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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Thornton · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Stapleton Wine and Spirits LLC 10084 Williams Way, Thornton Billy Yang 2017-09-15 Good Standing
WINGTWO ENTERPRISES LLC 10072 Raritan Way, Thornton 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Pancho Enterprises, LLC 5034 E 112th Pl, Thornton Francisco Estrada Luna 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Westgate Environmental Regenerative Group 12500 Washington Street, Thornton Micah Sturr 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Union Builders LLC 4252 E 130 Dr, Thornton 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Your Fabulous Space 11592 Birch St., Thornton Nancy Vickery 2017-09-15 Good Standing
FineFolk LIMITED 13442 Humboldt Way, Thornton minjun zhang 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Tinkwell LIMITED 1880 E 135th Ave, Thornton jianhua xiong 2017-09-15 Good Standing
LOVELY BUBBLES CORP 3765 WOODGLEN BLVD., Thornton 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Game of Lawns 8910 poze blvd, Thornton Gary Hardin 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Q & A CONSTRUCTION LLC 3505 E 96TH PL, Thornton MARCO A ANDUJO 2017-09-14 Voluntarily Dissolved
EL RECUERDO LLC 475 Russel Blvd # 3D, Thornton HAZARMAVET PLASCENCIA CASTILLO 2017-09-14 Good Standing
JCO REMODELING LLC 9275 Washington St, Thornton Jose Luis Chavez 2017-09-14 Good Standing
FOX CHASE INC 3879 E 120TH, #345, Thornton BING SELLERS 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Shark Construction Ltd. 12481 Clermont St., Thornton Carlos Antonio Akvarez 2017-09-14 Good Standing
Truck Armor Products, LLC 12783 Jasmine Ct., Thornton Robert Typher 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Amaros Drywall, LLC 9361 Palo Verde St, Thornton Esteban Amaro 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Platinum Roofing Company 1047 ThornCreek CT, Thornton Timofey Yesaulov 2017-09-13 Good Standing
JG Insulation, Inc. 1905 W. Harvard Avenue, Englewood 2017-09-13 Good Standing
RBS INSTALLS LLC 5332 E 112TH CT, Thornton ROBERTO BALLESTEROS RUBIO 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Medella LLC 4051 W 119th Mews, A1051, Westminster Kimberly Paige Quesada 2017-09-13 Good Standing
Coco"s Work Out Towel Pacheco LLC 9703 E 130th Place, Thornton Kenneth Paheco 2017-09-12 Good Standing
HiLo Cleaning, LLC 7900 Downing St, Thornton Robert W Harder Jr. 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Enduring Tree Counseling 3740 Dyanna Dr, Thornton Krista Renee Curl 2017-09-12 Good Standing
HK Investments Corp 14619 Race Street, Thornton Gustavo Hernandez 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Design Floor Coatings PO Box 29112, Thornton Hector Barragan 2017-09-12 Good Standing
B & J Know Nonsense Productions LLC 8293 Gaylord Street, Thornton Barry S. Korman 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Elite Brokers Services LLC 11829 Columbine st., Thornton Carlos Altuzar 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Sun and Moon Massage Therapy 5130 W 80th Ave, A200, Westminster Helen Monge 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Theresa Jacobsen CAC III LLC 11721 Harrison St., Thornton 2017-09-12 Good Standing
FurEverPaleo 9031 Cypress Drive, Thornton Amanda R Preman 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Summit Builders Group PO BOX 29487, Thornton ENRIQUE ARGUELLO 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Chad Jahn Limited 10242 Quivas St., Thornton Chad Jahn 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Prestige IT, LLC 5684 Hudson Circle, Thornton 2017-09-11 Good Standing
People for Wellness 13480 Harrison Court, Thornton Ashley Lawrence 2017-09-11 Good Standing
The Heady Corner 1044 W 96th Ave, Thornton Alisha Gurule 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Cardenas Remodeling, LLC 9251 Wigham St., Thornton Yazael Cardenas 2017-09-11 Good Standing
AA FENCE LLC 3180 E 88TH AVE, APT 1, Thornton ISIDRO AMECA-AGUILERA 2017-09-11 Good Standing
Quality Fence Staining LLC 12990 Uinta St, Thornton Maricela Murillo 2017-09-10 Good Standing
Infinity Properties Group LLC 2500 First St, Suite 6, Thornton Darrel Ray Wilmoth 2017-09-09 Good Standing
Victors elite tile 3180 e. 88th ave lot18, Thornton Victor Uriel Rodriguez Sr. 2017-09-08 Good Standing
TOP FLITE SECURITY LLC 8248 Washington St Apt 96, Thornton 2017-09-08 Good Standing
TC Team LLC 16596 Lafayette St, Thornton Tiffany Ann Baublitz 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Margaritas HVAC LLC 5252 Riverdale Ln #222, Thornton Brian Perez 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Persico Heating LLC 5252 Riverdale Ln #222, Thornton Miguel Angel Perez 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Grant Drive LLC 12851 Grant Drive, Thornton Shannon Elicker 2017-09-08 Good Standing
11 to 7 Road Service LLC 10260 N Washington St, Apt#436, Thornton Rafael Venzor Morales 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Wildflower Lane Creations, LLC 5416 E. 113th Place, Thornton Ourada Sally 2017-09-08 Good Standing
STP, Inc. 1960 Gail Ct., Thornton 2017-09-07 Good Standing
T Moore Enterprises, LLC 12094 Glencoe st, Thornton Terry Lynn Moore 2017-09-07 Good Standing
9654 W 56th Pl LLC 1947 E 166th Dr, Thornton 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Trailhead Trading Company LLC 12965 Lafayette Street, H, Thornton Brittany Lesser 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Amanda Stevens, LCSW, LLC 9351 Grant St, #480, Thornton amanda leigh stevens 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Pollo Salvaje Holdings Inc. 10500 Irma Dr, #1-104, Northglenn 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Rifkin Enterprises 13762 Colorado Blvd., #124-106, Thornton Samuel Rockford Rifkin 2017-09-07 Good Standing
A & Y Construction Services LLC 9984 Lane St, Thornton 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Arcola Enterprises LLC 13308 Pearl Circle, Thornton Mat Singer George II 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Gforce3, LLC 13099 Kearney St., Thornton 2017-09-06 Good Standing
Mulberry Door 13762 colorado blvd, #124-162, Thornton Summit Catharine Smith Byrne 2017-09-06 Good Standing
A Nuff Waterproofing & Restoration LLC 9000 Hickory Street, Thornton Christopher Brian Galusha 2017-09-06 Good Standing
16091 E Radcliff Place Co 8199 Welby Road, Unit 907, Thornton Bryce Waite 2017-09-06 Good Standing
ACEtraining LLC 15018 Clayton St., Thornton William J Twinem 2017-09-06 Good Standing
San Lorenzo Trucking LLC 8999 Pearl St, Unit 2207, Thornton Lorenzo Villasana Astorga 2017-09-06 Good Standing
T2P Coaching & Consulting LLC 2685 E. 137th Place, Thornton Teresa Jean Sahli 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Ascend Corp 13209 columbine ct, Thornton Ronald Strawhand 2017-09-05 Good Standing
LIFESAVER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC 3538 E 142nd Drive, Thornton 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Bruntz Tools, LLC 8101 E. 132nd Ave., Thornton William H Bruntz 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Elite Auto Towing PO Box 29368, Thornton Reyes Lopez Sr. 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Andrea Stephens, LLC 12492 Bellaire St, Thornton Andrea R Stephens 2017-09-05 Good Standing
ZOOOM, LLC PO Box 33810, Denver Daniel Patrick Sharkey 2017-09-05 Good Standing
7671 Lowell Blvd LLC 5555 E 130TH DR, Thornton Carlos E Carrasco 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Hodges Family Woodworks LLC 7920 E 131st Ave, Thornton Molly Marie Hodges 2017-09-04 Good Standing
Granite lab llc 4211 E 100TH AVE LOT 424, Thornton Terrence Adnan Abood 2017-09-04 Good Standing
Tscot Drilling Solutions LLC 3487 E 142nd Drive, Thornton Timothy Scott Jayne 2017-09-03 Good Standing
Slade Properties, LLC 13549 Detroit St, Thornton Walt Russell Slade 2017-09-02 Good Standing
Indigo Flower Market, LLC. 13202 Columbine Court, Thornton Christa Kaye Mannisto 2017-09-02 Good Standing
Soundboard Enterprises, LLC 11512 Grape St, Thornton Kevin Johnson 2017-09-02 Good Standing
KMS Roadside Assistance 2508 East 145th Avenue, Thornton Kong Sayvong 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Tim's Painting and Drywall LLC 12672 Forest drive, Thornton Timothy John Barry 2017-09-01 Good Standing
The Real Estate Cure Inc. 9420 Cedar Ct, Thornton Gary Cure 2017-09-01 Good Standing
NORTH METRO PLUMBING LLC 4490 E 123rd Ave, Thornton 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Heritage Contractors LLC 9701 Pearl St., Apmt # 8304, Thornton Jose Enrique Garcia 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Vieiro Properties, LLC. 8071 Stuart Place, Westminster Alexander Carl James Hillman 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Trizav LLC 9410 Clermont Dr, Thornton Luis Trinidad Zavaleta 2017-08-31 Good Standing
HBCD, LLC 11391 Niagara Street, Thornton Carlie Edwin Dunbar 2017-08-31 Good Standing
James Colgan Esq., LLC 10571 Colorado Blvd, Unit J108, Thornton James Colgan 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Velasco's Cleaning Services, LLC 8901 Grant St, Apt 1024, Thornton Norma Velasco 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Paydirt Analytics 10211 Ura Lane Unit 2-206, Thornton James Daniel McCool 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Agile UX Solutions, LLC 13873 Adams St, Thornton 2017-08-31 Good Standing
A. Szabo Inc 4248 E 94th Pl, Thornton Attila Szabo 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Denver Locksmith Services 3367 E 98th Ave, Thornton April A Cordova 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Bolder Landscape 3879 E 120th ave, #137, Thornton 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Brungard Appraisals LLC 5355 E 129th Ave, Thornton Brandon Brungard 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Scott Tuchklaper, DDS, PLLC 3038 E. 143rd Ave., Thornton 2017-08-30 Good Standing
PRIMO RESTORATION INC 8770 RAINBOW AVE, #4, Thornton GRETCHEN KOEHLER 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Let's Talk About It LLC 12542 Glencoe Street, Thornton Brandy Costello 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Performance Swim LLC 14786 Gaylord St, Thornton Eric Hale Adams 2017-08-30 Good Standing