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Jurisdiction: Colorado, USA
Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Novati Technologies, LLC 2706 Montopolis Drive, Austin 2017-09-14 Good Standing
APEX ONE TECHNOLOGIES LLC 14173 GREENFIELD LOOP, Parker 2017-09-13 Good Standing
JJ Quattro Technologies 1215 Linden Ave #2, Boulder James Arthur Julien IV 2017-09-09 Good Standing
Immersive Technologies, LLC 8400 E Prentice Ave, PH 1500, Greenwood Village Ryan James Hammel 2017-09-08 Good Standing
Financial Technologies LLC 10010 E Gunnison Pl, Unit 706, Aurora Emily Mai Hosoya 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Elek Technologies Inc 1121 13th St. #187, Boulder BIN ZHOU 2017-09-07 Good Standing
Backflip Technologies, Inc. 2828 SW Corbett Ave, Portland 2017-09-06 Good Standing
LIFESAVER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC 3538 E 142nd Drive, Thornton 2017-09-05 Good Standing
ILG Technologies LLC 606 Mountain View Ave, Longmont David Rusaw 2017-09-04 Good Standing
D & J Technologies, LLC 115 Cliff Side Dr., Durango James Andrew Baur 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Warp Technologies, Inc. 1010 Meadow Run, Golden John Unruh 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Chronos Technologies, LLC 210 Maple Street # 311-304, Fort Collins 2017-09-01 Good Standing
Montessori School of Innovative Technologies and World Languages 8735 S Doubleheader Ranch Road, Morrison Santiago R Grado 2017-08-31 Good Standing
JH Technologies, Inc 213 Hammond Avenue, Freemont 2017-08-30 Good Standing
Dent Technologies LLC 4076 Youngfield St., Wheat Ridge Ronald Kronon 2017-08-26 Good Standing
Intelligent Trading Technologies, Limited 2080 S. Franklin St., Denver 2017-08-25 Good Standing
Incrane Technologies LLC 12977 W Oregon Dr, Lakewood John Gilbert Green III 2017-08-20 Good Standing
Global Solution Technologies 115 Beech Court, Erie John Shattuck 2017-08-18 Good Standing
NextCoast Technologies, LLC 1275 Violet Ave, Apt 201, Boulder Don McIntosh 2017-08-16 Good Standing
Prosper Technologies LLC 2548 Foothills Canyon Ct, Highlands Ranch Michael Jaltuch 2017-08-15 Good Standing
Integrated Energy & Water Technologies, LLC 8200 S. Quebec Street, Suite A3-211, Centennial Eric Stern 2017-08-15 Good Standing
Ross Snow Technologies LTD. 535 Galapago St., Denver 2017-08-14 Good Standing
HSH Technologies LLC 4895 Fenton Street, Denver 2017-08-10 Good Standing
VP Technologies LLC 1882 Race Street, Denver Reid Victor Peterson 2017-08-10 Good Standing
Flatirons Digital Technologies, LLC 11265 Clay Court, We Salim Wahdan 2017-08-09 Good Standing
PROCTOR TECHNOLOGIES, LLC 5295 South Jebel Street, Centennial 2017-08-07 Good Standing
Can Forming Technologies, LLC 4910 Crimson Star Drive, Broomfield James A. Sines 2017-08-05 Good Standing
complete sprayfoam technologies llc 328 s link ln, Fort Collins jeremy allen wallis 2017-08-04 Good Standing
Plexa Technologies LLC 7368 Village Square Drive, #1826, Castle Pines Ryan Lawrence Vandersmith 2017-08-03 Good Standing
Airspace Technologies, Inc. 6005 Hidden Valley Rd., Suite 280, Carlsbad 2017-08-02 Good Standing
Construction Technologies "LLC" 3124 S Parker Rd. A2, 197, Aurora Ray A. Kauffman 2017-08-02 Good Standing
Desta Technologies, LLC 432 S. Hoyt Street, Lakewood Joseph Daniel Ewing 2017-08-01 Good Standing
Gray Technologies, LLC 786 Mobile St., Aurora Matthew Ian Gray 2017-07-31 Good Standing
Halliburton Digital Technologies, Ltd. 1826 E Platte Ave, Suite 203, Colorado Springs Dawn Jupp 2017-07-31 Good Standing
SIPP Technologies, LLC 4151 N Seneca St, Wichita 2017-07-30 Good Standing
Solutions Through Innovative Technologies, Inc. 1112 S. Boston Ave, Tulsa Mary Thuente 2017-07-28 Good Standing
LVL Technologies, Inc. 2815 Manor Rd #204, Austin 2017-07-27 Good Standing
Carbon Application Technologies Corp. 1625 Fry Ave, Canyon City 2017-07-27 Good Standing
Noelani Technologies, LLC 2737 Coal Bank Dr., Fort Collins Kevin Wilson 2017-07-27 Good Standing
United Technologies Inc 2300 15TH ST STE 200, Denver ZHIQIANG WU 2017-07-27 Good Standing
PROSCAPE TECHNOLOGIES DE, INC. 5 Walnut Grove Drive #100, Horsham 2017-07-25 Good Standing
AEONICS TECHNOLOGIES INC. 220 Cherry Hills Way, Colorado Springs Isaac Martinez 2017-07-25 Good Standing
Contego Technologies LLC 221 Corporate Circle, Suite D, Golden S. Lee Terry Jr. 2017-07-20 Good Standing
Cedar Ridge Technologies, LLC 15140 Jessie Drive, Colorado Springs Susan Katherine Shrack 2017-07-20 Good Standing
botanex technologies llc. 3407 South Logan Street, Englewood Patrick Neil 2017-07-19 Good Standing
Pegasus Biotechnologies, Inc. 3585 East Long Road, Greenwood Village 2017-07-18 Good Standing
Alley Technologies, Ltd. 10030 Miller st., Broomfield David Matthew DiGiacomo 2017-07-18 Good Standing
Neumeric Technologies Corporation 470 olde worthington rd, Ste 225, Westerville 2017-07-12 Good Standing
High Desert Technologies 810 Northcrest Dr Unit #2, Grand Junction 2017-07-12 Good Standing
Dynamit Technologies LLC 274 Marconi Boulevard, Suite 300, Columbus Matthew Chanay 2017-07-12 Good Standing
Covr Financial Technologies, LLC 1209 Orange St, Wilmington 2017-07-11 Good Standing
Aeon Rehabilitation Technologies, Inc. 1153 Bergen Parkway, Suite I 278, Evergreen Michael Middleton 2017-07-10 Good Standing
Infiniti Outdoor Technologies LLC 1756 Holeman dr, Erie Ben Nevis McGee 2017-07-09 Good Standing
ACCESS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 422 CONKLIN ST, Farmingdale 2017-07-06 Good Standing
Landscape Technologies LLC 1679 County Road 245, New Castle Brian Travis 2017-07-06 Good Standing
Infrastructure Technologies, LLC 1115 Madison St NE, Salem Kelly Dawson 2017-07-05 Good Standing
On Location Care Technologies, LLC 1123 S. Corona Street, Denver Jonathon Savage 2017-07-05 Good Standing
FastLane Technologies, LLC 1808 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs 2017-07-03 Good Standing
Benchmark Technologies, LLC 1295 Mulberry Lane, Highlands Ranch CLAYTON JAMES BENCH 2017-07-03 Good Standing
Foundation Technologies, LLC 250 Marquette Ave, Ste 225, Minneapolis 2017-07-01 Good Standing
LongPath Technologies LLC 2925 15th Street, Boulder Edward Weaver 2017-06-30 Good Standing
Dynomantle Technologies LLC 6644 Finley Pl, Apt 302, Boulder Beekey S Cheung 2017-06-30 Good Standing
Westbound Technologies, LLC 105 S. Sunset St, Ste O, Longmont Daniel Storey 2017-06-27 Good Standing
J Keiffer Technologies Incorporated 3745 Moose Run Dr, Colorado Springs Keith Logan Becker 2017-06-27 Good Standing
G3 Technologies, LLC 4849 Harrier Ridge Dr, Colorado Springs 2017-06-27 Good Standing
Fit51 Technologies LLC 11800 Ridge PKWY STE 400, Broomfield Todd Wydeven 2017-06-26 Good Standing
High Desert Technologies, LLC 810 Northcrest Drive Unit #2, Grand Junction 2017-06-26 Good Standing
Jed Technologies Inc. 11801 York Street #1032, Thornton Eric John Garcia 2017-06-25 Good Standing
Bodega Technologies, LLC 3651 Lindell Rd, Suite D1014, Las Vegas 2017-06-21 Good Standing
BAILEY COMPUTING TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 5112 Bobby Hicks Hwy, Gray 2017-06-21 Good Standing
Cience Technologies Inc 4631 Wildgrass PL, Dacono Michael Maynes 2017-06-21 Good Standing
WIDE RANGE TECHNOLOGIES INC. 2236 E 109th Dr, Northglenn Edward Hidalgo 2017-06-19 Good Standing
PURE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES INC. 2236 E 109th Dr, Northglenn Edward Hidalgo 2017-06-19 Good Standing
reOrder Technologies Inc. 2821 S Parker Road, Suite 525, Aurora 2017-06-19 Good Standing
SANDBOX GENERAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. 2236 E 109th Dr, Northglenn Edward Hidalgo 2017-06-19 Good Standing
HEXAHASH TECHNOLOGIES INC. 106, Town Green Drive, Elmsford 2017-06-16 Good Standing
Blue Water Design Technologies, LLC 7105 La Vista Place, Suite 200, Niwot Adam Torgerson 2017-06-14 Good Standing
Liviasoft Technologies, LTD c/o #445 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, C225, Colorado Springs Bobga Danjuma 2017-06-08 Good Standing
THUNDERBAY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 121 S Tejon Street, Suite 900, Colorado Springs 2017-06-05 Good Standing
innkeeper's technologies LLC 191 University Blvd. #600, Denver Efrain Adolfo Garcia 2017-06-05 Good Standing
RJG Technologies, Inc. 3111 Park Drive, Traverse City 2017-06-02 Good Standing
Spectraforce Technologies Inc. 500 W Peace Street, Raleigh 2017-06-01 Good Standing
Fishnet Technologies LLC 610 Kryptonite Drive, Castle Rock Gary Vito Faircloth 2017-06-01 Good Standing
Ridgevue Technologies, LLC 356 Ridgeview Lane, Boulder Mark Bullimore 2017-06-01 Good Standing
MOSTAR DIRECTIONAL TECHNOLOGIES (COLORADO), L.P. c/o Higginson Beyer, P.S., 175 Second Street North, Friday Harbor 2017-06-01 Good Standing
National Energy Technologies LLC 191 University Blvd, Unit 705, Denver Scott Milne 2017-06-01 Good Standing
Augur Technologies, LLC 1644 Platte Street, Denver 2017-05-31 Good Standing
Alien Technologies L.L.C. 4445 Utica St., Denver Marshaan Griego 2017-05-31 Good Standing
DEXTER MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 1050 MORSE AVE, Elk Grove 2017-05-31 Good Standing
Asset Class Technologies, LLC. 30 Knightsbridge Rd, Suite 525, Piscataway 2017-05-30 Withdrawn
CyberDawg Technologies Inc. 2424 Cheviot Dr., Fort Collins Michael Jones 2017-05-27 Good Standing
Flexon Technologies Inc. 7901 Stoneridge Dr., Suite 404, Pleasanton 2017-05-26 Good Standing
Furos Technologies, LLC 7720 E Belleview Ave, Suite B-104, Greenwood Village 2017-05-26 Good Standing
SportsHub Technologies LLC 807 Broadway St NE, Suite 310-100, Minneapolis 2017-05-23 Good Standing
Arctos Medical Technologies 1000 S Broadway, Apt 348, Denver Benjamin Michael Wicki 2017-05-18 Good Standing
J & H Technologies LLC 1001 E Bayaud Ave Unit 1808, Denver 2017-05-18 Good Standing
Tally Technologies, Inc. 74 Langton Street, San Francisco 2017-05-17 Good Standing
Christian Audio Video Technologies, LLC 7079 S. Knolls Way, Centennial Luis A Cortes 2017-05-16 Good Standing
PeakLevel Technologies, LLC 6422 Rookery Road, Fort Collins David Formanek 2017-05-16 Good Standing
WaveMatrix Technologies LLC 1942 Broadway St. STE 314C, Boulder 2017-05-16 Good Standing