New York State Business Entities and Corporations
The 1143-1145 45 Street Condominium

Provider: State of New York, Department of State (NYSDOS)
Jurisdiction: State of New York

This dataset includes 3 million business entities and corporations registered with New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). The Department of State keeps a record of every filing for every incorporated business in the state of New York. Each business entity is registered with lDOS ID, business legal name, type, filing date, registered agent name, office address, etc.

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Business NameAddressRegistered Agent NameInitial DOS Filing Date
Tcb 1145 Bay Street LLC1145 Bay St, Staten Island, New York 103052019-07-26
1145 J.d. Deli Grocery, Inc.1145 Boston Road, Bronx, New York 104562006-05-12
1145 Realty Corp.1145 Boynton Ave, Bronx, New York 104721996-08-21
1145 Fs LLC1145 Park Avenue, 1st Floor, Franklin Square, New York 110102019-02-08
1145 Longwood Ave. LLC1145 Lakewood Ave, Bronx, New York 104742005-12-08
1145 Realty LLC1145 47th St., B'Lyn, New York 112191997-12-31
1145 Lenox Realty Inc1145 Lenox Road, Brooklyn, New York 112122016-09-16
1143 Underhill Realty LLC1143 Underhill Avenue, Bronx, New York 104722016-11-04
Dreamwolf Projects LLC350 Northern Blvd., Ste. 324-1143 #1143, Albany, New York 12204-1000Dominique Perera2020-02-24
The Condominium Board of The Kips Bay Towers Condominium, Inc.300 East 33rd Street, New York, New York 100161988-03-08
1145 Lafayette Ave LLC1145 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11221Alecsi Pellot2017-05-31
1143 Bailey, LLC1143 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, New York 142062005-01-10
Board of Managers of The 42 Ann Street Condominium201 West 91st Street, Suite 1d, New York, New York 100242014-05-20
Board of Managers of Halcyon Condominium303 East 51st Street, New York, New York 100222015-07-17
Board of Managers of Cielo Condominium450 East 83rd Street, New York, New York 100282011-07-15
1143 Route 40 LLC1143 Route 40, Schaghticoke, New York 121542014-11-18
Seaview Condominium Corp.55 West Broadway, Apt, A, Long Beach, New York 11561Marsha Grant1986-06-27
Sunflu Condominium Inc133-49 41st Road, Flushing, New York 113552014-04-18
The Legacy Condominium45 Executive Drive, Plainview, New York 118032015-09-25
The 3 Dag CondominiumC/O Gva Williams, 380 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 100172003-01-16
1145 Mile Square LLC1145 Mile Square Road, Yonkers, New York 107041999-12-03
Board of Managers of The 46 South 2nd Street Condominium46 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 112492017-03-22
Suffarn 202 LLC1143-41 Street, #1, Brooklyn, New York 112182015-08-10
The Board of Managers of The Charles House CondominiumAttention: President, 40 East 78th Street, New York, New York 100752014-06-05
246 Spring Street Condominium (new York) Borrower, LLC246 Spring Street, New York, New York 100132017-12-12
Residence 8 Condominium Inc.140-21 32nd Avenue, Flushing, New York 113542012-04-05
Board of Managers of The Normandie CondominiumAtt: Pres of Board of Mgrs, 100 West 119th Street, New York, New York 100262008-02-22
Lbl Rentals LLC1143 E 37th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112102016-05-31
1143, L.L.C.26 Court Street, Ste. 2200, Brooklyn, New York 112421997-02-18
Moves for Them Inc1143-43rd Street Apt D3, Brooklyn, New York 112192018-10-23
Russell 1143 LLC73 Center Street, Woodmere, New York 115982019-10-18
Gm Elmhurst LLC1143 Sage Street, Far Rockaway, New York 116912020-09-01
103 Apollo LLC1143 82nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 112282007-05-31
Board of Managers of 1 John Street Condominium1 John Street Condominium, Brooklyn, New York 112012016-08-17
Board of Managers of Sebastian Condominium214-216 West 15th Street, New York, NY 100112022-01-11
Judavid Realty LLC1143 East 8th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302012-02-02
1143 2nd Ave Food Inc2588 34th Street Apt#2d, Astoria, New York 111032018-01-24
Ags 0123 LLC1143 East 12th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302015-07-13
Yomim Tovim Inc.1143 45th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112192017-09-28
Ilui Nishmas Inc.1143 41st Street, Brooklyn, New York 112182019-06-06
T.m.n.e. Multi-Services L.L.C.1143 E. 57th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112342009-04-13
Netivot Corp.1143 East 8th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302005-12-05
#1 Ocean Realty, L.L.C.1143 57th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112191995-04-04
Jfc Outdoor, LLC60 East 42nd Street Ste 1143, New York, New York 101652002-12-23
Sk Sales Solutions Inc1143 40th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112182016-06-28
Homebound Realty LLC1143 East 8th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302005-09-12
Frunzi Enterprises Inc.1143-40th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112181971-02-23
Board of Managers of Sunflower Landing Condominium A1600 Jay Street, Rochester, New York 146112010-03-02
Brandon Arms Condominium I LLC2650 East 13th Street, Apt 5a, Brooklyn, New York 112352020-05-08
940 40 St LLC1145 E. 29th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112102004-10-15
Board of Managers of 110 State Street CondominiumC/O Dormitory Authority of Nys, Office of Counsel 515 Broadway, Albany, New York 122071999-04-20
Ags123 Corp.1143 East 12th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302015-07-03
1299 Ocean Ave. Realty, L.L.C.1143 57th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112191995-09-13
Westchester Landscaping Service, Inc.1143 E Main Street Apt 3, Shrub Oak, New York 105882016-03-21
Beauty Fantasy, Corp.1143 Fulton Street, Fl 1, Brooklyn, New York 112382014-09-11
Grace Alternative To Incarceration Inc.1143 E42nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 112102020-04-08
Clear & Concise Daf, Inc.1143 East 19th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302020-11-09
Xaviron Construction Corp1143 43rd Street Apt B-8, Brooklyn, New York 112192018-05-15
Snir, Inc.1143 East 8th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302001-09-26
Jgr Painting Services Corp.1143 38th Street, Apt. 2f, Brooklyn, New York 112182016-05-10
Laura Rea Beauty LLC1143 Barnes Street, Franklin Square, New York 110102021-03-02
136 North Chestnut Street LLCPost Office Box 1143, New Paltz, New York 125612009-08-26
9413 Building, Corp.1143 74th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112282009-12-15
Mazaliko, Inc.1143 East 8th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302001-09-26
Star Express Trading (set) LLC1143 44th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112192002-09-23
Tmc Renovision LLC1143 43rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11416Samir Ahmed2015-09-09
Board of Managers of The Gramercy Square CondominiumAttn Condominium Board Pres., 4611 Twelfth Avenue Suite 1l, Brooklyn, New York 112192019-09-16
Board of Managers of 120 Eleventh Ave A/K/A Lifesaver LoftsThe Office of The Condominium, 120-126 Eleventh Avenue, New York, New York 100112010-10-12
Board of Managers of Loft 14 Condominium275 Madison Ave., Ste. 1102, New York, New York 100162011-02-10
Board of Managers of The 231-235 East 55th Street CondominiumSt Condominium C/O Goodstein, Management Inc. 211 E. 46th St, New York, New York 100172001-11-09
Bleridge Condominium Inc.98-20 Metropolitan Ave, Suite #2, Forest Hills, New York 113752010-05-27
The Harborview Condominium CorporationC/O Management Equities, Inc., P.o. Box 282, Gedney Station, White Plains, New York 106051988-05-18
1539 E 38 St LLC1145 E. 29th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112102004-10-15
1145 Randall LLC240 Water Street, Brooklyn, New York 112012018-09-17
56-1145, LLC1072 55th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112192012-02-29
Blayz LLC1145 59th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112192014-02-18
Firstin LLC1145 85th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112282013-10-29
Alpha Leadership Acadmey Inc.1143 East 84th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112362017-02-17
Acsquared Anesthetics Incorporated1143 82nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 112282021-10-20
Hard End Entertainment LLC1143 E 223rd Street, Bronx, New York 104662015-01-07
La Sous Inc.1143 East 37th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112102007-06-18
Kosher Verified International Inc.1143 East 12th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302020-03-18
Eleanor Jewelers, Inc1st Floor, 1143 East 13th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302011-03-21
Prospect Siegel CondominiumC/O Sterling Corporate Service, 1155 North Blvd Suite 250, Manhasset, New York 110302011-07-20
Lost Mountain Manor CondominiumC/O Rainaldi Real Estate, 205 St. Paul Street Ste 200, Rochester, New York 146042012-03-26
Board of Managers of 252 Condominium252 East 57th Street, New York, New York 100222017-05-16
Lucky Group Condominium, Inc.901 50th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112192018-03-01
Board of Managers of The Cypress Condominium4212 Highland Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 112232008-12-10
1247 Ryder St LLC1145 E. 29th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112102004-10-15
Brick Associates LLC1145 East 7th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112302020-01-17
Mr Woodwork Inc.1145 East 26th Street, Brooklyn, NY 112102021-11-17
Uei 1145 Broadway LLC1770 East 9th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112232014-04-24
Kmm Sales Inc1145 47th Street, Suite C4, Brooklyn, New York 112192018-10-23
Cars R Us Transportation Inc1145 East 219 Street, Bronx, New York 104692017-03-09
Jl Capital Holdings LLC1145 Sage Street, Far Rockaway, New York 116912015-09-18
41-1145, LLC1274 49th Street, Suite 56, Brooklyn, New York 112192020-07-07
Data Day Consulting Inc1145 44th Street, Brooklyn, New York 112192016-01-07
Yg Kitchen & Bath Inc.1145 52nd Street, Brooklyn, New York 112192012-07-02
1143 1st Avenue South, Lp80 State Street, Albany, New York 12207-25432019-12-13
Guelo Auto Transport Inc1143 43th Street Apt C1, Brooklyn, New York 112192014-04-29