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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Littleton · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
O'Connor Harvest LP 5920 Cheetah Chase, Littleton Daniel O'Connor 2018-11-03 Good Standing
JanieBrainie, LLC 5830 Bell Flower Drive, Littleton Janie Brown Salazar 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Wassup Homes LLC 10345 Lions Heart, Littleton David Potarf 2018-11-03 Good Standing
RHMCO 612 E Hinsdale Ave, Littleton Kathleen Utley 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Jade and Cole Home Design 11957 West Aqueduct Dr., Littleton Alicia Neilson 2018-11-03 Good Standing
B Squared Industries LLC 5583 S. Fenton ST., Littleton Todd A Bower 2018-11-03 Good Standing
Hamlet at Yank LLC 4798 S ROUTT CT, Littleton Sabina Ruby Joseph 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Omaha Rentals, LLC 5034 Dakota Run, Littleton 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Brella, LLC 8392 S Dudley St, Littleton Akshay Pradhan 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Spirit of Faith Holdings LLC 13416 West Arbor Place, Littleton Gennaro DeSantis 2018-11-02 Good Standing
True Science:Technology Done Right LLC 40 W. Littleton Blvd Ste 210-121, Littleton Thomas Quinlan 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Daydream Collective L.L.C 1800 West Quincy Ave., Apt. B12, Littleton Lindsey Rae Chard 2018-11-02 Good Standing
Aspen Leaf Too, LLC 1343 W Peakview Ave, Littleton Kelly Anne Gunderson Farmer 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Sweet Home LLC 5782 S Benton Way, Littleton Stephanie Marie Martin 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Auto Save LLC 5600 S. Broadway, Littleton Michael Laferrrara 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Medicine Mama 11968 W Berry Ave, Littleton Karen A Bailey 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Fudge Photography, LLC 6815 S Field St Apt 304, Littleton 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Eagle Automotive Sales, Inc. 8125 South Newland Court, Littleton Adam D. Bates 2018-11-01 Good Standing
THE TASKMASTER, LLC 8151 S Marshall Ct, Littleton 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Ginger Dan the Handyman, LLC 12156 W Crestine Dr, Littleton Daniel E.B. Kaspari 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Great Owl Energy LLC 8829 South Murphy Gulch Road, Littleton Charles William O'Melveny 2018-11-01 Good Standing
Pearl 3320 LLP 6162 W. Cross Dr., Littleton 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Colorado Roofscapes 8601 W Cross Dr. Ste F5, Littleton Jason Brunett 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Skatoparea, LLC 2596 W. Alamo Ave., Littleton Michael P Bahr 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Golden Leaf Boutique INC 8715 Goosander Way, Littleton Nicole Garcia 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Angels & Spirits, Incorporated 5500 South Simms Street #J, Littleton Angela Christine Schneberk 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Unique Handcrafts LLC 5879 S Taft Terrace, Littleton Alla V Lather 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Front Range Restoration and Construction Services 5180 S Logan St., Littleton Adam T Henderson 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Kintsugi Counseling, LLC 679 west littleton blvd, suite 102, Littleton Jenner Cole Paulson 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Living Hope Fellowship, Inc. 10157 Cherryhurst Ln., Littleton 2018-10-31 Good Standing
JP Construction & consulting -Inc 9072 W LAKE DR, Littleton James Petersen 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Double Bow Properties, LLC 5020 Juniper Street, Littleton 2018-10-31 Good Standing
Southwest Acres LLC 9691 W Coco Cir #106, Littleton Tahverle Carroll 2018-10-31 Good Standing
SCALEX, INC. 10652 Manorstone Drive, Littleton 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Azoth Expanded Solutions LLC 8317 S Reed St, Unit 2, Littleton Jon Aaron Bray 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Barista District LLC 7526 S Penrose Ct, Littleton Jessica L Mendes 2018-10-30 Good Standing
AWDCphotos LLC 8100 W. Quincy Ave., B1, Littleton Alexander William Duke Clary 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Simple Online Businesses, LLC 11757 W Ken Caryl Ave, Suite F 345, Littleton Ken Hopsicker 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Dolciana, LLC. 8940 West Portland Ave., Littleton 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Organic Enterprises Ltd. 9055 West Cross Dr, 12-201, Littleton Drake Darrick Duenwald 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Handy Randy Man, LLC 9506 W Victoria Dr, Littleton Randy Dzaman 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Hebditch Hardwood Maintenance, Inc. 8322 S. Balsam St., Littleton John Cameron Hebditch 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Quality Back Office LLC 1860 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton Gary Grottke 2018-10-30 Good Standing
All About Bail Bonds Inc. 8340 Sangre De Cristo Rd Suite 214, Littleton Stacey Strong 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Perceptive Health, LLC 6591 S Tabor St, Littleton Michael G Banigan 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Sophisticated Solutions LLC 10720, West Montgomery Avenue, Littleton Britney Ruegsegger 2018-10-30 Good Standing
Creative Kids Initiative 7277 Marmot Ridge Place, Littleton Denine Marie Jimmerson 2018-10-30 Good Standing
The Quantum Effect LLC 4967 S. Prince Ct., Apartment 303, Littleton 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Blondegandhi LLC 7921 Southpark Plaza Suite 204, Littleton Patricia Ebel 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Health Wealth LLC 26 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 600, Littleton Erik Burgess Kanizay 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Launch Pad Digital Advertising Solutions 1127 Auraria Parkway, Suite 103(b), Denver Kenneth Tolle 2018-10-29 Good Standing
D Irey Grease Monkey LLC 5555 S. King Crest Way, Littleton David Irey 2018-10-29 Good Standing
R Irey Grease Monkey LLC 5555 S. King Crest Way, Littleton David Irey 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Klein Properties, LLC 9587 W TRAILMARK PKWY, Littleton JOSEPH KLEIN 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Wellness on Purpose, LLC 8376 South Upham Way, B208, Littleton Michelle Len Strong 2018-10-29 Good Standing
R2 Branding LLC 2909 W Long Circle, C, Littleton Richard N Rusch 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Ruffian Ventures LLC 9927 Prairie Falcon Court, Littleton Michael Schroeder 2018-10-29 Good Standing
ZWA LLC 2 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 100, Littleton 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Mia Griggs Fine Art, LLC 6110 S TABOR ST, Littleton MARIAH JEAN GRIGGS 2018-10-29 Good Standing
PJ Rose 7375 W. Grant Ranch Blvd, Suite #2123, Littleton 2018-10-29 Good Standing
PRINCE TAILORING LLC 5723 S PRINCE ST, Littleton AMMAR ALSAEED 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Spa 3378 Reflexology and Hair LLC 3378 S Broadway, Englewood Rocky Wayne Hoffschneider Sr. 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Jareds Garden LLC 10500 W Bowles Ave, Littleton J Loren Bauman II 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Front Range Woodcraft LLC 7483 Quail Circle, Apt 627, Littleton Michael Fisher 2018-10-29 Good Standing
Sherwood Place LLC 5454 West Canyon Trail Unit E, Littleton Daniel Vincent Broas 2018-10-28 Good Standing
AE Photography LLC 11807 West Coal Mine Drive, Littleton Ann-Marie Lynn Egan 2018-10-28 Good Standing
Love Bears All, Inc. 8201 S. Santa Fe Dr., Lot 266, Littleton Barry Evan Deardorff 2018-10-28 Good Standing
Trio Commerce, LLC 8427 S Hoyt Way Unit 304, Littleton Garrett A. Cook 2018-10-27 Good Standing
Huayroc, LLC 13154 W Crestline Dr, Littleton Maureen Benton 2018-10-27 Good Standing
Rampart 55, LLC PO Box 271229, Littleton 2018-10-27 Good Standing
EGH Residential LLC 2474 W. Peakview Ct., Littleton John W. Hoesterey 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Massey Homes, LLC 8802 S. Iris Ct., Littleton Robert Michael Jones 2018-10-26 Good Standing
AGRONOMY CONSULTANTS LLC 7640 S Sheridan Ct, Littleton 2018-10-26 Good Standing
In Home Venue LLC 10789 Bradford Rd, Suite 250, Littleton Dan Ryan 2018-10-26 Good Standing
DAB Analytics LLC 5753 S Prince St, #983, Littleton 2018-10-26 Good Standing
All About Connections 2783 West Long Drive, Unit E, Littleton Nancy Elizabeth Walsh 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Your Mortgage Credit Coaching, LLC 1101 W Mineral Ave, Ste 101, Littleton Tracy L Jouett 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Broken Creek LLC 9424 S ERIN LN, Littleton Nathaniel Rateliff 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Aura Jewelry Design Ltd. 191 West Mineral Ave., Littleton Douglas Vincent Perry 2018-10-26 Good Standing
SNAG Inc 2 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 100, Littleton 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Trico Fund V LLC 8321 S Sangre de Cristo Rd Ste 300, Littleton Tery Larrew 2018-10-26 Good Standing
Feed the Dream Financial, Inc. 647 W. Prentice Ave., Littleton Sheldon Bain 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Optimize Media LLC 5389 S CODY ST, Littleton NICOLAS AHRENS 2018-10-25 Good Standing
303 Home Care Inc 7609 S Waverly Mtn, Littleton Doloras Bridget Griego 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Womxn's March Denver 5761 S. Youngfield Street, Littleton Kerry O'Grady 2018-10-25 Good Standing
AARM Investments LLC 5557 W Hinsdale PL, Littleton Ryan Kliewer 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Christine Nicole LLC 8715 Redwing Avenue, Littleton Christine Nicole Brown 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Riebe Petroleum Consulting, LLC 8362 S. Peninsula Drive, Littleton Charles R. Riebe 2018-10-25 Good Standing
RyJo Designs, LLC 6243 S. Miller St., Littleton Joseph James Gleason 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Perry Dairy Real Estate Holdings, LLC 9757 Fairwood St, Littleton Jessica Perry 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Outhouse LLC 8101 Midway Dr, Littleton Travis Vap 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Wenger-Savage LLC 5020 W. Portland Drive, Littleton Alfred Herzl 2018-10-25 Good Standing
Innovative Property Ventures, Inc. 5715 West Sumac Avenue, Littleton Devon J. Miller 2018-10-25 Good Standing
GG Invest, LLC 2715 W. Greens Dr, Littleton Gustave M. Gilbert 2018-10-25 Good Standing
J.O.Edwards Engineering Solutions, Inc. 7546 Parkview Mountain, Littleton 2018-10-24 Good Standing
Black-Panther Infusions, LLC 5883 W. Hoover Ave., Littleton 2018-10-24 Good Standing
J&J KARAOKE LLC 9689 MARMOT RIDGE CIR, Littleton 2018-10-24 Good Standing
KEN CARYL CONVENIENCE LLC 11531 West Ken Caryl Avenue, Littleton Lori L Hulbert 2018-10-24 Good Standing
Free the Queen LLC 5718 S. Bemis St., Littleton 2018-10-24 Good Standing
Always Strong Inc. 8340 Sangre De Cristo Rd. #214, Littletong Stacey Strong 2018-10-24 Good Standing