D15, Lakewood Emily Jean Schleich 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Hexus Holdings LLC 35 VAN GORDON STREET APT 767, Lakewood Juana Tovar 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Marquezsolutions LLC 14153 West Cornell Ave., Lakewood Mateo Hernan Marquez Conley 2017-09-06 Good Standing
3435 Otis St. LLC 1820 Willow Ln, Lakewood William Lewis Kennedy 2017-09-06 Good Standing
3 Little Birds Consulting, LLC 7344 West Ohio Ave, #106, Lakewood Elizabeth Blakely Roberts 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Pro Gutters LLC 1416 S Zephyr Ct, Lakewood Jesus Guillermo Gonzalez Jr. 2017-09-05 Good Standing
subtle images landscaping by design LLC 5780 s parfet st, Littleton robwert kent nakagawa 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Leadership Lakewood 7830 W. Alameda Ave, Suite 103-173, Lakewood Cortland Coffey 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Mia Miaa Designs LLC 1714 FENTON ST, Lakewood Mia Elizabeth Staucet 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Atlas Mineral Holdings III, LLC 12081 West Alameda Parkway, 515, Lakewood John Howard Mathues 2017-09-05 Good Standing
EvanWilliamsM5 5950 W 5th Ave, Lakewood Giselle Alanna Williams 2017-09-05 Good Standing
sweet samm sherman 10593 W. Dartmouth Ave., Lakewood Samantha E Sherman 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Dirty Girl Ciders, LLC. 443 S. Parfet Street, Lakewood Briana Cook 2017-09-04 Good Standing
Total Claim Solutions Ltd 1955 Ingalls st, Lakewood Tyler Wood 2017-09-04 Good Standing
Slay Your Creative, Ltd. 434 S Saulsbury St, Apt 1A, Lakewood Brittany Slay 2017-09-03 Good Standing
RIGHTWORK LLC 2570 SAULSBURY ST, Lakewood 2017-09-03 Good Standing
Wyllis Automotive LLC 11700 W Independence Ave, Lakewood David Lee Teague 2017-09-03 Good Standing
Resistance of Colorado 11424 W 17th Pl, Lakewood Tyrenny Hidy 2017-09-03 Good Standing
Lanell Brock Consulting LLC 1131 S Balsam Court, Lakewood Lanell Marie Brock 2017-09-02 Good Standing
Gem Fizz, Withdrawn September 2, 2017 201 S. Carr St, Lakewood Amanda Aragon 2017-09-02 Withdrawn
MJM Express 1623 S Cody St, Lakewood 2017-09-02 Good Standing
Pushing Lines 11501 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood Dustin Glenn McNa 2017-09-02 Good Standing
3D Communications, Inc. 8572 W 10th Ave, Lakewood Debra J Davis 2017-09-01 Good Standing