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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Parker · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Laughing Llama 16398 E Hollow Horn Ave, Parker, CO 80134, US Jeremy J Hannah 2020-08-29 Good Standing
Jammin Out 18271 Cottonwood Dr, Apartment 308, Parker, CO 80138, US Jered David Bezemek 2020-08-29 Good Standing
Macandbo Media and Consulting, LLC 14881 Chicago St., Parker, CO 80134, US Jamie J Seaux 2020-08-28 Good Standing
No Flip Flops LLC 7921 Hillview St, Parker, CO 80134, US Resa Downs 2020-08-28 Good Standing
Taylor-Made Dog Training LLC 9443 Twenty Mile Rd, #301, Parker, CO 80134, US Claire Jean Taylor 2020-08-28 Good Standing
Raise Your Hand, Inc. 8853 Coneflower Place, Parker, CO 80134, US Tracy L Small 2020-08-27 Good Standing
TBP Logistics LLC 78 COUNTY ROAD 158, Elizabeth, CO 80107-9001, US Jenkins Michael Todd 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Key to Life Design, LLC 11229 E Oxen Rd, Parker, CO 80138, US Racquel S Johnson 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Laura Ingwers, LLC 9602 Deerhorn Court, 73, Parker, CO 80134, US Laura Anne Ingwers 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Maximus Fences 17227 Waterhouse Cir Unit A, Parker, CO 80134, US Alondra Rubi Ceballos 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Pampered Pets 11590 Dewey St, Parker, CO 80138, US Nicola Boback 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Medfast Solutions Corp. 10815 Crooke Dr., Parker, CO 80134, US Cory Ronald Jones 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Golden Rule Home Loans LLC 6566 N. Windmont Ave, Parker, CO 80134, US Louis R Feiten 2020-08-27 Good Standing
GH Food Group 2, LLC 3181 Le Conte Ave. NE, Brookhaven, GA 30319, US 2020-08-27 Good Standing
Mama Bear Bakery 10417 Vienna st, 106, Parker, CO 80134, US Kimberley Riede 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Over the Rainbow Child Care LLC 17071 Knollside ave, Parker, CO 80134, US Angela Joy Morris 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Front Range Frenchies LLC 10820 Mount Antero Way, Parker, CO 80138, US Jacob Patrick McCormick 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Sunrise Barr Ranch, LLC 17874 Cloudberry Drive, Parker, CO 80134, US Mary McNeil 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Nimble Notary 5566 Thunder Hill Road, Parker, CO 80134, US Jacquelyn Schulte 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Solid Ground Contractors LLC. 10233 South Parker Road Suit 300, Parker, CO 80134, US Joel Hernandez 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Pinnacle Mortgage Advisors Ltd. 12067 Summit Ridge Rd, Parker, CO 80138, US Lance Alexander Smith 2020-08-26 Good Standing
Keith Kauffman Colorado Real Estate 10243 Rowlock Way, Parker, CO 80134-9579, US Keith J Kauffman 2020-08-26 Good Standing
WRVH, LLC 37397 Bay View Drive, Parker, AZ 85344, US 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Tiny House of Stuart Little LLC 19253 West Highway 24, Lot 19, Cascade-chipita Park, CO 80809, US 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Power Hour Ventures 21563 E Tallkid Ave, Parker, CO 80138, US Zachary Hansen 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Good Story Consulting LLC 9434 Piney Creek Rd., Parker, CO 80138, US Jessica Emily Shipman 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Harvest Meadow Transportation LLC 17316 Lindon Drive, Parker, CO 80134, US Todd Justin Fisher 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Hartley DB LLC 6275 Pine Hollow Drive, Parker, CO 80134, US Mark E Hartley 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Infinity Bookkeeping LLC 10940 S.Parker Road, Suite #187, Parker, CO 80134, US Tandy L Lamberty 2020-08-25 Good Standing
I&C VAC AIR DUCT CLEANING LLC 11720 Solar Cir, 9302, Parker, CO 80134, US Iulian Corotchi 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Transformative Leadership Solutions, LLC 7780 Ponderosa Dr, Parker, CO 80138, US Brandon Bontrager 2020-08-25 Good Standing
Sierra Cares Foundation PO Box 4642, Parker, CO 80138, US Kelly Marie Dore 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Prairie Hill Flower Company DBA Prairie Hill Farm Company DBA Prairie Hill Farm and Flower Company, Ltd. 8466 Flintwood Rd., Parker, CO 80138, US Lisa Frahm 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Wise 11656 PARKSOUTH LN, Parker, CO 80138, US JEFFREY WALTERS 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Knight-ly Choices LLC 19291 Cottonwood Drive, Apt 1427, Parker, CO 80134-3925, US 2020-08-24 Good Standing
LIBERTY PROPERTIES INC P O BOX 2991, Parker, CO 80134-1427, US COREY WARNER 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Shane Jensen Agency, LLC 23709 glenmoor dr, Parker, CO 80138, US Shane Jensen 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Elevation 5900 Investments LLC 15051 Chicago St, Parker, CO 80138, US 2020-08-24 Good Standing
Lawn Stars, LLC 12022 Tack Drive, Parker, CO 80134, US Madison Morgan Jones 2020-08-23 Good Standing
Kings Touch Customs LLC 19292 E Clear Creek Dr, Parker, CO 80134, US Simeon B King 2020-08-23 Good Standing
jmt construction 11322 Clove Way, Parker, CO 80134, US toan nguyen 2020-08-23 Good Standing
Two Peas Photography LLC 10909 Clifford Court, Parker, CO 80134, US Nava Caldwell 2020-08-23 Good Standing
Morning Glory Equestrian, Ltd. 16376 Flintlock Ct, Parker, CO 80134, US Jenna Hoskinson 2020-08-23 Good Standing
B&R Quality Construction and Remodeling Corp. 12877 Capital Creek St., Parker, CO 80134, US 2020-08-22 Good Standing
BEwise, LLC 9180 Rolling Way #208, Parker, CO 80134, US Brandon Christopher Wiseman 2020-08-22 Good Standing
Willow's Workshop Co. 16301 Rock Crystal Dr, Parker, CO 80134, US Garima Singh 2020-08-22 Good Standing
Come Alive Music LLC 17857 Domingo Dr, Parker, CO 80134, US Nathan Michael Dorazil 2020-08-22 Good Standing
Mey and Tay, Inc. 10331 Tracery Court, Parker, CO 80134, US 2020-08-21 Good Standing
Heritage Risk & AML Services LLC 9791 Bluestar Dr., Parker, CO 80138, US 2020-08-21 Good Standing
Salam Transportation Import & Export LLC 11024 S Twenty Mile Rd, Unit 200, Parker, CO 80134, US 2020-08-21 Good Standing
Deutsche Sprachschulen Colorado LLC 15934 Stonebriar Dr, Parker, CO 80134, US Birgit Mayenfels-Joel 2020-08-21 Good Standing
K'VIANCE Ltd. 9454 Ashbury Circle, #106, Parker, CO 80134, US Deion Brandon 2020-08-21 Good Standing
Arbor Avenue Productions, LLC 17049 Numa Pl, Parker, CO 80134, US 2020-08-20 Good Standing
OTTOSON CONSULTING INC. 14558 VANCOUVER PL, Parker, CO 80134, US MITCH OTTOSON 2020-08-20 Good Standing
RevInc 5069 Bur Oak Lane, Parker, CO 80134, US Steven Frederick Folle 2020-08-20 Good Standing
BFR Solutions 12446 Tomahawk Rd, Parker, CO 80138, US Sara McDivitt 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Hallmark Flooring, LLC 8421 Blazing Star Place, Parker, CO 80134, US Shawn Michele Bess 2020-08-20 Good Standing
J&I Talent Solutions LLC 7650 E Progress Place, Suite #100, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, US Ivanna Enid Guerra 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Windwood Wreaths LLC 7885 Windwood Way, Parker, CO 80134, US Patricia Mydlowski 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Alliecat, LLC 9514 Pearl Circle Unit 106, Parker, CO 80134, US Allie Griffin 2020-08-20 Good Standing
MTT Online Enterprises LLC 17165 Carlson Dr, Parker, CO 80134, US Mason Taylor 2020-08-20 Good Standing
CANEZIN WOOD FLOORING LLC 18265 COTTONWOOD DR 6--201, Parker, CO 80138, US CAROLINA CANEZIN LEITE 2020-08-20 Good Standing
We Rock Health LLC 11664 Blackmoor St, Parker, CO 80138, US Sanya Richardson 2020-08-20 Good Standing
Panda Glow Colorado LLC 10940 Quail Run Court, Parker, CO 80138-3118, US 2020-08-19 Good Standing
OneFish Properties LLC 18636 East Main Street, Apt 9-308, Parker, CO 80134, US 2020-08-19 Good Standing
JBS Consulting LLC 9359 Windhaven Dr., Parker, CO 80134, US Jennifer Louise Black-Shinn 2020-08-19 Good Standing
Futuro International Investments Limited 11479 Pine Drive, Parker, CO 80134, US John-Paul Evans 2020-08-19 Good Standing
JSMK Advisory, LLC 10327 Woodhaven Ridge Road, Parker, CO 80134, US Marc Willency 2020-08-19 Good Standing
Take On Fit, LLC 10526 Stonewillow Dr, Parker, CO 80134, US Daniel Robert Coombe 2020-08-19 Good Standing
RED Enterprises, LLC 11472 Switzer Park Pl, Parker, CO 80138, US Richard Eric Dunham 2020-08-19 Good Standing
Aggeneys Holdings LLC 23204 Bay Oaks Ave, Parker, CO 80138, US Benjamin Paul Murphy 2020-08-19 Good Standing
MICONEX, INC. 5122 Horned Owl Way, Parker, CO 80134, US Andrew Monaghan 2020-08-18 Good Standing
STENERSEN FIREARMS LLC 10738 BLACK FOREST DRIVE, Parker, CO 80138, US 2020-08-18 Good Standing
County Line LWECW LLC 11180 S Brownstone Dr, Parker, CO 80138, US Steve Craig 2020-08-18 Good Standing
Gunit1 LLC 16233 Willowstone St, Parker, CO 80134, US 2020-08-18 Good Standing
Angels Roadside LLC 19275 Cottonwood dr, 1528, Parker, CO 80138, US Angel Luis Maldonado 2020-08-18 Good Standing
Stewart Group, LLC 11386 Mesa Verde Way, Parker, CO 80138, US Benjamin James Stewart 2020-08-18 Good Standing
Elevated Stagings LLC. 11513 pine canyon Lane, Parker, CO 80138, US Tina Tomlan 2020-08-18 Good Standing
CK Realty Group LLC 11343 S Cedar Gulch Ln, Parker, CO 80134, US Seong Hee Choi 2020-08-18 Good Standing
TWE Real Estate, LLC 4864 Harness Court, Parker, CO 80134, US Tracy Ellis 2020-08-18 Good Standing
FMMLaw, LLC 6635 E Sage Ln, Parker, CO 80138, US Fay M Matsukage 2020-08-18 Good Standing
MISSION ATHLETICS BRAND LLC 10233 South Parker Road, North, SUITE 300, Parker, CO 80134, US Jeramy Pye 2020-08-18 Good Standing
Vishruth R Iyyer LLC 16053 Brooklime Ct., Parker, CO 80134, US 2020-08-17 Good Standing
DMR Investment Group LLC 9938 Bluestar Drive, Parker, CO 80138, US Dinah M Tredo 2020-08-17 Good Standing
Serenity Prayer Corporation 9543 Pearl Circle, Unit 102, Parker, CO 80134, US 2020-08-17 Good Standing
INFINIUM COACHING & CONSULTING 17151 Lark Water Ln, B, Parker, CO 80134, US Cameron Kellogg 2020-08-17 Good Standing
Kimberly Beck CPA LLC 8719 Rosebud Place, Parker, CO 80134, US Kimberly Anne Beck 2020-08-17 Good Standing
BBBB Enterprises, LLC 19590 E. Mainstreet, Ste 107, Parker, CO 80138, US Brian M. Taylor 2020-08-17 Good Standing
Einstein Designs, LLC 10940 South Parker Rd, 719, Parker, CO 80134, US Donna Newland 2020-08-17 Good Standing
whale branding solutions 10270 DRANSFELDT RD, Parker, CO 80134, US JIANWEI GUO 2020-08-17 Good Standing
Underground Services LLC 17011 Lincoln Ave., Unit PMB 623, Parker, CO 80134, US 2020-08-17 Good Standing
Colorado Baseball Club LLC, DBA Colorado Baseball Club 9351 Amison Circle APT #101, Parker, CO 80134, US Jonathan Robert DiGiorgio 2020-08-16 Good Standing
GFMB, LLC 10970 Ledges Road, Parker, CO 80134, US Marc Beacom 2020-08-16 Good Standing
Artful Living Cinq, LLC 251 Antelope Run, Elizabeth, CO 80107, US Starla F Steinbach 2020-08-15 Good Standing
Cobalt Companies Group, LLC 12066 Pine Top Street, Parker, CO 80138, US Daniel McCoy 2020-08-14 Good Standing
Stitch 5280, LLC 5134 Aster Ct, Parker, CO 80134, US Amber Lee Sorg 2020-08-14 Good Standing
Heritage Cafe, LLC 10069 Rock Rose Ct, Parker, CO 80134, US John M Marsh 2020-08-14 Good Standing
CLS Euro LLC 41379 Farmhouse Cir, Parker, CO 80138, US Lidia Elena Simon 2020-08-14 Good Standing
Bee Happy Shades, LLC 15907 E. 13th Ave., Aurora, CO 80011, US Hodan Abdulkadir Amin 2020-08-14 Good Standing
Sana Soft LLC 23315 York Ave., Parker, CO 80138, US 2020-08-13 Good Standing