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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

Westminster · Search Result

Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
MRB LLC 7396 Dale Court, Westminster, CO 80030, US Matthew Ray Barry 2019-06-18 Good Standing
Opal RE Investment LLC 10894 Irving Court, Westminster, CO 80031, US Son Thach Nguyen 2019-06-18 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Area Supply, LLC 4142 W105th Way, Westminster, CO 80031, US Ann Councill Brown 2019-06-18 Good Standing
Wrusindar LLC 4991 W 81st Place, Westminster, CO 80031, US Jack W Sindlinger III 2019-06-17 Good Standing
G&P Networking, LLC 7372 Depew Street, Westminster, CO 80003, US Philip Pelto 2019-06-17 Good Standing
Mandl Property Services LLC 1120 W 127th Ct, Westminster, CO 80234, US Jorgen Thomas Mandl 2019-06-17 Good Standing
Countryside Friends Church 7777 W 99th Pl, Westminster, CO 80020, US 2019-06-17 Good Standing
Front Range Title LLC 7732 W. 90th Drive, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-06-17 Good Standing
Amberle Byrne Creatives 8917 Yates Dr., Westminster, CO 80031, US Amberle Steinorth Byrne 2019-06-16 Good Standing
Investor Friendly Funding LLC 1499 W. 120th Ave, #110, Westminster, CO 80234, US John F Scott 2019-06-16 Good Standing
Vertical Aerolytics, LLC 2366 Park Centre Drive, Apt 7303, Westminster, CO 80234, US Zachary Scott Burns 2019-06-16 Good Standing
Milan A Trucking, Llc 7821 McCella Ct, Westminster, CO 80030, US Jose Javier Tinoco 2019-06-15 Good Standing
Middle Path Farms 7130 Utica St, Westminster, CO 80030, US James P Payne 2019-06-15 Good Standing
American Veteran Builders 5315 W 78th PL #104, Westminster, CO 80003, US Jerry Lee Norris 2019-06-15 Good Standing
Colorado Chromatography 17003 Inca street, Westminster, CO 80023, US 2019-06-15 Good Standing
Creek Fitness 13127 Raritan Court, Westminster, CO 80234, US Nicholas Stephen Gilbreath 2019-06-14 Good Standing
Eclectic Aspen Chef Corp 4640 Dixon Dr, Westminster, CO 80031, US Joseph Aparicio Aparicio 2019-06-14 Good Standing
Branded By Silverson 9161 Federal Blvd, APT 127, Westminster, CO 80260, US Zechariah Silverson 2019-06-14 Good Standing
Keslar Consulting Services LLC 9314 Ingalls ST, Westminster, CO 80031, US Gary Philip Keslar 2019-06-13 Good Standing
Tim Owen Consulting LLC 3441 W 83RD AVE., Westminster, CO 80031, US Tim Owen 2019-06-13 Good Standing
Dailey Living LLC 4271 w 109th circle, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-06-13 Good Standing
Aha! Counseling 1499 West 120th Avenue, Suite 110, Westminster, CO 80234, US Diane Marie Hansen 2019-06-12 Good Standing
DTA Deliveries, LLC 7491 Stuart St, Westminster, CO 80030, US Tony Medina 2019-06-12 Good Standing
Mile High Cleaning Services LLC 8550 Cherry Ln, Westminster, CO 80031, US Grecia Stephanie Torres Pablo 2019-06-12 Good Standing
Jupiter Roofing and Trades 6969 W 90th Ave., Unit 917, Westminster, CO 80021, US Jedidiah Jupiter Burnham X 2019-06-11 Good Standing
Andara Yoga and Wellness Center, LLC 9798 W 97TH PL, Westminster, CO 80021, US DELARA MARCHBANK 2019-06-11 Good Standing
Skattum Properties LLC 11694 Pecos St., #204, Westminster, CO 80234, US Kollin Skattum 2019-06-10 Good Standing
M&M DELIVERY LLC 521 W 123RD AVE, Westminster, CO 80234, US MANUEL A ARAGON 2019-06-10 Good Standing
Crystal Vision Aesthetics LLC 8471 Turnpike Dr. Unit 105, Westminster, CO 80031, US Elizabeth Ann Crowe 2019-06-08 Good Standing
Venegas Home Improvements LLC 2944 Eliot Circle, Westminster, CO 80030, US Alfonso Venegas Luna 2019-06-07 Good Standing
Host Hair Care 11872 Bradburn Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031, US Renata Host 2019-06-07 Good Standing
Doheny Counseling LLC 2933 W. 116th Place, Apt. 201, Westminster, CO 80234, US Teresa J Doheny 2019-06-07 Good Standing
CHAVEZ 3D LLC 7495 BRADBURN BLVD, Westminster, CO 80030, US NICHOLAS MICHAEL CHAVEZ 2019-06-07 Good Standing
Once Upon A Dog, LLC 5611 W. 95th Place, Westminster, CO 80020, US 2019-06-07 Good Standing
Schneider Electric Solar Inverters USA, Inc. 8700 Turnpike Drive, Suite 318, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-06-06 Good Standing
Bruce Inc. 10942 Legacy Ridge Way, Westminster, CO 80031, US Davinder Sandhu 2019-06-06 Good Standing
Marnies Underwear LLC 10770 King St, Westminster, CO 80031, US Derek Curtis 2019-06-06 Good Standing
Titan 3D Visualization 5008 w 69th ave, Westminster, CO 80030, US Guy Simpson 2019-06-06 Good Standing
Leier Rentals LLC 8651 Pratt Pl, Westminster, CO 80031, US Thomas J Leier 2019-06-05 Good Standing
CH Building Services, LLC 12282 W Mississippi Ave, Lakewood, CO 80228, US Vince Hopkins 2019-06-05 Good Standing
Creature Comforts LLC 7355 W 97th Place, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-06-05 Good Standing
Caring Hearts of Arvada LLC 10185 West 71st Place, Arvada, CO 80004, US Jeffrey Huntsman 2019-06-05 Good Standing
Baba LLC 4901 w 93rd ave apt 2238, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-06-05 Good Standing
Jorge Is Bored LLC 10975 Circle Point Road Apt J104, Westminster, CO 80020, US Jorge Soto Jr. 2019-06-05 Good Standing
The Trifecta Group LLC 4355 West 92nd Place, Westminster, CO 80031, US Glenice LaRae Martinez 2019-06-05 Good Standing
Ming's Maintenance LLC 14770 Orchard Pkwy., Apt. 462, Westminster, CO 80023, US 2019-06-04 Good Standing
Johnson Consulting 10321 Moore Ct., Westminster, CO 80021, US Shaun Richard Johnson 2019-06-04 Good Standing
The Morgans LLC 11220 w 104th drive, Westminster, CO 80021, US Malinda Redawn Morgan 2019-06-04 Good Standing
My Auto Shop Inc. 2961 W 81st Ave Unit G, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-06-04 Good Standing
7777 23rd 80238, LLC 9742 Eaton St, Westminster, CO 80020, US 2019-06-04 Good Standing
Paragon Insurance, LLC 10474 Independence Street, Westminster, CO 80021, US Lincoln Louis Baca Jr. 2019-06-04 Good Standing
Unique Driven LLC 8930 Judson St, Westminster, CO 80031, US Jason Allan Hancock 2019-06-04 Good Standing
RAYA ROOFING SYSTEM, LLC 4901 W 93RD AVE, APT 1336, Westminster, CO 80031, US JOSE C RAYA 2019-06-03 Good Standing
Painting at Dawn, LLC 9220 Knox court, Westminster, CO 80031, US Dawn Canacari 2019-06-03 Good Standing
Playa Logistics, LLC 8881 Judson St., Westminster, CO 80031, US Karlis G Bole 2019-06-03 Good Standing
SALA' S CLEANING TEXTURES LLC 9121 FEDERAL BLVD APT 335, Westminster, CO 80260, US LOLA I SIFUENTES 2019-06-03 Good Standing
Michael's Concrete LLC 9049 Federal Blvd, #372, Westminster, CO 80260, US MIGUEL ANGEL LOERA DURON 2019-06-03 Good Standing
Lyon Properties, LLC 2987 W 81st Ave, Unit C, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-06-03 Good Standing
Sacroc Partners LLC 7260 Osceola street, Westminster, CO 80030, US Nicholas Lee Scheidt 2019-06-03 Good Standing
Aspen Pointe Consulting Services 10912 Legacy Ridge Way, Westminster, CO 80031, US Lisa L Geels 2019-06-03 Good Standing
The Superlative Word, LLC 10063 Wolff Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US Holly Kreidler 2019-06-02 Good Standing
Eagle Geo Systems LLC 8175 Turnpike Drive, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-06-01 Good Standing
A+ Nutrition LLC 726 W 120th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80234, US Tamara Rabenseifner 2019-06-01 Good Standing
MJD Properties, LLC 3843 W. 99th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-05-31 Good Standing
Collective, Lot 2, Intermediate Condominiums Association, Inc. 1501 W 124th Ave., Westminster, CO 80234, US 2019-05-31 Good Standing
Summit Growth LLC 11343 Newland street, Westminster, CO 80020, US Phillip Wygonski 2019-05-31 Good Standing
Maynard Consulting LLC 7180 beach st, Westminster, CO 80030, US david Maynard 2019-05-31 Good Standing
Barone Events, LLC 6413 W 96th Drive, Westminster, CO 80021, US Chandler Rose Barone 2019-05-31 Good Standing
Break Loose Racing LLC 7980 W 103rd Ave., Westminster, CO 80021, US Ian Sullivan 2019-05-31 Good Standing
QURE Nutraceuticals LLC 8781 Sheridan Blvd. #6001, Westminster, CO 80003, US 2019-05-30 Good Standing
942 S York 80209 LLC 9742 Eaton Street, Westminster, CO 80020, US 2019-05-30 Good Standing
The Windjammer LLC 3431 SCR 31, Loveland, CO 80537, US Clayton Primm 2019-05-30 Good Standing
Renovate and Renew LLC 7982 meade st #5, Westminster, CO 80030, US blake ozier 2019-05-30 Good Standing
Makana Mama Massage & Doula, LLC 4015 W 99th Pl., Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-05-30 Good Standing
KN Properties 10 LLC 2440 Ranch Reserve Rdg, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2019-05-30 Good Standing
Legacy Makers LLC 6510 W 111th Pl, Westminster, CO 80020, US Kevin Brian Doss 2019-05-29 Good Standing
Tinsley-PR, LLC 2841 W. 110th Court, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2019-05-29 Good Standing
Robust Zest Line LLC 6765 Westminster Blvd #C186, Westminster, CA 92683, US 2019-05-29 Good Standing
Rack Systems & Design, LLC 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy, K-2 121, Westminster, CO 80021, US Matthew Albrecht 2019-05-29 Good Standing
J&L PAINTING 11789 LOGAN ST, Northglenn, CO 80233, US JOANNA MAGDALENA NAVA RUIZ 2019-05-29 Good Standing
We UpStage, LLC 7435 Osceola Street, Westminster, CO 80030, US Teresa Lynn Bee 2019-05-29 Good Standing
TALUS COL LLC 10140 w. 101st Dr, Westminster, CO 80021, US Matthew Wesley Cummin 2019-05-28 Good Standing
HAOSEN REFRIGERATION LLC 11235 Irving Dr Apt F, Westminster, CO 80031, US 2019-05-28 Good Standing
Olas Altas, Inc. 4132 West 118th Place, Westminster, CO 80031, US Javier Arroyo 2019-05-28 Good Standing
AA MARKETING INC 11346 ELIOT COURT, Westminster, CO 80234, US ARIK AHLUWALIA 2019-05-28 Good Standing
BeeCee Distributing LLC 9354 Brentwood St, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-05-28 Good Standing
FocalPoint Technology Partners 8778 Wolff Court, Suite 103, Westminster, CO 80031, US Zachary Michael Dedin 2019-05-28 Good Standing
Carolyn Shares, LLC 7390 Bryant Street, Westminster, CO 80030, US Carolyn N Mackey 2019-05-28 Good Standing
Rendezvous Construction LLC 14770 Orchard Parkway Unit 428, Westminster, CO 80023, US Assad Roain Mohebi 2019-05-28 Good Standing
Maverick View LLC P.O. Box 351824, Westminster, CO 80035, US Kevin Alfredo Diaz De Leon 2019-05-28 Good Standing
Sunnyside Accounting LLC 2430 W 82nd Pl Unit 1E, Westminster, CO 80031, US Remberto Rivera Jr. 2019-05-27 Good Standing
Alpha Logistics, LLC 8750 Norwich Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US Anthony Weineck 2019-05-27 Good Standing
Colorado Beeswax Candle Company Ltd. 9938 WOLFF ST, Westminster, CO 80031, US Farrel Lynn Zotto 2019-05-26 Good Standing
Senior Savvy Support LLC 11350 NAVAJO CIR UNIT A, Westminster, CO 80234-2461, US Rachel Lynn Martinez 2019-05-25 Good Standing
C&R L.P. Concrete 9111 judson st., Westminster, CO 80031, US claudia Pacheco 2019-05-25 Good Standing
Surveillance Movers/CleanersS LLC 7145 Raleigh St #103, Westminster, CO 80030, US Sal Martinez 2019-05-24 Good Standing
TC Financial LLC 9857 Jellison Street, Westminster, CO 80021, US Tony Coppola 2019-05-24 Good Standing
Gardner Music Studio, LLC 10611 W 104th Place, Westminster, CO 80021, US Lindsey Michelle Gardner 2019-05-24 Good Standing
TFC & Installs LLC 11527 Marshall St, Westminster, CO 80020, US Rafael Jacobo 2019-05-24 Good Standing
PERMEX DRIVING SCHOOL INC 3090 W 72ND AVE, Westminster, CO 80030, US MARGARET S REBAZA 2019-05-24 Good Standing