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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Lakewood · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
U pump it 11800 W Colfax ave, Lakewood Renee Issa Sawaged 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Colorado Mortgage Team Inc 7400 W Jefferson Ave, 101, Lakewood Clinton E Sistrunk 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Reed Consulting Services, LLC 911 Depew Street, Lakewood Sara M Reed 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Monte Vista Adventure, LLC 1000 S. Dover St., 1000 So. Dover St., Lakewood E. Rick Watrous 2018-08-29 Good Standing
High Roller Smoke LLC 2049 Wadsworth Blvd Building C, Lakewood Sean Givens 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Peetz, LLC 8081 W Evans Ave, Lakewood Matthew I Peetz 2018-08-29 Good Standing
ALT Real Estate Investments LLC 1143 Lamar St #1, Lakewood Allison L Trejo 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Green Mountain Works 12964 W Virginia Ave, Lakewood Charles J Green 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Castillo Realty 3184 ROUTT ST, Lakewood Carla E Castillo 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Silver Leaf Land, LLC 3900 S Wadsworth Blvd, Suite 650, Lakewood David Grissom 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Tables Plus LLC 442 S. Kendall St., Lakewood Cody Ford 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Not Normal Limited 12081 W. Alameda Parkway #451, Lakewood Patrick Derham 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Lucky Dog Inc. Limited 1950 S. Holly St., #2, Denver Barry James Goers 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Baltic Highway CDOT1 LLC 11322 W. Baltic Ct., Lakewood 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Uniek Holdings LLC 465 S Reed Street, Lakewood Guadalupe Melina Reyther 2018-08-28 Good Standing
New Gen LLC 159 Eaton Ct, Lakewood Juan Manuel Lopez Andrade 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Girls On The Fly 569 S ALKIRE ST, Lakewood KELLI JACKSON 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Wine Experiences LLC 14550 W Amherst Pl, Lakewood Jesse Joe Truax 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Pyrance LLC 1800 Jackson St. #213, Golden Paul Dal Pozzo 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Colorado Pro Painting, LLC 441 wadsworth blvd., Suite 222, Lakewood Ethel Nunez DeGidio 2018-08-28 Good Standing
HE's got this! Dine' Painter, LLC 7435 W 19th Ave, Lakewood 2018-08-28 Good Standing
SKO Apparel, LLC 2368 Van Gordon street, Lakewood Nathan Fulton 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Roost Services, Inc. 9394 West Utah Avenue, Lakewood 2018-08-27 Good Standing
ABE ATM LLC 37 s ames street, Lakewood Avery Jonathan Balentine 2018-08-27 Good Standing
REMAX AMERICAN LLC 1600 S GARRISON ST, Lakewood 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Exhemplary Life Sciences 985 S. Miller Street, #203, Lakewood James Virostek 2018-08-27 Good Standing
RJ Struyk Consulting LLC 13590 W 7TH DR, Lakewood Ryall James Struyk 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Betterspan Communications 5425 W. 16th Ave, Lakewood Jamie Graham Hijmans 2018-08-27 Good Standing
55 East 4th LLC 8393 W. Iliff Ave., Lakewood Richard Lubischer 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Pioneer Technology and Arts Academy of Colorado 363 S. Harlan St., Ste. 104, Lakewood William Paul Bethke 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Saguache CR GG Investment LLC 13701 W. Jewell Ave. Ste200-20M, Lakewood Daniel E McCabe 2018-08-27 Good Standing
NUMERIC CREATIVE, LLC 85 S UNION BLVD #588, Lakewood ROBERT ANTHONY BAKER 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Kilpatrick Law, LLC 2429 S. Flora Ct, Lakewood Jennifer Anne Kilpatrick 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Cantey Music LLC 2653 S. Moore Drive Unit B, Lakewood Sean Cantey 2018-08-27 Good Standing
A S Services, LLC 7365 W Arkansas Avenue, Lakewood Ana Luisa Galaviz Corral 2018-08-27 Good Standing
6901 West 117th Ave Investment LLC 13701 W. Jewell Ave. Ste200-20, Lakewood Daniel E McCabe 2018-08-27 Good Standing
The Wolf In Winter LLC 200 Union Blvd., Ste. 200, Lakewood 2018-08-26 Good Standing
Will Hunt 14407 W Yale Pl, Lakewood William Jesse Hunt 2018-08-26 Good Standing
Spectrum Pro Painting & Contracting LLC 1755 S. Allison St., Unit A, Lakewood Timothy Lee Rose 2018-08-26 Good Standing
Baca's Construction and Mechanical LLC 2560 Brentwood St., Lakewood Gabriel David Baca 2018-08-26 Good Standing
Clarity Inventions LLC 1522 S OWENS ST, Unit 136, Lakewood Christopher Daniel County 2018-08-26 Good Standing
Donut Waste My Time LLC 85 S. Union Blvd., Apt. 674, Lakewood 2018-08-25 Good Standing
So Much Sole 6920 W. 26TH AVE, Lakewood KEENAN BROWN 2018-08-25 Good Standing
Bodykast 662 s carr st, Lakewood Jayan Piers Selvaraj 2018-08-25 Good Standing
Tiny Sparky, LLC 10555 W Jewell Ave #10-302, Lakewood 2018-08-25 Good Standing
Karate Do Kan LLC 9797 W Colfax Ave, 3UU, Lakewood Jeff Fichtner 2018-08-24 Good Standing
KRS Limited 8980 W Tennessee Ave, Lakewood Raymond L Rivera 2018-08-24 Good Standing
EG HAY COMPANY LLC 505 COUNTY ROAD 47, Hudson ELIAS GALLEGOS 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Rambling Boots LLC 15141 W Harvard Cir, Lakewood Sara Elizabeth Reese 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Long Henn, LLC 14642 W Auburn Ct, Lakewood Stephen Noble Long 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Xanadu, LLC 390 Union Blvd, Suite 150, Lakewood 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Diverse Equestrian LLC 14023 W Amherst Pl, Lakewood Jacquelyn Donnay Tinsman 2018-08-23 Good Standing
A & K Plumbing, Inc 3295 So Ammons St. 2-202, Lakewood Art Hill 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Bespoke Healthcare, LLC 355 S. Teller Street, Suite 200, Lakewood Michael Gerali 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Tilford's Happy Canyon, LLC 355 S. Teller Street, Suite 200, Lakewood Steve Burton 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Phoenix Motors LLC 8190 W. Colfax Ave, Lakewood Howard Krieger 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Middle R LLC 10545 W Exposition Ave, Lakewood Paul R Steiner 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Plumbing master heating and Air 10110 w 21st ave, Lakewood Filipp Pikalov 2018-08-23 Good Standing
18970 E. 58th Avenue, LLC 1350 Otis Street, Lakewood Aeonard Royal Borel 2018-08-23 Good Standing
19046 E. 57th Place #F, LLC 1350 Otis Street, Lakewood Aeonard Royal Borel 2018-08-23 Good Standing
1350 Otis Street, LLC 1350 Otis Street, Lakewood Aeonard Royal Borel 2018-08-23 Good Standing
PMIP Colorado 2433 S. Holman Cir., Lakewood Patrick Michael Crennen 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Laura Heck Fine Art, LLC 1030 S Yarrow St, Lakewood Laura Heck Hartman 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Park 146 LLC 390 Union Blvd, Suite 150, Lakewood 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Stage Four 2 On Stage LLC 11175 W Ohio Dr, Lakewood Dylan Thomas Slattery 2018-08-22 Good Standing
USA Shaolin Kung Fu Academy LLC 770 S Federal Blvd, Denver Chao Zhang 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Clean Spot LLC 8250 W 8th Ave, Lakewood 2018-08-22 Good Standing
3901 Manheim LLC 2659 S DEFRAME CIR, Lakewood 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Joe Rey, LLC 12121 w dakota dr, Lakewood joseph andrew rey 2018-08-22 Good Standing
JP Hair LLC 14500 W Colfax Ave 551A, Lakewood 2018-08-21 Good Standing
MDB Studios, LLC 14177 W. WARREN DR., Lakewood SUSANNE NELSON 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Higher Mechanical, L.L.C 8105 West Floyd Ave. Apt. 12-102, Lakewood Gentry Harrison Bradshaw 2018-08-21 Good Standing
El Gallo Negro BJJ LLC 10569 W Dartmouth Ave, Lakewood 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Skal Mot LLC 555 17th St., Suite 1400, Denver Joshua L Harris 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Veruska Jewelry 925, LLC 635 S. Depew St, Lakewood Gildre Garcia 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Innovative Multi Services, LLC 1328 REED ST apt 3, Lakewood 2018-08-21 Good Standing
green mountain roofing services llc 541 south otis st, Lakewood tyler john patterson 2018-08-21 Good Standing
AKTJ LLC 1550 S Allison St, Lakewood Austin Jennings Nelson 2018-08-21 Good Standing
FORTY-SIX TEN, LLC 1925 S LAKE RD, Lakewood ARLENE K BRUNS 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Roofing Bear Incorporated 9850A W. Girton Dr., Lakewood Kelly Ross Reams 2018-08-20 Good Standing
D.R.P. Sports & Fitness, L.L.C. 9110 W 6th Ave. Front Range Rd, Lakewood Shaun Parris 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Country Solutions, LLC 1265 Pierce St, Lakewood Jared Stiver 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Atlantic Rentals LLC 12477 W Cedar Dr, Lakewood Amy Alcorn 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Nan Investment LLC 7700 E Arapahoe Rd #275, Centennial Zhizhong Nan 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Kidney Donor Athletes, Inc. 10109 W Dartmouth Place, 302, Lakewood Tracey Hulick 2018-08-20 Good Standing
HS2 Solutions, Inc. 4115 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Suite 10, Chicago 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Fiasco's C&M LLC 90 Yank Way, Lakewood Joseph Anthony Fiasco 2018-08-20 Good Standing
In The Nica Time LLC 1475 Reed Street, Apt 109, Lakewood Dominica Romero 2018-08-20 Good Standing
RUBIOS CLEANING SERVICES LLC 5555 W 16TH AVE, LOT F23, Lakewood AZUCENA RUBIO 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Burke Construction and Investments 1300 Depew, #6, Lakewood Matthew Joseph Burke 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Chef Or Death 9157 West Cedar Drive, Unit #3, Lakewood Eric Jason Chiappetta 2018-08-19 Good Standing
SCH LLC 2635 s deframe cir, Lakewood sean Christopher Harmer 2018-08-19 Good Standing
Thompson's Safe Transport LLC 1563 Tabor St, Lakewood Daniel Scott Thompson 2018-08-19 Good Standing
Denver Born Inc 8336 W Woodard Dr, Lakewood Caitlin White 2018-08-19 Good Standing
Games of Everyone 10090 W 26th Ave, 100 9, Lakewood Ann Marie Martin 2018-08-18 Good Standing
First Class Building Maintenance, LLC 455 S Lamar Ct., Lakewood Jose G Villarruel 2018-08-18 Good Standing
Two Pink Shoes Properties LLC 1280 Van Gordon St, Lakewood Lecia Vonne Papadopoulos 2018-08-18 Good Standing
Love to Learn Tutoring 10346 W Idaho Pl, Lakewood Demetria Anne Montoya 2018-08-18 Good Standing
Double R Contracting, LLC 2746 S Sheridan Blvd., Lakewood Ronald Lunk 2018-08-18 Good Standing