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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Artisan Bee Designs 14943 Galapago Street, Apartment 207, Westminster, CO 80023, US Britney Michelle Allan 2020-03-27 Good Standing
Buisness Recovery Solutions, BRS 8467 Pratt St, Westminster, CO 80031, US William F Marshall 2020-03-26 Good Standing
Gutierrez Property Maintenance & Vending LLC 7365 Tennyson St., Westminster, CO 80030, US 2020-03-26 Good Standing
OnPoint Endeavors LLC 1795 W 130th Pl, Westminster, CO 80234, US Brent Robert Paine 2020-03-26 Good Standing
Stephanie B Lending 10939 Yukon St, Westminster, CO 80021, US Stephanie Christine Beutz 2020-03-26 Good Standing
Sharpshot LLC 14750 Pecos St, Westminster, CO 80023, US Steve Perruzza 2020-03-26 Good Standing
AUTO TRENZ LLC 7850 Federal Blvd, Westminster, CO 80030, US 2020-03-26 Good Standing
GVA CIRAS 9191 Sheridan Boulevard,, Suite 300, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2020-03-25 Good Standing
Prestige Tile & Handyman Services, LLC 11195 Alcott St., Unit D, Westminster, CO 80234, US Fred Melvin Meyer 2020-03-25 Good Standing
JR Ventures, LLC 4394 W. 117th Ct., Westminster, CO 80031, US Julie M Ratinoff 2020-03-25 Good Standing
Convergent Communications 1002 w 144th pl, Westminster, CO 80023, US Aimee Stacy 2020-03-25 Good Standing
Lambent Peak 8774 yates drive. suite 345, Westminster, CO 80031, US anna m zimmerli 2020-03-24 Good Standing
The Liberty Creek Conservation Foundation 11767 Bradburn Blvd., Westminster, CO 80031, US David F. Mazour 2020-03-24 Good Standing
Willow Counseling Services, LLC 9351 Grant Street #480, Thornton, CO 80229, US Lisa Fiola 2020-03-23 Good Standing
Seth Noffsinger LLC 5472 Wetlands Dr, Frederick, CO 80504, US Joseph Lopez 2020-03-22 Good Standing
The Last Day On Earth, LLC 3051 W 105th Ave, PO Box 351351, Westminster, CO 80035, US Charles Edward Johnston Jr. 2020-03-21 Good Standing
Good Baby Creative LLC 9101 Harlan Street, Ste 135, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2020-03-20 Good Standing
Brand Consulting Services LLC 9235 West 100th Place, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2020-03-20 Good Standing
Sacred Ascension LLC 2935 w. 81st Ave, Apt G, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2020-03-20 Good Standing
Filmvideopro, LLC 5825 W 118th cir, Westminster, CO 80020, US 2020-03-20 Good Standing
My Medical Seminar LLC 9403 West 89th Circle, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2020-03-20 Good Standing
VG PAINTING LLC 7100 HOOKER ST, APT 2-111, Westminster, CO 80030, US VICENTE ALFREDO GALEANA-ALARCON 2020-03-20 Good Standing
OVER TIME PLUMBING SERVICES LLC 12175 BANNOCK ST APT D, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2020-03-19 Good Standing
Lala Tutu LLC 9101 Harlan St Ste 135, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2020-03-19 Good Standing
Chano's Tamales, LLC 4355 West 92nd Place, Westminster,, Westminster, CO 80031, US Glenice LaRae Martinez 2020-03-19 Good Standing
TKT Consulting, LLC 10151 Nelson Street, Westminster, CO 80021, US Todd Tillapaugh 2020-03-19 Good Standing
Whimsy Workshops LLC 14676 Delaware Street, #200, Westminster, CO 80023, US Kristiana Miller 2020-03-19 Good Standing
Verve Racing LLC 6341 W 111th ave, Westminster, CO 80020, US Steven Edward Olona 2020-03-19 Good Standing
Maosong International Inc 10562 Parfet Ct, Westminster, CO 80021, US Guorong LIU 2020-03-19 Good Standing
Struckman Enterprise 3275 W.103rd Pl, Westminster, CO 80031, US Marie Bird Struckman 2020-03-18 Good Standing
Sopris Sky Limited 11826 Lincoln St, Northglenn, CO 80233, US Michael D Vail 2020-03-18 Good Standing
Just Simple LLC 9350 Quitman St., Westminster, CO 80031, US SHULIANG MEI 2020-03-18 Good Standing
Automotive Engineering, LLC 7101 Julian Street, Suite 3, Westminster, CO 80030, US 2020-03-17 Good Standing
Wittful Productions LLC 6033 W. 113th Ave., Westminster, CO 80020, US Cody James Basden 2020-03-17 Good Standing
Museum of Human Evolution 9415 Meade St, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2020-03-17 Good Standing
Wanbli Oyate Woapiya Native American Cultural Teaching 2740 Warbler St, Federal Heights, CO 80260, US Marty Chase Alone 2020-03-17 Good Standing
Music Minds Matter 8300 Sheridan Blvd., Apt 31F, Westminster, CO 80003, US Angela R. Whaley 2020-03-17 Good Standing
Covell Tax Consulting LLC 11358 B Navajo Cir, Westminster, CO 80234, US Sarah Covell 2020-03-17 Good Standing L.L.C. 2720 West 86th Avenue, Apt 72, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2020-03-17 Good Standing
Action Fleet Services LLC 7763 King St., Westminster, CO 80030, US 2020-03-16 Good Standing
CPM Events 4817 W 114th Dr, Westminster, CO 80031, US Colleen Patricia Miller 2020-03-16 Good Standing
SummitShine LLC 8601 Zuni st lot 106, Westminster, CO 80260, US Vannesa Castorena 2020-03-15 Good Standing
DYLANS CONCRETE LLC 9001 FEDERAL BLVD APT 257, Westminster, CO 80031, US RODRIGO MEJIA HERNANDEZ 2020-03-15 Good Standing
The Lash Loft, LLC 9721 Eaton St., Westminster, CO 80020, US Princess Risdon 2020-03-14 Good Standing
Top Tier Autoglass LLC 4722 Shaw Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031, US Tyler Herrera 2020-03-14 Good Standing
Falkor Development, LLC 6988 Wolf St, Westminster, CO 80030, US Kevin Bowers 2020-03-13 Good Standing
KSSD LLC 1501 W 124th Ave, Ste 600, Westminster, CO 80234, US Kelly Stitzer 2020-03-13 Good Standing
Culjat Appraisals, Inc. 10913 Meade Court, Westminster, CO 80031, US Candice Lynn Culjat 2020-03-13 Good Standing
Contract Services Unlimited: LLC 940 West 133 Circle, B, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2020-03-13 Good Standing
DARRYL A. AUSTON, MD, PC 14335 Pecos Street, Westminster, CO 80023, US Darryl A. Auston 2020-03-13 Good Standing
Friendly Foam Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning LLC 11755 Decatur Street, D204, Westminster, CO 80234, US John Jacob Hamlin 2020-03-12 Good Standing
TOUPS ENTERPRISES LLC 10970 NEWLAND STREET, Westminster, CO 80020, US TROY TOUPS 2020-03-12 Good Standing
Ace Money Records Inc. 2917 W 81st Ave (Unit J), Westminster, CO 80031, US 2020-03-11 Good Standing
JDS Security LLC 8101 N Stuart St, Westminster, CO 80031, US Jonathan David Scott 2020-03-11 Good Standing
K-Pop Korean BBQ, LLC 5028 W. 92nd Avenue, Northview Shopping Center, Westminster, CO 80031, US Choon S. Lee 2020-03-11 Good Standing
Defy Wear, LLC 12108 Bryant St., Westminster, CO 80234, US Kimberly M Wren 2020-03-11 Good Standing
Virginia J. Leon Counseling PLLC 6553 W. 113th Ave, Westminster, CO 80020, US Virginia J Leon 2020-03-10 Good Standing
fairy tails animal shelter 12020 melody drive, Westminster, CO 80234, US sandy mcdonald 2020-03-10 Good Standing
Trinidad Plaza LLC 3291 W 74THA AVE, Westminster, CO 80030, US DAN DOAN 2020-03-10 Good Standing
Prototypical LLC 13004 Harmony Parkway, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2020-03-10 Good Standing
Mile High Nonprofit Solutions, LLC 12934 Umatilla Court, Westminster, CO 80234, US Jennifer Hinderliter 2020-03-10 Good Standing
JIAB 7300 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster, CO 80003, US YUANZHI CHEN 2020-03-10 Good Standing
JCM ENTERPRISE 8894 Everett St, Westminster, CO 80021, US JaMeka Melton 2020-03-09 Good Standing
Amplify IT LLC 6675 W 96th Pl., Westminster, CO 80021, US 2020-03-09 Good Standing
CJ 86 Holdings 9975 Wadsworth Parkway #K2-95, Westminster, CO 80021, US CARLOS MENENDEZ 2020-03-09 Good Standing
Lux Salon and Studios LLC 13298 Wyandot St, Westminster, CO 80234, US Tammy Linton 2020-03-09 Good Standing
EDWARD MARTINZ LANDSCAPING INC 6900 Lowell Blvd STE 34C, Westminster, CO 80221, US Edward Martinez 2020-03-09 Good Standing
Grun Robotics Inc 9682 Kendall Ct, Westminster, CO 80021, US Justin Creaby 2020-03-09 Good Standing
Kirtland Realty LLC 11859 N Pecos St, #200, Westminster, CO 80234, US Kristopher Ellis Kirtland 2020-03-08 Good Standing
Clark & Son, LLC 4549 W 88th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80031, US Dennis Clark 2020-03-08 Good Standing
Meredith R Richardson LLC 11859 Pecos St, Unit 200, Westminster, CO 80234, US Meredith R Richardson 2020-03-08 Good Standing
NOVA VENDING LLC 8781 SHERIDAN BLVD #6024, Westminster, CO 80003, US 2020-03-08 Good Standing
Barlow Rentals LLC 9487 Cody Drive, Westminster, CO 80021, US Dale Lee Barlow 2020-03-08 Good Standing
Heide M Manns LLC, DBA Highlands Pilates 3630 W. 32nd Ave #2, Denver, CO 80211, US Heide Marika Manns 2020-03-07 Good Standing
Legacy and Impact, LLC 3260 W 114th Cir, Unit C, Westminster, CO 80031, US marianne jones 2020-03-07 Good Standing
Adams 12 KID 12946 Vallejo Circle, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2020-03-06 Good Standing
KHANAL INC 12300 W 44TH AVE, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, US BASHU KHANAL 2020-03-06 Good Standing
Peggy Haddad Interiors Corporation 11640 Shoshone Way, Westminster, CO 80234, US Margaret Haddad 2020-03-06 Good Standing
Trippy Meat Studios, LLC 4315 Apex Lane, Westminster, CO 80031, US Andrew Casady 2020-03-06 Good Standing
Manifesto Music LLC 14552 Inca Court, Westminster, CO 80023, US Dylan Banach 2020-03-05 Good Standing
20B B505 LLC 1575 W. 124th Avenue, Suite 210, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2020-03-05 Good Standing
GR Medical, Inc. 7010 Alcott Street, Westminster, CO 80030, US John Rehwinkel 2020-03-05 Good Standing
Everything's Accounted For 7280 Irving St, Suite A101, Westminster, CO 80030, US Travis L Teel 2020-03-04 Good Standing
Aurum Financial Limited 10093 Irving Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US Melissa Thalia Timberman 2020-03-04 Good Standing
VenuGuru, LLC 9586 W 104th Dr, Westminster, CO 80021, US Megan Reuss 2020-03-03 Good Standing
Parallel Enterprise Solutions LLC 6865 Xavier Circle, Unit 11, Westminster, CO 80030, US 2020-03-03 Good Standing
Assembly News Inc. 8955 Quigley St., Westminster, CO 80031, US Alex Koszycki 2020-03-03 Good Standing
13218 Alcott Cir, LLC 4750 w. 102nd Pl, Westminster, CO 80031, US Nicholas Edward Painz 2020-03-03 Good Standing
2490 E 110th Place, LLC 4750 w. 102nd Place, Westminster, CO 80031, US Nicholas Edward Painz 2020-03-03 Good Standing
Mujo Inc 11782 Tennyson Way, Westminster, CO 80031, US Jonathan Sawaged 2020-03-03 Good Standing
Digital Factory Marketing 11103 Alcott St. Unit A, Westminster, CO 80234, US Evan Weiland 2020-03-03 Good Standing
Inclusion Behavioral Health LLC 1253 W 116th Ave. # 11-107, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2020-03-02 Good Standing
JUANITA'S CLEANING LLC 860 W 132ND AVE LOT 86, Westminster, CO 80234, US JUANA MARIA BADILLO 2020-03-02 Good Standing
Shapes Of Tomorrow Montessori Preschool LLC 5240 W 78TH PL, Westminster, CO 80003, US 2020-03-02 Good Standing
Legacyinc. Enterprises 4671 W 109TH PL, Westminster, CO 80031, US Sue Anne Harrington 2020-03-02 Good Standing
Sunshine Landscaping LLC 7051 CLAY ST, Westminster, CO 80030, US Tina Martinez 2020-03-02 Good Standing
Snyder painting and remodeling LLc 7360 Orchard Ct, Westminster, CO 80222, US jeffrey jerome abraham 2020-03-02 Good Standing
CharWest Stays 6511 W 109TH AVE, Westminster, CO 80020, US CHARLES ZARAGOZA 2020-03-02 Good Standing