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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Laura C Palmer LLC 2140 W.135th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234, US Laura C Palmer 2019-10-27 Good Standing
EcoGenie Cleaning Services LLC 8550 Cherry Lane, Westminster, CO 80031, US Charissa Ann Torres-Pablo 2019-10-27 Good Standing
Petrichor Labs LLC 7387 Lowell Blvd, Unit A, Westminster, CO 80030, US Thomas Russ Nabelek 2019-10-26 Good Standing
ZP Enterprizes Ltd 8066 Decatur ct, Westminster, CO 80031, US Zachary Hamilton Piercy 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Yolanda Servantez, LLC 12926 Umatilla Ct, Westminster, CO 80234, US Servantez Yolanda 2019-10-25 Good Standing
EJC Consulting LLC 2780 West 106th Circle, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Firesky Farms, Inc. 6334 W. 95th ave, Westminster, CO 80031, US Christopher Paul Metzler 2019-10-25 Good Standing
Polis Consulting, LLC 11737 Perry St, Westminster, CO 80031, US Crystal Anderson Polis 2019-10-25 Good Standing
2 K Enterprises, INC 548 W 130th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234, US KALE klontz 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Grooming with Stiles mobile pet grooming 3385 W. 94th Ave, Westminster, CO 80031, US Stefani Stiles 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Your Business In Spanish LLC 19501 E Mainstreet, Ste 200, Parker, CO 80138, US 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Dylan's Maintenance and Painting, LLC 4125 W 75th Ave Apt 3, Westminster, CO 80030, US Israel Rascon 2019-10-24 Good Standing
Tumbleweed construction 9680 lowell ct, Westminster, CO 80031, US Mason Fox Clark 2019-10-24 Good Standing
19722 W. 93rd Place, LLC 8620 Wolff Ct, Westminster, CO 80031, US Steve W Young 2019-10-24 Good Standing
CDC Consulting 11010 Harlan St, Westminster, CO 80020, US Eric Steven Sieczkowski 2019-10-24 Good Standing
High Plains Industrial Leasing, Co. 8851 Judson Street, Westminster, CO 80031, US Michael L Riebschlager 2019-10-23 Good Standing
Home Loans Assist, LLC 1499 West 121st Avenue, Suite 320, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2019-10-23 Good Standing
HARBORTON RETREAT LLC 4375 W 118TH PL, Westminster, CO 80031, US ALEXANDRA LEWIS 2019-10-23 Good Standing
ALL PRO CONSTRUCTION,LLC. 9220 PIERCE ST,, Westminster, CO 80021, US ALBERTO URSUA 2019-10-22 Good Standing
A-O Engineering 4901 W. 93rd Ave, Apt 1033, Westminster, CO 80031, US Savanya Suvanaratosot 2019-10-22 Good Standing
PGS Consulting 8802 Quigley St, Westminster, CO 80031, US Paul Gregory Smith 2019-10-22 Good Standing
Rockie mountain flooring inc. 10316, Westminster, CO 80021, US Darrel George Callahan 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Happy to Helpdesk, LLC 9848 Otis Drive, Westminster, CO 80021, US Michael Joseph Estler 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Black Raven Creative, LLC 3043 W 107th Place, Unit C, Westminster, CO 80031, US Abbie Michelle Lang 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Low T Medical Clinic LLC 8471 Turnpike Drive, Suite 105, Westminster, CO 80031, US Troy Harris 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Bull SET Trading, LLC 3010 W. 107th Place, Unit F, Westminster, CO 80031, US Robert Sylvester Whiting Jr. 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Cultivating Compassion in Children LLC 9941 Ammons Cir, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Premier Movers LLC 4835 W. 116th Ct, Westminster, CO 80031, US Joseph Timothy Lucero 2019-10-21 Good Standing
R K Distributing, LLC P.O. Box 163, Westminster, CO 80030, US Randal Karasik 2019-10-21 Good Standing
Kiwanis Club of Westminster 9537 W 89th Place, Westminster, CO 80021, US Robert Delong 2019-10-21 Exists
RS Accounting & Finance, LLC 4050 W 116th Way, Westminster, CO 80031, US Ryan Schnelle 2019-10-20 Good Standing
Crystal's Spa Creations LLC 7460 OSCEOLA ST, Westminster, CO 80030, US Eric Matthew Bowman 2019-10-20 Good Standing
Black Cat Turning LLC 4056 W 107th Ct, Westminster, CO 80031, US Mark Stratman Caldwell 2019-10-20 Good Standing
TIEs with Teachers, Ltd. 5731 W 92ND AVE, Apt 146, Westminster, CO 80031, US Timothy John Kobus 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Awala Ltd 6454 W 113th Pl, Westminster, CO 80020, US Maria Teresa Mejia 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Steven A Busch Human Resources Strategies, LLC 9366 W 107th Mews, Westminster, CO 80021, US Steven Albert Busch 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Blue Bottle Properties LLC 9728 W.97th Place, Westminster, CO 80021, US Jeffrey A Stang 2019-10-18 Good Standing
RSBL Realty, LLC 4245 W 70th Pl, Westminster, CO 80030, US 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Cinnachai Enterprises LLC 9321 West 92nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80021, US Catherine A Asmus 2019-10-18 Good Standing
GLEstore 9734 iris st, Westminster, CO 80021, US Gilberto Henrique Belchior 2019-10-18 Good Standing
Poppi's Playland LLC 12020 Melody Dr, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2019-10-17 Good Standing
MTI Worldwide Logistics Corporation 9191 North Sheridan Blvd, #300, Westminster, CO 80031, US Dennis Hiatt 2019-10-17 Good Standing
AG Advisory Group, LLC 2241 Park Centre Dr, Unit 101, Westminster, CO 80234, US Gina-Marie Deraimo 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Not Yo' Mama's Black Eyed Peas 4901 W. 103rd Cir, Westminster, CO 80031, US Sandra Jean Owens 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Mile High Professional Finishes 8625 Clay St. #224, Westminster, CO 80031, US Jesus Alejandro Gonzales Sr. 2019-10-17 Good Standing
Big Cat Concrete LLC 9073 Holland St, Westminster, CO 80021, US Kersten Egle 2019-10-16 Good Standing
3701 E 94th LLC 7812 W 95th DR, Westminster, CO 80021-____, US Tanya R Walker 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Oganesean Rental LLC 5018 w 108th circle, Westminster, CO 80031, US Marine Ayvazyan 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Back to Basics massage LLC 6850 W 95th ave, Westminster, CO 80021, US Christine M Savino-Price 2019-10-16 Good Standing
OG SWEETS, LLC 3123 W 114th Loop, Westminster, CO 80031, US Olga Mishailovna Alexeyeva 2019-10-16 Good Standing
All In The Details, LLC 5721 W 108th Ave, Westminster, CO 80020, US 2019-10-16 Good Standing
Accelerate Your Business, LLC 11460 Knox Court, Westminster, CO 80031, US Tonya Mecum 2019-10-15 Good Standing
Reed Real Estate Group, Inc 8774 Yates Dr #100, Westminster, CO 80031, US Randall J Reed 2019-10-15 Good Standing
Edge4 Nutrition L.L.C. 9869 Teller Ct., Westminster, CO 80021, US Heather M Sosias 2019-10-15 Good Standing
FITFOODS COLORADO L.L.C. 9869 Teller Court, Westminster, CO 80021, US Heather M Sosias 2019-10-15 Good Standing
THE SHAMEN MUSIC LLC 2171 W. 131st Way, Westminster, CO 80234, US James Jock Bartley 2019-10-15 Good Standing
Puffs Smoke and Vape LLC 7727 West 92nd Ave, Westminster, CO 80021, US Emile Bahdi 2019-10-15 Good Standing
Imperium360 Inc. 10909 W 104th Cir., Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-10-14 Good Standing
Phoenix Rising Consulting, LLC 2830 W 116th Pl, 101, Westminster, CO 80234, US Kayla Nichole Harneck 2019-10-14 Good Standing
Respectable Empire LLC 8886 w 86th drive, Westminster, CO 80005, US Pearl Bell 2019-10-14 Good Standing
9085 Marshall Ct, LLC 9085 Marshall Court, Westminster, CO 80031, US Erik Olson 2019-10-14 Good Standing
Corner to corner Painting, LLC 7380 Clay St., Westminster, CO 80030, US Amanda Sheree Hanks 2019-10-14 Good Standing
Passion Force Yoga & Dance 520 Cherokee St, Denver, CO 80204, US Elizabeth Marie Marberry 2019-10-14 Good Standing
North Federal Liquor LLC 8020 N Federal Blvd #7, Westminster, CO 80031, US Miguel Angel Medina 2019-10-14 Good Standing
2020 Whistle Blower LLC 6980 Stuart St, 2-105, Westminster, CO 80030, US J B Ivers 2019-10-13 Good Standing
Virkum Dogum 5451 W. 97th Place, Westminster, CO 80020, US Matthew Christopher Harris 2019-10-13 Good Standing
Beyond the Mess LLC 4045 W. 105th Place, Westminster, CO 80031, US Elizabeth Ray Miller 2019-10-12 Good Standing
Homeskapes USA 7435 Osceola, Westminster, CO 80030, US Barb Gregg 2019-10-12 Good Standing
Propertiio, LLC 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy, Unit K2-209, Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-10-11 Good Standing
EQA LLC 15123 Brookhurst St #265, Westminster, CA 92683, US 2019-10-11 Good Standing
Harbor Foods #4, Inc. 2825 West 113th Court, Westminster, CO 80234, US 2019-10-11 Good Standing
KLB Consulting LLC 11397 C Navajo Circle, Westminster, CO 80234, US Kevin L Beasley Sr. 2019-10-11 Good Standing
ATrueTeam.LLC 2740 W 86th Ave, #199, Westminster, CO 80031, US Arlen H Renshaw 2019-10-11 Good Standing
Emerald Green Builders LLC 7575 Newton, Westminster, CO 80030, US Patrick Heintz 2019-10-10 Good Standing
Madden Construction LLC 8965 grove st, Westminster, CO 80031, US Zachory Wayne Madden 2019-10-10 Good Standing
Trinity Hemp Farms LLC 7435 Osceola Street, Westminster, CO 80030, US Barbara L Gregg 2019-10-10 Good Standing
Nomad Advisors, LLC 7508 Canosa Court, Westminster, CO 80030, US Joseph Benjamin Lankow 2019-10-09 Good Standing
12990 Prince Court LLC 9607 W. 107th Drive, Westminster, CO 80021, US Andrew Makely 2019-10-09 Good Standing
K'Lani Consulting LLC 10086 Owens Dr., Westminster, CO 80021, US 2019-10-09 Good Standing
T&T Armor 4301 W 76th ave, Westminster, CO 80030, US Kyle Richard Taylor 2019-10-09 Good Standing
CAJUN RESTAURANT WESTMINSTER LLC 9280 SHERIDAN BLVD, Westminster, CO 80031, US CHUN HO LEE 2019-10-09 Good Standing
Michelle the Notary 7840 Wolff Court, Westminster, CO 80030, US Michelle Lynne Eggleston 2019-10-09 Good Standing
Romero Painting, LLC 860 W 132nd AVE, LOT 239, Westminster, CO 80234, US Jose D Romero Reyes 2019-10-09 Good Standing
Irene Harris Fine Design LLC 2731 W 120th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234, US Irene Harris 2019-10-09 Good Standing
Angela Branson Photography, LLC 3721 W 118th Pl, Westminster, CO 80031, US Angela Denise Branson 2019-10-09 Good Standing
Tailwaters LLC 5542 W. 96th Ave., Westminster, CO 80020, US 2019-10-08 Good Standing
Statewide Networks, LLC 10860 Dover Street, Suite 2000, Westminster, CO 80021, US Paul Page 2019-10-08 Good Standing
dbbri 9125 WEST 102ND PLACE, Westminster, CO 80021, US Brian Joseph Walter 2019-10-08 Good Standing
Silver Linings 10350 Dover St, H 17, Westminster, CO 80021, US Lindsay Blair Cooper 2019-10-08 Good Standing
Brayshaw Creative 11203 OSAGE CIRCLE, UNIT F, Westminster, CO 80234-4753, US Scott Brayshaw 2019-10-08 Good Standing
Skyler Peak Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. 12009 Pecos St., Westminster, CO 80234, US Skyler Peak 2019-10-07 Good Standing
Dirty Hairy's llc 6929 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, CO 80221, US natalie robin gonzales 2019-10-07 Good Standing
BioDiscovery Communications 10216 Quail Ct, Westminster, CO 80021, US Rose T Nash 2019-10-07 Good Standing
Aesthetic Creations Too LLC 14532 Orchard Parkway studio #14, Westminster, CO 80023, US 2019-10-07 Good Standing
Jewel Moving Solutions Inc 7460 Lowell Blvd Unit D, Westminster, CO 80030, US Mario Pinelli 2019-10-07 Good Standing
Major Drain LLC 7901 wolff ct., Westminster, CO 80030, US Phillip Blok 2019-10-07 Good Standing
J&K TILE, LLC 7140 BEACH ST, Westminster, CO 80030, US JAIME A LOPEZ-CERVANTES 2019-10-07 Good Standing
Mustard Manor LLC 4309 W 118th Way, Westminster, CO 80031, US Paul F Leone 2019-10-07 Good Standing
Bloom Customer Insights, LLC 10302 Tennyson Court, Westminster, CO 80031, US Amy Bloom Amorese 2019-10-07 Good Standing
Down Under Veterinary Services LLC 12716 Home Farm Drive, Westminster, CO 80234, US Kelly McGuire 2019-10-07 Good Standing