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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Veganly LLC 9130 W. 88Th Circle, Westminster, CO 80021, US Haakon Rolf Sjogren 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Solace 4901 W 93rd Ave., 2516, Westminster, CO 80031, US Aneta Mruz 2019-02-28 Good Standing
4K Vision Consultants, LLC 10903 Meade Ct, Westminster, CO 80031, US Anjana Shah Sharma 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Susan Andre Voiceovers, LLC 3785 W. 104th Drive, Unit E, Westminster, CO 80031, US Susan Andre 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Denver Droners 4563 W 69th Ave, Westminster, CO 80030, US Blake Henry Rubenstein 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Teachers Starting Fires LLC 6121 w 115th ave, Westminster, CO 80020, US Jesse Ray Greaves-Smith 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Frazier Ltd. 11784 Newton St., Westminster, CO 80031, US Ami Wehn 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Cactus with a Cause 6969 w 90th ave, apt 926, Westminster, CO 80021, US Anthony Jordan Davis 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Fire And Ice Mechanical LLC 6312 W. 92nd PL, Westminster, CO 80031, US BRAD RICHARDSON 2019-02-28 Good Standing
Django Global LLC 10225 King Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-02-27 Good Standing
The Denver Creative Group LLC 2514 West 108th Place, Westminster, CO 80234, US Daan Peter Jaspers 2019-02-27 Good Standing
Functional Motivation LLC 9891 Garland Court, Westminster, CO 80021, US Sarah Hood 2019-02-27 Good Standing
AJS INC. 9685 W 105TH WAY, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-02-27 Good Standing
JBeckton Consulting LLC 3462 W. 96th Cir., Westminster, CO 80031, US Jesse Beckton 2019-02-26 Good Standing
The Spoiled Dog Groomery LLC 7415 Irving St., Westminster, CO 80030, US 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Darren Robertson Racing LLC 2030 W 135th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234, US Darren Robertson 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Reflection Realty LLC 4361 W 117th Way, Westminster, CO 80031, US Lauren E Avram 2019-02-26 Good Standing
PHO H&H, LLC 14643 ORCHARD PKWY UNIT 400, Westminster, CO 80023-9236, US DUNG A LE 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Metal Boys, LLC 8822 Seton St, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-02-26 Good Standing
T3 WM LLC 1130 W. 124th Avenue, Suite 1100, Westminster, CO 80234, US Don Anthony Boselli 2019-02-26 Good Standing
REMEMBER THE NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC 10785 Moore Street, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Mezquital Construction, LLC 2800 Eliot Cir, Westminster, CO 80030, US Manolo Medina Camacho 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Muhovich Enterprises 7350 Canosa Ct, Westminster, CO 80030, US Anthony Bryan Muhovich 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Mr. Tran Lawn Care LLC 6595 N Federal blvd, Denver, CO 80221, US Khoi Tran 2019-02-26 Good Standing
Eagle Steel LLC 8992 Kent st, Westminster, CO 80031, US Roberto Ramirez Hernandez 2019-02-26 Good Standing
IRRESISTIBLEVERB LTD. 8235 TURNPIKE DR, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-02-25 Good Standing
PRECISION ELECTRIC DESIGN AND BUILD LLC 5127 W 109TH CIR, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-02-25 Good Standing
Chau Bao LLC 1001 W 120th Ave Ste 110, Westminster, CO 80234, US Trong T Bui 2019-02-25 Good Standing
3295BlakeStApt302 17090 Galapago Ct, Westminster, CO 80023, US Kevin A Doran 2019-02-25 Good Standing
Take Me There Limited 4029 W. 104th Pl, Westminster, CO 80031, US Jacob Dakota Henry 2019-02-24 Good Standing
420 Financial Management LLC 5417 West 115th Loop, Westminster, CO 80020, US Connor Faughnan 2019-02-24 Good Standing
Ministerios HECHOS 20:28 200 S. University Blvd, Denver, CO 80209, US Omar Quinones 2019-02-22 Good Standing
SJ Insulation, LLC 12001 Tejon St. #122, Westminster, CO 80234, US Timothy Michael Hammond 2019-02-22 Good Standing
The Legal Academy 8703 Yates Drive, Westminster, CO 80031, US esteban anthony martinez 2019-02-22 Good Standing
Inner Journey Counseling Center PLLC 12201 Pecos Street, Suite 100, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2019-02-22 Good Standing
Diamond's Cleaning Service LLC 8601 ZUNI ST #60, Westminster, CO 80260, US 2019-02-22 Good Standing
RESA Denver Metro Chapter 6860 Zenobia Cir, Unit 1, Westminster, CO 80030, US Shay M Kent 2019-02-22 Good Standing
DamselFly Interiors, LLC 8800 W 116th Circle, #7493, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-02-22 Good Standing
TMS Customer Solutions, LLC 3731 W. 91st Pl., Westminster, CO 80031, US Tiffany Marie Sapp 2019-02-21 Good Standing
sharma cardiology consultants LLC 10903 meade court, Westminster, CO 80031, US rajesh kumar sharma 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Ninja Star Painting LLC 8204 sheridan blvd unit #2309, Westminster, CO 80003, US Ryan A Lewis 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Goldwater landscape & remodel 8532 Wagner Dr, Westminster, CO 80031, US Priscilla Elaine Lucero 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Sassy Preacher Lady Ministries LLC 10186 Flower Ct, Westminster, CO 80021, US Denise Leslie Shannon 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Alda Trucking LLC 2216 Park Centre Dr, Apt. 6-208, Westminster, CO 80234, US Saleem Aldawoodi 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Due North Consulting, LLC 1460 Lexington Ave., Westminster, CO 80023, US Glendon Parker 2019-02-21 Good Standing
JG Tomsick, LLC 9092 Dudley Steeet, Westminster, CO 80021, US Jeremiah Grant Tomsick 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Mikes Delivery Services LLC. 7340 Dale Ct., Westminster, CO 80030, US 2019-02-21 Good Standing
Himalayan Cafe 1201 colfax ave, #102, Denver, CO 80218, US Manish Thapa 2019-02-20 Good Standing
The Bird House Salon 14532 Orchard Parkway, Unit 400, Suite 20, Westminster, CO 80023, US Corey D Dennis 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Lee Show Services LLC 6207 W. 95TH AVE, Westminster, CO 80031, US MORGAN ALEXANDER LEE 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Colorado Pirate Life 10798 Yukon St, Westminster, CO 80021, US Josh Holder 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Dan4th Pilates LLC 1138 W. 126th Court, Westminster, CO 80234, US Tara Lynn Danforth 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Elite Bookkeeping, Inc. 5400 W. 97th Ave, Apt 2119, Westminster, CO 80020, US Lyndsey Elaine Wagner 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Sparkly cleaning solutions L.L.C 9008 Vance st # 204, Westminster, CO 80021, US Ivan Ronald Tazenya 2019-02-20 Good Standing
MileHigh Enterprises 3282 W 102nd Pl, Westminster, CO 80031, US Lindsay Thomas McMillan 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Mac Truck LLC PO BOX 351618, Westminster, CO 80035, US 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Byers CR42 Unit7 LLC 1646 W. 113th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234, US B W Davis 2019-02-20 Good Standing
Jon Oscar LLC 8386 W 90th Pl., Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-02-19 Good Standing
MVZ Holdings LLC 14697 Delaware Street, Suite 210, Westminster, CO 80023, US 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Maven Mechanical 860 W 132nd ave Lot 235, Westminster, CO 80234, US Justin Vaughn Vieyra Sr. 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Paragon Technology Solutions, LLC 11061 Gray st, Westminster, CO 80020, US Michael David Alzen 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Institute for Advisor Integrity 9737 Wadsworth Pwky, Suite 205, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-02-19 Good Standing
JSH Roofing Inc 8838 Norwich St, Westminster, CO 80031, US Juan Segovia Hernandez 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Dark Matter Publishing, LLC 2725 W. 119th Ave., Westminster, CO 80234, US Ashley Neely 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Annika Lawrence LLC 9297 W 98TH PL, Westminster, CO 80021-4206, US Annika Inga Lawrence 2019-02-19 Good Standing
SIENU CUSTOM TAILOR 12324 N BANNOCK ST, APT 14210, Westminster, CO 80234, US JIBRILA SAANI 2019-02-19 Good Standing
Hall's Steakhouse, Inc. 9331 W 100th Cir, Westminster, CO 80021, US Samantha Hall 2019-02-18 Good Standing
Colorado Lifestyle, Co. 10475 King Circle, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-02-18 Good Standing
ROFA TRUCKING 860W 132nd Ave #274, Westminster, CO 80234, US Ramon Omar Fernandez 2019-02-18 Good Standing
Wild Indie Hair Lounge 6220 W 110TH AVE, Westminster, CO 80020-3214, US Melissa Amber Paris 2019-02-18 Good Standing
Arasteh & Associates 1470 S. Quebec Way, #163, Denver, CO 80231, US Mohammad/Hooman T Arasteh 2019-02-18 Good Standing
2801 w. 98 dr. LLC 1114 w. 125 dr., Westminster, CO 80234, US Hau Thi Le 2019-02-17 Good Standing
8079 Clay dr. Westminster LLC 1114 w. 125th dr., Westminster, CO 80234, US Hau Thi Le 2019-02-17 Good Standing
Chroma Lighting, LLC 10956 Ammons St., Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-02-17 Good Standing
You be You LLC 8181 Julian Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US Nicole Yvette Coy 2019-02-17 Good Standing
Welby-ing LLC 1694 W. 113th Ave., Westminster, CO 80234, US Donald Clyde LaRusso 2019-02-17 Good Standing
MJs Professional Detailed Cleaning LLC 8999 Field Street 2, Westminster, CO 80021, US Monica Fightmaster 2019-02-16 Good Standing
Pokey Practice Retail LLC 8935 w 89th pl, Westminster, CO 80021, US Amanda Selvarajah 2019-02-16 Good Standing
Moonwillow Studio 2731 W. 120th Ave, Studio 25, Westminster, CO 80234, US Michal Rath Music 2019-02-16 Good Standing
14ers cleaners llc 3785 w. 77th. ave, Westminster, CO 80030, US 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Richard William Guerra LLC 8150 Stuart Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-02-15 Good Standing
9 fingers woodworking 8489 W 95th Dr, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Get To Trucking, LLC 8671 Wolff Court, Suite 107, Westminster, CO 80031, US William Busch 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Aqua Blue Villas LLC 8506 Mason Circle, Westminster, CO 80031, US Ryan J Trout 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Dymond Starr Illustrations 9073 Cody Cir., Westminster, CO 80021, US Dymond Starr Boutte 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Chaserz Bar N Grill 7980 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster, CO 80003, US Jennifer Macey Zumwalt 2019-02-15 Good Standing
1342 E. 108th Ave Northglenn LLC 1114 W 125TH DR, Westminster, CO 80234, US Hau Thi Le 2019-02-15 Good Standing
Sophia's Translation Services 5411 Elm CT, Westminster, CO 80221, US Sophia Yang 2019-02-15 Good Standing
NextLevel LLC 6920 W 109th Ave, Apt 206, Westminster, CO 80020, US 2019-02-15 Good Standing
gayelorraine 3450 W 98th Drive, Unit D, Westminster, CO 80031, US Gaye Woullard 2019-02-14 Good Standing
JSG Properties LLC 4186 WEST 97TH COURT, Westminster, CO 80031, US Gurmit Kaur Qureshi 2019-02-14 Good Standing
Kelly's Creative Party Planning & Catering 7901 Lowell Blvd., Unit D, Westminster, CO 80030, US Kelly J Thoms 2019-02-14 Good Standing
E.G.P ROOFING LLC 7135 GROVE WAY, Westminster, CO 80030, US ERIES DE JESUS GUTIERREZ PESQUERA 2019-02-13 Good Standing
Brandenburg Brodbeck Consulting Inc. 8030 Decatur Ct, Westminster, CO 80031, US MICHAEL BRANDENBURG 2019-02-13 Good Standing
The Hemp Haulers LLC 10355 Dover St., 1424, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-02-13 Good Standing
G.O.A.T Inc. 2201 West 131st Way, Westminster, CO 80234, US Austin F Ballard 2019-02-13 Good Standing
Lionsgate Property Management, LLC 6869 W. 95th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80021, US Annette Sue McCann 2019-02-13 Good Standing
DCR Studios, LLC 5810 W. 108th Ave, Westminster, CO 80020, US DARLENE C RITZ 2019-02-12 Good Standing
JYell Consulting, LLC 2727 W. 107th Ct., Unit B, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2019-02-12 Good Standing
Access towing&recovery llc 3929 w.72nd ave, Westminster, CO 80030, US Edgar villa 2019-02-12 Good Standing