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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Parker · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Kickplate LLC 14546 Crouch Pl., Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-03-01 Good Standing
JR Digital Marketing LLC 11603 N. Hot Springs Dr., Parker, CO 80138, US Josiah Roa 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Blue Tree Ltd. 9532 Apache Road, Parker, CO 80138, US Kevin C Smith 2019-02-28 Good Standing
AMG Inspections, LLC 17817 Triple Crown St, Parker, CO 80134, US Aaron Mitchell Goudy 2019-02-28 Good Standing
RW Office Solutions, LLC 20890 Park Hollow Drive, Parker, CO 80138, US Carrie Ruth Waggoner Phillips 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Recalibrating Emotions 17032 Motsenbocker, Parker, CO 80134, US Cindy Lynn Berry 2019-02-28 Good Standing
All About Hemp LLC 10872 Victorian Dr, Parker, CO 80138, US Sherman L Johnson 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Knepper Construction Company, LLC 7210 E. Homestead Rd., Parker, CO 80138, US Robert W. Knepper 2019-02-27 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Overlanders, Ltd. 9946 Hilltop Rd, Parker, CO 80134, US Jeffrey D Masterson 2019-02-27 Good Standing
Equity One Financial, Inc. 12067 N. 4th St., Parker, CO 80134, US Edward J Mueller 2019-02-27 Good Standing
Rockin' P Studio, LLC 17096 E Dewberry Dr, Parker, CO 80134, US Paula M Kamin 2019-02-27 Good Standing
Moors Investment Group, Inc. 9800 Mount Pyramid Ct. Suite 400, Englewood, CO 80112, US Soufiane Elaamili 2019-02-27 Good Standing
LBR Real Estate Services, LLC 21030 SADDLEBACK CIR, Parker, CO 80138, US Joy R Dodson 2019-02-27 Good Standing
ALIXI, LLC 13111 Travois Trail, Parker, CO 80138, US Patricia Britnie Westbrook 2019-02-27 Good Standing
HEMPEX LABORATORIES LLC. 10505 SOUTH PROGRESS WAY UNIT 105, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-27 Good Standing
Willie B Foundation 1909 Prairie Owl Road, Parker, CO 80138, US Steven J Meade 2019-02-27 Good Standing
Todalen LLC 21764 Swale Ave., Parker, CO 80138, US 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Tech Real Estate LLC 3788 Spanish Oaks Trail, Castle Rock, CO 80108, US Michael J Geier 2019-02-26 Good Standing
SEGA LLC 6506 Old Divid Trail, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Landmark Concepts, LLC 6956 Landmark Dr, Parker, CO 80138, US Alysha S. Pavao 2019-02-26 Good Standing
2821 E. Cedar Ave Lot 17 LLC 12903 Summit Ridge RD, Parker, CO 80138, US Guy H Brazell 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Vox and Ela LLC 11967 Meadowood Lane, Parker, CO 80138, US 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Shelby Teal, LLC 4865 Palmer Ridge Dr, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-25 Good Standing
bitProdigy LLC 11926 Barrentine Loop, Parker, CO 80138, US Stephen Smith 2019-02-25 Good Standing
Woken Eye LLC 6918 N Hill CT, Parker, CO 80134, US Kenneth J Sonley 2019-02-25 Good Standing
The 5280 Home Group, LLC 1873 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 700, Denver, CO 80222, US James Franklin 2019-02-25 Good Standing
The Mauler Company 3680 Birch Avenue, Parker, CO 80134, US Shannon Marie Mauler 2019-02-25 Good Standing
Fisher Excavating, LLC 5602 Silver Bluff Court, Parker, CO 80134, US Richard Fisher 2019-02-25 Good Standing
Graner Heating & Air LLC 6524 frank gardner way, Parker, CO 80134, US Bryan Alan Graner 2019-02-24 Good Standing
Black Diamond Laser Design, LLC 9968 BRISTLERIDGE ST, Parker, CO 80134, US Steven Sykes 2019-02-24 Good Standing
LOGIC LIAISON LLC 13034 COFFEE TREE ST, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-23 Good Standing
RTMiccioProperties, LLC 21426 E. Tallkid Ave, Parker, CO 80138, US Ruth Therese Miccio 2019-02-23 Good Standing
HealthoLogik, LLC 11225 Keota Street, Parker, CO 80134, US Moisei V Elena 2019-02-23 Good Standing
Chisum Outdoors LLC 9346 Hidden Pines Ct., Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-22 Good Standing
TSG Engraving 2500 Elkhorn Ranch Street, Parker, CO 80138, US Donaven Abel Lopez 2019-02-22 Good Standing
192 Brewer, LLC 7935 Forest Keep Circle, Parker, CO 80134, US Chris Pitaniello 2019-02-22 Good Standing
Colorado Medical Supplies LLC 21658 E Tallkid Ave, Parker, CO 80138, US Courtney Murphy 2019-02-22 Good Standing
1143AurariaLimited 10710 Wildridge Ct., Parker, CO 80138, US Tyler Thompson 2019-02-22 Good Standing
DFD Investments, Ltd. 6340 Mountain View Dr, Parker, CO 80134, US Robert Reese 2019-02-22 Good Standing
Wipperts' Wieners 11258 Stagecoach Drive, Parker, CO 80138, US Wesley Allen Wippert 2019-02-21 Good Standing
52 Paws, LLC 21671 Omaha Ave, Parker, CO 80138, US Andrea McMillen 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Little Red Lunchbox 18275 E Cottonwood Dr, Apt 4-302, Parker, CO 80138, US Madison Gillespie 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Kara Magrin Photography LLC 10413 Drake Place, Parker, CO 80134, US Kara Magrin 2019-02-21 Good Standing
RooBoo Solutions LLC 11551 Bent Oaks St, Parker, CO 80138, US Matthew Thomson 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Cedar Properties LLC 10222 Beechwood Dr., Parker, CO 80138-8103, US Jamie Lamphier 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Drews Therapeutic Touch LLC 18189 E Mainstreet, Apt 11201, Parker, CO 80134, US Drew C Burks 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Bella Vita Holistic Health, LLC 9235 Crown Crest Boulevard, Parker, CO 80138, US Randal L. Schultz 2019-02-21 Good Standing
TK Capital Resolution, LLC 17011 Lincoln Ave #613, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Landmark Sports LLC 19878 Hilltop Rd. #113, Parker, CO 80134, US Bill Psyllas 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Just One More, LLC 9306 Amison Circle, Apt 201, Parker, CO 80134, US Lindsey Elizabeth Gyger 2019-02-21 Good Standing
9845 1211 Holdings, LLC 9845 Sara Gulch Circle, Parker, CO 80138, US Gregory N. Jackson 2019-02-21 Good Standing
VJMURDOCH P.O. Box 4804, Parker, CO 80134, US Victor Murdoch 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Shan Pao Inc 15099 Chicago St, Parker, CO 80134, US Zhen Shan Liu 2019-02-20 Good Standing
SIMA Roll-Off & Hauling LLC 45165 Stagecoach Rd, Parker, CO 80138, US Jose Santos Navarro 2019-02-20 Good Standing
M2 Technical Solutions LLC 7586 Arrowshaft Trl., Parker, CO 80138, US 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Eric Walker DMD LLC 3208 N Academy Blvd ste 140, Colorado Springs, CO 80917, US Eric Lee Walker 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Suzie Shirley 11055 S Parker Rd, Parker, CO 80134, US Suzanne Amanda Shirley 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Hummingbird Gemstone Designs,LLC 11945 South Allerton Cir, Parker, CO 80138, US Mirna Lorena Alas Pineda 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Secure Solutions, LLC 12797 Prince Creek Drive, Parker, CO 80134, US Douglas Paul Knox 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Taylor Hugo Creative, LLC 10508 Berthoud Way, Parker, CO 80134, US Taylor Joan Hugo 2019-02-19 Good Standing
CTL FREELANCING INC 10115 S. PEORIA ST., UNIT 4-207, Parker, CO 80134, US COURTNEY LINK 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Creative Partners Development, Inc. 18329 E Mainstreet Apt 14201, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Doggy Style Grooming 10940 S Parker Rd #424, Parker, CO 80134, US Patricia Parag 2019-02-18 Good Standing
Clarkson Properties LLC 10964 S Pikes Peak Dr, Parker, CO 80138, US 2019-02-18 Good Standing
MollGust Investments LLC 16612 E. Prairie Wind Avenue, Parker, CO 80134, US Molly S. Velez 2019-02-18 Good Standing
The Business of Senior Care 11870 Cattle Ln, Parker, CO 80134, US Lucas W Carroll 2019-02-18 Good Standing
Shes the Fronz Productions LLC 9180 Rolling Way, Unit 303, Parker, CO 80134, US Stacey Fronek 2019-02-17 Good Standing
Access Storage LLC 12820 Ironstone Way #104, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Kathleen Does Hair, LLC 14360 Double Dutch CIr, Parker, CO 80134, US Charles Rakay 2019-02-15 Good Standing
VZ Property Management 11964 TRIPLE CROWN DR, Parker, CO 80134, US Alison Kathleen VanZonneveld 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Crooked Creek Counseling, LLC 18435 Pony Express Dr., #113C, Parker, CO 80134, US Alyssa Constance Fieseler 2019-02-15 Good Standing
QuickSuccess4Life 22322 Quail Run Way, Parker, CO 80138, US Jonathan Andrew Jurenka 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Cherished Minds LLC 8418 Dove Ridge Way, Parker, CO 80134, US Erin Mielke 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Jordheim Data LLC 7246 Hyperion Way, Parker, CO 80134-5411, US Harry Jordheim 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Gray Duck Upholstery, LLC 20020 Summerset Ct, Parker, CO 80138, US Amy Petersen 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Parker Neurofeedback, LLC 12646 N DIXON DR, Parker, CO 80138, US Jennifer Tierney 2019-02-14 Good Standing
CXR2 Incorporated 9603 Huggins Court, Parker, CO 80134, US Arthur Yoshinaga 2019-02-14 Good Standing
MRJ Enterprises, LLC 14921 Melco Ave, Parker, CO 80134, US Mark Robert Johnston 2019-02-14 Good Standing
Hunder LLC 15549 Flowerhill Circle, Parker, CO 80134, US Tom B Norris 2019-02-14 Good Standing
CBD Okay, LLC 7899 FOREST KEEP CIR, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-14 Good Standing
Global Access Pure Water Inc. 15031 Chicago St., Parker, CO 80134, US Lisa M. Ernst 2019-02-13 Good Standing
MH Health Consultants LLC 7771 Running Fox Way, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-13 Good Standing
SkyCIO, LLC 8575 Witez Court, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-13 Good Standing
SBF Corporation 19751 E Mainstreet, Suite 360, Parker, CO 80138, US William R. Seagraves 2019-02-13 Good Standing
Ozitivity Inc 18668 E Main St, 6-307, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-13 Good Standing
R & N Ventures LLC 10402 E. Pinewood Dr., Parker, CO 80138, US C. Rudy Kniese 2019-02-13 Good Standing
COBB HEATING AND AIR LLC 8452 BLUEGRASS CIR, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-13 Good Standing
NEW LEAF PROPERTY VENTURES, LLC 10863 Willow Reed Circle E, Parker, CO 80134, US 2019-02-13 Good Standing
70 West Trucking LLC 19207 cottonwood dr., Apt 811, Parker, CO 80138, US thomas a zywiczynski 2019-02-13 Good Standing
Cleanly services LLC 11212 Jordan Ct, Parker, CO 80134, US Katie Orellana 2019-02-13 Good Standing
Vail Therapeutics 9138 Sunshine Meadow Place, Parker, CO 80134, US Gary James Mueller 2019-02-13 Good Standing
RII IP Holdings LLC 22953 Hope Dale Ave., Parker, CO 80138, US Thomas Woods 2019-02-12 Good Standing
Matt Gallant Development LLC 19113 Cottonwood Dr APT 917, Parker, CO 80138, US Matt Gallant 2019-02-12 Good Standing
Marquez Service LLC 19402 Dunraven St, Parker, CO 80134, US Alfredo Marquez 2019-02-12 Good Standing
MBX Industries LLC 3241 Monarch Place, Parker, CO 80138, US Bryan William Baumgartner 2019-02-12 Good Standing
Vantage Inc. dba Vantage 10221 Gemstone Ct, Parker, CO 80134, US Jason Webb 2019-02-12 Good Standing
Fortitude Physiques 12742 E Caley Ave, Centennial, CO 80111, US Kristin Frances Radosta 2019-02-11 Good Standing
Giezen Family LLC 45687 Coal Creek Drive, Parker, CO 80138, US Kirk W. Giezen 2019-02-11 Good Standing
A Level Promotions 17706 e cranberry circle, Parker, CO 80134, US Amber Munoz-Duran 2019-02-11 Good Standing
KB Suppliers LLC 8593 Willows Pl, Parker, CO 80134, US Kathryn Berdine 2019-02-11 Good Standing