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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
G.S.D. Coach, LLC. 7319 S. Platte River PKWY, Unit 206, Littleton, CO 80120, US Travis S Janko 2019-10-27 Good Standing
BlackhawkDM, LLC 10102 W Ida Ave, #227, Littleton, CO 80127, US Mark Sells 2019-10-27 Good Standing
Woodburgers, LLC 13184 Acres Green Dr., Littleton, CO 80124, US 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Rooster Film Company, LLC PO Box 90, Littleton, CO 80160, US 2019-10-25 Good Standing
CO Homes Inc. 8280 S Ogden Cir, Littleton, CO 80122, US Brian Nguyen 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Ingenerate, LLC 12570 W. Gould Dr, Littleton, CO 80127, US Colin Orr 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Denver Jewelry Company 5306 S. Bannock St., Ste.212, Littleton, CO 80120-1780, US Mystalee Frank Gagnon 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Elevated Exotics 8373 S GARLAND WAY, Littleton, CO 80128, US kaycee lea cozart 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Forever Free Coalition, LLC 9496 Sand Hill Pl., Littleton, CO 80126, US Douglas Craig Osness 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Summitwolf LLC 10474 W. Peakview Pl., Littleton, CO 80127, US Franklin Whitehurst 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Nightingale Real Estate 7580 S Dome Peak, Littleton, CO 80127, US Joseph Michael Brannon 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Shadows and Stardust Photography LLC 7865 South Windermere Circle, Littleton, CO 80120-4471, US Karla Anne Westfall McMullen 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Butterfly Bookkeeping 593 East Nova Avenue, Littleton, CO 80122, US Joanne Marie Haas Johnson 2019-10-25 Good Standing
I.H.C. INC. 6125 S Valleyview St, Littleton, CO 80120, US Patrick Zoesch 2019-10-24 Good Standing
One Goat Incorporated 6621 S High Street, Littleton, CO 80121, US Michael A Papi 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Deck Dimensions LLC 10183 South Nickolas Avenue, Littleton, CO 80130, US 2019-10-24 Good Standing
SRE Press LLC 6408 Silver Mesa Drive, Unit E, Littleton, CO 80130, US Ronda M Courtney 2019-10-24 Good Standing
CreteJack LLC 7294 S. Kendall Ct., Littleton, CO 80128, US Shane Dottenwhy 2019-10-24 Good Standing
I AM FIVE17 LLC 7735 Mule Deer PL, Littleton, CO 80125, US Aaron Paul Spratling 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Turnkey Solar Carports and Energy LLC 5 Doral Lane, Littleton, CO 80123, US Brad Spence 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Avalanche Arms, LLC 9903 Titan Court, Unit 9, Littleton, CO 80125, US Mark Slizowski 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Busy Beezzz Sleep Consulting Ltd 1692 W Canal Cr, #1035, Littleton, CO 80120, US Laura Lee Gournic 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Dilota Audio 4363 S. Jellison Way, Littleton, CO 80123, US William Joseph Moore 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Partner Management LLC 22 Fairway Ln, Littleton, CO 80123, US Meg Laws 2019-10-24 Good Standing
JACON Investment Group LLC 4814 South Parfet St, Littleton, CO 80127, US Joshua Coon 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Mountain West Environmental, LLC 6246, S Kline Street, Littleton, CO 80127, US Val James Hochevar 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Sonshine Enterprises LLC. 7100 S. Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122, US Kathleen E Marquez 2019-10-24 Good Standing
FARUN HOUSEWARE LLC 70 Falcon Hills Dr, Littleton, CO 80126, US ZHENG HAN 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Right Path Housing 10488 W Centennial Rd, Littleton, CO 80127, US Mario Garcia 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Blackbird Therapy Group LLC 8020 W Fairview Ave, Littleton, CO 80128, US Tia Gamelin 2019-10-23 Good Standing
The Best You Career Advantage LLC 1336 Northridge Rd., Littleton, CO 80126, US Michelle M. Johnson 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Violet's Designs, LLC 7431 W. Lakeside Dr., Littleton, CO 80125, US Amy Marie Sweeting 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Plumbig Plumbing 5421 S. Federal Cir. J106, Littleton, CO 80123, US Damon Scott Hoffman 2019-10-23 Good Standing
REVO NAIL CORP 9022 W STANFORD AVE, Littleton, CO 80123, US NGOC THAO NGO 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Olga Kaydanov, Inc 921 E. Belleview Ave, Cherry Hills Village, CO 80121, US Olga Kaydanov 2019-10-23 Good Standing
SB Mindfulness, LLC 26 W Dry Creek Circle, Suite 180, Littleton, CO 80120, US Susan Boley 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Dave Coyle Homes, Inc. LLC 6431 S. Cedar St., Littleton, CO 80120, US Neal David Coyle 2019-10-23 Good Standing
114 W Adams LLC 1304 W. Briarwood Avenue, Littleton, CO 80120, US James J Fallon 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Mcdonald Real Estate Holdings, LLC 6060 S. Broadway, Littleton, CO 80121, US I. McDonald Douglas 2019-10-23 Good Standing
MH Partners, LLC 10670 Bradford Road, Littleton, CO 80127, US Ashley Henshaw 2019-10-23 Good Standing
High Altitude Equity LLC 4601 South Balsam Way, 1412, Littleton, CO 80123, US Mario Anthony Gino 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Hemp Harvesting and Drying LLC 6382 S Zenobia Ct, Littleton, CO 80123, US Wendy Fisher 2019-10-22 Good Standing
GCH Tempe LLC 2579 W. Main Street, Suite 201, Littleton, CO 80120, US Jonathan Power 2019-10-22 Good Standing
High Country Auto Brokers LLC 8371 Southpark Lane, Littleton, CO 80120, US Vickie Lynn Ball 2019-10-22 Good Standing
The Maker Group LLC 2805 Middlebury Dr, Littleton, CO 80126, US Adrienne Fisher 2019-10-22 Good Standing
Larry and Linda Arneson Foundation 5660 South Benton Circle, Littleton, CO 80123, US Larry Arneson 2019-10-22 Good Standing
Hands On Companion Animal Service LLC 6 Long Spur, Littleton, CO 80127, US 2019-10-22 Good Standing
CHIMCO 1020 15th St., Unit 17L, LLC 3 Carriage Lane, Littleton, CO 80121, US 2019-10-21 Good Standing
SEC Enterprises Corp. 8019 W Hoover Pl, Littleton, CO 80123, US Stuart E Collins 2019-10-21 Good Standing
ReRoot LLC 8555 Liverpool Circle, Littleton, CO 80125, US Kristin Maye Scott 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Denver Tiki Tribe 10372 west surrey drive, Littleton, CO 80127, US Chris Douglas Werstiuk 2019-10-21 Good Standing
2030 RLC, LLC 6784 S Yates Ct, Littleton, CO 80128, US Ryan Levi Coleman 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Alpha Events Group, LLC 17625 Bella Lane, Littleton, CO 80127, US 2019-10-21 Good Standing
WR Harris Enterprises LLC 9462 W Ontario Dr, Littleton, CO 80128, US Wesley Harris 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Mystic Mane LLC 7921 S Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122, US Michaela ReAnn Howard 2019-10-21 Good Standing
675 Snapdragon, LLC 6737 W. Lakeside Dr., Littleton, CO 80125, US Mark Allen 2019-10-21 Good Standing
ALK Cleaning Services LLC 7682 S. Allison Cir, Unit B, Littleton, CO 80128, US Adam Kennard 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Sadiq Enterprise LLC 8332 Erickson Blvd, Apt 14-206, Littleton, CO 80129, US Tausif Sadiq 2019-10-21 Good Standing
The Industry Connector, LLC 8946 S. Deer Creek Canyon Rd., Littleton, CO 80127, US Catherine Callaghan Novak 2019-10-20 Good Standing
Perissos Services 17421 N Canyon Rd, Littleton, CO 80127, US Dadra L Sears 2019-10-20 Good Standing
Shine Publishing House LLC 6355 W Berry Ave, Littleton, CO 80123, US Catherine Reilly 2019-10-20 Good Standing
New Life RPM LLC 2255 South Wadsworth Blvd, suite 203, Lakewood, CO 80227, US matthew rodak 2019-10-19 Good Standing
Front Range Mountain Biking Foundation, Inc. 10197 Cavaletti Drive, Littleton, CO 80125, US Matthew George 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Cold Replay, LLC 7573 S Mount Zirkel, Littleton, CO 80127, US Tavi Wolf 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Higgaday LLC 10913 W Bellwood Pl., Littleton, CO 80127, US Cole Michael Cichon 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Hondo's LLC 7170 S Platte Canyon Rd., Littleton, CO 80128, US 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Elevate Staffing Solutions, LLC 4692 South Robb Street, Littleton, CO 80127, US Nickolus L Sorenson 2019-10-18 Good Standing
BA Inc 2 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 100, Littleton, CO 80120, US 2019-10-18 Good Standing
The Jewelry Box, LLC 2941 West Long Drive, Unit C, Littleton, CO 80120, US Teresa Ann Klamm 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Schroeder Law LLC 502 E. Hinsdale Ave, Littleton, CO 80122, US Edward Schroeder 2019-10-18 Good Standing
One City Church 11395 San Joaquin Ridge, Littleton, CO 80127, US Jessica Davis 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Ranes Construction, LLC 8601 W. Cross Dr., Littleton, CO 80123, US Adam Ranes 2019-10-18 Good Standing
1600 Magnolia Street, LLC 6658 S Arapahoe Dr, Littleton, CO 80120, US Stephanie Brook 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Savio, LLC 9174 W Hinsdale Pl, Littleton, CO 80128, US Adam Pippin 2019-10-18 Good Standing
WOODED MEADOWS GAMING LLC 3374 W BELMONT AVE, Littleton, CO 80123, US 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Inner Work Counseling Ltd 5921 S. Middlefield Rd., Suite 102, Littleton, CO 80123, US Wouter Roos 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Tabor Neighbors the First, LLC 6387 S Wolff Ct, Littleton, CO 80123, US David Tabor 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Gallus Detox Denver, LLC 5920 South Estes Street, Suite 150, Littleton, CO 80123, US 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Proper Management and Consulting Inc 9662 W Unser Ave, Littleton, CO 80128, US Joshua Love Novak 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Joshua Love Motorsports Inc 8946 S DEER CREEK CANYON RD, Littleton, CO 80127, US Joshua Love Novak 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Tommyknockers Lacrosse 14186 Kuehster Road, Littleton, CO 80127, US Douglas Sandford Gulick 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Redstone Builders, LLC. 9895 W. Freiburg Dr., #A, Littleton, CO 80127, US Tom Kartheiser 2019-10-17 Good Standing
TOHC Ltd 8227 Arapahoe Peak, Littleton, CO 80125, US Philip W Bledsoe 2019-10-17 Good Standing
KMA.ENTERPRISES LLC 7503 N. Moore Rd, Littleton, CO 80125, US Marian Sue Johnson 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Artistic Wood LLC 154 W. Powers Cir Apt 102, Littleton, CO 80120, US Jessie Miranda 2019-10-17 Good Standing
JR Bernsten & Associates LLC 5536 S Curtice St, Littleton, CO 80120, US James R Bernsten 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Your Next Rendezvous, LLC 12066 W. Bowles Pl., Littleton, CO 80127, US Sandi Rae Rhynard 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Maribou Outfitters LLC 5151 S Rio Grande St, 2-103, Littleton, CO 80120, US Jonathan Michael Gallegos 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Knapp Sales LLC 10699 West Cooper Place, Littleton, CO 80127, US 2019-10-16 Good Standing
ExoTerra Infrastructure LLC 10499 Bradford Rd, Suite 105, Littleton, CO 80127, US 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Teleos Enterprises, LLC 8481 W Union Ave, Apt 12-204, Littleton, CO 80123, US Marisol Payan 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Courage Physical Therapy, LLC 9948 W Dorado Pl, Littleton, CO 80123, US Stuart Wilson 2019-10-16 Good Standing
ZZ & Company 10576 Roxborough Dr, Littleton, CO 80125, US Zachary Kissinger 2019-10-16 Good Standing
23rdClay, LLC 9 Par Circle, Littleton, CO 80123, US Henry Allen Adams IV 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Honey Hive LLC 445 Union Blvd, Suite #106, Lakewood, CO 80228, US 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Elevation Editing LLC 40 West Littleton Boulevard, Ste 210-286, Littleton, CO 80120, US 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Sal A Todaro PE Consulting Engineer, LLC 6614 Willow Broom Trail, Littleton, CO 80125, US Salvatore Todaro 2019-10-16 Good Standing
ALFONSO PAINTING LLC 4601 S BALSAM WAY APT 1121, Littleton, CO 80123, US ALFONSO EVARISTO MELCHOR 2019-10-16 Good Standing
John E. Desautels & Associates., L.L.C. 6922 Fargo Trail, Littleton, CO 80125, US John E Desautels II 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Maids 2 order 8900 Goosander Way, Littleton, CO 80126, US robert w ellis 2019-10-16 Good Standing