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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Lakewood · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
8.Bit Ghost Sounds LLC 15 Everett St, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Matthew Emanuel Morris 2020-08-29 Good Standing
Superior window installers 1270 S Ammons St, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Xochitl Gisela Macias 2020-08-29 Good Standing
TD Affiliates LLC 2557 South Dover Street, #34, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Tias Chasen Dacuma 2020-08-29 Good Standing
Mammy's Goodies LLC 1624 S Yukon Ct, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Alexa Zimmermann 2020-08-29 Good Standing
Epic Strides, LLC 30 South Newland Street, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Celina L Gomez 2020-08-29 Good Standing
Treelos LLC 13881 west Alaska place, Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2020-08-29 Good Standing
Be Brave Diversity LLC 9260 W 9th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Hannah R Matthys 2020-08-28 Good Standing
Films by Stanton 12417 W 2nd Pl Apt 18-101, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Cody Stanton Giles 2020-08-28 Good Standing
Fuller Life, LLC 13111 W Mississippi Ct, #210, Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2020-08-28 Good Standing
Skip Services LLC 2590 Jellison St # 201, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Rhett Gustafson Jr. 2020-08-28 Good Standing
Chase Capital Investments, LLC 1521 S Chase St, ., Lakewood, CO 80232, US Andrew Keith Nedbalski 2020-08-28 Good Standing
1924 Bryant, LLC 550 Newland Street, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Julie Josephine Cordova 2020-08-28 Good Standing
Ironcat Studio LLC 12881 W Louisiana Ave, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Brittany Chinequa Befort 2020-08-28 Good Standing
AV Plumbing 1630 S Chase St, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Andres Valenzuela 2020-08-27 Good Standing
QUIN COMMUNICATIONS LLC 81 S EATON CT, Lakewood, CO 80226, US HAYAT MARYAM 2020-08-27 Good Standing
MW Inc. 1854 South Wright Street, Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2020-08-27 Good Standing
The Brakeman of Breckenridge, LLC 15539 W. Harvard Ave., Lakewood, CO 80228, US Matthew Vawter 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Roger Teel Ministries, Inc. 10308 W Wesley Pl, Lakewood, CO 80227, US 2020-08-27 Good Standing
4K Heating And Cooling L.L.C. 2337 S. Eldridge. Ct, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Theron Wanoskia 2020-08-27 Good Standing
CO Clean LLC 2230 Estes St., Lakewood, CO 80215, US Felipe A Berrios 2020-08-27 Good Standing
De Ramp Consulting 7205 W Evans Ave, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Nathan Snorteland 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Applewood Academy LLC 1068 Eaton St, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Breanna K McIntosh 2020-08-27 Good Standing
RowGun, LLC 171 S Depew St, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Ryan Trevor Bramwell 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Prope Domum LLC 540 Meadowlark Dr, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Stephen R Davis 2020-08-27 Good Standing
The Concrete Guy 7098 W CEDAR AVE, APT 308, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Jose G Alvarenga 2020-08-27 Good Standing
EveryBody 12478 W Nevada PL Apt 211, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Sarah Christine Gregonis 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Sophrosyne Sober Living LLC 11219 W Kentucky Dr, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Kyle VanDongen 2020-08-27 Good Standing
PARGAS GALACTIC, LLC 9204 W COLORADO AVE, Lakewood, CO 80232, US ANTHONY PARGAS 2020-08-27 Good Standing
NETTLAND EMPIRE, LLC 40 S DOVER ST, Lakewood, CO 80226, US MATTHEW NETTLAND 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Vanjur LLC 7166 w Custer ave unit415, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Mario Vanjur 2020-08-27 Good Standing
isunrise LLC 13292 w la salle cir, Lakewood, CO 80228, US xinxin qu 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Birdie Resources, LLC 850 Teller St, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Leah L Thomson 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Ginny Design Studio LLC 11675 West 31 Place, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Virginia B Sycuro 2020-08-26 Good Standing
3 Rams Inc. 1780 Kipling St, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Laura Clase 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Ridge Side Medical Clinic 8015 west alameda avenue, suite 260, Lakewood, CO 80226, US kyon hood 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Apex Custom Finishes & Floors 14405 W Colfax Ave, #217, Lakewood, CO 80401, US Jaysen Kyle Robbins 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Sir Grindswell Skate Wax 467 S Kipling St, Lakewood, CO 80226, US James Troy Iozzio 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Forest Garden Trading Inc. 1250 Simms St, Lakewood, CO 80401, US Qianjia ZHANG 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Marques Moore LLC 979 EATON STREET, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Ashley Moore 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Son's printing & screening 1880 S. Pierce St., Lakewood, CO 80232, US Fernando Marquez Sr. 2020-08-25 Good Standing
FamilyA Church 2285 S Hoyt St, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Gilberto Delgado-Silva 2020-08-25 Good Standing
SmithTek Corporation 1808 S. Ammons St., Apt.Lakewood C, Lakewood, CO 80232, US 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Aspen Auto Sales LLC 6554 W. Iowa Pl., Lakewood, CO 80232, US 2020-08-25 Good Standing
CK & Done 12015 W Virginia Place, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Kyle W Koster 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Cobalt West LLC 215 S. Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 400, Lakewood, CO 80226, US LaRise Morley 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Tiffany II, LLC 2653 S. Harrington Lane, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Dawn Kendall 2020-08-25 Good Standing
DARKXILVER LLC 750 MILLER CT APT D, Lakewood, CO 80215, US RABECCA KEATON 2020-08-25 Good Standing
County Road 59 Investment, LLC 13701 W Jewell Ave Ste 200-28, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Dan McCabe 2020-08-25 Good Standing
KGSG LLC 859 Benton St, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Kerri Gay Schultz 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Event Workforce Group (USA) Inc 1981 Eaton Street, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Dominic Leyden 2020-08-25 Good Standing
DEXCO Ltd 1160 pierce st, 211, Lakewood, CO 80214, US christopher Sanchez 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Shawnee Street LLC 12600 W Colfax Avenue, Suite C-400, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Julia G McVey 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Connection Talent LLC 1155 S. Balsam St., Lakewood, CO 80232, US Benjamin J Corwin 2020-08-24 Good Standing
A Stoked Life, LLC 1110 S. Flower Circle, Lakewood, CO 80232, US J. Randolph Earnest 2020-08-24 Good Standing
ANYTHING ANYTIME MAINTENANCE & REMODEL, LLC 8045 West 10Th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214, US 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Jeffrey W Martin 1090 Ingalls Street, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Jeffrey W Martin 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Stronghold Apparel 7844 W. Oxford Cir, Lakewood, CO 80235, US Hieu Hoang Pham 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Peace, Love, and Confections LLC 1057 S. Yarrow St, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Leah Armbrust 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Golden Hour Hair Co LLC 8389 W. Hampden Ave, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Patricia Ann Brubaker 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Bright Bites LLC 5720 W 3rd Place, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Allyson Rebecca Slovak 2020-08-24 Good Standing
DSR Creative Solutions 88 ward court, Lakewood, CO 80228, US sergio mendoza 2020-08-23 Good Standing
Pinnacle Med 8015 west alameda, Lakewood, CO 80226, US andrew rinehart 2020-08-23 Good Standing
Shooting Star co llc 1015 lamar st, Lakewood, CO 80214, US 2020-08-23 Good Standing
Duman Holdings 14280 W Virginia Dr, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Bolet Duman 2020-08-23 Good Standing
Suzanne McClung, Chemistry and Science Tutor 571 S. Taft St., Lakewood, CO 80228, US Suzanne M McClung 2020-08-22 Good Standing
A Thai Essan Food Group LLC 12476 W. Nevada Place, #101, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Amonrat Dolan 2020-08-22 Good Standing
BrainSense Therapies LLC 800 Brentwood St., Lakewood, CO 80214, US Andrea Lynn Schneider 2020-08-22 Good Standing
Peke Industries LLC 350 S Kendall Street, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Kristopher James Martin 2020-08-22 Good Standing
TLG Holdings LLC 1390 Balsam St, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Taylor Goines 2020-08-22 Good Standing
GVonccii 1830 Newland Ct Apt 315, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Sammie Lee Francher 2020-08-21 Good Standing
1981 Inc. 3491 S. Otis Ct., Lakewood, CO 80227, US 2020-08-21 Good Standing
McIntire Financial Services, LLC 735 S. Xenon Ct.,, Suite 101, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Kyle Douglas McIntire 2020-08-21 Good Standing
Sand Silt Clay LLC 855 W Dakota Ave, Apt A104, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Elizabeth Williams 2020-08-21 Good Standing
DG Consulting Solutions LLC 9601 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Debra Lee Graves 2020-08-21 Good Standing
Naimah's C.U.R.E 519 Wright Street, Apt 307, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Keila Robinson 2020-08-21 Good Standing
Solstice 7310 W Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Shawn Lucas Denoyer 2020-08-21 Good Standing
O'Connor Personal Training 857 s Van Gordon ct. F204, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Hanlon Carl O'Connor 2020-08-21 Good Standing
Headley Performance LLC 10490 W Jewell Ave Apt E, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Elizabeth Trujillo 2020-08-21 Good Standing
American AllPro Clean Co. 1529 s jay street, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Gina Marie Micciche - Huntley 2020-08-21 Good Standing
Knock Knock Nails & Spa, Inc 10091 W Wesley Pl, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Tuan Dang Nguyen 2020-08-20 Good Standing
PSA Colorado 80228 LLC 1288 S Brentwood Way, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Phuoc Giang 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Mermaid Sisters Cleaning Service Ltd. 7320 W Calahan Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Juillard Nora Kathleen 2020-08-20 Good Standing
EZ Shot LLC 8789 W. Cornell Ave. # 6, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Craig D. Jenkins 2020-08-20 Good Standing LLC 625 Crescent Ln., Lakewood, CO 80214, US 2020-08-20 Good Standing
The Crease H.C., LLC 5680 W. 9th Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Garrett Johnston 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Stak Labs, Inc. 8137 West Eastman Pl, Unit 08204, Lakewood, CO 80227, US 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Jazzy LLC 1661 S SHERIDAN BLVD, Lakewood, CO 80232, US Jasmine Felix 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Mile High Coatings LLC 7645 w 9th ave, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Dominic M Cisneros 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Half Moon Ltd 13347 West Alameda Parkway #203, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Travis James Yee 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Elite Capital Investment LLC 245 SO BENTON STREET, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Irina Etinger 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Requisite Sales Ltd. 6773 W 19th Pl, Apt 208, Lakewood, CO 80214, US Scott Evan Jamison 2020-08-20 Good Standing
The Winfield Group LLC 1845 Winfield Drive, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Richard Sidney Parish 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Montoya Apex Limited 5363 w 4th ave, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Olivia Alessandra Montoya 2020-08-20 Good Standing
The Wellness Warrior Within 7410 W Warren Circle, Lakewood, CO 80227, US 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Material Handling Consultants LLC 5285 S. Cody St., Lakewood, CO 80123, US 2020-08-19 Good Standing
Bear Facts Realty LLC. 1486 S. Chase St., Lakewood, CO 80232, US Juan Luis Sanchez 2020-08-19 Good Standing
Colorado Press Club Inc. 3257 S. Newcombe Street, Lakewood, CO 80227, US Chris Dody 2020-08-19 Good Standing
Talon 3 LLC 11151 W. 16th Dr., #300, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Kristen E Wallace 2020-08-19 Good Standing
Gerrylynninspections LLC 6825 W Mississippi AV, Lot 18, Lakewood, CO 80226, US Kevin Gerard Shanley 2020-08-19 Good Standing
Triton Services Group, LLC 1435 Garrison Street, Suite 201, Lakewood, CO 80215, US Paul Kevin Black 2020-08-19 Good Standing