New York State Business Entities and Corporations

Provider: State of New York, Department of State (NYSDOS)
Jurisdiction: State of New York

This dataset includes 3 million business entities and corporations registered with New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). The Department of State keeps a record of every filing for every incorporated business in the state of New York. Each business entity is registered with lDOS ID, business legal name, type, filing date, registered agent name, office address, etc.

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Business NameAddressRegistered Agent NameInitial DOS Filing Date
Sc4 Ventures Corp.88 Oxford Blvd, Great Neck, NY 110232022-01-14
Health & Testing Direct, LLC93 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 110232022-01-14
Forefun, LLC24 Lighthouse Rd., Great Neck, NY 110242022-01-13
The Dashti Group LLC65 Greenleaf Hill, Great Neck, NY 11023Dori J. Dashti2022-01-12
Jack Brown Corp.485 Great Neck Rd #7a, Great Neck, NY 110212022-01-12
7 Roth LLC7 Road On The Hill, Great Neck, NY 110232022-01-11
Resultium LLC5c Foxwood Rd, Great Neck, NY 110242022-01-10
Mad Adds Inc.15 Cuttermill Road #553, Great Neck, NY 110212022-01-10
Level Up Design & Construction, Inc.9 Brentwood Ln, Great Neck, NY 110232022-01-10
New Nine Fashion Inc.505 Northern Blvd Suite 310, Great Neck, NY 110212022-01-10
150-02 Northern Development LLC60 Cuttermill Road Suite 405, Great Neck, NY 110212022-01-10
Sharon Realty 26 LLC6 Channel Dr, Great Neck, NY 11024Rabin Gold2022-01-07
Ec Management One LLC16 Middleneck Road # 557, Great Neck, NY 11021United States Corporation Agents, Inc.2022-01-06
One K Plaza LLC128 Windsor Gate, Great Neck, NY 110202022-01-06
207 East 32 Street Management LLCP0 Box 220208, Great Neck, NY 110222022-01-06
Berkshire Oak Inc.77 Berkshire Rd, Great Neck, NY 110232022-01-05
E & W Plus Holding Inc.4 Melbourne Rd, Great Neck, NY 11021-46372022-01-05
Renew and Beautify Corp.1a Ascot Ridge Rd, Great Neck, NY 110212022-01-05
Rattan Aid Inc.4 Northern Blvd., Great Neck, NY 110212022-01-05
Nobel Global LLC475 Northern Blvd, Suite 38, Great Neck, NY 110212022-01-04
Roger's Tax Services LLC27 Jayson Ave, Great Neck, NY 110212022-01-04
Mos Business Solution Inc.4519 Buttonwood Rd, Great Neck, NY 110202022-01-03
Yuchun Properties LLC4 E Mill Drive Apt. 1f, Great Neck, NY 110212022-01-02
Minerva Jewelry, Inc.34 Van Nostrand Ave, Great Neck, NY 110242021-12-30
Dwight Lane Development LLC8 Dwight Lane, Great Neck, NY 100242021-12-30
S&s Online Enterprises LLC87 Susquehanna Avenue, Great Neck, NY 11021Sarah Hanna Sachmechian2021-12-30
Z Capital Holdings LLC17 Barstow Road Ste 401, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-29
20 Gateway Holdings LLC20 Gateway Drive, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-29
China Wok Wong Inc.31 North Station Plaza, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-29
Dyw Consulting LLC7 Glamford Rd, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-28
1822 Fulton St LLC50 Grist Mill Lane, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-28
Leafquipo, Inc.14 Mirrielees Rd, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-27
Padomatic, Inc.47 Brampton Ln, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-27
Cormenenterprise1 LLC16 Norfolk Rd, Great Neck, NY 110202021-12-27
Divineleaf, Inc.5 Old Mill Rd, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-27
Kisanleaf, Inc.9 Willow Pl, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-27
Dentall LLC5 Stream Ct, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-23
Fra Shaoul Capital LLC47 Remsen Road, Great Neck, NY 110242021-12-22
Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PllcP.o. Box 220424, Great Neck, NY 110222021-12-22
Asaz Management Inc.3 Chelsea Pl, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-22
Alweiss On Hillside LLC25 Beach Rd, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-22
All Purpose Maintenance LLC16 Middle Neck Road, #515, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-21
Jonis-Hicks 2, LLCC/O Citi Urban Management, Attn: Josh Halegua, 6 Grace Avenue, Suite 400, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-21
Skiss Hospitality LLC570 East Shore Road, Great Neck, NY 110242021-12-21
Fra Isaac Equities LLC48 Warwick Road, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-17
Fraet Equities LLCC/O Ehsan Elnaghave, 48 Warwick Road, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-17
4519 Belmont LLC4519 Belmont Road, Great Neck, NY 110202021-12-17
100 Eckford LLC320 E Shore Rd, #7b, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-17
Velar Properties LLC6 Gay Drive, Great Neck, NY 110242021-12-17
Shok Capital Inc.55 Plymouth Rd, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-17
Fra Meir Equities LLC394 East Shore Road, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-17
Ewg Strategies, LLC166 Overlook Avenue, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-16
Z&h Freight International, LLC1010 Northern Blvd Ste 330, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-16
Edmira & Co LLC22 Berkshire Road, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-15
Qing Shu Ny Inc.53 Soundview Road, Great Neck, NY 110202021-12-15
La Cabra Ny Inc.36 School House Lane, Great Neck, NY 110202021-12-14
Sarv 4 Properties Inc.27 Harbour Road, Great Neck, NY 110242021-12-14
Jstj Corp.305 Northern Blvld, Ste 103, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-13
Nmm Capital Management V LLC5 Crosswood Rd, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-13
New Health & Happy World Corp.485 Great Neck Road #7a, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-10
Xerxes Capital Holdings Inc.6 Mitchell Drive, Great Neck, NY 110242021-12-10
Dune Hampton, LLC10 Bond Street #214, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-10
3sbio Usa Inc.123 Wooleys Lane, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-08
Fluvanna Z Plaza LLC175 Great Neck Rd., Ste. 406, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-08
Metavision, LLC63 Berkshire Road, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-08
Ap Premium Management, LLC240 East Shore Rd., Apt.319, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-08
666 9th Holdings LLC41 Wimbleton Ln, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-07
Czj Consulting Inc.56 Polo Rd, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-07
Lock City Ny Inc.100 Cuttermill Rd., Apt 4m, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-07
Vigilant International Security and Investigations LLC8 Arleigh Rd., Great Neck, NY 11021Joshua Rakhman2021-12-06
Diaone Corp.574 Middle Neck Rd 2nd Fl, Great Neck, NY 110232021-12-03
Niu Waters of Ny, Inc.Attn: Mitchell Reiter, 60 Cuttermill Road, Suite 200, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-03
Briarwood 85 LLC98 Cuttermill Rd, Ste # 207 N, Great Neck, NY 110212021-12-03
Siena Koh LLC10 Iowa Road, Great Neck, NY 110202021-12-02
Eliah, LLC75 Hicks Lane, Great Neck, NY 110242021-12-02
Mindless Crypto LLC661 Middle Neck Rd. #231269, Great Neck, NY 11023Andreh Kalatizadeh2021-12-01
Great Neck Convenience Inc.105 Steamboat Road, Great Neck, NY 110242021-12-01
3 Chelsea Place LLC3 Chelsea Place, Great Neck, NY 11021Metro Corporate Services LLC2021-11-30
Shaunce Corporation9 Chelsea Pl, Unit 2c, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-30
My Glitter Fix Inc.29 Hicks Lane, Great Neck, NY 110242021-11-30
Flushing Home Lawrence Inc.10 Links Drive, Great Neck, NY 110202021-11-30
Jjg Venture Holdings LLC60 Cutter Mill Road Suite 407, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-29
43-51 East 25th Street Owner LLCAttention: Freddi Kadden, 10 Bond Street, Suite 1 #194, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-29
Emerson 26 LLC16 Middle Neck Rd., Ste. #150, Great Neck, NY 110232021-11-29
Wise Bites LLC136 Baker Hill Road, Great Neck, NY 110232021-11-26
Dominant Force Trading, Inc.16 Middlenect Rd Suite #628, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-24
Gideon Blvd 19, LLC817 Old Cutter Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-23
Sharab Acquisitions LLC83 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 110232021-11-23
C-Bizmedia Corp.21 Linford Road, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-22
2727 Crescent LLC98 Cutter Mill Rd., Ste. 410n, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-22
Indy Portfolio Jjg LLC60 Cuttermill Rd., Ste. 407, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-22
Dechuan Intl Scm Inc.241 East Shore Rd Ste 202, Great Neck, NY 110232021-11-22
Pearlrock Capital LLC240 East Shore Rd Suite 307, Great Neck, NY 110232021-11-19
Waterpig Inc.10 Bond St #346, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-18
Gh Plan LLC346 Great Neck, Great Neck, NY 113582021-11-17
Yma Rx Corp.1000 Northern Blvd, Suite 160, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-17
Cornerstone Shopping Center, LLC747 Middleneck Rd Suite 105, Great Neck, NY 110242021-11-16
Deepdale Developers LLC42 Deepdale Drive, Great Neck, NY 110212021-11-15
Beau Luxe LLC16 Middle Neck Road Suite 508, Great Neck, NY 110242021-11-15
8s Station Plaza Inc.8 South Station Plaza, Great Neck, NY 11021Fadhl N M Shaif2021-11-12