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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Thornton · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Latinxtherapyllc 2689 E. 102nd Ave, Thornton, CO 80229, US Brittney Bobadilla 2020-04-05 Good Standing
SugarTats Cookie Company LLC 3650 E 103rd Cir, APT 3305, Thornton, CO 80229, US Justin Daniel Charboneau 2020-04-05 Good Standing
SANITARY SEWER SCOPES LLC 9880 GILPIN St., Thornton, CO 80229, US Rick Anthony Gurule 2020-04-04 Good Standing
SV Services LLC 13037 Adams Ct, Thornton, CO 80241, US Svetlana Catcovscaia 2020-04-03 Good Standing
At Last Market LLC 15150 Gaylord St, Thornton, CO 80602, US Roni Lynn Bell 2020-04-03 Good Standing
Cool Waters Photography 13325 Jasmine Street, Thornton, CO 80602, US Heather Lichelle Waters 2020-04-03 Good Standing
Carpenter Botanicals 9770 Pecos Street, Thornton, CO 80260, US Carly Opler Carpenter 2020-04-03 Good Standing
Flintstones Landscape & Construction LLC 10904 Ash Way, Thornton, CO 80233, US Ismael Hernandez 2020-04-03 Good Standing
CK Media 13101 Pennsylvania Street, Thornton, CO 80241, US Caley Kreutzer 2020-04-03 Good Standing
Mt Massive Development LLC 442 E 131st Ave, Thornton, CO 80241, US Troy Vigil 2020-04-02 Good Standing
High Plains Siding LLC 4633 E 135TH LN, Thornton, CO 80241, US Gonzalez Aurora 2020-04-02 Good Standing
Colorado Calzone Company 5501 East 116th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80233, US Arthur R Romero 2020-04-01 Good Standing
Creature Breeders Limited 13480 Harrison Court, Thornton, CO 80241, US Matthew Lawrence 2020-04-01 Good Standing
Thunderbird Solar Supply LLC 12711 Colorado Blvd, Unit #601, Thornton, CO 80241, US Burgdorff Cody 2020-04-01 Good Standing
Pland International LLC 4070 E. 131st Ct, Thornton, CO 80241, US Dustin Charles Matson 2020-04-01 Good Standing
JK Enterprises LLC 3879 E 120th Ave #208, Thornton, CO 80233, US Keith James Bouchard 2020-04-01 Good Standing
Anjor LLC 3816 E 130th Cir, Thornton, CO 80241, US Gaiyan Bu 2020-04-01 Good Standing
The Luxe Lash Room 12529 locust Place, Thornton, CO 80602, US Jenna J Mugno 2020-04-01 Good Standing
Highest Alignment LLC 9595 Pecos St #379, Thornton, CO 80260, US Mercedes Elena Calahorra 2020-03-31 Good Standing
Labarbara 4800 E 117th Dr, Thornton, CO 80233, US Mark Daniel LaBarbara 2020-03-31 Good Standing
MASONRY RUIZ 2100 W 100TH AVE LOT 333, Thornton, CO 80260, US JAVIER RUIZ AYALA 2020-03-31 Good Standing
JoJo's Jewelry 3583 e 106th, ave, Thornton, CO 80233, US Wutthichai Chankaeo 2020-03-31 Good Standing
HAJ TRUCKING INC 4210 E 100TH AVE, LOT 546, Thornton, CO 80229, US JAIME MENDOZA GUZMAN 2020-03-31 Good Standing
Be A Rising Tide Publishing Co., LLC 15953 Fillmore Street, Thornton, CO 80602-7807, US Raymond Dean Reese 2020-03-30 Good Standing
Ibarra Transportation Services, "LLC. 2884 E. 116th pl,, Thornton, CO 80233, US Jose Guadalupe Ibarra Moreno 2020-03-30 Good Standing
Gordon Lee Limited 12734 Fairfax St, Thornton, CO 80241, US Travis Gordon Kuester 2020-03-28 Good Standing
Colorado Home Buying Ltd 3879 E 120th Ave, Suite 219, Thornton, CO 80233, US Corina Robin 2020-03-28 Good Standing
Ponhtues INC 11267 Clermont Way, Thornton, CO 80233, US NANNAN FENG 2020-03-27 Good Standing
Martinez Landscaping & Lawn Service 3535 East 140th Pl, Thornton, CO 80602, US Martin Antonio Martinez 2020-03-27 Good Standing
Colorado Roof Inspectors L.L.C 4160 E 130th PL, Thornton, CO 80241, US 2020-03-27 Good Standing
Stone Specialties Inc. 45 N Main st, Brighton, CO 80601, US Rolando Moreno 2020-03-27 Good Standing
MANUEL REZA, INC 4943 E 96TH PL, LOT 134, Thornton, CO 80229, US MANUEL VICENTE REZA Jr. 2020-03-27 Good Standing
Ibarra's Mobile Truck Services LLC 10201 RIVERDALE RD LOT 42, Thornton, CO 80229, US RENE IBARRA 2020-03-27 Good Standing
B & B Trucking CO LLC 8937 Colorado Blvd, Thornton, CO 80229, US Bryan Guillermo Cordova 2020-03-27 Good Standing
MyChoice Resource Center 9772 Downing St, Thornton, CO 80229, US Leslie Everhart 2020-03-26 Good Standing
Casa Lafayette, LLC 1900 e 166th Dr, Thornton, CO 80602, US John Andrew Roob 2020-03-26 Good Standing
Barron Collective LLC 1761 E. 84th Ave, Thornton, CO 80229, US Alonzo Barron 2020-03-26 Good Standing
VGI Capital 1201 E 130TH PL, Thornton, CO 80241, US Samuel Rust 2020-03-26 Good Standing
Cano's Cuts LLC 2525 E. 104th Ave Apt 216, Thornton, CO 80233, US Reynaldo Socrates Fisher Cano 2020-03-26 Good Standing
Vida Flor LLC 1226 E 101st Ave, Thornton, CO 80229, US Yanet Reyes 2020-03-26 Good Standing
Publicidad Leon, LLC 2100 W 100Th Ave #459, Thornton, CO 80260, US Jose Rogelio Fernandez Jr. 2020-03-26 Good Standing
Beauty By Desiree Taije 1882 E 104th Ave, apt 813, Thornton, CO 80233, US Desiree Taije Brown 2020-03-25 Good Standing
C. H. Breville Enterprises LLC 13455 Kearney Street, Thornton, CO 80602, US 2020-03-24 Good Standing
Addo Home Health Care, Inc 4208 E 94th Pl, Thornton, CO 80229, US Patricia Kathleen Lotter 2020-03-24 Good Standing
Yeaze Investments LLC 13665 Spruce Way, Thornton, CO 80602, US Jeffrey Yeazel 2020-03-24 Good Standing
ICA Northeast, Inc 4662 E 135th Lane, Thornton, CO 80241, US 2020-03-23 Good Standing
Miranda's Pristine Cleaning Services LLC 9451 welby rd, 634, Thornton, CO 80229, US Sadie Miranda 2020-03-23 Good Standing
Willow Counseling Services, LLC 9351 Grant Street #480, Thornton, CO 80229, US Lisa Fiola 2020-03-23 Good Standing
DANIELSTAR Mobile Service LLC. 2055 E 99TH AVE, Thornton, CO 80229, US Daniel Martinez 2020-03-23 Good Standing
American National Qualifications Board 11175 Dexter Dr, Thornton, CO 80233, US Cressman Anna 2020-03-22 Good Standing
Tier One Holding LLC 2828 E 118th Cir, Thornton, CO 80233, US Damian Alexander Bagby 2020-03-20 Good Standing
Losh Roofing and Solar, LLC 12317 Rosemary St, Thornton, CO 80602, US Daniel Ivan Losh 2020-03-20 Good Standing
JHS Construction Services, LLC 12218 Adams St, Thornton, CO 80241, US James H Shope 2020-03-20 Good Standing
LOCKnFREE LLC 8804 Washington St, Thornton, CO 80229, US 2020-03-20 Good Standing
NGO LAWN CARE LLC 12704 LEYDEN ST UNIT C, Thornton, CO 80602, US VUONG THANH NGO 2020-03-20 Good Standing
5280 Auto Capital LLC 13078 Logan St, Thornton, CO 80241, US Richard Milgrim 2020-03-19 Good Standing
E.R.Z. ROOFING 4210 e 100 ave#493, Thornton, CO 80229, US Luis Enrique Rivera zamudio 2020-03-19 Good Standing
Beauty Salon By Tea 12805 Forest Way, Thornton, CO 80241, US Tea Savaneli-Jordan 2020-03-19 Good Standing
construction services unlimited 2709 E 118th Circle, Thornton, CO 80233, US Jessica Ann Heller 2020-03-19 Good Standing
Monster Tree Service LLC 9687 Pecos St, Thornton, CO 80260, US Jesus Francisco Alaniz Martinez 2020-03-18 Good Standing
TSS Management LLC 3685 E. 121st Ave., Thornton, CO 80241, US Alex Chlebek 2020-03-18 Good Standing
New Chapter Nutrition and Wellness 14826 Columbine Ct, Thornton, CO 80602, US Laura Fry 2020-03-17 Good Standing
Blue Water Finance Solutions Ltd. 460 W 91st Circle, Thornton, CO 80260-6890, US Heath Posey 2020-03-17 Good Standing
J&S BOOTS LLC 2590 HOYT DR, Thornton, CO 80229, US JOHN BOOTS 2020-03-17 Good Standing
Araceli Products Co. 9702 Harris Court, Thornton, CO 80229, US Hugo Rodriguez 2020-03-17 Good Standing
FITUMI LLC 3590 E 134th Dr, Thornton, CO 80241, US Kalani Masika Hunter-Blackwell 2020-03-17 Good Standing
KEEN MEDIA SOLUTION L.L.C. 11538 ELM CIR, Thornton, CO 80233, US 2020-03-16 Good Standing
RJ's Mobile Welding Services 5502 E. 100th Way, Thornton, CO 80229, US Ronnie Arnell Hodgson Jr. 2020-03-16 Good Standing
Mind of a Child Inc. 13892 Hudson Way, Thornton, CO 80602, US Jessica Leigh Silver 2020-03-16 Good Standing
CHOLO'S 12 DRYWALL LLC 9261 LILLIAN LN, Thornton, CO 80229, US JUAN MARENTES GONZALEZ 2020-03-16 Good Standing
FC Labor and Construction Ltd. 6755 E 72nd Ave, Commerce City, CO 80022, US Cristian Hernandez 2020-03-16 Good Standing
Forward Records Ltd. 5231 E 96th Dr, Thornton, CO 80229, US Zuriel Eduardo Perez Pasos 2020-03-15 Good Standing
Melody Salon's LLC 12086 Grape St, Thornton, CO 80241, US Melody Oakes 2020-03-15 Good Standing
ADF (Auto, Diesel & Fleet) Services 101 east 88th ave apt.h106, Apt. H106, Thornton, CO 80229, US Beverly Jean Apticar 2020-03-15 Good Standing
Jacob J Creative LLC 10101 Jackson Court, Apt. 3-202, Thornton, CO 80229, US Jacob John McEachern 2020-03-14 Good Standing
CIAO Enterprise LLC 10771 JACKSON COURT, Thornton, CO 80233, US Francesco Di Falco 2020-03-14 Good Standing
Sonora Drywall LLC 2525 E 104 TH AVE, Thornton, CO 80233, US Carlos A Hernandez 2020-03-14 Good Standing
Launch Your Lead Machine, LLC 8010 E 138th Pl, Thornton, CO 80602, US Yarim Michael Vega 2020-03-14 Good Standing
A & B LIMO TOWNCAR 9456 STEELE DR, Thornton, CO 80229, US ALI K HOTAKI 2020-03-13 Good Standing
Majalca Trucking Co 9370 Yucca Way, Thornton, CO 80229, US Yesenia Mendoza 2020-03-13 Good Standing
ViaCycloptica LLC 1609 E 131st Circle, Thornton, CO 80241, US David L. Lyle 2020-03-13 Good Standing
LPA Industries 3180 E 88th Ave, lot 31, Denver, CO 80229, US 2020-03-13 Good Standing
HomeLine Electric LLC 7940 Humboldt cir, Thornton, CO 80229, US Andrew Gonzalez 2020-03-13 Good Standing
Dream Nails by Keila 13480 Harrison Ct, Thornton, CO 80241, US Keila Maria Perez 2020-03-13 Good Standing
GRIZZLE TRUCKING, LLC 9141 Emerson St, Thornton, CO 80229, US 2020-03-13 Good Standing
Casas Laguna Group LLC 13011 Valentia St, Thornton, CO 80602, US Jose Laguna 2020-03-13 Good Standing
1941 E. 84th Ave. LLC 1941 E. 84th Ave., Thornton, CO 80229, US Michael Buck 2020-03-12 Good Standing
8711 Evelyn Ct. LLC 8711 Evelyn Court, Thornton, CO 80229, US Michael Buck 2020-03-12 Good Standing
8620 Essex St. LLC 8620 Essex Street, Thornton, CO 80229, US Michael Buck 2020-03-12 Good Standing
Christian Jerome LLC 2211 E. 128th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80241, US Douglas C Schmidt 2020-03-12 Good Standing
JVS SERVICING LLC 8901 Grant St Apt 1624, Thornton, CO 80229, US Jennifer Verenice Sanabria 2020-03-12 Good Standing
Arthur L Tates LLC 11801 York St, Apt 2036, Thornton, CO 80233, US Arthur Tates 2020-03-12 Good Standing
5280 Auto Brokers LLC 13678 Leyden Court, Thornton, CO 80602, US Nicole Domain Walker 2020-03-11 Good Standing
Savvy Solutions, LLC 1500 W. Thornton Pkwy, Lot 47, Thornton, CO 80260, US Desiree Marye 2020-03-11 Good Standing
R R Venture, LLC 10851 Albion Pl, Thornton, CO 80233, US Rebecca Lacer 2020-03-11 Good Standing
Premier TRT and Med Spa LLC 12774 N. Colorado Blvd, Unit 141, Thornton, CO 80241, US Loren Keith Lovato 2020-03-11 Good Standing
HOT MESS EXPRESS LLC 10572 WASHINGTON WAY, Thornton, CO 80233, US JOSHUA KREMPP 2020-03-11 Good Standing