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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Be Beauty Nail and Spa LLC 7236 Federal Blvd, Westminster, CO 80030, US Thuan Nguyen 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Alik's Floor and Furniture, LLC 11422 Ames Ct, Westminster, CO 80020, US Alik Asadullaev 2019-01-03 Good Standing
JK Cleaning LLC 10920 Tennyson Court, Westminster, CO 80031, US Jasilyn Mary Renee Kendall 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Rooted MTB LLC 9015 Ammons CT, Westminster, CO 80021, US Austin David Hackett-Klaube 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Warren Ventures Inc. 10286 Quail Way, Westminster, CO 80021, US Kristen Warren 2019-01-03 Good Standing
C.WALKER INDUSTRIES"LLC 7455 Raleigh st unit.b, Westminster, CO 80030, US christopher joesph walker 2019-01-03 Good Standing
SIERRA'S PLUMBING, LLC 860 W 132nd AVENUE LOT 104, Westminster, CO 80234, US GERARDO SIERRA 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Melt airbrush tan studios 11951 lowell blvd, Westminster, CO 80031, US Michelle Tygart 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Flatirons Tutoring, LLC 11394 Xavier Drive, Unit 202, Westminster, CO 80031, US Cristian Chacon 2019-01-03 Good Standing
Danielle Spadinger 5045 W. 77th Dr, Westminster, CO 80030, US Danielle Spadinger 2019-01-02 Good Standing
TAG AND NUT INC 1401 W 122nd Ave, Westminster, CO 80234, US JINXIANG ZHAO 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Anew Recruiting, LLC 9325 Utica St., Westminster, CO 80031, US Jennifer Reid 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Wavertree Stables LLC 8220 W. 106th Ave, Westminster, CO 80021, US Janice van der Westhuizen 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Kelli Apodaca 7520 Newton st, Westminster, CO 80030, US Kelli Diane Apodaca 2019-01-02 Good Standing
the product search llc 11705 zenobia loop, Westminster, CO 80031, US anthony graham 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Mile High Dog Rescue 14833 Galapago Street, D205, Westminster, CO 80023, US 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Mobile Home Sales of NM LLC 3000 E Third Ave Office, Truth Or Consequences, NM 87901, US Timothy Losier 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Bohan Law LLC 3380 Northpark Dr., Westminster, CO 80031, US Michael Gregory Bohan 2019-01-02 Good Standing
Jute Digital LLC 9301 w 104th place, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Colorado Value Tax Service, LLC 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy, K-2 213, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Ambush Toys, LLC 8180 Julian Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Tif Stout Fine Art, LLC 9669 Huron Street Suite 105, Thornton, CO 80260, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Hidden Key Consulting, LLC 5647 West 109th Circle, Westminster, CO 80020, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
ALluvial Limited 10711 Countryside Dr., Westminster, CO 80021, US Alfred Schuster 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Fluit LLC 5586 W. 72nd Pl, Westminster, CO 80003, US John Vianney Lembke Jr. 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Spring Falls Construction LLC 8095 IRVING ST, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Jeffrey Lang LLC 10330 Oak St, Westminster, CO 80021, US Jeffrey David Lang 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Colorado Crypto Realty LLC P O BOX 351242, Westminster, CO 80035, US 2019-01-01 Good Standing
gabino roadside assistance LLC 8601 zuni st #163, Westminster, CO 80260, US gabino saenz 2019-01-01 Good Standing
SML Services LLC 10350 w 101st place, Westminster, CO 80021, US Sean Michael Lewis 2019-01-01 Good Standing
LHC Realty Services, LLC 5471 W 97th Pl, Unit D, Westminster, CO 80020, US Lorena H Creely 2019-01-01 Good Standing
JoHa Industries LLC 9740 Westcliff Pkwy Apt 625, Westminster, CO 80021, US Joseph A Havelda 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Westminster Youth Football, Inc. PO Box 7732, Westminster, CO 80021, US Shane Cahalan 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Syzygy Bodywork LLC 2815 W.116th Place, Apt. 202, Westminster, CO 80234, US Stacey Elizabeth Anyzeski 2019-01-01 Good Standing
Miller Financial Group 10739 Zuni Drive, Westminster, CO 80234, US Brenda K Miller 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Barbed Wire Group LLC 3001 Brighton BLVD, Ste 705, Denver, CO 80216, US 2018-12-31 Good Standing
32:27 Solutions LLC 10013 Irving St, Westminster, CO 80031, US Samuel A. Mazzarelli 2018-12-31 Good Standing
MACH PT Corp 4690 W. 105th Dr., Westminster, CO 80031, US Phong The Nguyen 2018-12-31 Good Standing
MPR Resources LLC 13427 Quivas St, Westminster, CO 80234, US Parilee Bryngelson 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Decksteriors, Inc. 11776 Zenobia Loop, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2018-12-31 Good Standing
Womacks Construction 14802 orchard pkwy, s-108, Westminster, CO 80023, US Evan Thomas Womack 2018-12-30 Good Standing
KNVZ Limited 9216 Holland St., Westminster, CO 80021, US Kyle Pieter van Zyl 2018-12-30 Good Standing
Good Nature LLC 8270 Clemson Lane, Westminster, CO 80031, US John Louis F Oliver 2018-12-29 Good Standing
Hummers II, LLC 10080 Lee Street, Westminster, CO 80021, US Kevin C Smith 2018-12-29 Good Standing
SPARKS CONSTRUCTION COLORADO LLC 7667 Bradburn Blv, Westminster, CO 80030, US 2018-12-29 Good Standing
Investment Empowerment, LLC 12143 Bannock St, #D, Westminster, CO 80234, US Lisa E McKim 2018-12-29 Good Standing
Episodic, LLC 12143 Bannock Street #D, Westminster, CO 80234, US Lisa E McKim 2018-12-29 Good Standing
Clean Data Services LLC 2861 W 120th Ave Suite 205, Westminster, CO 80234, US Troy K Vigil 2018-12-28 Good Standing
Talon Consulting LLC 10295 Quail Street, Westminster, CO 80021, US Chad M. Yeknich 2018-12-28 Good Standing
Tillery Travel & Events LLC 11826 Zenobia Loop, Westminster, CO 80031, US Catherine Farish Tillery 2018-12-28 Good Standing
Blake's Woodcraft LLC 13314 Osage St, Westminster, CO 80234, US Michael Keith Blake Jr. 2018-12-28 Good Standing
Interactive Communications Inc 2933 W 116th Ave #104, Westminster, CO 80234, US Wesley Young 2018-12-28 Good Standing
New Renovation Generation 2899 W. 119th Avenue # 204, Westminster, CO 80234, US Johnny Dwayne Freimark 2018-12-27 Good Standing
PEAK DESIGN ENGINEERING LLC 5744 W 118th Pl, Westminster, CO 80020, US Patrick Stephens 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Moussallem Holdings LLC 12041 Pecos Street, Westminster, CO 80234, US Maroun Moussallem 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Butternut Bakery LLC 11094 Rutgers Court, Westminster, CO 80031, US Brianna Lysette Neuwirth 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Copper Run Designs 4054 Main Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US Dustin J Steller 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Easy Living Properties LLC 9241 Irving St., Westminster, CO 80031, US Darin Barrett Poole 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Fresh Start Smiles LLC 12000 N Pecos St #260, Westminster, CO 80234, US Christine Hudgens 2018-12-27 Good Standing
Words To Power 6885 W. 91st Ct #23202, Westminster, CO 80021, US Ara A Cruz 2018-12-27 Good Standing
The Source Marketing Group 5446 W 97th Ct, Westminster, CO 80020, US Kristin McFarland 2018-12-27 Good Standing
WANGLI INC 3350 W 71st Pl, Westminster, CO 80030, US BOOKER COLE 2018-12-26 Good Standing
EQUA Transfer 3601 W. 97th Ave., Westminster, CO 80031, US 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Thapa Limited Liability Company 12025 N Pecos St, Westminster, CO 80234, US Pralhad Thapa 2018-12-26 Good Standing
Riversong STR L.L.C. 402 E. Sackett, Unit B, Salida, CO 81201, US 2018-12-24 Good Standing
Vegan 100% LLC 3320 w 93rd ave, Westminster, CO 80031, US Neven Corak 2018-12-21 Good Standing
Top Zee, LLC 14375 Orchard Parkway, #200, Westminster, CO 80023, US Rick G Lee 2018-12-21 Good Standing
VPN Industries LLC 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy, K-2 122, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2018-12-21 Good Standing
FrontDoor Dental Care LLC 13170 Raritan Street, Westminster, CO 80234, US Adam Jason Ciboch 2018-12-21 Good Standing
Zapcom group Inc 13568 Vallejo Street, Westminster, CO 80234-1052, US sai konda 2018-12-21 Good Standing
After Hours Carpentry LLC 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy, K-2, PMB-203, Westminster, CO 80021, US Schuyler Jordan Lee 2018-12-21 Good Standing
SMA, LLC 7328 W 96th Ave, Westminster, CO 80021, US Matt Warner 2018-12-21 Good Standing
JJH Holdings Ltd. PO Box 350622, Westminster, CO 80035-0622, US Jeffrey James Hampton 2018-12-20 Good Standing
One Federal, LLC 5781 W 109th Place, Westminster, CO 80020, US 2018-12-20 Good Standing
JennyLane Artistry 3698 W 72nd ave, Westminster, CO 80030, US Jennifer Lane Moore 2018-12-20 Good Standing
B & chi LLC 6250 Promenade Drive N, 171, Westminster, CO 80020, US Jenada Chelon Reva Jenkins 2018-12-20 Good Standing
BMB Painting Solutions LLC. 2285 West 118th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234, US Brett Alan Brock 2018-12-20 Good Standing
ABZ TRUCKING LLC 4005 W. 118th mews, Westminster, CO 80031, US Oleg Kudelin 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Absolute Heating & Cooling LLC 1150 W 135th Dr, Westminster, CO 80234, US Brett Baum 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Hickman House LLC 9591 W. 89th Cir., Westminster, CO 80021, US Donni Joy Harms 2018-12-19 Good Standing
JP7 ROOFING LLC 8850 ITHACA WAY, Westminster, CO 80031, US JOSE LUIS PARRA 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Evolution Mixed Martial Arts LLC 10422 Garland Lane, Westminster, CO 80021, US Christopher Goettsch 2018-12-19 Good Standing
Chinnel Realty LLC 4803 W 114th Drive, Westminster, CO 80031, US Somnith Chinnel 2018-12-19 Good Standing
B and B Holdings, LLC 14613 Orchard Parkway, Suite 200, Westminster, CO 80023, US Andrew Batson 2018-12-18 Good Standing
Repubblica FS, LLC 1075 Huntington Trails Parkway, Westminster, CO 80023-8448, US Raymond James BonAnno Jr. 2018-12-18 Good Standing
Luna Gardens Foundation 9408 Inca Ct, Thornton, CO 80260, US Anthony Edward DeLuna 2018-12-18 Good Standing
Wampum Enterprises, LLC 2416 W. 82nd Place, Unit D, Westminster, CO 80031, US William Crower 2018-12-18 Good Standing
Restorative Therapies Bodywork Inc 5130 W 80th Ave, Suite A200, Westminster, CO 80030, US Joshua Corey Magee 2018-12-17 Good Standing
Chronic Yield Solutions LLC 7900 Raleigh Place, Westminster, CO 80030, US 2018-12-17 Voluntarily Dissolved
CM Transportation Services LLC 4161 Julian St, Denver, CO 80211, US Chad A Medrano 2018-12-17 Good Standing
Epic Events 11575 W 106th Way, Westminster, CO 80021, US Jaymee Malone 2018-12-17 Good Standing
serg's day trading 4901 w93 ave #1824, Westminster, CO 80031, US siarhei dzmitryieu 2018-12-17 Good Standing
Side Out Colorado 10560 W 102nd Place, Westminster, CO 80021, US Russell John Cipponeri 2018-12-15 Good Standing
Clean India Society 11798 Winona Court, Westminster, CO 80031, US Anandkumar Shukla 2018-12-15 Good Standing
GoldiHive LLC 9825 Raleigh Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US Marion A. Keyes 2018-12-15 Good Standing
Crow Creek Sioux Wind Farm LLC 9840 Westcliff unit 1027, Westminster, CO 80021, US Zachariah Joseph Shopteese 2018-12-15 Good Standing
Spirit of Excellence Chase Dr., LLC 7346 W. 97th Pl, Westminster, CO 80021, US Dawn Leaman 2018-12-14 Good Standing
MBI Business Services LLC 9470 Carr St, Westminster, CO 80021, US Monika McKee 2018-12-14 Good Standing
TS Transport LLC 8290 Federal Blvd #205, Westminster, CO 80031, US Antonio Campos Barreto 2018-12-14 Good Standing
MashUp Math LLC 7131 Berthoud St., Westminster, CO 80030, US Anthony Persico 2018-12-14 Good Standing