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Register: Colorado Secretary of State

This dataset includes over 1.65 million business entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business registration contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, entity status, type and creation date.

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Entity Name Office Address Agent Start Date Status
Northern Colorado Psychotherapy Inc 305 Galaxy Way, Fort Collins Robert Neil Colbert 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Brittany Alley Psychotherapy L.L.C. 1973 Carr Ct, Longmont Brittany Leigh Alley 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Ascent Physical Therapy, LLC 3910 Carefree Circle S, Suite A, Colorado Springs Ryan Azeltine 2018-08-29 Good Standing
Springs Psychotherapy Inc. 2210 E La Salle Suite #228, Colorado Springs Alicia Renee Hite 2018-08-28 Good Standing
Nelipot Therapy LLC 1942 Broadway St., STE 314C, Boulder 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Mountain Therapy Co. 8516 Gold Peak Drive, Unit B, Highlands Ranch Rolando Butvilofsky 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Rise Physical Therapy LLC 468 S Logan Street, Denver Jamie Bovay 2018-08-27 Good Standing
Mojo Physical Therapy, LLC 300 Center Drive, Suite G #307, Superior Brittany Lou Boehnke 2018-08-24 Good Standing
Allied Massage Therapy, LLC 5962 Steson Hills Blvd, Colorado Springs 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Allied Physical Therapy Associates, LLC 5962 Stetson Hills Blvd, Colorado Springs 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Body Centered Therapy LLC 18701 W. 4th Avenue, Golden Shantel Beckers 2018-08-22 Good Standing
ispeak therapy LLC 164 Colorado Ave #A, Montrose Samantha CORBRIDGE 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Ramona Faith Hypnotherapy 1618 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs Ramona Faith Mauser 2018-08-22 Good Standing
Mark Campbell Physical Therapy 300 W. Colorado Ave, Unit 2B, Telluride Mark Campbell 2018-08-21 Good Standing
Sacred Divine Equine Assisted Therapy LLC 2341 5th Ave, Greeley Opal Magdalena Hatfield 2018-08-20 Good Standing
Connect Physical Therapy, LLC 2007 Dallas St, Aurora Carrie Lamb 2018-08-18 Good Standing
Anduri, Occupational Therapy,LLC 14556 G Rd, Delta Jeanne Marie Anduri 2018-08-17 Good Standing
Nicholas Inman Psychotherapy LLC 15934 Willow Way, Sedalia Nicholas Lee Inman 2018-08-17 Good Standing
Nature Based Play Therapy, LLC 3137 Ridge Road, PO Box 874, Nederland Nicole M Gaspari 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Ampersand Therapy LLC 14205 SE 36th St, Suite 100, Bellevue 2018-08-16 Good Standing
Mighty Summit Therapy Inc 1630 N EMERSON ST, APT 2, Denver MARGARET E MATHIESON 2018-08-15 Good Standing
Global Physical Therapy, LLC 4457 County Rd 59, Keenesburg Richard Clark 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Cinda Hardin Therapy, LLC 1476 Thunder Butte Road, Castle Rock Cinda Gail Hardin 2018-08-14 Good Standing
Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch Foundation For Growth, Inc. 1304 Westmoreland Rd, Colorado Springs Sara Emma Green-McMurry 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Movement Massage Therapy LLC 2672 South Kearney St, Denver Jennifer Kay Bobich 2018-08-13 Good Standing
Momentum Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC 4604 Greenbriar Court, Boulder Brittany Lou Boehnke 2018-08-12 Good Standing
Unbound Massage Therapy & Fitness Transformations 1030 S. Yampa Street, Aurora Kendrick Rendell Kennedy 2018-08-12 Good Standing
Flanagan Occupational Therapy LLC 12703 W BOWLES PL, Littleton 2018-08-11 Good Standing
Loomis Restorative Physical Therapy Inc 942 Oak St, Steamboat Springs Stephanie J Loomis 2018-08-09 Good Standing
Re/Code Cryotherapy, LLC 7319 S Lafayette Cir W, Centennial Shelly Curtis 2018-08-09 Good Standing
Elizabeth Glover Therapy LLC 2625 Redwing Road, Suite 175, Fort Collins Elizabeth Ann Glover 2018-08-05 Good Standing
Deep Listening Psychotherapy LLC 954 North Street, Suite 308, Boulder Brian William Keating 2018-08-05 Good Standing
Western Slope Speech Therapy LLC 2695 Patterson Rd Ste 2-100, Grand Junction Jon Kratowicz 2018-08-02 Good Standing
JPS Therapy Services LLC 13015 W 2nd Pl Apt. N212, Lakewood Jacqueline Patricia Sheldon 2018-08-02 Good Standing
The Body Works - Manual & Massage Therapy, LLC 7985 Vance Street, Suite 304, Arvada Donna Lynne Holloway 2018-07-31 Good Standing
Red Fox Music Therapy LLC PO Box 273074, Fort Collins Amanda Sciarabba 2018-07-31 Good Standing
Music Therapy of the Rockies 1335 Snowbunny Lane, Aspen Hugh McMillan Bailey 2018-07-30 Good Standing
Family Elements Therapy 1301 Caria Drive, Lafayette Alexandra Huckins 2018-07-26 Good Standing
Mended Hearts Therapy, LLC 1384 4th St. SE, Loveland Jennifer Kay Johnson 2018-07-25 Good Standing
David Physical Therapy LLC 677 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite 100, Denver Eric J David 2018-07-24 Good Standing
Corinne Watkins Music Therapy LLC 3666 Queen Anne Way, Colorado Springs Corinne Watkins 2018-07-24 Good Standing
FOUNDATIONS SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY LLC 5132 S Centric Way, Mesa Daniel Anthony Colella 2018-07-23 Good Standing
Trauma Therapy Institute LLC 1905 15th Street #683, Boulder Jeni Ambrose 2018-07-23 Good Standing
Tanya Barb Therapy 4125 Ammons Street, Wheat Ridge Tanya Barb 2018-07-23 Good Standing
Logos Wilderness Therapy 7117 South Windermere St., Littleton Chelsea Van Essen 2018-07-20 Good Standing
Tongue 'N Cheek Therapy 5262 S Jellison St, Littleton Julie Armendariz 2018-07-19 Good Standing
ESB Therapy, LLC 5485 Conestoga Court Suite 100F, Boulder Elizabeth Solvor Bogetveit 2018-07-19 Good Standing
Throttle Therapy Video LLC 701 CARROLL LN, Pierce sean h haynie 2018-07-18 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Prenatal Massage Therapy LLC 5775 w dartmouth ave, #1-105, Denver molly Margaret reuss 2018-07-18 Good Standing
Rhythm and Rhyme Music Therapy 3525 Masters Drive, Colorado Springs Clare Elizabeth Hogan 2018-07-18 Good Standing
Tranquil Mind Therapy, PLLC 2855 North Speer Blvd., Denver Veronica Hopkins 2018-07-17 Good Standing
Jessie Read Therapy, LLC 3560 South Corona Street, Englewood Jessie R Read 2018-07-17 Good Standing
Thrive Play Therapy, LLC 380 Perry Street, Ste.260, Castle Rock Amy Long 2018-07-16 Good Standing
Morgan County Herbal Therapy, LLC 23693 CR 21, Fort Morgan 2018-07-14 Good Standing
Premiere Physical Therapy 97 Rachel Lane, P.O. Box 1555, Breckenridge Kimberly Marshall Eytel 2018-07-14 Good Standing
Thrive State Therapy LLC 731 N Weber St, Ste 205, Colorado Springs Shayne W Wermers 2018-07-13 Good Standing
RENEGADE SPORTS THERAPY, LLC 735 Arapahoe Ave 201, Boulder 2018-07-13 Good Standing
Krista Thomas Therapy, Inc. 14 Swope Ave, Colorado Springs 2018-07-12 Good Standing
At Home Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC "Mobile Therapy, Serving Seniors in Their Own Homes 6424 Willow Broom Tr., Littleton 2018-07-10 Good Standing
Colorado Clinical Therapy L.L.C. 14653 W 3rd Ave, Golden Julie Anne Laser-Maira 2018-07-10 Good Standing
Northern Colorado Psychotherapy, Training, and Substance Education Ltd 305 Galaxy Way, Fort Collins Robert Neil Colbert 2018-07-09 Good Standing
Neuro Physical Therapy, PLLC 3850 Independence Ct, Wheat Ridge Ellen Belle 2018-07-08 Good Standing
Global Occupational Therapy LLC 13804 W 21'st Ave, Golden Collette Chinyerere 2018-07-06 Good Standing
Pinnacle Physical Therapy, LLC 2545 Brenton Drive, Colorado Springs Phillip Kent Heuer 2018-07-06 Good Standing
Around The Clock Therapy, LLC 2112 Denton Grove, #101, Colorado Springs Paige Butler 2018-07-05 Good Standing
KJRTherapy.LLC 8379 Cole St., Arvada Kristen Rongaus 2018-07-05 Good Standing
AH Serenity Massage Therapy, LLC 442 S McCulloch Blvd, Pueblo West Aubrey Jimenez 2018-07-03 Good Standing
Respiratory Therapy Consultants 7298 TAMARISK DRIVE, Fort Collins Joshua Glenn 2018-07-03 Good Standing
DREAM THERAPY LLC 1807 B STREET STE B, Colorado Springs SANG VASQUEZ 2018-07-03 Good Standing
Rocky Mountain Myofunctional Therapy, LLC 8220 Contrails Dr, Colorado Springs Heather Schenkel 2018-07-02 Good Standing
Wild Earth Yoga Therapy 191 2nd Street, #B, Lyons Kaitlyn Rose Holsapple 2018-07-02 Good Standing
KNOTTY BODY MASSAGE THERAPY LLC 6290 LEHMAN DR STE 202, Colorado Springs 2018-07-02 Good Standing
Sage Mind Therapy, LLC 11485 W. Texas Ave., Suite 101, Lakewood Stephanie Jennifer Eells 2018-07-02 Good Standing
Credence Massage Therapy & Bodywork, LLC 3178 S. Sedalia Way, Aurora Jessica Ann Whyte 2018-07-01 Good Standing
Strive 2 Thrive Physiotherapy, Ltd. PO Box 4238, Avon Melissa Strzelinski 2018-07-01 Good Standing
Sage Psychotherapy LLC 7825 S. Armadillo trail, Evergreen sarah morehouse 2018-07-01 Good Standing
Anchor Therapy, PLLC 8386 S Upham Way, Littleton Jennifer Kate Ferris 2018-06-29 Good Standing
Innovations Pediatric Therapy, LLC 3403 W. 7th St. Apt. A, Greeley Elizabeth Eli 2018-06-28 Good Standing
Rhythmic Roots Music Therapy, LLC 11694 Pecos St. Apt. 305, Westminster Bonnie Michelle Houpt 2018-06-28 Good Standing
Threshold Physical Therapy and Performance, PLLC 1942 Broadway St. STE 314C, Boulder 2018-06-28 Good Standing
Face Body Therapy LLC 901 w beaver creek blvd, Avon Vianey Delgado 2018-06-27 Good Standing
Evolve Speech Therapy, LLC 8192 W. 109th Ave, Westminster Lee E. Schiller 2018-06-26 Good Standing
Peaks Massage Therapy 8214 Pierce Ct., Arvada Matthew Riley McLaughlin 2018-06-25 Good Standing
Right Way Massage Therapy 10431 Owens cir, Westminster Kyle Lundholm 2018-06-25 Good Standing
Connect Yoga Therapy Online LLC 1942 Broadway St., STE 314C, Boulder 2018-06-24 Good Standing
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Foundation 805 Burbank St, Broomfield Mark H. Carson 2018-06-22 Good Standing
Mapleton Manual Therapy 4695 Osage Drive, Boulder Lisa G. Foster 2018-06-20 Good Standing
Best Life Physical Therapy, LLC 2198 Lager St, Fort Collins Paige Mikelle Hedstrom 2018-06-20 Good Standing
MP3 Therapy & Training 1300 N Ogden St #405, Denver Karen Thomson 2018-06-19 Good Standing
Tessel Stevenson Therapy PLLC 8471 Turnpike Drive, Suite 110, Westminster Tessel Stevenson 2018-06-19 Good Standing
Fit For Life Physical Therapy, LLC 15421 W 73rd Place, Arvada Wendy Magee Sarver 2018-06-19 Good Standing
Integrated Pediatric Therapy Specialists, LLC 4305 Roaring Fork Drive, Loveland 2018-06-19 Good Standing
Jessica Smith Occupational Therapy, LLC 2937 Pleasant Valley Road, Fort Collins Jessica Kay Smith 2018-06-18 Good Standing
Crossroads Physical Therapy, LLC 6820 Powell Street, Loveland LaRae Joy Sehr 2018-06-18 Good Standing
Bloom Play & Family Therapy, LLC 1738 Valentia St, Denver JACQUELINE NEITHAMMER CASE 2018-06-16 Good Standing
KS THERAPY & FITNESS LLC 9521 COVE CREEK DRIVE, Highlands Ranch KYLIE A SLEETH 2018-06-15 Good Standing
Just Relax Massage Therapy 1643 York St. Apt B., Denver Kara Hayes 2018-06-15 Good Standing
Ellis Therapy & Fitness, Inc. 2147 Silver Linden Lane, Buffalo Grove 2018-06-13 Good Standing
Truly Being Therapy LLC 679 Grant St., Denver Erin McShane 2018-06-12 Good Standing