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Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
walsh engineering 1153 bergen parkway, suite i # 101, Evergreen kevin a walsh 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Chinnis Engineering, LLC 917 Buffalo Ct, Longmont Darcie Alanna O'Connor Chinnis 2017-09-15 Good Standing
Skyway Engineering 3010 Orion Drive, Colorado Springs Heather Anderson 2017-09-15 Good Standing
KP ENGINEERING, LP 5555 Old Jacksonville Hwy, Tyler 2017-09-14 Good Standing
BARNETT ENGINEERING DISASTER RECOVERY LLC 1559 Vapor Trail, Colorado Springs Robert S. Gardner 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Brockman Engineering LLC 7441 Bronco Rd, Denver Lucas Cole Brockman 2017-09-12 Good Standing
Flatirons Engineering and Consulting, LLC 19561 W. 59th Avenue, Golden Timothy Hawkins 2017-09-07 Good Standing
High Point Engineering 623 Chaco Ct, Grand Junction Suzanne Kupelian 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Asche Engineering LLC 3716 E Burgen Road SE, Alexandria 2017-09-06 Good Standing
TranTech Engineering, LLC 12011 NE 1st Street, Suite 305, Bellevue Joshua Charles Hamm 2017-09-06 Good Standing
TM Design & Engineering, LLC 12295 W 48th Avenue, Unit C, Wheat Ridge Tony Mertlik 2017-09-05 Good Standing
Applied Engineering and Geology, Inc. 578 E Street, Lincoln Dane Frank 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Adventure Engineering, LLC 1741 S. Sherman St., Denver Reuben Patterson 2017-08-31 Good Standing
Trinity Engineering Services, Inc. 6531 W 73rd Ave., Arvada Nashat Sawaged 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Spindrift Engineering LLC 11625 Wildwood Ridge Drive, Colorado Springs Adam Douglas Bradley 2017-08-29 Good Standing
KNK Engineering Consulting Corp. 7380 W Sand Lake Rd, Suite 500, Orlando 2017-08-25 Good Standing
McKenzie Systems Engineering Associates, Inc. 1300 W. Gonzales Rd, Suite 203, Oxnard Rick Dulaine 2017-08-24 Good Standing
H&P Engineering LLC 14783 Stoney Creek Way, Broomfield Christopher J Piekarski 2017-08-22 Good Standing
Q Engineering LLC 9087 Clydesdale Rd, Castle Rock 2017-08-22 Good Standing
SCO ENGINEERING, LLC 6534 Constitution Dr., Fort Wayne 2017-08-21 Good Standing
GDev Engineering LLC 74 Trotterdown Rd, Aspen 2017-08-18 Good Standing
AeroCert Engineering 2249 Stepping Stones Way, Apt F, Colorado Springs Whit Peters 2017-08-17 Good Standing
Acute Engineering, Inc. 1429 S State St, Orem 2017-08-16 Good Standing
Engineering Consultants, Inc. 401 West Capitol Ave., Suite 305, Little Rock 2017-08-15 Good Standing
Andersen Engineering, LLC 8374 e 55th pl, Denver Michael Louis Andersen 2017-08-14 Good Standing
Dextrous Design Engineering LLC 8275 E.11th Ave. #201811, Denver Shao Bo Zhou 2017-08-11 Good Standing
M L Atkinson Engineering, LLC 12951 Vallejo Circle, Westminster Michael Lee Atkinson 2017-08-09 Good Standing
Slurry Engineering, Inc. 1721 Eastern Ave. Ste 15, Sacramento 2017-08-08 Good Standing
O'Shea Engineering & Accounting, LLC 3330 Westhaven Pl, Highlands Ranch Kevin M O'Shea 2017-08-06 Good Standing
Manney Engineering Support Services Ltd 39453 E. Arizona Ave, Bennett Thomas Christopher Manney 2017-08-04 Good Standing
EOS ENGINEERING, INC. 1217 RAWHIDE CIR, Elizabeth LUCAS MUNISTERI 2017-08-04 Good Standing
WNA Engineering, Inc 1257 Perry Highway, PO Box 267, Portersville 2017-08-02 Good Standing
Concrete Engineering LLC 18084 County Road T, Fort Morgan Fernando Marquez 2017-08-02 Good Standing
BCT Engineering 650 Perry St., Denver Parker Lawson Bussey 2017-08-02 Good Standing
Walls Engineering, PLLC 1928 Wescott Dr, Raleigh 2017-08-01 Good Standing
Big G Electric & Engineering, Inc. 42005 K-Beach Road, Soldotna 2017-08-01 Good Standing
Global Telecom Engineering & Construction, LLC 1851 Central Place South, Suite 101, Kent 2017-07-28 Good Standing
FAMILY SYSTEM ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION 1712 Belvedere Dr., Golden JIANHONG CAO 2017-07-26 Good Standing
BW Engineering 2721 South Logan Street, Englewood Susan Elaine Hagen 2017-07-25 Good Standing
CAGE Engineering, Inc. 3110 Woodcreek Dr., Downers Grove 2017-07-25 Good Standing
GNH Engineering Corporation 999 18th Street, Denver Joseph Spivey 2017-07-19 Good Standing
Aspect Engineering Services, Inc. 9510 E. Florida Ave #1055, Denver 2017-07-18 Good Standing
Leader Engineering Inc 9801Westheimer Rd, Suite 302, Houston 2017-07-14 Good Standing
brautech engineering 1831 S. Buchanan Cr., Aurora Chris A. MacDonald 2017-07-14 Good Standing
Dixon Engineering Consultants, LLC 6900 E. Belleview Avenue, Suite 350, Greenwood Village 2017-07-14 Good Standing
Dickson Engineering Services, LLC 6900 E. Belleview Avenue, Suite 350, Greenwood Village 2017-07-14 Good Standing
K. MAX ENGINEERING, P.C. 4883 Old Highway Rd, Suite A, Morgan Kelby Max York 2017-07-10 Good Standing
Newman Engineering, LLC 9450 Morgan Road, Colorado Springs Bradford James Newman 2017-07-06 Good Standing
Frost Structural Engineering - Idaho LLC 1020 Lincoln Rd, Idaho Falls 2017-07-05 Good Standing
BORCH Engineering PO Box 908, Evergreen David Thomas Borcherding 2017-07-04 Good Standing
Advanced Concepts in Engineering and Science, LLC 1630 Oakmont Dr, Colorado Springs Christopher Rea 2017-07-04 Good Standing
Thunderhead Engineering Consultants, Inc. 403 Poyntz Ave. Suite B, Manhattan Pavel Janovsky 2017-07-03 Good Standing
Giangrande Engineering and Planning LLC 1730 Seclusion Point, Apt I, Colorado Springs Leo Giangrande 2017-07-01 Good Standing
System Insight Engineering, LLC 1811 Crestview Ln., Erie Casey Michael Ladtkow 2017-06-29 Good Standing
BAM Engineering Consulting, Inc. 7979 Fourmile Canyon Drive, Boulder Rebecca Meadows 2017-06-28 Good Standing
DB Engineering & Consulting USA Inc. 120 White Plains Road, Suite 402, Tarrytown 2017-06-27 Good Standing
Elemental Engineering Concepts, Ltd 1909 Rampart Range Rd, Woodland Park Todd James Schmidt 2017-06-22 Good Standing
Blackstone Engineering, LLC 7879 S Country Club Pkwy, Aurora Morris James Bell 2017-06-22 Good Standing
JRG Reservoir Engineering, LLC 2114 Mountain Maple Ave, Highlands Ranch James R Gilman 2017-06-22 Good Standing
Vantage Engineering, LLC 3689 Mallard St, Highlands Ranch Ron Jason Keller 2017-06-22 Good Standing
MTH Structural Engineering LLC 705 Preservation Pl, Mount Pleasant 2017-06-19 Good Standing
Pure Power Engineering, Inc. 50 Harrison St., Suite 210, Hoboken 2017-06-19 Good Standing
Hi Rel Management and Engineering, LLC 5722 S. Netherland St., Centennial Eugene B Hockenberry Jr. 2017-06-15 Good Standing
American Engineering Testing Inc. 550 Cleveland Ave N, St. Paul 2017-06-15 Good Standing
Unique Solutions Engineering and Construction LLC 4458 Mcgrew Circle, Colorado Springs Robert Justin Barry 2017-06-12 Good Standing
Whitehead Engineering, LLC. 4309 Tipton Ct, Colorado Springs David J Whitehead 2017-06-11 Good Standing
Main Street Electrical & Engineering, LLC 2420 17th Street, 3rd Floor, Denver Anne Creech 2017-06-10 Good Standing
CULTIVATION BIOENGINEERING LTD. 4561 KIPLING ST, #3, Wheat Ridge 2017-06-10 Good Standing
Koehler Engineering and Land Surveying, Inc. 194 Coker Ln, Cape Girardeau 2017-06-07 Good Standing
Arrow Engineering Systems LLC 16445 Cathys Loop, Peyton Anna Christina Haiar 2017-06-07 Good Standing
South Park Engineering LLC 680 San Juan Stret, Lake George Robert John Taylor 2017-06-06 Good Standing
R & H Engineering, LLC 1120 Chamber Ave., Eagle David G. Young 2017-06-02 Good Standing
in-tech Automotive Engineering, LLC 108 B Trade Street, Greer 2017-06-01 Good Standing
Clampitt Engineering Group 688 Lupine st, Golden George Harold Clampitt 2017-06-01 Good Standing
The Osborn Engineering Company 1100 Superior Avenue, Suite 300, Cleveland 2017-05-25 Good Standing
Sargent Engineering LLC 627 34 Road, Clifton 2017-05-24 Good Standing
LOVE ENGINEERING INC 5740 N. Tee Pee Lane, Las Vegas 2017-05-24 Good Standing
FAC Engineering Consulting, LLC 3103 E. Hinsdale Pl., Centennial 2017-05-23 Good Standing
AVL Powertrain Engineering, Inc. 47603 Halyard Dr., Plymouth 2017-05-19 Good Standing
JRH Engineering LLC 3639 S Glencoe St, Denver James Robert Hutchison III 2017-05-17 Good Standing
Range Engineering Solutions LLC 630 Grenville Circle, Erie Scott Berkheiser 2017-05-16 Good Standing
DuChancell Engineering Consulting, LLC 813 America Way, Del Mar William Pieseski 2017-05-16 Good Standing
Living the Dream Engineering and Consulting, ltd 5394 S. Prescott St, Littleton WILLARD W. HAYNE IV 2017-05-15 Good Standing
Champion Consulting & Engineering, LLC 8199 Welby Rd. #207, Thornton Jeffrey Edward Drake 2017-05-13 Good Standing
Shoaff Engineering Consultants, Inc. 2565 Jessup St., The Villages Phillip Shoaff Jr. 2017-05-11 Good Standing
Wernsman Engineering and Land Development, LLC 16493 Essex Road South, Platteville Eric Wernsman 2017-05-11 Good Standing
Wanamaker Engineering LLC 3005 S CHERRY WAY, Denver Isaac Wanamaker 2017-05-10 Good Standing
Lefin Engineering LLC P.O. Box 460627, Aurora Karla Lefin 2017-05-10 Voluntarily Dissolved
Braecori Analysis & Engineering, LLC 407 Butte Parkway, Golden David A. B. Smith 2017-05-10 Good Standing
York Engineering, P.C. 10705 Addison Court, Highlands Ranch Kelby M York 2017-05-08 Good Standing
GJ Engineering, LLC 450 Meadows Way, Grand Junction Garrett O Jackson 2017-05-08 Good Standing
Revelant Engineering LLC 27888 Meadow Drive, Suite 100, Evergreen Brett Edwards 2017-05-05 Good Standing
Mortenson Engineering Services, Inc. 700 Meadow Lane North, Minneapolis 2017-05-04 Good Standing
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING, INC 2860 S Circle Dr, Suite 450E, Colorado Springs 2017-05-04 Good Standing
Colorado Engineering Design LLC 153 Orion Street, Golden Jesse Sfetsas 2017-05-04 Good Standing
P and P Engineering, LLC 4660 Talbot Dr, Boulder David James 2017-05-03 Good Standing
SKetch Engineering Inc 9652 Montclair Dr, Highlands Ranch Vladimir Kotlyarov 2017-05-03 Good Standing
High Altitude Engineering, LLC 7638 Hahns Peak, Littleton Andrew L Gerrie 2017-05-02 Good Standing