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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Westminster · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
A THOUGHTFUL HOUR INC 11025 Dover Street, Unit 100, Westminster Lloyd Claycomb 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Bring it Back to Nature 2516 w 110 ave, Westminster Heidi Elizabeth Albete 2018-08-29 Good Standing
LIONS DICOUNT LIQUOR 9247 W 100TH PLACE, Westminster FERAS HANI SAWAQED 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Grankids Investments, LLC 11225 Chase Ct, Westminster Janet Evans 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Atlas Analytics, LLC 3001 W 107th Place #H, Westminster Marshall Paul McQuillen 2018-08-28 Good Standing
PDR Point, LLC 2861 W 120th Ave Suite 205, Westminster Ahmed Eldordy 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Jennifer Jordon Un-Limited 8726 Independence Way, Arvada Jennifer Lynn Jordon 2018-08-28 Good Standing
LIONS INVESTMENT LLC 9247 W 100TH PLACE, Westminster FERAS HANI SAWAQED 2018-08-28 Good Standing
108 Stitches, LLC 3489 W 72nd Ave., Suite 210, Westminster Jason Lippa 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Colorado Developments LLC 10550 West 101st Avenue, Westminster James D Barnett 2018-08-28 Good Standing
GREENLAWN SERVICES, LLC 4420 SHAW BLVD, Westminster JORGE E GARCIA IPINA 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Jon Putsch Consulting LLC 11383 BENTON CT, Westminster JONATHAN PUTSCH 2018-08-27 Good Standing
RNJ Installation, LLC 10240 Benton Street, Westminster Rene Najera Jr. 2018-08-27 Good Standing
HIDDEN SERIES, LLC 9023 W 103rd Ave, Westminster 2018-08-27 Good Standing
MIS42N Productions, LLC 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy K2, #253, Westminster Mark Zaynard 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Southern Spa, LLC 5191 West 112th Avenue, Suite 114, Westminster Alicia Linn 2018-08-26 Good Standing
Front Range Resources, Ltd. 5403 W. 96th Ave., Unit 1325, Westminster Patrice Marla Eichen 2018-08-26 Good Standing
Tara Homes LLC 10255 Dover Street, Apt. 534, Westminster Hammack Lorraine Teri 2018-08-26 Good Standing
Savvy Senior Support LLC 11350 Navajo Circle, Westminster Rachel Lynn Martinez 2018-08-25 Good Standing
NOVEMBER LLC 9946 Garland St, Westminster Robert Nickels 2018-08-25 Good Standing
Succulents by Elliot LLC 2343 Ranch Dr, Westminster 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Dependable Drains, LLC 6459 W 97th Pl, Westminster Melissa Blissett 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Concierge Realty Co. Ltd. 8774 Yates Dr, Suite 100, Westminster Rebecca A Bean 2018-08-24 Good Standing
10747 Routt Street LLC 10914 Allison Court, Westminster Brandon Van Loucks 2018-08-24 Good Standing
All Seasons Home Cleaning, LLC 8226 W 90th Place, Westminster Sergei Blizniukov 2018-08-24 Good Standing
D's Auto Shop 12984 Elati, Westminster Darin Janda 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Buildings for Biceps, LLC 11525 W 102nd Ave, Westminster James Joseph Bettis 2018-08-23 Good Standing
Oak Property Management, LLC 9582 W 104th Drive, Westminster Alan Campbell 2018-08-23 Good Standing
A Keene Real Estate Investment, LLC 14697 Delaware Street, Westminster Marlene D. Keene 2018-08-22 Good Standing
EXPERT TREES, LLC 7120 Alcott St, Westminster 2018-08-22 Good Standing
One Stop Shop, LLC 2600 W. 82nd Pl, Unit F, Westminster BERKLEIGH M WARREN 2018-08-22 Good Standing
BDJPS, LLC 7600 Bradburn Blvd., Westminster Beverley Capra 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Call to Action Copywriting, LLC 6865 XAVIER CIRCLE UNIT 8, Westminster Bret D Dianich 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Ken Watson LLC 9120 Carr Court, Westminster Kenneth Oliver Watson 2018-08-22 Good Standing
BCT Limited 9270 Hazel Ct., Westminster Charles Tavenner 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Accounting Solutions, LLC 13298 Wyandot Street, Westminster Tammy Linton 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Rod Vance Construction LLC 11773 Zenobia Loop, Westminster Rodney W Vance 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Sharp Glass LLC 12324 Bannock St. Apt # 14-106, Westminster Colt Allen Shape 2018-08-22 Good Standing
A/F CO LLC 9201 Irving Street, Westminster Adrian A Salas 2018-08-21 Good Standing
RB Signs Inc. 9164 W 90th Ct, Westminster Pamela J Rowe 2018-08-21 Good Standing
HAWKINS CLEANING AND ERRAND SERVICES LLC 8590 Concord Ln, Westminster 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Linden Drive LLC 10521 Garrison Street, Westminster 2018-08-21 Good Standing
kate & grey consulting LLC 3862 W 117th court, Westminster Colleen Jennifer Wilson 2018-08-21 Good Standing
EPIC HVAC INC 5406 W 115TH PL, Westminster AARON T VONBANK 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Westminster Chamber Foundation 9191 SHERIDAN BLVD STE 300, Westminster Abdel Juliet 2018-08-20 Good Standing
TVSM LLC 5000 W. 75th Avenue, Westminster David T. Watts 2018-08-20 Good Standing
VESM LLC 5000 W. 75th Avenue, Westminster David T. Watts 2018-08-20 Good Standing
ASM II LLC 5000 W. 75th Avenue, Westminster David T. Watts 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Amo Ltd. P.O. Box 351212, Westminster Alex Koszycki 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Women Wonder LLC 2907 W 81ST AVENUE, UNIT D, Westminster Nicole Shaw 2018-08-19 Good Standing
MILE HIGH BACKFLOW 8856 Ithaca Way, Westminster Erik Chirstopher Cancanon 2018-08-19 Good Standing
Anjl's Stuff, LLC 12468 Mariposa Ct, Westminster 2018-08-19 Good Standing
Radiate+Rise LLC 2311 Park Centre Drive #1409, Westminster Jacquelyn Monique Pitts 2018-08-18 Good Standing
Vietnamese Baptist Church of Broomfield 8030 Clay Street, Westminster Tri Thanh Minh Nguyen 2018-08-17 Good Standing
ABS Operations, LLC 10875 Dover Street, Suite #300, Westminster 2018-08-17 Good Standing
Delphie Commercial Hauling LLC 9216 W. 107th Mews, Westminster 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Airstream Mechanical LLC 8200 Sheridan Blvd Apt 910, Westminster Eric William Bates 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Urban Glo Skincare & Waxing LLC 5191 W. 112th Ave, STE 124, Westminster Gwendolyn Meisner 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Main Street Entertainment L.L.C. 6740 W. 97th Circle, Westminster Bruce Anthony Farrar 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Veterans Painting LLC 2530 W 109th Ave, Westminster Ryan Helvey 2018-08-15 Good Standing
M G CONSTRUCTION INC 6985 stuart st apt309, Westminster manuel a gonzalez 2018-08-15 Good Standing
helping hands 4 taylor 3327 westminster place, Westminster carl aaron albers 2018-08-15 Good Standing
9781 Melody Dr LLC 2421 West 107th Drive, Westminster Gregory Todd Giesecke 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Vital Trucking LLC 3460 W 96th ave, Westminster Juan Antonio Vital Garay 2018-08-15 Good Standing
10819 Roseanna Dr LLC 2421 West 107th Drive, Westminster Gregory Todd Giesecke 2018-08-15 Good Standing
1983 Fisher Way LLC 2421 West 107th Drive, Westminster Gregory Todd Giesecke 2018-08-15 Good Standing
2143 Truda Drive LLC 2421 West 107th Drive, Westminster Gregory Todd Giesecke 2018-08-15 Good Standing
11849 Sylvia Drive LLC 2421 West 107th Drive, Westminster Gregory Todd Giesecke 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Reliable Helpers, LLC 9165 West 102nd Place, Westminster Brett Libhart 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Alpenglow Window Washing, LLC 7811 Osceola St., Westminster Sean William Varga 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Rob Hatch, LLC 11564 W. 106TH WAY, Westminster Robert Thomas Hatch 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Sunshine Tree and Landscaping LLC 10343 Federal Blvd, Unit J, # 444, Westminster 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Earth Wide Records, LLC 8937 Field St., Unit #59, Westminster 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Knight and Data, LLC 4379 W. 117th Way, Westminster Krys Kwiecien 2018-08-15 Good Standing
7454-7452 LLC 7454 Orchard Ct., Westminster 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Brezirement LLC 9541 Dudley Drive, Westminster Tobin Bereznak 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Dance Synergy, LLC PO Box 330002, Northglenn Angila Marie Waldman 2018-08-14 Good Standing
TEAM EEI-NV, LLC 1245 Champa St., Denver William Eugene Estrada 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Smoothsak, LLC 9829 Otis Drive, Westminster 2018-08-14 Good Standing
DBA Lin Cressey, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant 10195 GROVE LOOP UNIT B, Westminster 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Xtrabrains LLC 10890 Vrain St, Westminster 2018-08-14 Good Standing
DBA Lin Cressey, Registered Psychotherapist, MA, NLC 10195 GROVE LOOP UNIT B, Westminster 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Hyper Performance Management, LLC 10691 Hoyt Street, Westminster Denise LaBier 2018-08-14 Good Standing
TANTUM Referral System LLC 4052 Main St., Westminster 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Mile High Injector 14694 Orchard Pkwy, suite 225, Westminster KLOVAS PAMELA 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Cordova Cleaning Services LLC 3709 W 68th Ave Apt # 403-E, Westminster Maria del Carmen Cordova Tena 2018-08-13 Good Standing
BetterOp, LLC 6250 Promenade Dr N Apt 339, Westminster 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Alejandra's Cleaning Services LLC 3709 W 68th ave apt # 403-E, Westminster Nancy Paola Vargas-Morataya 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Sabra's Sweet Dream Caramels and Other Sweet Confections 541 123rd West, Apt 9304, Westminster Sabra Sheedy 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Zero1 Trusted Services, Ltd 9061 La Salle Pl, Westminster Chad Oglesbee 2018-08-12 Good Standing
Revival Coffee Company LLC 5506 W 118th Ave, Westminster Brian M Cox 2018-08-12 Good Standing
Imagine Flooring LLC 10474 Independence Street, Westminster Lincoln L Baca 2018-08-12 Good Standing
Dr. FX 9753 Quay loop, Westminster Daniel Ruiz 2018-08-12 Good Standing
Tina Bratina Tax and Accounting LLC 1749 W 113th Ave, Westminster Tina Bratina 2018-08-12 Good Standing
MDRNware LLC 14843 Orchard Parkway, L-101, Westminster Marc Robert Pierson 2018-08-11 Good Standing
Smallest Things Doula Services LLC 11575 Marshall Ct, Westminster Jessica Meghan Long 2018-08-11 Good Standing
Interconnections Counseling, LLC 9534 Garrison Ct, Westminster Janelle Kramer 2018-08-11 Good Standing
Skylab Visuals, LLC 9238 W. 100th Circle, Westminster Jay Cummings 2018-08-10 Good Standing
Halo Herbals LLC 8865 Newton St, Westminster Riley Curran 2018-08-10 Good Standing
Quiver, LLC 11864 Newton St., Westminster Haley Roberto 2018-08-10 Good Standing